Germany: Message From Venus: German Elections In September, But Nothing Looks Better For Animals.



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SAV.  We have had the following in from Venus in Germany.  The German General Election is in September; but whatever your political bias; things are not looking very positive for animals and their welfare.  We share in the despair – no better with Trump in the US; the EU does nothing positive; just people looking after their own interests – not even considering others !

But the fighting and campaigning will go on regardless.

The following is the in edited message from Venus:

Dear Mark,

the association animal public e:V has made a survey to the five parliamentary parties.

They wanted to know how these parties were thinking about animal protection, and what they would decide about the lives of millions of animals. So that the German citizen knows who to give his voice to.

I find the results catastrophic, especially from the parties, which unfortunately and most likely will come to the coalition.

Just for reference, here is another of our recent posts and why Venus will not vote – have a look:


Here is my article about it.

On September 24, the federal elections are held in Germany.

The association animal public.e.V has sent a list of ten questions to all parties which are expected to move into the Bundestag, with a request to tick with “yes” or “no”.

Some of these questions were in the past the subject of petitions here in Germany, which were ignored by the Merkel government.

Sure, many animal protectionists remember how many petitions and demonstrations for the ban on wild animals in circus we have done. Without success.

The parties in order, are:

  1. Christian Democrats (Conservatives),

  2. the Socialists,

  3. the Liberals,

  4. the Left and

  5. the Greens.


The extreme right did not answer.

The questions were:

  1. ban on wild animals in circuses,

  2. the end of the dolphinariums,

  3. amendment of the Hunting Act,

  4. import ban on wild animals for private purposes,

  5. prohibiting commercial animal exchanges,

  6. positive list for the private keeping of wild animals,

  7. recognizing the fundamental rights of great apes,

  8. the right to legal action for animal welfare associations,

  9. Federal Commissioner for animal welfare,

  10. amendment of the zoological legislation.

One notices of the many “no” of the strongest parties of Germany that after the elections everything will be like before the elections, namely absolutely nothing new and certainly nothing good for the animals.

I predict a stupid and harmful coalition between Merkel and Schulz, and this will also be fatal consequences not only for Germany, but for many other countries of Europe that are politically and economically dependent on Germany. Because Germany is Europe.

Above – Merkel;

Below (left) – Schultz – the other person is Junker – Mr EU.


And there will be no good for the animals. The only parties who have responded with the most “yes” are “the Left” and the “Greens”; But the first has no power, and the second has not shown any political fairness.

I really do not know who is hoping for something good against animal suffering and the animal miseries in Germany with these elections. I certainly do not!


My best Regards to you all





Germany: Why I Do Not Vote. The Political System of Germany and The EU Is Too Corrupt For Any Animal Welfare.

On July 8, 2017, a dead wolf was retrieved from the lake Schluchsee in southern Germany, near my village.

He was shot. It is the 24th wolf shot illegally since the resettlement of the wolves in Germany in the year 2000. Of these 24 murders, there were only three convictions up to now – in all cases, the perpetrators had posed themselves.

After each murder there are always the same discussions:

These are the poachers,” say the hunters, “we are very sorry,” say the friends of the hunters, the politicians, and the peasants who have nothing against wolves but want to protect their flocks.

As soon as the cruel battle of the whales and dolphins in Denmark begins, the German press hasten to report about it and tries to harass a reader-friendly readership against the “criminals”.

It is always the other countries that are criminally dealing with animals, there are always the others who are corrupt and proficient, it is the Chinese who massacre the dogs, and the rich safari hunters who cull our elephants.

It is terrible to exterminate animals, you have to do something!!!

Petitions are signed, donations flow without end to the protection of the threatened animals !!!

And so the German citizen always points to other people who illegally kill wild animals because their governments are corrupt.

Always the others!

