Germany / England: We Have Started A New Site In Conjunction With SAV – ‘World Animals Voice’. Hope To See You There.

This SAV site has been going for approximately 13 years.  We have attempted to raise public awareness of the plight of stray dogs and cats in Serbia.  Over the years we have produced more than 4,080 posts and had so many great words of support from you, our site visitors.

We have been very pleased to see that many of our posts have been published on other sites also; and we thank all the people who have done this – they know who they are.

So now; what happens ?

Thanks to our SAV Facebook site  there is a great deal of action and work taken by the many recue organisations in Serbia for the benefit of Serbian animals.  And there is only one thing that can really make the changes for better animal welfare in Serbia; and that is via the Serbian people themselves; those who vote and demand change.  It will happen; but things (unfortunately) take time when you wish it to be really quick !

After throwing a few ideas around with Venus for a few months; we decided that it was really time to review the site.  We also took into consideration the fact now that we are really covering many animal rights issues around the world and not just those in relation to Serbia.  We have worked hard with Serbian campaigners for many years; and we hope our work has contributed in attempts to improve conditions for all animals in Serbia.

But as we are now covering so many global animal issues we decided that it was time to give the whole input from us a complete makeover.  And so as a result; we have now established a new site which is going to be called ‘World Animals Voice’ rather than just ‘Serbian Animals Voice’; as the word ‘World’ now reflects the fact that we are covering so many global issues now.  Serbia, and campaigning for animals there, will always remain as an important area for us; But it is a big world out there with lots of (unfortunately) abuse and suffering issues which need to be brought to visitors attention. 

We very much hope that the new site of ‘World Animals Voice’ will do this and that quite literally, the site will become a world voice for animals in need.


The new site can be visited at   

– please keep note of it on your equipment.


The reality of chicken nuggets


SAV as a site will not be deleted; as there is a lot of campaign material there compiled over many years for people to see and use.  But some time in the future we are going to stop publishing posts on SAV and instead move all new material over to World Animals Voice; including anything to do with Serbia.  We are having a new format and style layout which we hope you will enjoy.  This has been decided on in a format which (hopefully) presents the information very much like a magazine.

‘WAV’ is in its infancy; so please stick with us for a while until we get it organised a bit more.  As we say; this site, SAV, will still remain accessible for all our existing posts.

Things have to move on, and we see WAV as a great opportunity to start afresh for ourselves and at the same time, spread wings to cover many global animal welfare / rights issues.


So we hope to see you at the new site –


Regards – Venus and Mark.


India: Rescues From AAU. Please Help Them With A Donation To Continue This Brilliant Work.

Incredible recovery of dog dying in gutter: Phoenix’s Story

We got an urgent call that a dog was laying in a sewage ditch.

When our rescue team arrived they saw that she was only in a foot of water, but was actually starting to drown. Her nose dipped wearily into the water. Bubbles were emerging. If we had arrived even 5 minutes later, it’s possible she would have drowned.

When we lifted her out we could see that she had a completely fractured leg, hanging only by loose tissue. Maybe she had been hit by a car, was confused, lay in the water in a desperate effort to stop the bleeding or ease the pain.

Once back in Animal Aid we determined that she was in shock–her pulse was weak and she was hypothermic. We feared we might lose her. She urgently needed an amputation but was too weak to withstand surgery. So we spent several days stabilizing her–a balancing act between strengthening her, and holding the infection and pain at bay.

Her operation took place 3 days later and now–it’s like a miracle–meet Phoenix!



Donate for the animals who need a miracle.

Dog comatose on roadside makes amazing recovery

A dog lay in a coma by the side of a busy road, completely unresponsive.

We gently lifted him and rushed him to Animal Aid. We examined him from head to toe but found no sign of broken bones and suspected a head injury, so we treated him with a medicine that reduces brain swelling.

He didn’t awaken for 24 hours. And by the third day he—well, watch and see for yourself what Roxy’s pure radiant joy looks like today.

Donate to save animals in the most urgent need.






London Calling !

Nice to see that we now have so many international visitors – a special thanks to the many folk in the USA who regularly come to see what we have to say and listen to our gripes.

Fighting for the protection and respect of all animals everywhere.

Below – foxes taken from the front door – they come round for some food every evening – and they get it ! – we use their fur colour (see the really dark patch over the back hip on the one below) or a white tail tip as a means of identifying individuals.  At the moment they are carrying a lot of food away – so we assume they have little baby cubs somewhere.

Links to 2 really brilliant English fox fan sites – look and enjoy:

The National Fox Welfare Society (NFWS) – covers London and surrounding areas.

The Fox Project / Southern Wildlife Ambulance Network – situated in our home county of Kent.








India: Compassion In India – More Great Rescues From AAU.


