USA: Coca Cola (Again) Is Making Billions From Indigenous People – And They Dont Get Any Share Of The Profits !



Coca-Cola is lining its pockets with the use of THE new trendy sweetener – the stevia – which comes from the traditional knowledge of indigenous groups in South America, the Guarani Paî Tavytera and Kaiowa people.

While Big Soda companies like Coca-Cola make billions off this knowledge, none of these communities are getting a single penny.

Coca-Cola’s dreadful attitude violates the rights of indigenous people as enshrined in international treaties.

But you can stop this by sharing this video to raise awareness of the Guarani’s plight.

Let’s stand in solidarity with the Guarani people against Coca-Cola’s exploitation — you can help make sure that this message is heard far and wide.




Click here to watch the video and share it with your friends.


The more people who know about the issue, the more power we’ll have to pressure Coca-Cola into settling with the Guaranis on a fair and equitable sharing of the profits out of the use of this natural sweetener.

SumOfUs is teaming up with Public Eye, Pro-Stevia Schweiz and France Libertés to make sure everybody knows about the bitter-sweet taste of stevia. We know this tactic works. Our videos targeting PepsiCo have clocked over 20 million views and have gone viral because they were shared by members like you. They’ve brought PepsiCo back to the negotiating table, and forced it to come up with a new palm oil commitment.

You truly hold the power to make a difference: you can make this glaring injustice a thorn in Coca-Cola’s side. Spread the word!



Watch and share the video with your friends by clicking here now.

Thanks for all that you do,
Fatah, Marie and the team at SumOfUs 




USA: NRDC Teleconference – Do You Want To Send Trump A Message ? – Read On To Take Part.




Member Teleconference Briefing:
Sending Trump a Message through Litigation

Join us for an exclusive teleconference



Mitch Bernard
NRDC Chief Operating Officer


4:30 pm Eastern; 3:30 pm Central; 2:30 pm Mountain; 1:30 pm Pacific

Aaron Colangelo
NRDC Co-Director of Litigation

Friday March 3, 2017


With the Trump Administration fully underway, we face an unprecedented threat from the “pollutocracy” of billionaires, fossil fuel champions, and anti-environmental extremists that are about to sweep into Washington with Donald Trump. At NRDC, we’re gearing up to take them on — both in and out of court.

Join us for this teleconference with Mitch Bernard and Aaron Colangelo, who will share NRDC’s current and future litigation strategies on protecting our environment from the new administration’s most dangerous attacks. There will also be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have on this timely and important issue.

Taking part in a telephone conference call is easy.

If you will be joining us, please respond as soon as possible online and we will provide you with the simple instructions for calling in.


The mission of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is to safeguard the Earth: its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends.




Germany: Your Letters To The Mayor Have Resulted In The ‘Shark Aquarium’ Currently Being Halted.



You may recall our recent (January) post re a possible new shark aquarium in Germany:

Well we have now had an update on the situation from Venus.  Here is her response:

Good Morning Dear Mark!


Dear Mark,

Today, Sunday, I turned on my PC and was (as always) prepared for the worst. Because only bad news reaches us when it comes about animals, doesn`t it?

But No! Today was not like every day, it came a message that gave me hope and joy. Perhaps some readers of SAV remember the letter-action I did against the construction of the world’s largest shark aquarium in Sinsheim (Germany). I had written a letter to the mayor of the city and had spread the same sample letter  all over I could, so that other people could send it to the mayor. Today I got a message from the organization, which is fighting exclusively against the construction of the aquarium!

I translate:

“A few weeks ago, we asked you to write to Jörg Albrecht, Lord Mayor of Sinsheim, and ask him to take action against the shark tank “Shark City” (

The response was very large and we would like to thank all those who have followed this call for their time and effort.

As mayor Albrecht now announced, the construction application for the shark aquarium is currently not approved. In an interview, Albrecht stated that the project would not be in line with the valid development plan, a special area would have to be designated for the construction. Local politicians have to decide about the project-related development plan.

Investors do not have a right to a positive decision. This seems to have settled the plan to start construction of “Shark City” in May….”


This is a clear sign for me, that we can achieve better results for the rights of the animals by making animal protection a political issue and putting pressure on politicians.

Best regards to you and all,




UK: Victory For HSBC Campaign – Speaking Up For Primates !


