Spain-from now on animals are sentient beings by law.

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Two great actions against the murder of animals – ALF

Received anonymously:

If the animal holocaust industry doesn’t back down, we’ll make it back down! For all the animals murdered daily in fast food chains! 🏴

  •  ALF Destroys Dozens of Hunting Towers (France)

Received anonymously: Action Anti Chasse France Sud

In the face of the hunting dictatorship, the members of ALF destroyed in a few weeks dozens of watchtowers on several sectors. Towers, huts, hunting huts will be systematically broken, cut and scattered so as not to be watered down for these murders tolerated by the French state.

State subject to the hunting lobby, allowing the killing of animals and humans.

Millions of animals are killed each year for this deadly recreation and more than 420 humans have died in 20 years. Regulate each other but not by killing animal people and honest citizens.

Willy Schraen president of the hunters will say “it’s the fault of bad luck”, more than 3/4 of the French vomit you!!

You build, we will destroy all the time … ALF

Devant la dictature de la chasse, les membres d’ALF ont détruit en quelques semaines des dizaines de miradors sur plusieurs secteurs. Tours, huttes, cabanes de chasse seront systématiquement cassés, découpés et éparpillés afin de ne pas être ulilisés pour ces meurtres tolérés par l’état français.

Etat soumis au lobby de la chasse, permettant le meurtre d’animaux et d’humains.

Des millions d’animaux tués chaque année pour ce loisir mortifère et plus de 420 humains décédés en 20 ans. Régulez vous entre vous mais pas en tuant les personnes animales et les honnêtes citoyens.

Willy Schraen président des chasseurs dira “c’est la faute à pas de chance”, plus des 3/4 des français vous vomissent !!

Vous construisez, nous détruirons tout le temps … ALF

On behalf of the animals, we thank the ALF activists in both countries.
A great work!

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ANIT Committee vote: An ANTI – animal welfare work

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Microchip your cat or face fines, UK govt says!

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Armani says NO to Angora-we think it’s great!

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Australia- Three flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest!

Australian police have arrested three people who escaped a Covid-19 quarantine compound near Darwin in the Northern Territory.
They had all tested negative the day before they broke out.

On Wednesday, police alleged that three people had scaled the perimeter fence of the compound in order to break out of the facility situated near Darwin in the Northern Territory.

Police say the trio escaped Centre for “National Resilience” (!!!) just before 4:40am.

Officers had set up checkpoints and were inspecting cars in the area in an attempt to find the absconders.
The three were swiftly caught and taken into custody.

“Police and staff at the Centre for National Resilience are currently confirming the absconder’s identities prior to releasing further information,” authorities stated

Officials did not confirm whether the inmates (it’s amazing they didn’t call them unvaxxed criminals) were returning travelers or local citizens who had been put into quarantine.

According to the BBC, the center has been used in recent days to house people infected with Covid-19 from an outbreak in Katherine, a town 300km (185 miles) away.

The Howard Springs site can hold up to 2,000 people; it is situated within an old mining camp (!!!) which was turned into a quarantine center by the Australian government in August.

The three individuals arrested had tested negative for Covid-19 on Tuesday.
Fears of contagion were heightened after one person housed at the facility, having returned from South Africa, had tested positive for the highly mutated Omicron variant on Tuesday.

On Friday, a 27-year-old man scaled the facility’s perimeter fence and jumped into a waiting car.
He was later arrested but tested negative for Covid-19.

And I mean…“Centre for National Resilience”? What a great euphemism for “concentration camp”…!

Suggestion: Send the Australian government to Re-education camp in China. China has no compulsory vaccination and can do without centers for national resilience.

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From now on we will walk together and grow up together.
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