The Green Minister of the Environment, Franz Untersteller, has taken a ridiculous position on the subject:

Shooting a wolf is a criminal offense. I very much regret that a man has extinguished the life of this rare creature by force. “

Thus an incapable politician wants us to declare that the 24th murder of a strictly protected animal provokes only his sadness, and he even reminds us that it is a crime. They are the politicians who will continue their co-operation with hunters, the meat mafia, the circus industry, laboratory labs directors, etc … in the coming elections of Germany with the blessing of a dumbed people and want to persuade us that they do it all for our benefit!

I have absolutely no hope that in Germany that any government can work for my good – and I am a German citizen; a citizen of the gutless EU !

But if I at least knew that a (political) party wants to take the welfare of the animals into account and improve it where they can, then I would go to the elections.

So far, however, I am not aware of this political animal saviour, and the German animal protection party plays no essential role in the political scene.

I will not vote for this reason.

Best regards to you, Mark, and to all



Photo: Axel Heimken/dpa

Above – Martin Schultz (left) gets a kiss from Junker – Mr EU.

SAV Comment

We agree with Venus – there seems very little hope for positive animal welfare.

– it will be interesting to see what happens at the German elections in September 2017.,_2017 

With Angela Merkel and now also Martin Schultz (President of the European Parliament from 2012 to 2017) as 2 of the main political contenders,  it is very unlikely that the ‘animal welfare voice’ will start to be listened to in Germany. 

Merkel does not listen, and Schultz, ex EU Parliament President – what more does one need to say; he is ex EU – and the EU policy ‘is what we have experienced with live animal exports to Turkey, for example, “there is nothing we can do”.

What faith in politicians to make the world a better place for all !





Netherlands: Adriaan Straathof – The ‘Pig Baron’ Behind The 20,000 Pig Deaths.

Regarding our very recent post (including a video) of the 20,000 pigs burned to death in the Netherlands:

Venus has kindly been looking into this more – and has provided a lot more information which we think you will fine interesting.

Dear Mark,
I promised you to write a post about the “Pig Baron” Straathof, here it is.

The story is old, as old as corruption in the meat business and the boundless exploitation of the animals of the system and its servants.

And unfortunately, the story repeats itself.


The case Straathof and the Holocaust of 24,000 pigs


On the 27th of July 2017 about 24,000 nonhuman beings were burnt alive at the “Knorhof” in Erichem (NL).


Adriaan Straathof

Owner of the animal barracks: the Dutchman Adriaan Straathof, the “pig baron”.
For years this barracks has been under criticism, it was actually built as a poultry shed.

Straathof converted this barracks into two floors and got the permission for:

-2,000 sows with suckling piglets,
-7,600 rearing piglets and
-9,600 Fattening pigs

Adrianus Straathof is one of the largest pig producers in Europe.
He produced 1.5 million piglets per year in Germany alone, when he was still allowed to work there.

Since 2016, Straathof has been forbidden to work in Germany.

Here the chronology:

December 2014: Against Straathof, a ban on feeding and caring has been imposed.

March 2015: Evidence of serious animal welfare violations; Criminal officers carry out a major raid in the pig farm ‘Gut Thiemendorf’.

April 2015: Nevertheless, the ban on banning animals is canceled by the Supreme Administrative Court. The evidence is not sufficient.

June 2015: Straathof remains in the sights of the authorities: 100 officials searched the breeding farms of his pig empire!

 June 2016: In Magdeburg, the professional ban against the pig owner Adrianus Straathof is being tried in court.

July 2016: The Administrative Court in Magdeburg confirms the ban on the profession against Straathof. Straathof appealed against the judgment of the Administrative Court Magdeburg.


On 4 November 2016, the Senate of the Higher Administrative Court of Saxony-Anhalt rejected this request for appeal.

Since then, he has been forbidden to work in Germany.

And so Straathof returns to his home country, the Netherlands, and builds a new barracks for 20,000 pigs in a two-storey poultry stable.

Straathof ignores in his new home, as in Germany, every precept which concerns the animal husbandry.
And so there is the burning of 24,000 living beings in Strathof’s barracks.

But, is Straathof a single offender?

No! No way!