Hi Mark,

Our old campaign link:

We did it.

HSBC have just announced that they’ll stop funding palm oil companies that destroy the rainforest. [1]




Whether you signed the petition, donated, or badgered them online, you made this happen – and it’s not everyday you topple a bank! [2]

We should feel pretty powerful today – and that’s why

it’s probably not the time to rest on our laurels. HSBC isn’t the only bank that’s been putting orangutan habitat at risk. If right now, we make HSBC’s decision as public as possible, we can show just how easy – and what good PR – it would be for other banks to do the same.


Please will you chip in a few pounds for an advert in the Financial Times demanding change from banks like Standard Chartered? If we use our momentum right now to win over other banks, people across South East Asia will be safer and swathes more rainforest could be saved. [3] 

HSBC are the biggest bank in Europe, which is why we went straight for them. At first they told us they weren’t doing anything wrong, then that palm oil funding is too “complex” for them to clean up. But after just a few weeks of campaigning, they backed down.

If a bank as big as HSBC can do it, other banks are going to find it hard to make excuses. But right now, they think nobody knows what they’re up to – this ad will change that.

140,000 of us in the UK joined the campaign against HSBC.

Take a minute to picture 140,000 individuals all over the UK who you haven’t met. It’s pretty amazing that you were part of a team that beat one of the biggest banks in the world. You’ve done a lot. But if each of you can chip in £1 today, we can make sure this victory reverberates around the banking sector and creates exciting, long lasting change. Let’s get this ad in the paper next week!

Thanks for standing up for people and primates,



Financial Times: HSBC tightens standards on lending to palm oil industry.
Greenpeace: HSBC promises to cut ties with forest-trashing palm oil companies.
[2] 140,000 of us in the UK signed the petition, thousands of us wrote on HSBC’s Facebook page and even more tweeted, called and even wrote to the bank. This was all in just 5 weeks. Here’s a blog about how the boss of HSBC ended up being grilled on the campaign at Davos.
Palm oil fans the flames of forest fires in Indonesia  – the fires in 2015 were linked to 100,000 deaths










The EU is in a deep economic, structural and moral crisis.


Update 13/2/17 – Jean Claude Junker; ‘Mr EU’; Is Now Quitting.

Very welcomed by many EU citizens who HAVE NOT BEEN LISTENED TO by him and all of his Commission mates.  Why have we in the animal welfare lobby been completely IGNORED by Junker and Co when we have shown all the evidence of abuses of EU animals exported live to Turkey for example.

For example – here is just some of the evidence which you and Mr Van Goethem have IGNORED, and failed to act upon:


Do you think that people go through hell to get this evidence (above) just as some crappy joke ?   –  No. they do it with the hope that people like you will act.


Mr Junker; you have had your day; you have not listened and acted for the better – so we welcome your removal with open arms – Bye !


This above is INACTION by Junker and his Commission mates.

EU Regulation 1/2005 on the ‘protection of animals during transport’

WHAT A JOKE you could say; but there is nothing funny about it !


Above – Another busy day at the EU headquarters.


The Social Democratic Party of Germany nominates Martin Schultz as chancellor candidate for the upcoming elections.

You get the useless President of the European Parliament (Schultz) out of his post and give him the chance to prove his entire incapacity this time as a chancellor.
The fact that the Schultz did not even have a high school diploma and is still nominated as chancellor, wonders no one.
Meanwhile, all know that almost none of the EU deputies has ever done a decent job in his life.

Soon all those who now receive a fortune as a salary for doing nothing will remain unemployed.
They will be fired.

The EU is in a deep economic, structural and moral crisis.

The EU has failed!
Greece, Portugal and Ireland cannot survive within the euro.
And whoever thinks that gloomy financial forecasts affect only these countries will soon be disappointed.

If someone had said 10 years ago, that UK leaves the EU, the EU officials would have laughed.

Today it is reality and no one laughs.

In this way, the British have shown the way to democracy and independence.
It will not be the last member leaving the EU, that’s fact!
Unjustified officials who have not been elected lead the EU institution that day by day contribute to the destruction of democracy.
People no longer want this destroying model of Europe.

These people are demonstrating on the streets that legislation and agreements should be respected and that democracy must not be destroyed.


