Dairy industry: a murder factory!


Animal Equality has released a report on Italy’s milk industry, revealing controversial practices the sector often tries to hide from consumers.



In footage obtained from our investigative work on several farms in Northern Italy, we exposed what actually happens inside dairy farms, compared to what is marketed by the farms’ advertising. What the footage shows is the tragic exploitation of cows, with endless amounts of suffering!




What we found:

– Calves taken from mothers a few hours after birth
– Calves and cows living in cramped, unsanitary conditions, and covered with feces and mud
– Farmworkers performing preventive practices and care without veterinary supervision, which is illegal
– Cows with mastitis and very serious wounds, including wounded hooves illegally covered with scotch tape
– Cows “grazing zero,” which means they do not have access to pastures, as opposed to what is constantly shown in the advertisements of dairy farms

All these practices-and not only in Italy- demonstrate one thing: that the image conveyed daily by the dairy industry is not the reality cows live in. This form of extreme exploitation causes cows enormous suffering, specifically by quickly consuming their bodies and leading to premature death within just a few years.


Animal Equality


To justify this criminal situation, milk mafia sells milk to us as a natural food that makes us big and strong and a source of calcium.
Meanwhile, however, has been scientifically confirmed that the milk is not only unhealthy, but also makes sick.


We all thought or still think that milk is a healthy, balanced drink. But here is the first mistake.
Because milk is not just a drink, it can be called a staple food because of its high nutrient density. That’s why milk makes us sick.

It can trigger allergies, especially in infants, lead to chronic infections, skin problems and eczema, promote asthma, diabetes and even cancer. This could be due to the foreign proteins in the milk against which the body is fighting. Many of these diseases can be due to a milk allergy.

In Asia and Africa, for example, just one percent of the population can digest milk.



Most people want to see milk as one of the most natural products fresh from the cow that lives on the meadow, with no additives, no hormones, no antibiotics.
And although the reality is shown every day and in many countries even by the state TV channels, the milk consumers are making a lot of ridiculous excuses to continue to consume a product which makes them sick and the animals victimized.
One of these excuses is the “organic” milk.
And the biggest lie of the milk mafia.


cow in “Organic” attitude

For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/10/21/dairy-industry-a-murder-factory/


Conclusion: We despise murder of people, but we regard murder of animals as normal. Because they are lower beings for us.

In our Western world, it has never been so easy to live without meat and milk.
Man can eat animals and just can not eat. Both is possible.

Above all, because we humans claim that we have developed a strong sense of morality that we can apply accordingly. But we have learned to turn feelings of empathy into apathy. We have learned not to feel, because otherwise we would feel responsible for our actions.

With the pet at home, it works.
We teach our children to love the pets, not to eat them. When it comes to our own dog or kitten, we must never do that, and we emphasize that among the evil Chinese, such a crime is quite common.

We must teach our children that it is not right to kill other beings for no reason. Children are very open to it. But we do not clarify it, we do not tell them the full truth, because we ourselves can not cope with the truth.




Who serves as an obedient servant the system of meat and milk mafia, will defend his schnitzel and not the truth about animals that become meat in the factories.


My best regards to all, Venus



Germany: Oh! the farmers demonstrate


Germany faces the biggest farmer protests in decades. The demands represented there are so far to the right that they are supported by the AfD (right-wing radical party) as the only federal party.



The initiative “Land creates connection” writes on its website: “We organize ourselves, we are under no association, no organization, no institution. We are simply farmers “.

But! In an internal Internet chat of the demo initiative, whose protocol is the “taz”, writes the vice president of the Schleswig-Holstein regional association, “the farmers’ association has supported this action all the time”.



The appearance of independence is important to the movement because it increases its credibility.
The point is that this will not be the demonstration of politicians, as has been the case for decades, but of “farmers who want to take their destiny into their own hands,” as the initiative writes, inspired by the Dutch peasant protests and the Internet education.

Thus, the Facebook group of the same name has won more than 14,000 members in about two weeks.


The farmers advertise for themselves now with such stupid gibberish posters! half english/ half german, who should take it seriously?

In terms of content, however, the initiative with the farmers’ association is in line: Both reject the “agricultural package” of the Federal Government.

The Cabinet wants to prohibit the weed killer glyphosate, which is suspected of causing cancer, from 2024 onwards and all weed killers as well as particularly harmful insecticides in most nature reserves – especially in order to reduce insect killing.



In addition, more agricultural subsidies, which have so far been paid mainly for land ownership, are intended to finance environmental projects by farmers.
“The agrarian package endangers peasant family farms,” said the initiative.

Because less pesticides and area payments mean economic losses.

