In Memory of ‘Britches’ For 24/4/.


In memory of Britches


Every year on this day I remember the liberation of the macaque baby “Britches” from the University Laboratory of California (ULC). The ALF has made this exemption. Britches, a five-week-old monkey baby, was separated from his mother shortly after his birth. The aim of the experiment was to test the effect of a device on the blind so that blind people are guided by warning signals. For this reason the eyelids of Britches had been sewn and a sonar device attached to him.

On April 20, 1985, some courageous ALF activists deactivated the alarm system of ULC, entered the lab, and freed Britches, along with other 460 laboratory animals.

The story of “Britches” is perhaps known, but less well-known is that due to this action, these cruel trials in UCR were no longer pursued. The eyes of the monkeys were also no more sewn. And ALF has written with this liberation a history in the fight against animal experiments.

After a lot of actions, demos, signatures we have made against animal experiments, I ask myself today what we have achieved against this criminal idiocy (animal experiments). Unfortunately not much.

After 40 years of fighting animal experiments, the EU has forbidden animal experiments on cosmetics by law on 11 March 2013. This was really a great success! But this is obligatory only for the EU. In China, for example, animal testing for cosmetics is mandatory. The requirements in China mean that companies who want to sell their products there, must have them tested on animals. This means that if a cosmetic company from Germany wants to have new customers in China, it has to participate the animal experiments. Although this company is animal-free in Germany.

Nevertheless, a boycott of animal experiments is possible only in the cosmetics sector.

In the drug area, on the other hand, a boycott is almost impossible. All medications, treatment methods, surgical techniques … etc. have been tested in animal experiments, and are still being tested. In most cases with no clinical benefit. Because what works with the animal, does not necessarily work for human beings. The reason is that the animal experimentation system, as known, is based on an incorrect methodological approach, that is: the diseases of humans are reduced to symptoms in experimental animals. The so-called “animal models” are produced in Labor animals. Cancer is produced in mice by injection of cancer cells or gene manipulation. These “animal models”, however, have nothing in common with human disease, and are therefore not suitable for curing human beings.

Cancer is a typical example of the chronic unsuccessfulness of animal experimentation medicine. I quote the opinion of researcher Dr. Richard Klausner, director of the American National Cancer Institute, 1998 “The history of cancer research is the history of how to cure cancer in mice. For decades, we have been curing cancer in mice, but in humans it just does not work “.

I still want to end my contribution to the day of the experimental animals with a positive message, which has sent me a friend recently.

“Maybe we need to stop thinking of animals as these little furry test tubes that can be or even should be controlled,” Joseph Garner, a behavioral scientist at the Stanford University Medical Center, and lead author of the study, told NPR.

 “And maybe instead we should think of them as patients.”

Mice not ‘furry little people’: Researchers rethink animal testing as human trials fail

My best regards to all



SAV Comment –

Mark (SAV Founder), has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for over 17 years now.  Animals do NOT suffer from MS; only humans.  So, I ask, why then are we doing animal testing to find a cure for MS ? – Is this not like putting a car tyre onto a Boeing 747 and finding out if it can stand so many landings ? – it makes no sense; you test aircraft tyres on aircraft, so why try and find results for human illness by testing on animals ?

An animal trapped for fur will often chew its own leg off to escape the trap and death.  Would a human chew off his own leg and survive ?

A woman who has a hysterectomy is advised not to raise her arms above her head for several weeks.  When my dog was sterilised, we were out in the park playing ball within 2 days !

Animals and humans are not the same – they are very different; their body types are specific to their species.  You cannot find cures to human illness by testing it (or falsely creating it as with MS) on an animal – they react differently and are certainly not duplicate models for the human species.  Anyone who thinks they are  is living in the past.

And yes, animals are still being used to find a cure for MS.  Why does someone not investigate why the human species gets MS and animals don’t.  Is it genetic ? – are there other reasons ? – that would be useful research instead of artificially creating something in an animal that the animal species does not even naturally suffer from in order to find cures for a human only disease.

And yes you have guessed it; we still MS test for MS using animals; and still we have no cure for MS in humans.  I would say that all the time we test on animals we will never find a cure.  Lets go outside the envelope and undertake some proper research which does not involve animal testing but which will be beneficial to human diseases.

I have an illness and want a cure – but the cure does not exist in animals which do not suffer from it in the first place !

As an MS sufferer and someone who wants a cure, I will always speak out AGAINST animal testing for human diseases.  It makes no sense.


Check this out and you will see what I mean:




Monday 24th April is the World Day For Laboratory Animals.


Monday 24th April is the World Day For Laboratory Animals.


Check out a lot more on this and other lab animal campaigns at London based ‘Cruelty Free International’ (CFI) – formally known as the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) which was founded as long ago as 1898. 