Huge abscess drained to save mother dog’s life

We got a call that a dog was suffering from a huge bulge on her neck-and discovered that it was an enormous abscess-an infection beneath the skin near her throat filled with pus. She was skinny and haggard, suffering with weakness as her body attempted to fight the terrible infection, all the while tending to young puppies. We gathered her up and took her back to our hospital and her eyes watched us trustingly as we prepared to drain the pus. Within just hours of the procedure she was eating and on the road to recovery. Now spayed and vaccinated and busy raising her babies, meet Molly today..

Please donate for precious animals like Molly who need help today.



Slum-dwellers help rescue injured cow

Angels are living at the city garbage dump. These poor kids’ compassion welled up like a spring, rising out of the filth, the smoke of dangerous toxins, the smell and the buzzing of flies. They spend all day picking through garbage under a blistering sun, looking for bits of scrap metal and glass that might fetch a few rupees from a recycler. They live in squalor but their compassion and help were acts of pure beauty. Watch the rescue of Mabel, a little cow who had become injured and unable to stand in a sea of garbage. We are grateful to those children and to you, our donors, who that day had formed a partnership that Animal Aid could serve. And for Mabel who, on a scorching day, that might have otherwise been her last on earth, was transported to safety.

Compassion lies somewhere within each of us. Please donate within your means.



Drowning puppy sobbing and terrified, rescued

At the bottom of the well was not only water and garbage, but a little soul paddling for his life and losing part of his last remaining strength to cry for help. Every perch his feet touched sank under his weight, but from rags to plastic, he kept trying and trying to gain a foothold. We hurried to lower our Rescuer into the well and as the little sweetheart was pulled out of that terrifying ordeal, happiness took over.

Please donate for the little ones who need big help now.





England: Introducing ‘PICAS’ – The PI geon C ontrol A dvisory S ervice.

I had the real pleasure of working with Guy – founder of PICAS, here in England; in 2003, when we combined our efforts to submit a proposal to a local authority on non lethal methods of Pigeon control.

Guy is just one of the nicest blokes you could ever wish to meet; and his advice and ideas on humane pigeon control for the authority near to my home were just the best.  PICAS – the Pigeon Control Advisory Service provide non lethal advice on bird control to authorities and organisations all over the UK; as well as international customers.

Check out their site via the following and learn more about pigeons – they are not the pest they are often accused of being. – Mark.

The local press covered our campaign – one of the articles is here:

Switzerland: Torture at cattle shows in “Swissexpo” in Bulle : the cows still suffer.

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Please make sure you get everyone to sign this petition:



Torture at cattle shows in “Swissexpo” in Bulle : the cows still suffer.

The essentials in brief

The plump udder is at the center of dairy cow exhibitions. Owners extend the milking times and so that no milk drips, they glue the teats. A cow that has not been milked for too long suffers. A recent study shows that 23 percent of the cows that were examined at exhibitions showed udder edema.
To reduce animal suffering, new rules have been in place since January.
The nervousness of the breeders is great. As animal rights activists wanted to check compliance with the rules, it came to the Expo in Bulle to the melee.

A cow exhibition is a folk festival. Everybody wants to bring the most beautiful cow into the ring, polishes it, creams it, brings it to shine with sprays. For the breeders, a show cow is a happy animal: “Most cows here enjoy good care and have a good life,” says Holstein cow breeder Patrick Rüttimann. “Show cows are getting older, have a higher life expectancy and are healthier than the Swiss average.”

A cow with over-abundant udders suffers

But this year there is a sense of nervousness at the Expo Bulle exhibition: “If there are new rules, there will be some unrest,” says Pascal Monteleone, managing director of the Association of Holstein Breeders. “But I’m not worried, that’ll be fine.”

The reason for the nervousness are new rules that have been introduced to protect the cows. The focus is on the bulging udders of the dairy cows. It has been scientifically proven and internationally recognized:

a cow with an over-abundant udder is impaired in its health – it hardly eats anymore and can only laboriously go. If she is not milked, the pressure in the udder increases, and water accumulations, so-called edemas, can form in the udder.

23 percent of the examined cows with edema


As part of a study, Adrian Steiner, together with a team from the Vetsuisse Faculty of the University of Bern, examined exhibiting cows for edema.

The result: Whole 23 percent of the cows had a buildup of water in the udder.

This result now has consequences for the cow premieres: Since January, the two cows first placed at each competition must be led to the ultrasound immediately after the demonstration. Veterinarians examine their udders for edema. This method has been internationally recognized for a few days.

“This system of control and sanction is far too lenient” says Julika Fitzi Veterinarian at Swiss Animal Protection

Depending on the severity of the edema found (1 is the lightest, 3 the heaviest), this has consequences for the owner. 1st degree means the cow has to be relieved by four liters of milk. At grade 2 and grade 3 the cow has to be milked completely, she is disqualified from the competition. In addition, it may result in a criminal complaint for the owner.