The Federal Agriculture Ministry replies to such allegations that pesticide bans are limited to certain arable crops and 158,000 hectares of arable land.

Well, the demo initiators are also turning against the planned tightening of the fertilizer ordinance. The plants would then get too few nutrients.

The Ministry of Agriculture replied that the groundwater was too heavily contaminated with harmful nitrate in several places.

The substance comes mainly from fertilizers. Germany must reduce the burden, because otherwise it would have to pay a penalty for years of violations of the EU Nitrates Directive.

The demo organizers also criticize “the permanent negative sentimentalism, the peasant bashing” by politics and non-governmental organizations.

And now it`s be  funny: the organizers, however, have a problem with the Federal Association of German milk farmers. When they pointed out in a press release on the demo, the organizers demanded in harsh YouTube videos that the group withdraws its statement.

Finally it was planned that no federations participate. Unlike the demo initiators, the dairy farmer association has acknowledged “the need for significant change” in agriculture.

The German milk farmers demanded that “the anti-competitive market superiority of the buyers of our products should be limited in order to be able to obtain prices for our products which correspond to their high value”.



But the demo organizers do not want to know about “fair prices.” In a chat, they issued the rule: “no posters with fair prices,” etc.

As in the AfD milieu (right-wing party of Germany), the mistrust of “the media” and environmentalists is great, even among the demo organizers.
In an official code of conduct, the group requires participants to: “Do not participate in discussions with activists” and: “Refer the media as much as possible to the visible and appointed persons (press spokesman) of the organization.”

The organizers expect next Tuesday- in Bonn alone- according to police with 8,000 to 10,000 participants and 700 tractors.





My comment:- German farmers have made howling a profession:

– They express their solidarity with the far-right party of Germany.
– They also want to be free for using of pesticides, glyphosate and nitrate toxins in nature reserves without control
– They practice miserable domestic conditions for “useful” animals
– They poison our groundwater
-They have not suggested solutions, just leave everything as it was, and then …
– they howl !!!

No word about it, how do they see the climate catastrophe? How do they see the mass extinction, what contribution does agriculture make to this?

How do they think this can be reduced?

They want to ban the dialogue with animal rights activists during the demo, because for the farmers it is inconceivable that people do something good out of conviction.

They play the victims, they are the oppressed, the discriminated, the exploited … in international competition, the German farmer is always there and ahead.
It has to end someday, it is sick!

My best regards to all, Venus


we never give up…



With this video we take a moment to share our vision: A world where ALL animals are respected and protected.

Our vision is a world without suffering and without pain, a world with the right to life, freedom and happiness for animals.

We fight to make our vision a reality!
A nice video from Animal Equality



My best regards to all, Venus


Germany, LPT labor: conzentration camp for animals


The animal rights organizations SOKO Tierschutz and Cruelty Free International have published disturbing video recordings from the inside of the animal laboratory LPT (Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology GmbH & Co. KG) in Mienenbüttel near Hamburg (Germany).

We have already reported abpout that: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/10/12/germany-and-the-death-lab-lpt-in-hamburg: but now there is a new, complete video from this “Guantanamo”

The pictures show bleeding dogs that are left to their fate and die miserably. The cages of the animals are sometimes much too small. Individual employees are filmed in sadistic behavior. An activist was smuggled in via a job ad and was able to report undercover from the lab for a long time. He made extensive video footage.


In hardly any other European country are so many animal experiments made, as in Germany – and many laboratories and their employees do not follow the rules. The now shows an undercover research of SOKO animal protection from the LPT laboratory in Mienenbüttel (Hamburg).

The images show, among other things, the monkey attitude of the laboratory.

Brisant: An animal had a different number according to a tattoo than on the cage. Several co-workers reported that this monkey was replaced.
The old animal had died, according to their statement.

According to the announcement of SOKO Animal Welfare, this death seems to be due to the failure of the laboratory staff.




These were then instructed to conceal the new monkey’s number and continue using the old monkey’s number. Until the killing of the exchange monkey, this practice was maintained. The employees later reportedly commented that the number after the section simply exchange again.

The fact that this procedure falsified the study simply because the animal was exchanged did not seem to bother anyone.

It shows how much we can rely on the results of our lab tests, and on which filthy hands and sick brains our health lies.


If the acute suspicion confirms that a huge primate study has been manipulated in this way in the LPT, that all questions, and the laboratory must immediately be revoked the operating permit.

This not only means torment for animals, but also a drug for people whose development is based on misappropriated data and a falsified course of studies.