Read more about the fantastic work of, and many campaigns from the BUAV and its change recently to CFI at the following –


Check out the current site at:

Meet some CFI celerity supporters –




Sri Lanka: Animal Welfare Bill Not Yet Enacted After More Than A Year – Lets Get It Enforced !



The Animal Welfare Bill was approved by the Cabinet on 13 January 2016, but one year later it has not yet been enacted by Parliament.

Let’s get it enforced!


After almost a decade of tireless campaigning, and several appeals from animal welfare groups and 30,000 citizens including you, the Animal Welfare Bill was finally approved by Sri Lanka’s Cabinet on 13 January 2016. The Bill was originally presented to Parliament by Ven. Athuruliye Rathana Thero in 2010 as a Private Member’s Bill in an attempt to persuade the then government to take it up as government business, but there was no progress. In 2012, through a court case, animal welfare groups were able to draw the attention of the government to this Bill, yet the progress was slow and after a campaign in October 2014 where over 30,000 citizens signed an appeal to the President and Prime minister, the bill was finally passed.

Current status:

12 months later the Bill continues to languish within the political and bureaucratic process without much interest or urgency to present it in Parliament for enactment. 

What can you do about it?

We feel enough time has passed now. Let’s raise our voices once again to urge the government to get the much needed Animal Welfare Bill  enacted so that we will have laws in Sri Lanka which protect our animals from the horrendous acts of cruelty they are increasingly being exposed to.

What we advise is for you to please write in to the below officials and request they expedite the process so that the animals of Sri Lanka can be protected by law. We believe all sentient beings deserve the right to live without cruelty and suffering in Sri Lanka which is their home as much as it is ours.

Writing directly to the below mentioned officials will ensure that our collective voices will be heard. Please ensure you write to all 3 parties below. You can use the same email messaging below and simply update the ‘Salutation’ to ‘Honorable President’, ‘Honorable Prime Minister’ and ‘Honorable Minister’.

President :
Prime Minister : 
Rural Economic Affairs Minister :

You can also message them directly on Twitter with the following message:

“I am disappointed that the #Animal Welfare Bill has still not been enacted in parliament. I urge you to speed up the process.Thank you”

President : @MaithripalaS
Prime Minister : @RW_UNP

Here is an example of the letter / email you can send:


Honorable Sirs;


As you are aware, Sri Lanka’s Animal Welfare Bill which received Cabinet approval on 13 January 2016 is yet to be passed by Parliament, giving it the force of law.

Today, our animals –  stray, captive, domestic or wild, face many  difficulties at the hands of humans. They are beaten, abused, exploited, stoned, shot, trapped, killed, neglected  and exposed to many other forms of cruelty daily.

We are a compassionate nation and our government claims to be a compassionate government. But compassion needs to be demonstrated through action rather than just words.  There is no more time to lose. The time to act is now.

I humbly request that you do what is needed to speed up the process so that the long outstanding Animal Welfare Bill is finally enacted in Sri Lanka so that it becomes law. Any nation and especially one with our heritage must show commitment to animal welfare and there is no better way of demonstrating that , than by ensuring  that this Bill is enforced without further delay.

I along with many of Sri Lanka’s citizens would like to create an environment where animal lives are protected by law so that they too have the chance to live their lives in peace in our beautiful country.

Yours sincerely,

<Your name>



Tax This !


Dear Mark, I send you my thoughts on the results of popular vote in Turkey. My central idea is: when a people decides for its dictatorship, the whole world is stirring up, but the people do it voluntarily. If we decide for the dictatorship of the animals every day, nobody cares.

Best regards Venus


When the folk decides… Actually I am not active for human rights. I would even say: I left that to other people, they do it better, and I have full respect for them. I do not write about the result in the popular vote in Turkey because I want to comment on it politically.

I see this only as a just tighten for a people that abolish their own rights, as always have done with the animal rights. But this result has sparked great joy for me also for another reason: Turkey is finally out as an EU candidate.

A country with the worst illegality in the transport of animals in Europe, a country of brutal slaughterhouses, remains permanently out of the EU. I do not want to say that if Turkey got soaked, it would have improved. Many countries, however, with similar crimes in animal transport are nevertheless in the EU. But at least the country will not receive any subsidies from the EU.

Strangely, the new dictatorship was chosen according to the will of the people. The same thing we recently had with the democratically elected Trump. By this I will say: a people can vote for (example Turkey) or against (example UK vote) its dictatorship.

These results in Turkey have raised the following question for me: what would be the result of a popular vote in Germany for meat tax. Because mass animal farms produce so much CO2, every meat consumer has to pay tax for the environment and animals.

I guess, and I’m even betting, that about 80% of the interviewees would be against taxation, and they would practically decide further for the dictatorship of the meat barons and the misery of the animals. The animals experience a dictatorship every day according to popular decision: we have decided to torment them, kill, to slaughter, eat, bear, enslave them.

