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Mark –

Bad news for the Kemp’s ridley.

The common-sense proposal to expand the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary is being opposed by both the fishing industry and oil and gas companies.

Sea turtles have been under constant threat in the Gulf of Mexico in recent years. They need a break.

Can you make a tax-deductible donation today so I can fight to expand the sanctuary?

Shouldn’t a small piece of the oceans be set aside for sea turtles, dolphins, and whales?

If we can raise $5,000 by this Friday, I can be a strong voice for the sea turtles.


Joanie Steinhaus, Director, Gulf Coast
Turtle Island Restoration Network

PS – Over recent years, the numbers of nesting Kemp’s ridley sea turtles have dangerously dropped. Please click this secure link to make a gift today so we can protect these gentle heart-shaped animals.


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SAV Comment   – we have donated today as we feel that protection for those that survive in the oceans is paramount – be they whales; polar bears or turtle hatchlings.  Please join us today – SAV

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Thank you for your donation!

Your support will help Turtle Island’s work to bring back the world’s sea turtles and sharks, and California’s wild salmon, from the brink of extinction.

We accomplish our mission through grassroots and policy-maker education, consumer empowerment, strategic litigation and by promoting sustainable local, national and international watershed and marine policies.

You can do more for marine wildlife right now by taking action and joining us on Facebook. We hope you’ll share our work with your friends!



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Join us at Cocos Island Aug 19-31 on a scientific research expedition to protect sharks and sea turtles! Over the course of 12 days and 20+ dives you’ll be catching and tagging turtles, counting sharks, and deploying underwater listening devices.

Recent dives at Cocos Island National Park in Costa Rica have found incredibly abundant sharks, rays and other marine wildlife thanks to the La Nina weather event.  Check out this recent Trip Report from July 11-23 and view the amazing wildlife video.

Help Turtle Island Restoration Network conduct diver-assisted research to protect sharks, whales and sea turtles from illegal fishers invading these protected waters. Price includes all meals & accommodations on the well-appointed Sea Hunter liveaboard. Your share of research costs? $6,075 US including all fees! This price includes a $1,300 discount.

Our expeditions travel aboard the Undersea Hunter’s vessels, with a wonderful crew, fresh meals, and spacious accommodations. Your share of the research trip costs may be tax deductible for US citizens.

For more information, click here. Feel free to contact me at info@tirn.net or 1-800-859-7283 with any questions.

I hope you can join us for this crucial research expedition!


Todd Steiner



Act Now.

Slaughterhouse petition

Yes, often it is the question – are you getting the message across ?.  But that is the way you are and you make every effort to promote whatever it is that you believe in. For animals in factory systems it is still the ‘Eternal Treblinka’ – but now with modern day technology we have the freedom to expose the wrongdoings immediately and to ask supporters to act.  That is what we will do – the abusers can hide for only so long !  The suffering that was hidden in the dim and distant past is now being exposed in its full gore – it is now up to people to change it for the better – now, immediately, forever !


Once you’ve transform the 7 billion corpse-eater to vegan,
once you’ve converted all slaughterhouses and farms to botanical gardens,
once you’ve freed all laboratory and fur animals out of their cages,
write us again, and tell us how you did it.

Until then, we will not wait.
We will continue with our small steps, and save every day so many animals that we can save.
We also dream about the day of total liberation, but for the animals the “every-day-Liberation” is more useful than waiting for the Messiah.

Because only by the calendar we are in the 21st century.
For the animals is still the Middle Ages.

worth it

vegan go vegan


Romania: Petition – Stop the killing of dogs in Breasta PS – Ask UK Ambassador To Help.


Petition – Stop the killing of dogs in Breasta PS

 Breasta dog


petition 1



Breasta PS have announced a cull of the dogs there.All sponsored dogs will be killed by the 8th August.

Starting with 50 new entry dogs and dogs without sponsors in 3 days time.

The rescue groups there are working hard to try to find spaces to get the immediate dogs in danger out, if not they will die on Monday.

But this killing will not stop there ,on August 1st 80 more will be in danger, but inbetween 250 more will face death.

The rescuers cannot keep finding spaces we need action to be taken to stop the killing in Breasta. 50 dogs young and old will die crudely they won’t be euthanasied. The mayor in Mizil has also announced the killing of 45 dogs there.

We need help to get this stopped and a solution worked out. Please helps get this petition to the attention of Paul Brummel the UK Ambassador in Romania who has visited Breasta PS.

Let’s ask him to intervene for the sake of these defenceless dogs.



25 Jul 2016 — So the 50 dogs that were condemned to death at Breasta today instead left on 2 transports to the safety of Curtea rescue shelter. But as they left the fight to save yet another group of dogs from death on Friday was on the way.
Please, please keep helping us and carry on signing and sharing .

Thank you.




Various Important Shorts – Please Act Where Necessary Thanks.


