He just wanted to live…

…he just wanted to be free, but they wouldn’t let him.


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वह बस जीना चाहता था, वह बस मुक्त होना चाहता था, लेकिन वे ऐसा होने नहीं देंगे।
कृपया वीगन बने ,दयालू बने ।

And I mean…This is the fascist right to decide about the life and death of other animals that the human species has legalized.

We don’t cooperate.
We refuse to become part of this fascist system

We fight for the abolition of the enslavement of non-human animals; and for veganism, not for animal products that are in any way “more humane”.

regards and good night, Venus


Hunters drive consecration massacres in Malta

Near Bidnija in the north of the Mediterranean island, walkers discovered two plastic bags with seven freshly shot Marsh Harriers last Sunday.

The animals belonged to a larger group of consecrations that had spent the night in the nearby fields and were caught under fire by several poachers when they left the roost.

(Footage provided by BirdLife Malta and Kurt Galea Pace).

“We assume that the men were disturbed and therefore did not take the birds with them,” said committee spokeswoman Fiona Burrows.
Colleagues from our partner association “BirdLife Malta” documented the terrible find on video and informed the police.
Upon closer examination of the alleged carcasses, it turned out that one of the birds was still alive. The animal was immediately taken to a veterinarian but has little chance.

The find is the previous low point of this year’s hunting season, which lasts until April 30th.

Several dozen protected migratory birds have been reported to “Birdlife Malta” since Easter, including numerous marsh harriers and lovebirds, two kestrels, a steppe harrier, a cuckoo, and a red chalk hawk.

Today we received more information about illegal kills.

Even if we are currently only working with one team on the island, we will do everything we can to secure the resting places of the birds that are now strongly migrating.

Due to the numerous violations of nature conservation and hunting law, we expect the Maltese government to put an immediate end to spring hunting, which is illegal under EU law (!!)


And I mean…So far, the useless leaders in the EU have shown very little interest in fighting these illegal Maltese massacres and have not been able to ensure that Malta, as an EU country, also participates in European hunting regulations.

A major failure is that corrupt politicians and lobbyists from the island who change and repeal ad libidum these rules, which apply to the whole EU, will not be punished.

It shouldn’t really be a problem to finance an extra special unit against the mass murderers of Malta, considering that mainly we, as the largest net payer, finance this EU practically from the beginning.

In view of this situation, the work of the Committee against Bird Murder is all the more important, and this organization should also be supported in its work.

My best regards to all, Venus


Germany-Dressage horse Rosi collapses at the award ceremony and dies

April 19, 2021

Team Olympic champion Dorothee Schneider mourns the loss of her championship horse Rose.

The 17-year-old mare collapsed at the Dressage Grand Prix in Pforzheim (Germany) during the award ceremony and died on the spot.

The veterinarian who was called suspected in an initial diagnosis of an avulsion of the aorta.

Rosi and her dressage rider Schneider

The essentials in brief

-At a riding tournament in Germany, a mare dies in shock.
-Dorothee Schneider’s horse collapses at the award ceremony and dies.
-The mare Rosi was 17 years old.


Minutes later, only the death of Rosi can be determined by the veterinarians present. As German media report, the cause of death has already been diagnosed: an aortic tear, which caused internal bleeding.

And too disturbing for the former team Olympic champion from 2016: Schneider suffers a shock. She will be admitted to a local hospital after the events.
On Instagram, the German addresses her fans with emotional words.
«Rest in peace beloved Rosi. You are forever in our hearts », writes Dorothee Schneider.



And I mean...It is very likely that Rosi was ridden to death.

The horse belonged to the victorious one Schneider and she could organize any fucking circus with him.
This is usually the case with dressage horses nor is it the first time that a dressage horse dies in the same way.

Her emotional farewell to Rosi is ridiculous because the relationship between a dressage horse and its owner is that of a slave and its owner.

We cannot, therefore, speak of a real partnership, because when it comes to doing business with horses, all that counts is money and a career, not the animal.

Horses in the racing business are being exploited to the last drop of their blood.

It’s just perverse to rush animals over obstacles and call it a sport.
We are very saddened by the terrible death of Rosi and we are not interested in the hypocritical Instagrams of her tormentor.

My best regards to all, Venus


the unimportant cow

This is the unimportant story of an unimportant cow and her unimportant baby.

This cow, who cared about no one, once gave birth to a baby that didn’t seem much more interesting.
What was of interest was the poor cow’s milk, because it brings profit – “white gold”, so to speak.

But to do this, the unimportant calf had to get away from its unimportant mother.

Men came and dragged the unimportant baby from its unimportant mother onto a truck.
The unimportant cow reacted like any mother by trying to save her beloved child.

She screamed like mad with grief and suffering, tried to get to her unimportant child, but the men denied her this wish and prevented her from doing it.

The truck with the unimportant baby animal onboard started relentlessly and started moving.
The unimportant mother cow instinctively ran after the truck.

(This video is chosen symbolically and does not depict the death of the cow in Italy)

The distance between the unimportant animal and its unimportant offspring grew larger, but she ran, and ran, and ran with pain and profound despair.
She ran, and ran, and ran as fast as she could.

But then the unimportant cow lost her strength.
They could no longer carry their legs.
She collapsed helplessly, her strong mother-heart was at the end and failed any further heartbeat of the unimportant cow.

