Serbia: Novi Pazar Zoo Now Produced As Youtube Video – Please Crosspost Link.

Further to all of our zoo campaigning recently, we have produced a quick video relating to the situation at Novi Pazar zoo.

Please feel free to use the following link when you send out any correspondence, as it will hopefully make the unaware aware of the terrible suffering of some Serbian zoo animals and the conditions in which they exist.

Youtube video link:


Serbia: Campaign Images to Copy and Paste for Your Literature

SAV are delighted that Vesna, one member of our team in the Alliance, has produced some excellent images which you can copy and paste into your campaigns literature.

All of the images are shown in this post and relate to Hunting, organised animal fighting and animal protection.

Most of the images relate directly to issues in Serbia, having the serbian national flag in the corner, but some do not carry the flag and can be used globally.

Please feel free to use the images from Vesna by simply copying and pasting.

Note – the final 3 images are flip images and will flip to a second sheet with different pictures when selected.

Thanks for all your hard work Vesna; we now hope that campaigners will copy them and reproduce your images around the World in support of Serbian animals !


ban hunt1.jpg

ban hunt 2.jpg

fight 1.jpg

fight 2.jpg

let live.jpg

let live2.jpg

fighting flip.jpg

let live flip.jpg

swk flip.jpg