The founder of SOKO Animal Protection Friedrich Mülln said:

“If the acute suspicion confirms that a huge primate study has been manipulated in this way in the LPT, that all questions, and the laboratory must immediately be revoked the operating permit.
This not only means torment for animals, but also a drug for people whose development is based on misappropriated data and a falsified course of studies.

The organization has meanwhile filed a complaint.




My comment: “A pharmaceutical company from South Korea has monkeys tortured in Lower Saxony, dogs are brought from the United States to Mienenbüttel in Lower Saxony to suffer a cruel death there from severe bleeding and giving illegaly medication” Friedrich Mülln, SOKO Animal Protection

That means: It is not only about the situation of the animals in the experiments, but also about the fact that a foreign company may carry out experiments in German laboratories.

Friedrich Mülln criticizes, the orders came from all over the world, the animals too.

This absurd and at the same time criminal situation poses some questions:

-Who is behind it?
-In whose order do such crimes happen?
-Under what law is it foreign companies conducting experiments in German laboratories?

And nobody wants to know anything about it!
As LPT is confronted with the subject of animal cruelty, it said:

the Veterinary Office had nothing to complain about” !! Although it is confirmed that the veterinary authority has not helped the suffering animals.

They are the ones who claim that “we were just following orders”.

Josef Mengele would be proud of his countryman’s!!

Could not we have taken our useless politicians for that?



Please sign the petition: https://www.change.org/p/stoppt-tierversuche-schlie%C3%9Ft-das-lpt-laboratory-of-pharmacology-and-toxicology-hamburg-juliakloeckner-bgv-hh

My best regards to all, Venus

Death fight in Arena: one to zero for the bull


The horns hit the artery in the left thigh: In Madrid, a bull seriously injured a bullfighter. The man had to be operated on in the arena.


A well-known bullfighter was fatally injured in a bullfight in Madrid on the Spanish national holiday. A bull met the 27-year-old Gonzalo Caballero with his horns on his left thigh, said the organizers on Saturday by tweet. The femoral artery had been severed.


The horns hit the artery in the left thigh: In Madrid, a bull seriously injured a bullfighter.
The injured man under general anesthesia was operated on site, and then taken to hospital. Madrid’s bullring has two operating rooms where injured bullfighters can be treated.



The Spanish press had already reported in May that Caballero had suffered a severe injury to his left thigh there. It is also said that Caballero is in a relationship with Victoria Federica, a niece of Spain’s King Felipe VI.



Yes !!! It seems that the budding murderer will not grow old!
On the other hand, he is fortunate enough to get a potentially powerful uncle, which means he can always get another, decent job.
But he has to hurry, because after his failure – and especially on the Spanish national holiday – can lose not only his leg, but also his royal bride.


I’m sorry, but I just defended myself, he hurt me again and again


My best regards to all, Venus


Wolves: the victims of psychopaths


The protected status of the wolf is determined by the EU. Yet, EU countries determined what this status practically implies by including the species in different Annexes of the Flora and Fauna Habitats Directive. Therefore, countries like France and Slovakia, as well as regions of Spain can still legally cull wolves to a certain level. Yet, even Spain stopped the wolf culling activities last season. In the meantime, illegal killing of wolves continues to happen in many other countries. Here are a few highlights that need international attention.





The Norwegian regional Large Carnivores Committee recently made the decision to kill three wolf packs in the so-called wolf zones this winter. The wolf-zones are actually areas where wolves should be able to live, instead of being shot. This means that Norwegian hunters will try to kill another 17 wolves.

Many Norwegian organisations have appealed to the Ministry of Environment to call stop the killing. The Ministry will decide on the situation in November.

The decision follows many killings and demonstrations against it in Norway and across the world. Last year, Norway planned to kill half of its entire wolf population even. The Scandinavian wolf population is severely suffering from these impacts. There is less genetic exchange between populations, due to the fact that many migrating wolves die along the way.

And the so-called genetic inbreeding is used as an argument to reduce the wolf population size again. Yet, scientific evidence shows that the Scandinavian wolf population can recover, if people let it. On the 26th of October, people will go to the streets to demonstrate against this decision as well.




Denmark saw the return of the wolf happening in 2012 after almost 200 years. However, last year a hunter shot one of the few wolves in Denmark. The hunter was captured on video and arrested. The court decided in August last year that the hunter got a sentence of just 40 days probation. In addition, the hunter lost his hunting license now too.

But the story of Danish wolves does not stop there. According to reporting, at least 7 wolves have gone ‘missing’ in Denmark since 2012. What is left is an estimated number of 4 adults and 6 cubs.

If the Danish authorities treat such felonies of killing strictly protected animals so mildly, it is only a matter of time before the re-extinction of wolves in Denmark.