And in animal protection in Europe, it does not look any better.
This non-functioning institution regards crime, corruption, exploitation against animals as trivial.
Since the EU has been there, the misery of humans and animals has increased.
Thousands or even millions of people have expressed petitions during the last 5 years to end the misery of animals on highways, laboratories, shelters, slaughterhouses.

Without accepting the truth about the massive and documented droughts, the EU officials and “leaders” have spoken and worked against the welfare of the animals.
And thus also against the laws adopted by themselves.


We, animal protectionists, have been looking for talks with those responsible, we have begged that EU laws and Regulations are respected, and have always been treated as annoying enemies.

Why is the EU doing as if things are going well?
Because the officials do not want to lose their well-paid jobs.
Because when the truth comes to light, Junker, Barroso, Van Goethem, Andriukaitis and Co. will become unemployed after the next EU elections.
All those who sit there and claim to be the huts of democracy and animal welfare will all be fired.
I wish it and I will fight for it.


with Regards to you, dear Mark and to all!






 SAV Comment:

Very true Venus – for years and years we have attempted to show ‘EU officials’ where animal welfare is going wrong.  We have provided both written and video evidence – Animal suffering in Serbia – an EU ‘Candidate County’.  We have told the EU that Serbia is non compliant with the ‘Rule of Law’ – the basic requirement for any new member state to even be considered for EU membership.  We have shown all the evidence on the factory farms of the EU, the endless abuses.  We have provided video evidence of non compliance with ‘EU Regulations’ protecting (Ha !) animals during their suffering on the roads of the EU; and especially going to Turkey.  Mr Van Goethem holds up his hands and says that he can do nothing; despite being an official at the EU !

Europe is on the brink and Junker is making sure that he gets out in time so that his ‘expertise in failure’ can be used (and paid very richly for no doubt) elsewhere.

Here are just a few media links of the past week to show what utter crisis all the top officials are leaving the EU in.  EU officials who have NEVER listened to the people of the EU.  Now they are at crisis point because of their ignorance; a ‘brink’ that they will possibly not be able to recover from.  And the worst part – citizens of the EU states will suffer because of these over self opinionated idiots !

EU ON THE BRINK: Martin Schulz warns bloc could ‘FALL APART’ after Brexit:


Marine Le Pen tops ANOTHER poll as support for rival Fillon plummets following scandal


EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker ‘will not seek second term’


“Some countries would like more Europe. Others find that we already have too much Europe,” he said.


UK / NL: We Never Shoot Them – Only With A Camera ! – Watch The Amazing Starlings ‘Murmuration’.



uk  netherlands



Enjoy watching these – known in the UK as ‘starlings murmuration’; a beautiful dance by starling birds which happens at twilight each night.


Tens and tens of thousands of birds are often involved and people are amazed and dumbfounded how all the birds know exactly in which direction to turn at any specific second.



It is not really known why the term ‘murmuration’ is used or even where it came from – but it is something that can be traced back hundreds of years regarding the bird displays.


Here in the UK it is often descibed as the best free dance routine anyone can see.  Special observation places are stationed and set up around the UK for people to venture out at dusk and witness this amazing display.


Here are a couple of videos from the UK, and one from the Netherlands.


Enjoy this amazing display put on by the birds for free for observers every evening !




Nature at its best !!









Update of new footage from Israel – watch the amazing display !




EU: Bee Defenders Now Head To Court.

Mark, you’ve done something truly wonderful.

Because of you, the BeeDefender Alliance will be able to help save the bees in court next week.



Thomas from the BeeDefenders has this message for you:

“Thank you for having our backs!

Your support allows us to play big when it comes to protecting the bees. With your help we can fight to keep up the partial ban of neonicotinoids and for stricter regulations at the highest European court.

Our bees and beekeepers say Thank You!!!” 

We want to give you the chance to send your own message of support to the BeeDefenders before their court battles next week.



Send your message of support to the BeeDefenders here.

Send a message

All of your messages will be hand delivered by us straight to the EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg for the start of the hearings.

We know how big these trials are, and your words of encouragement will go a long way.

Beating these pesticide giants in court won’t be easy, but your support means we’re one step closer to saving the bees.

Send your message of support to the BeeDefenders here.

Send a message

Thank you for standing up for the bees,

Wiebke, Liz and the team at SumOfUs 


p.s. After you’ve sent your message of support, you can also learn all about how you’re helping us save the bees here.