Straathof only does what is allowed to him. Politicians and authorities, these are the main guilty, these are our enemies.

The problem is the system.

The state and no one else is responsible for checking whether all, even fraudsters such as Straathof, adhere to animal welfare.

And this control is traditionally weak, you might say miserable.

Because in the lobby republics, the interests of the big businessmen are always taking their place.

Straathof is nothing more than the controlled actor of a corrupt system.

I still trust 24,000 creatures who were unfortunate enough to be born, bred, tortured, and burned in the barracks of Adriaan Straathof.


Best Regards

from Venus



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Indonesia: Sends In The Army To Kill Monkeys Because When Food Is Scarce They Take From Humans – Nothing Said About The Human Destruction And Orangutan Deaths Due To Palmoil – Wow, We Wnder Why !!!



I read this news in “” a few days ago, here is the translation:


“Indonesia: Army should stop monkey invasion”!!

Indonesia has the army marched up – against naughty monkey bands. The animals are increasingly becoming a problem for the residents of the Boyolali district on the island of Java. The military should now help.

The chief of the district, Seno Samodro, spoke of an “invasion of hundreds of monkeys”, which could only be met with firearms. The long-tailed macaques fell massively over plantations, they steadied maize and fruits and sometimes even attacked people, complained Samodro. Alone this year monkeys had bitten eleven local residents.

The district administration therefore mobilizes soldiers, policemen, hunters and members of shooting clubs, who are to go on patrols and kill the monkeys. A local shooters’ association sends ten members every day. According to “Newsweek” against the animals however only rubber boots are used.

In the region is currently dry season, the food in nature is scarce. This forces the monkeys to look for food in humans.


And here is my response to the article:

Why the animals walk around hungry and “steal” fruit or maize the journalist does not tell us, of course.

If he had told us that Indonesia is one of the main cultivators for palm oil, and every day countless hectares of the jungle would be burnt for this shit palm oil, he might lose his job, the palm oil industry does not joke!


And only who gets this information knows that monkeys and other animals lose their homes, their food their families every day. At the beginning of the 1990s, some 150,000 orangutans still lived in Sumatra and Borneo. Today there are only 49,000.


SAV Comment

– see pictures below – the journalist does not tell us that 300  soccer fields sized areas are deforested every hour – and that 50 Orangutans are killed every week doing this. 

He claims to be a journalist but his writing is very much one sided; that in defence of the palm oil industry and of the destruction caused by the monkeys to humans who have invaded the monkeys homelands !.  What about the destruction caused by the humans in the rainforest every hour ? – tell us about that Mr Journalist.  Or do you not want people to know about an industry which kills so many wonderful animals ?

The journalist has not told us this, because he is paid neither to write truth nor real facts. For this reason, he tells us in the end that the cause of this “invasion” is the dryness.

The most successful way to cover up the truth is to confuse effect with cause. The press writes of aggressive monkeys and threatened people. And so the mass murder against the expellees is justified. We experience a lie shock every day, in the television, in the press on the radio.

I think the German press is a typical case of presstitution.

with regards to you Mark and all



Indonesia Again – The Zoo Of Death 




UK: American Owner Of Uk Football Team Launches A Television Channel About Trophy Hunting – And Gets A Backlash From Many Including England Cricketers.


SAV Comment – Kevin Pietersen is a very well known England cricket player.  Well done him for speaking up in support of the animals and against hunting.


Above – ‘Dim’ and ‘Dimmer’ Trump.


Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke branded ‘scum’ by Kevin Pietersen, who urges fans to ‘drive him’ out of the club

Exclusive: The American billionaire is facing a fierce backlash after launching a television channel that documents trophy killings of endangered animals

Kevin Pietersen has launched a fierce attack on Arsenal owner, Stan Kroenke, labelling the American “scum” after the company he owns launched a new television channel documenting barbaric bloodsports.

The former England cricketer, who is raising awareness about illegal poaching of rhinos in South Africa, has also called on Arsenal supporters to do everything they can to ensure majority shareholder Kroenke is “driven out” of the Premier League club.