The latest news is from Belgium, which welcomed the wolf back after more than 100 years of absence. The she-wolf named Naya found a male partner August in the Belgian forests. Earlier this year, camera traps photographed her as she showed signs of being pregnant. However, since 4.5 months there has been no sign of her or the pups. August still roams the woods, but the official news came out this weeks that hunters most likely have killed Naya.

Although clear evidence is still lacking, experts state it is very unlikely that the wolf died of other causes. The official research still has to provide proof of what happened to the Belgian wolf, however.

Human-wolf coexistence

Killing wolves is not the solution for the problems that hunters and farmers are facing. Effective livestock protection measures are more effectively contributing to human-wolf coexistence than killing wolves. Practical examples from many different countries and regions prove that it can work. It is up to the people to decide whether they accept that the wolf returned.





My comment: First of all, we have to make one thing clear: the goal of the hunt is the executions!

After the reintroduction of the wolves in Germany it is forbidden (officially) to shoot a wolf.
The wolf enjoys a high protection status as a endangered species in Germany and at the same time is still protected by European and international law.
This is on paper.

But hunters have always hated wolves.
The murders against wolves have accumulated in recent years in Germany but they were never enlightened.
So how can a hunter eliminate a wolf without being punished?
He sends his hunting dogs, the hunter’s best manipulated!
It is about a miserable minority of 0.45% of the german population practicing undisturbed every day terror against defenseless animals in the forest.

The peasants claiming that their animals are being ripped off by wolves. They can build fences. For this they get the EU subsidies.

Also, if one or two animals are ripped off by the wolf they will get compensation.
The farmers do not mention that in Germany every year one million sheep are brutally slaughtered and often without anesthesia! that’s what they call business, fun food for a society that does not need it.

Hunters claim that they regulate nature.
They do not regulate anything, they massacre on murder lust.

Hunters are habitual offenders who deliberately kill defenseless animals.


this is one of the most dangerous animals on our planet.
Year after year, it is responsible for multiple suffering and millions of deaths. Left beside it hangs a murdered wolf.

My best regards to all, Venus


A message to Eurogroup for animals


from Venus



The EU Commission’s right-hand man is the Eurogroup for Animals.
On their website states: We create a favorable political environment!
and further … “it is of the utmost importance to show that as a membership organization we keep our promises”.

The 8hour campaign (1.2 million votes) in 2012 failed because of the rejection of the then corrupt Commissioner John Dali.

Has the Eurogroup contemplated how to honor its promises to EU-Citisens if the Commission now ignores the 1.5 million votes in the “End of Cage Age” Campaign?
The “case John Dalli” may have forgotten the employees of the Eurogroup, they like to suppress sad defeats.

This case should always be a warning sign of how easy it is to betray the animals and those who want a better world for them.
But in this game are also involved those who make big promises, even though they know that they have no power to make big changes in animal suffering under the EU Commission. And by that I mean the Eurogroup for Animals!

The 36 employees of Eurogroup working for the Commission for good money should be sparing with their promises and nice words.

The Eurogroup can not make any promise, because they do not take any decision.

They preach visions and missions into their web site but the thing is very simple: if the commission (even now like under Dalli back then) does not abolish caging, in spite of 1.5 million votes, then they should not give us lectures on trust or active animal welfare, but they have only to answer one simple question: what is their right of existence?

Those who participate in the moral and political EU format are cheated and betrayed,  so like the animals are.
The Eurogroup is just as weak as we are, the citizens of the EU, the Groupe is powerless, as we are, with the only difference that they are paid to sell illusions, campaigns, visions and hopes in an area, this of animal welfare, which the EU does not care at all.

“We exist because European citizens believe animals deserve a voice” says the groupe.

Indeed! there are demonstrably 1.5 million EU citizens who want to give the voiceless, the suffering, the enslaved beings a voice, a better world.
But no one believes that this can be done with the Eurogroup.
With the employer of the Eurogroup anyway not.

I got this message from Compassion in World Farming today:

“Our ground-breaking European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) achieved over 1.5 million signatures calling for a total EU ban on keeping farm animals in cages.

170 organisations, united by Compassion in World Farming, came together to make this happen. An unprecedented pan-European movement for farm animal welfare!

So what’s next? The UK Parliament (with 389,057 signatures ) is now expected to debate a ban on farm cages. And, to force the European Commission to act, at least 1 million ECI signatures must be validated.

This process could take three months, and then we’ll submit the petition.

We’ll keep you fully updated on progress and new ways you can get involved!”

After this message, I had the same bitter feeling as back then in the 8hours campaign.
Unfortunately, the bad sides of history are always repeating themselves.
The Dallis, the corrupt commissars and their naive servants.