Your animal is not a toy!

If your dog comes to the shelter because you no longer want him, bothers you, prevents you from going on vacation … these all hypocritical excuses…

…he sits and waits for you.

He’s waiting for you to get him.
He’s waiting for you a minute, an hour, a day, a year?
He doesn’t know why but wait for you because he trusts you.

Because he loves you unlike you.

Listen carefully! Your animal is not a toy!
Think about it before you get a pet …

You are responsible for a family member just as you are for a child ❤️❤️

regards and good night, Venus


Germany: the lynx is strictly protected= in seven years 36 illegal shot lynxes!

In the past seven years, 12 dead lynx were found in Bavaria (Germany).
The number of unreported cases could be much higher. The perpetrators have not yet been identified. The Socialist Party of Germany (SPD) criticizes this fact and demands results.

Since 2011, 12 dead lynx have been found in Bavaria.

This is in response from the Interior Ministry to a request from the SPD in the state parliament.
The number of unreported cases could be 36.

According to this, six lynxes were killed by shooting or poisoning, and another six animals were found as stuffed trophies.
According to the ministry, five lynx were also killed in traffic accidents.

There are still no perpetrators (!!!)

The State Office for the Environment names another 14 cases in which wild lynx have been killed.
In none of the six proven killings, a perpetrator could be identified.

The police were able to find few investigative approaches in the cases despite securing and analyzing evidence, according to the authority.

Lynx poaching in Bayer, 2020: The case was dropped for lack of evidence (!!) © WWF

The SPD member Florian von Brunn criticizes this fact.

At the end of 2015, a dead lynx was found that was believed to have been strangled. It is also particularly strange that there is still no information about the findings of the investigation into two lynxes killed in the Cham district in 2015.
At that time there was a police search of a hunter’s house.

“We still don’t know what came out of the ammunition investigation” (Florian von Brunn)

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Forest Green Rovers: first vegan football club!

Without a sausage in the stadium and artificial fertilizer for the lawn? Can it work?

A British professional club “Forest Green Rovers” is currently celebrating success with this concept – and could soon become a role model.

Club owner Dale Vince says, “We became the world’s first vegan football club because it’s better for the environment and animal welfare, but also because it improves player performance and gives fans healthier, delicious food on match days”.

In addition, he says, top athletes like Lionel Messi, Lewis Hamilton, and Venus Williams have also gone vegans to improve their performance, they couldn’t be that wrong.

(The video is in English with German subtitles)

And the most important thing – they are successful!

They have been declared the “greenest football club in the world” by FIFA, are the first sports club to be recognized as carbon-neutral by the United Nations, and their stadium is the only completely vegan football stadium in the world.

We wish them continued success.

regards and good night, Venus

China’s animal welfare law revision-something to celebrate…

SHANGHAI (Reuters) -Wolf, golden jackal, and large-spotted civet among hundreds of animals granted special status in a first major shake-up of the inventory for over 30 years.
The move is part of a revision to the Wildlife Protection Law, which started with a ban on the trade and consumption of wild animals in February last year

China has added 517 species to its list of major protected wild animals, part of its campaign in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic to end the wild animal trade and destruction of habitats.

A joint statement on Friday by the forestry and agriculture ministries said adjusting the list had become “extremely urgent” because of recent changes in China’s wildlife situation.

A total of 980 wild animals are now under state protection.

H6C67E Siberian ibex (Capra sibirica). Wildlife animal.

The ministries promised to work with local governments to identify and protect the habitats of the animals added to the list, which include the endangered large-spotted civet and several species of birds that have dwindled in number in recent years.

Those who hunt and traffic the animals face fines and even custodial sentences for “level one” protected species, such as the critically endangered panda, pangolin, and Yangtze finless porpoise.

Neophocaena phocaenoides, Finless Porpoise, captive.  Wuhan, Hubei Province, China

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souls of the world…

..the species doesn’t matter, I look at her and know how she feels.
This is called empathy”.

They have NOT chosen their role in this world, let alone been repudiated by so many individuals.

But they are beings of the world, like all of us, and have the right to life, freedom, and protection of their existence.

Don’t be racist and protect all living beings

regards and good night, Venus


Alligators and their clever survival strategy

In parts of the USA, there is a fascinating natural spectacle in extremely cold winters: alligators freeze in the swamps and ponds.

What initially looks hostile to life turns out to be a clever survival strategy.

The wintertime sometimes brings with it rare weather phenomena and natural spectacles.

In parts of the USA, the icy winters in recent years have regularly resulted in very special images: the sharp-toothed mouths of alligators protrude from the frozen surface of the water and offer a bizarre sight.

Brazos Bend State Park, Texas, Amerika – Oktober 2016

In 2018 and 2019, for example, the alligators froze in the swamps of the Shallotte River Swamp Park in North Carolina.
This winter, American media reported frozen alligators in lakes in Oklahoma.
Mississippi alligators instinctively sense when a body of water freezes over.

The animals seem lifeless in the ice.

The bodies can be seen outlined under the icy surface of the water, only the snouts sticking out of the ice. What at first looks like an involuntary shock freeze, on closer inspection, is a clever survival trick.

The reptiles are neither accidentally frozen nor are they dead. Instead, the Mississippi alligators, which live in the southeastern United States, are deliberately frozen in order to be able to survive extreme cold spells.

alligator mississippiensis

Alligator mississippiensis instinctively knows when its native water is freezing over.

However, since frozen water is an absolute death trap for him, the alligator enters the water at the right moment and sticks its nose out before freezing – so that it can continue to breathe despite the ice cover.

Then the animal falls into a state that is biologically known as “dormancy” and is similar to hibernation in warm-blooded animals.

The metabolism is shut down, body functions are reduced to a minimum, and energy is saved.

alligator mississippiensis

In this position, the Mississippi alligators are able to survive for up to two or even three months in spite of the extreme cold. They just wait for the temperature to rise again and the ice to melt.

Then the reptiles adjust their body temperature and wake up from the rigor.

The animals spend milder winters comfortably buried in the bank mud or in deeper layers of water.

And I mean…This winter, a “dormancy” would be very helpful also for the millions of people in Texas!

My best regards to all, Venus


World News 4/3/21.

‘Elbeik’ livestock vessel – on the move but with no clear direction !

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USA:  Investigation into ‘Harris Beef’ by DxE

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South Korea: Largest known Dog Meat Auction Facility In the Country Is Now CLOSED For Good:

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