I am therefore against popular decisions, which serve as safeguards of the ruling class. And I am now glad that this people and not only the animals will experience a dictatorship. Although still with a difference: the people has decided for this, the animals have not.





Vietnam: Bazan and Wendles Have Been Rescued And The Bile Farm Closed. Watch Their Journey To A New Home On Livestream.


News from Animals Asia,

Animals Asia’s rescue team are in in Gia Lai province Vietnam to rescue two moon bears and close a bile farm.

The team will then travel 1,200km back to our sanctuary.

We need your help. Please cheer them on, tell everyone you know and donate if you can.

Bazan and Wendles are coming home.

Keep up to date with the rescue via the live stream:




A Perspective From Venus – Stop All Live Exports Through Transport In Their OWN Nation Of Rearing Only.

In relation to our recent post at  and the report by Animals Angels –

I feel that Venus raises a very important point in the following – that being why cannot animals be raised and (unfortunately) slaughtered in their country of origin ?; thus eliminating the need for shipping live animals all over the EU.  We know that it is all to do with subsidies and national export statistics etc, but with the EU currently under a huge amount of pressure on this subject at the moment, maybe we need to take it further.

With Brexit, I am certain that UK groups and campaigners will ensure that the UK government has a ban on live animal exports in place on the day that the UK formally walks away from Europe.  This will be just the start, but will set a precedent in Europe.  What will the rest of the EU do ? – continue to give evidence after evidence to the likes of Mr Van Goethem etc; with nothing done as a reward !

We now need to think further on the way forward and what actions we can take regarding transport and slaughter within the producing member state only.


I also read the really excellent report of the Animals Angels.

According to this report, you ask yourself: what else can we do to ensure that the 8 hours of transportation is in force?

The organization has documented innumerable demented states through protocols, and shocking photos are also available.

The EU Commission does not want to know anything, not even of the 8 hours transport limit.

– we have submitted 1.2 million signatures

– a written statement in support of the European Parliament is also available

– the EU Petitions Committee has been working on this issue since 2012.


The Commission does not want to go a step further; the topic does not interest them at all.

And this confirms once more that it is a money-making machinery.

The EU has no longer any right to exist, it is clear, and we know it.

But, in spite of all this, we have for the time being only this authority to do something for the animals.

I find the petition of the English a very good initiative in this direction.

Perhaps a kind of pressure on the part of the UK will be generated.

If it works out, it would be a good perspective for the 8 hour limit.

However, the crime and terrorism against the animals in the EU area still remain.

I believe that we should focus on slaughter at the national level.

Because the EU Commission has not yet accepted the 8hours transport limit, we should demand that slaughter of the animals be allowed only in slaughterhouses of the country where the animals are kept.


No transport of live animals to slaughterhouses of foreign countries.

Then the shipments would be off.

The transports to Turkey would also be off.

Then we would no longer have the criminal situation that piglets are born in Holland, fattened in Spain and slaughtered in Italy.

Sure, that is much more than the 8 hour debate.

How the EU could create this would be its problem.

For this, the gentlemen are paid to think and find solutions where there are problems.

In the animal sector, the issue is not only about problems, it is about a criminal meat mafia, which operates with the thick EU subsidies undisturbed their criminal work.

I think we have to put more pressure and demand more than we have done so far.





UK: ‘Four Paws’ Team Brave It In Mosul To Rescue Remaining Zoo Animals.

Dear Mark,

Lula and Simba’s rescue is finally within reach.

After two very challenging days, we’re happy to announce that a FOUR PAWS team has returned to Mosul, Iraq to rescue Lula the bear and Simba the lion from the Montazah Al-Morour Zoo.

A massive thank you to everyone who has donated over the past few weeks. Your kindness and generosity has helped make this rescue mission a reality.

If you haven’t had a chance to give, we need your help now more than ever.


To donate to this rescue mission –

This mission has not been an easy one.

After successfully removing Lula and Simba from the zoo on Tuesday afternoon, our team was detained at the first military checkpoint departing Mosul. Forced to surrender Lula and Simba to the authorities, our team was asked to leave Mosul without them. The two animals were then sadly returned to the Mosul zoo.

Being turned away was devastating. But we didn’t give up. Following our return to Erbil, we entered hours of negotiation with Iraqi authorities, military and zoo representatives. Our hard work paid off.

Despite the challenges, success is within reach. But we still need your help.

As of this morning, Lula and Simba have been carefully prepared for their journey to a new home. And as you read this email, the team and the animals are patiently waiting to leave Mosul for good.

If you haven’t donated already, please make a donation today.

Your gift could help give Lula and Simba a better life, and support our work with animals around the world.

Thank you.

Kindest regards,

Saige Jennings