Life slowly but surely escaped the unimportant body of the unimportant mother while her unimportant child drove away in fear, panic, and cries for help.

The unimportant cow died of heart failure.
Soon the ruthless men would come back and remove the unimportant cow from the side of the road.

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Switzerland – 740 tons of calf blood and nobody wants it!

740 tons of calf blood ordered and not collected
The serum is taken from the unborn calves of slaughtered pregnant cows.

Such slaughtering is not welcome in Switzerland, which is why the substance, which is important for pharmaceuticals, is imported by the ton.

It’s all about this

-Because a Basel pharmaceutical company went bankrupt, a Dutch importer is now stuck with 740 tons of calf blood.

-The blood serum is obtained from unborn calves from slaughtered dams. The practice is controversial.

-The substance is important for the pharmaceutical industry but has to be imported.

What to do with 740 tons of frozen calf blood that nobody wants?

This is the question asked by a Dutch freight forwarder who was supposed to import the substance for a pharmaceutical company in Birsfelden (municipality in the canton of Basel). The buyer went bankrupt at the end of last year, now the shipping company has stayed on the load, as the «Basler newspaper» writes.

The original value of 1.3 million euros has now shrunk to just 35,000 euros (!!)
Even destruction would cost twice as much.

But why does a Swiss company need hundreds of tons of calf blood from abroad?

According to the “«Basler newspaper»“, it was used in Birsfelden to produce Solcoseryl, an adhesive paste for use in the mouth.

The blood serum obtained from unborn calves is rich in enzymes and nutrients and is often used where small organisms are artificially bred, for example in the development of vaccines (!!)

Controversial practice

In order to get to the substance, however, you first need an unborn calf.
This is removed from the uterus after the pregnant mother has been slaughtered.

Because the slaughter of pregnant cows is not welcomed in Switzerland, the material has to be imported.
According to the “New Zealand Herald”, the blood is removed from the heart of the fetus with a needle, which gives around 300 milliliters.

The liter is then exported from New Zealand around the world for the equivalent of around 1,600 francs.

The slaughter of pregnant cows and the taking of blood from their unborn calves are repeatedly criticized by animal rights activists.
«Forbes», writes that it is unclear whether the calves feel pain.

The “Herald” quotes an anonymous insider, according to which the dams suffer because they are transported during the gestation period.

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Kruger National Park: Elephants trample poachers to death!

Despite the ban on the ivory trade, tens of thousands of elephants are killed for their tusks every year.

In a South African national park, a poacher has now paid for the hunt with his life.

April 18, 2021, 3:42 p.m.

A suspected poacher has been killed by elephants in South Africa’s famous Kruger National Park.

The man and two accomplices fled from park rangers and came across a herd of elephants with cubs, said the Sanparks National Park Authority on Sunday.

The elephants would have trampled the man to death.

Foto: Jon Hrusa – dpa  

One of the accomplices was arrested while the third man escaped, it said. The rangers were also able to retrieve a rifle, an ax, and a bag with supplies. The search for the third suspect continued on Sunday afternoon.

Despite an international trade ban on ivory, tens of thousands of African elephants are killed for their tusks every year. According to the IUCN animal welfare organization, there are still an estimated 415,000 elephants on the continent.

The Kruger Park is one of the main tourist attractions in South Africa and is one of the largest national parks in Africa.
It is about the size of the state of Hesse and is known for a large number of wild animals such as elephants, lions, rhinos, leopards, and buffalo.

The last time there was a similar incident occurred in 2019 in which a poacher was trampled by elephants and eaten by lions.


And I mean...Wonderful, we like to hear such news!

Finally, someone is doing something against poachers. We humans don’t manage to fight them effectively!

If people had such social behavior as the elephants, we would all have no more problems.

Unfortunately, it hits the weakest link in the chain, and not those who are enthroned as heroes above the dead elephant and even publicize the murder on photos.

A son of Donald Trump is also a big game hunter …Just an idea …

And now we keep our fingers crossed for the Spanish bulls.

My best regards to all, Venus


Sweden: The Swedish breeding program for farm cats has been withdrawn. Positive News.

The Swedish breeding program for farm cats has been withdrawn

15 April 2021

Svenska Djurskyddsföreningen


At the end of 2020, the Swedish Board of Agriculture approved a breeding program for farm cats, which has been criticized in a letter from Svenska Djurskyddsföreningen.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture has come under fire after approving a farm cat breeding program in December, primarily because the program recommends that cats that are allowed to roam freely outside to be fertile, which would increase reproduction and result in an increase in unwanted, abandoned, and feral cats. 

On March 23, Svenska Djurskyddsföreningen wrote to the Swedish Board of Agriculture, asking them to reconsider the approval, in part because it violates animal welfare rules that require cats that go outside to be neutered or prevented from reproducing uncontrollably.

Following the outpouring of criticism, the authority decided to re-examine the case and announced that they are withdrawing the approval.

“We understand the criticism and regret that the case has not been sufficiently examined from an animal welfare point of view. We share the view that the breeding program does not live up to the animal welfare rules in all respects and therefore withdraw our approval”, said the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s head of animal welfare, Helena Elofsson.

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Svenska Djurskyddsföreningen – Godkännande av avelsprogram dras tillbaka

English – https://www.djurskydd.org/who-we-are-and-what-we-do/

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