“The cows are still tormented”

This control and sanction system is far too lenient, criticized Julika Fitzi, veterinarian at Swiss Animal Protection, STS and longtime observer of Milchkuhausstellungen: “The cows are still tormented to the point where they may accidentally because they are one of the two bestklassierten discovered Nothing will change the torment as such. For it is not tragic for a keeper to deduce four liters from a cow after the competition.

This control and sanctioning system is far too lenient, criticized Julika Fitzi, veterinarian at Swiss Animal Welfare, STS and longtime observer of dairy cow exhibitions:

“The cows are still tormented to the point where they happen to be random, because they are one of the two best-ranked, discovered. “The torture as such does not change anything. For it is not tragic for a keeper to deduce four liters from a cow after the competition.

“It is primarily about making it easier for the cow and not about punishing the breeder,” says Kaspar Jörger from the Federal Veterinary Office

The veterinarian does not understand why the owners only have to expect consequences from severity level 2. Kaspar Jörger of the Federal Veterinary Office defends the lack of consequences for severity 1: “At grade 1, the risk is too great that you can not get through in court, we did not want that.” The competent cantonal veterinary service could dispose of additional measures at its discretion. In addition, it is primarily about making the cow easier and not about punishing the breeder.

The new ultrasound method was used this year at the three major dairy cattle exhibitions: at the Animal and technology” in St. Gallen (the findings: 2x grade 1, 1x grade 2), at the “Swissexpo” in Lausanne and at the “Expo Bull” (7x grade 1, 3x higher). The organizers of “Swissexpo” in Bulle did not announce any figures to “Kassensturz” (Newspaper).

Teat with super glue «sealed»

Not to milk the cow for a long time is one method of breeders to fill the cow udder as bulging as possible, the second method is to glue the teats of the udder, so that no milk can flow from the bulging udders and give relief to the cows. The breeders call this “sealing”.

Glueing the teats with 8% collodion, an adhesive that is also used in medicine, is still allowed. Clearly, however, superglue is prohibited. Veterinarian Julika Fitzi says: “Nobody can check on the spot what is actually inside the Collodium containers. We also watched people use super glue. »

Fisticuffs in the exhibition stable

Fitzi and her team were particularly touched by the nervousness of the breeders: “When we were at the” Expo Bull “in the stable, people wanted to drive me away. There was a scuffle and came to blows. Thankfully, there were people around me who protected me and escorted me out. “

The organizers write that the animal rights activists were not accredited and did not report at the entrance. This violates their security principle. The responsible people would have done everything to calm the mood and to accompany the people to the exit.

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Morocco: Petition For The Welfare Of Strays To His Majesty King Mohammed VI. Please Sign and Crosspost.

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Petition link –


This is an issue that is very close to us.  Please give an extra big chunk of support to Marisol in getting masses of signatures on this petition to help stray animals in Morocco.  Thanks – SAV.


This is the wording of the petition to His Royal Highness, King Mohammed VI:



Your Royal Highness,

 I witnessed a large population of stray dogs and cats living under extremely harsh conditions.  Attached is one photo taken during February 2018 near Ouarzazate in the Atlas Mountains region showing a stray dog’s life conditions.

 These sentient animals are always starving and often harmed , and  are continually exposed to extreme weather conditions, without having access to shelter.

 I  wanted to seek your Majesty King Mohammed VI’s involvement in the following resolutions:

 1.Support the prompt deployment of the Trap-Neuter-Release Pilot Program in Rabat, and oversee the expansion of the program throughout the country in the near future. This program aims to reduce the population of stray dogs and cats by inhibiting continual reproduction of these animals. Furthermore, this program promotes the health of these animals and the general population through the implementation of general check-ups and vaccinations of the former.

2.Endorse a National Domestic Animal Sterilization Program through which veterinarians promote the sterilization of pets to prevent unwanted reproduction of the animals and an increase in the stray dogs and cats population. Subsidies to cover the cost of this procedure would enable low-income pet owners to sterilize their pets and contribute to the solution of this problem.

3. Endorse education programs for both adults and children that promote treating dogs, cats and sentient beings with the respect, love, and dignity any living creature deserves, emphasizing the importance of keeping these animals inside homes as pets.

4. Condemn dog shootings, and impose legislation to prohibit this activity.

5. Endorse the installation of eating dispensers throughout the cities with food for dogs and cats. Two different options:

· A machine that is currently working in some countries such as Turkey where once someone deposits their bottle at the top, food is released at the bottom. “The Pugedon Smart Recycling Boxes” operate at no charge to the city, and the recycled bottles cover the cost of the food. Above is a link to a video where you can see the machine.

 · A dispenser created with recycled material that is also currently working in Brazil.

6.     Further recommend the support of programs that allow stray dogs and cats from Morocco to be rescued and adopted by agencies throughout the world.  

 Thank you for your time. Respectfully;

Citizens of the World



Please pass this petition on to all your friends and contacts – Thank you.


Petition link –