Kevin Pietersen – A Voice Speaking Out Against Hunting.


“I find it sickening that anyone could want to endanger these animals whatsoever, but for someone to turn it into a TV show for entertainment absolutely boils my blood,” Pietersen exclusively told The Independent. “The guy, and those who contribute and support those practices, are scum.


“Enough is enough. These stunning animals are being slaughtered to the point of extinction and for anyone to celebrate it is absolutely repugnant.

“I’ve had so many messages from Arsenal fans telling me they hate him as much as anyone, so if that’s the case, he has to be driven out. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want this person representing something I love.”

These animals don’t have a voice, but we do.

If we don’t do anything, no-one will.

Kevin Pietersen


Kroenke faced a heavy backlash following revelations in The Times that his company, Kroenke Sport Entertainment, is responsible for the UK launch of My Outdoor TV [MOTV] through its entity Outdoor Sportsman Group.

The channel will screen shows that follow hunters across the globe, primarily in Africa where big-money hunting trips are available, and involve various ways of killing wild animals that includes by bow and arrows and by guns.

Arsenal owner launches ‘sickening’ bloodsports TV channel in the UK


One programme shows a presenter shooting a critically endangered African elephant before the bull turns and charges at him. Two more shots are heard before the animal falls to the ground and dies.

“There’s no other feeling in the world quite like walking up on your bull elephant,” the man says to the camera.

Another show, called Dark Continent Quest, features huntress Jana Waller and her travels across the world killing animals with a bow and arrow. One episode shows Ms Waller killing a hartebeest in South Africa, with the arrow hitting the animal before it runs away. Ms Waller and her guide, John Faul, wait for the animal to bleed to death before approaching it.

“It’s a good shot. Definitely, some liver and some lungs hit,” says Mr Faul while the animal is still alive.

Ms Waller adds “the shot was a little far back for me, but one shot did it,” before holding up the hartebeest’s “beautiful heart shaped horns”.

It has caused a wave of criticism aimed at Kroenke, particularly from Arsenal supporters given that the American billionaire owns 67 per cent of the club’s shares. The channel has also been dubbed the “Netflix of the hunting world” by its supporters, who are willing to pay $9.99 [£7.60] a month for the subscription.


  We divide every day “5000 by Friday”!!

We divide every day “5000 by Friday”!!

I don`t know how it goes to you every morning, but when I start the PC, my nerves get a hard blow. There is not a day when a new torture version of humans does not appear on animals on the Internet. We think we’ve seen it all, but every day we see cruelty that our eyes cannot bear. Because of these infinite human crimes against animals, the question arises:

Who is my fellow human being?

With whom do I live together?

But above all, I am tormented by the question: can I expect these people to change at some point?

Can I hope that I can win them through education, undercover documentation, information on the rights of animals?

And as paradoxical as it may seem, world-wide results in animal protection are often the result of an illogical and inconsistent basis.

I would like to share a personal experience:

It was a winter evening in 2011 in the pedestrian zone of the city, next to where I live. We had an info stand exclusively for signatures set up for the 8hours campaign. It was cold and there were few people. Suddenly I saw a very elegant lady, who came to see me from the department store.

She was wearing a fur coat and had an expensive leather bag. There was a Mc Donald Hamburger in her hand. “Give me the list, I want to sign, too,” she said, taking the pen.

Ha! I thought, “I do not have to beg!” The lady has signed. “Yes, but you also eat meat,” I said politely. “So what?” she said, “That I eat meat does not mean that animals must suffer”!

Oops !!

At this moment I thought of the joke with the psychiatrist:

The insane doctor asks his patient: “what is 2 and 2”?

He says: “5000”.

“Well, yes,” says the doctor, and he asks the next patient “what is 2 and 2”?

He says “Friday”.

Then the doctor asks the third one: “what is 2 and 2”?

And he answers: “4” !! “

Yes! And how did you get it? “

” Very easily! I’ve divided 5000 by Friday “!!