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Close ‘Zoo of Death’ Before More Animals are Killed

Petition link – https://forcechange.com/159626/justice-for-21-animals-who-died-at-baton-rouge-zoo/?utm_source=ForceChange+Newsletter&utm_campaign=bb1c750e0e-683FC7_25_2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_600a6911b9-bb1c750e0e-278817597

Target: Phyllis K. Fong, USDA Inspector General

Goal: Close Baton Rouge Zoo where 21 animals have lost their lives this year alone.

Twenty-one animals died at the Baton Rouge Zoo this past year, the most recent being three monkeys that were attacked by two domestic dogs that broke into the zoo through lax security. The zoo itself is in bad condition, according to visitor Kerregan Layne. “Instead of seeing healthy, happy animals, people go in and see empty exhibits, animals who look depressed, and overgrown sidewalks.”


Use of wild animals in circuses banned by Dublin City Council

From our good friend John – Founder at ARAN:

Check this Irish news out guys!


John Carmody


Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN)


Tel: 0872391646 Intl’ +353-87-2391646

Web: www.ARAN.ie

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ARAN-Animal-Rights-Action-Network-155913217835225


Mandatory cctv in Scottish slaughterhouses ?? 

And from Martina:

Good news. We met with a representative of grassroots group of SNP (the ruling party in Scotland) and they want to work with us to submit a motion at party conference for govt to support mandatory CCTV

This will go forward in autumn.

It appears our campaigning over past few years and resulting public pressure has caused Scottish Ministers to consider moving their current position of hostility to the idea.

Slaughterhouse petition

BR, Martina


Mark –

The Gulf of Mexico is the most critical habitat in the world for the endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtle.

Turtle Island is fighting for Gulf sea turtles as they face a myriad of threats to their survival – from the toxic aftermath of the BP oil spill to a deadly gauntlet of shrimp fishing nets.

Right now, we have the chance to expand federal protections for crucial habitat for the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle and other marine species.

Please take action now to support this proposal to expand the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.


Please click here to submit your comments supporting the expansion.

Comments are due in a few short weeks!

turtle island

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Starving In Antarctica.

polar bear  thin


Starving In Antarctica

This image of an emaciated polar bear wandering on a thin patch of ice has shocked people worldwide. The situation for this species is only getting worse.




Venus Writes.

monkey 1

This world does not work according to the principle of justice.

No one gives us the right to keep animals in farms and slaughter them as if they just ware bags of potatoes.
And yet, we do it.

slaughter 3

No one gives us the right torturing to death animals in experiments laboratories because some criminal idiot want to make career and money.
And yet, we do it.


The list of crimes against animals is infinite.
This list gets longer every day, for this 7 billion people on this planet are to blame.
All those who eat meat, wear fur, go to the circus, consume drugs, are “second hand” criminals!

dumb animals fur coat


They participate in a system that consists only of torture, blood, murder.
It is the system of exploitation of the weak, of the powerless, of the animals.

Against this medieval system some Knights of the Renaissance are fighting: These are the animal rights activists, the animal advocates, animal campaigners, animal ethicist..

We all want the elimination of animal suffering.
For all these people even worse than the suffering of animals is the fact, that this system is not easy to eliminate.
And certainly not today or tomorrow.
Therefore, we have learned over the years to make small steps, to focus our fight on important changes and to live with small victories.
We all want the elimination of animal suffering.
But none of us knows, how we can make the abolition of the slaughterhouses, the fur farms, the chemistry laboratories.

We rescue animals at the place where and when it is feasible, we take part in demonstrations against fur farms, we inform the people with letters, mails, roads actions ….
Some courageous liberate animals from laboratories or destroying hunting facilities …
But all, all who have the experience in this field, know that only a miracle can change this suffering and misery.
This experience says also, that we have to fight anyway.
Even if we could save a few animals from the brutal dog meat trade in S. Korea, or some wild animals in Suzhou/China Circus” the fight is worthwhile!

Animal welfare has never worked under the method “all or nothing”.
Because if we want all or nothing, then we end up mostly to nothing!

never giveup



Liza and Mark - Dover




people and pets

quail and doves

Romania 8 oct 21

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Slaughterhouse petition

Sheep legs

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transporter driver 18 July 14

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ALF  poster

All photos from SAV archives.


China (Again): The Despair Of The Circus Animals – Petition To Sign.


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Dear animal lovers,

as of today we also have an english translation to our petition “Stop the  torture of wild animals in Suzhou/China” 

We need 10.000 signatures in order to have success with this important petition. 
Please sign the petition as well if you didn’t do so until now – and spread it all over the world. Wherever you have your contacts please send this petition to other animal lovers ! 

It’s also very welcome if you do a post at Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and websites ! 

Lets do this for this poor and outrageously tortured wild animals who have no protection and no voice ! 

Lets be their voice !! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help ! 

 Take Action 3


Best regards

Ingrid Fechner

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