So, it is also in animal protection, the result counts. I estimate that 60 to 70% from the 1.2 million signers at th

at campaign, were carnivores. The illogical motives of these people have brought us 1.2 million votes!!

I think we need to develop a new mass strategy for animal protection. It is an illusion to believe that people do good only when they are logically and morally convinced.

My best regards to all




EU / Spain: Bull kills itself after Spaniards tie burning torches to its horns in sickening video – and the EU; they do nothing just like always.


SAV Comment

– Here we go again; gutless EU politicians doing nothing to undertake the wishes of the EU citizens.  Instead, these brain deads simply hide and declare, “we can do nothing; it is Spanish tradition”.  So with EU funding; these animals continue to be tortured and abused, whilst EU politicians turn a blind eye to the suffering, whilst protecting the church and the ‘tradition’ that Spain is world famous for – that of causing abuse and suffering to many animals.  There are many hard working campaign groups in Spain, asking for change; but the dragknuckle EU and it masters do not wish to do what the people want.


Don’t we all recall the words of Donald Tusk – President of the European Council at the G20 meeting on 7/7/17 – his weasel words were:

 “words are easy but its actions that matter”

Mr. Tusk, regarding the EU improving the welfare of animals, you have no actions – you exist on a different planet named ‘Brussels’.  Have a read of the following Mr Tusk; oh no you are too busy rather than blabbering out your words which you hope will pacify all.


Fun for brain dead Spaniards! Bull kills itself after Spaniards tie burning torches to its horns in sickening videoFun for brain dead Spaniards! Bull kills itself after Spaniards tie burning torches to its horns in sickening videoFun for brain dead Spaniards! Bull kills itself after Spaniards tie burning torches to its horns in sickening video

Fun for brain dead Spaniards! Bull kills itself after Spaniards tie burning torches to its horns in sickening videoFun for brain dead Spaniards! Bull kills itself after Spaniards tie burning torches to its horns in sickening videoBull kills itself after Spaniards tie burning torches to its horns in sickening video

The animal had earlier gored a man during the ‘Bulls in the Street’ festival in Foios, near Valencia.

A terrified bull killed itself in a panic after Spanish festival organisers tied burning torched to its horns during at a celebration near Valencia, prompting outrage from animal rights campaigners.

The half-tonne creature found itself tied to a post in front of an enthusiastic crowd of several hundred townspeople during the ‘Bulls in the Street’ festival in Foios , a scaled-down version of Pamplona’s famous Running of the Bulls.

The animal freaked out when flaming stakes were tied to its horns and it was released from the post, which it then inadvertently charged into, killing itself instantly.

The crowd’s excitement turned to shock as the bull killed itself in front of their eyes, suggesting that they had not expected him to die this way.

The bull had gored a man in the leg earlier yesterday during an organised street run by local media, according to local media.

It is not known if this is the reason he was chosen for the evening’s festivities.

The footage was obtained by the group Bulls Defenders United and uploaded to Facebook on Sunday (23 July). It has since been viewed more than 150,000 times.

“How many lives will still be taken in the name of traditions that are nothing but barbarity?” the group said in a statement accompanying the video.

Supporters of the Bulls in the Street festival argue that the animals rarely suffer any harm and the tradition stretches back several hundred years.

However, Facebook users responded with a mix of anger and concern about animal rights inside the EU nation.

“I worked for a Spanish state-owned broadcast station, and I had to film several ‘corridas’. Seen only feet away, they’re not disgusting – they are absolutely horrific,” wrote Jorge Gea Gilabert.

“You can hear blood bubbling from open lung wounds. I didn’t like bullfighting, but since then I HATE It. Not all Spaniards like bullfighting,” he added.

Vicky Mena was more forthright, saying: “Spain needs a PURGE DAY to eliminate these subhuman parasites and their families. SPAIN IS DEPLORABLE!”

If you wish to see it, and it is sick; a video of the event should be available to watch by clicking on the following link.