UK / England: 31/8 Latest On New Badger Cull – and Actions / Petitions.

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Update 1/9/16.

Badger Action Network logo

Please visit the website of Badger Action Network to find out how you can help badgers in the cull zones.

The Badger Action Network can put you in touch with various wounded badger patrols in the cull zones and also offer help to new groups setting up their own procedures including police liaison, how to sett survey, how to establish wounded badger patrols, what to do if you find a wounded badger, how to raise public awareness, how to fund raise, what badger persecution is and how to report it and other information about the badger cull.

Badger Action Network



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Badger cull targets for 2016

Devon: Minimum 3,358, maximum 4,558

Cornwall: Minimum 2,173, maximum 2,950

Gloucestershire: Minimum 1,691, maximum 2,628

Dorset: Minimum 1,672, maximum 2,350

Herefordshire: Minimum 872, maximum 1,183

Somerset: Minimum 75, maximum 544

Source: Natural England


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2015 round of badger culling

Licensed culls in West Somerset, West Gloucestershire and Dorset


badgers culled in 2015


total “badger control costs” for the year

“The scale of the rollout is huge,” Prof Woodroffe told BBC News. “Farmers will be required to kill almost 10,000 badgers at a minimum before the end of November – and yet the government has released no evidence that farmer-led culling is helping to control cattle TB.

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The person who has no objectives or proof of anything.

Send e mails of complete and utter disgust to ‘Useless’ George Eustice – 


Or phone his Westminster office on 020 7219 7032

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Petitions / Actions

Things have only just got under way, but here are currents as of 31/8/16

Current petitions / actions:


Please become part of the public face of opposition to the cull – upload your selfie to the #BigBadgerMosaic today!


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team badger

What is Team Badger

Team Badger is a coalition of national, local and grassroots animal and wildlife welfare organisations representing millions of compassionate citizens. We reject the government’s policy of badger culling as unsound, unscientific and unacceptable.

We believe the most effective and legitimate way to oppose the shooting of badgers is through peaceful and legal protest supported by a reasoned argument, scientific facts and legal challenge. We are convinced that the long-term control of tuberculosis in cattle can be achieved by the comprehensive application of a range of measures without resorting to the culling of wildlife.


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get involved 2Petition 2

Simon Kings Petition

End the badger cull instead of expanding to new areas

Since 2013, thousands of badgers have been killed in a Government cull attempting to control bovine TB. Against scientific advice & before a 4 year trial has completed, the government is now expanding the cull to new counties – tens of thousands of healthy badgers could be killed.

Experts in disease control and animal welfare agree that pilot badger culls have proven both ineffective and inhumane. Shooting badgers is also expensive, costing tax-payers some £5,000 per animal. Bovine TB is a serious problem but killing badgers is not the solution, and could actually make the situation worse. It is a costly distraction from an effective solution incorporating vaccination, increased cattle movement control measures and improved testing.

Simon King OBE

Deadline: 25 February 2017All petitions run for 6 months

To Sign Click Here


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Thank You !


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Serbia: Lots Of Yummy Food Has Arrived From Denmark !

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felix cartoon 2

f aug 1

We’ve just gotten a truly magnificent surprise – the astounding organization UFFAC United Friends For Animal Care from Denmark heard about our ordeal, stepped forward to help and sent us 100 kilos of top quality cat food just when we needed it most! We are grateful beyond words to our new wonderful Danish friends!

f aug 2

All of the shelter cats are freely fed dry food, so we will be mixing this splendid food donation with kibble we’re already buying, in order to make the yummy load that we received last a bit longer.


f aug 3

We’re deeply moved by UFFAC’s caring and generosity and we sincerely appreciate these cat lovers from afar who have gathered together to feed the Felix kitties, fill their bellies and bring them happiness.

f aug 4


Purrs and head bonks heading all the way to Denmark!


f aug 5



USA: Washington State – Wolf Killers Regardless of Legislation.

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SAV Comment – Trigger Happy USA is at it again as always.

us guns 1

Dear Mark

More grim news out of Washington state: Snipers have killed four more wolves — three adults and a female pup. The Profanity Peak wolf pack family has been shattered, reduced to just one adult struggling to care for the four surviving four-month-old pups.

The killing of this pack — which, once it’s done, will have wiped out 12 percent of the wild wolves in the state — has been authorized by Washington’s wildlife agency despite evidence that a rancher placed his cattle right over the pack’s den. Robert Weilgus, director of the Large Carnivore Conservation Lab at Washington State University, told reporters that “This livestock operator elected to put his livestock directly on top of their den site; we have pictures of cows swamping it.” We can’t allow this kind of provocation to keep leading to state-sanctioned wolf slaughter.

It’s time for the gloves to come off — we’re in a bareknuckle fight for these animals’ survival. But time is not on our side, so please help now. Make a donation today to the Center’s Wolf Defense Fund.

Wolves desperately need our help. Not only are the state bureaucrats in Washington hoping to finish off the Profanity Peak pack, local Ferry County officials also swear they’ll take matters into their own hands. They’ve said they’re eager to send their sheriff to finish the job by killing any remaining pack members.

This would be a gross violation of the law and set a terrible precedent — a local posse bent on killing is brutal and primitive. When and if Ferry County tries this tactic, the Center’s ready to go to court to stop it.

Please help us in this war on wolves with a donation to the
Wolf Defense Fund.

The Center is leading the counterattack against the wolf haters. From Washington, D.C. to Washington state, our lawyers, scientists and activists are fighting anti-wolf extremists who would destroy the progress we’ve made over the past quarter-century. We’ve saved the lives of countless wolves across America, shutting down those trying to turn their habitat into feedlots, timber farms and open-pit mines.

I know you believe in a future where wolves still live wild. Please help us make that future real with a gift to the Wolf Defense Fund today.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
for Biological Diversity




Halal Meat Here !

sheep slaughter

We will show the reality of what happens;

if you don’t like the pictures, then don’t buy the meat or product !

  • Simple !


slaughterhouse worker

slaughterhouse dancing

Slaughterhouse worker CAUGHT ON TAPE dancing with a DEAD pig. 😢 WATCH:


The Dance Macabre of animals
I was also often concerned with these questions: what people work in slaughterhouses?
What people work in animal laboratories?
What people work in fur farms?
Today I have come to the conclusion that this question does not address the basic problem, the real question is, namely: What people are responsible for the existence of slaughterhouses?

The Dance of Death, that the young butcher organized so proud shocked of course.
How can you dance with a dead pig?
How dull and sadistic must be this butcher?

Actually, the butcher is a murderer in representation: we order, another slaughter.
The dead pig hanging from the hacking was also ordered.
Just as millions of other pigs per day in this world.
We all know what animals in farms and slaughterhouses suffer until they land from a hook in a plate of meat eater.
This image of a dancing butcher in a slaughterhouse shock us.
The pig hanging from Chipping is the most shocking image.
The pig and not the dancing butchers forces us to correct question: Why are there slaughterhouses?
What else do animal rights activists and courageous undercover must do, so that today’s man ceases with the cannibalism?
What images are able to shock today’s carnivores so deep, so that they realize how great their responsibility to this bloody business is?

Even if all the butchers stop dancing with a pig, slaughterhouses will not cease to exist.
The main culprit for the dead-dance of the animals we are.

slaughterhose t shirt



The Face Of Ivory.

face hack

“….forensics testing proved she was still alive when they

hacked her face off.”

Say No To Ivory!

India: Some Wonderful Animal Rescues From Such Very Dedicated Saviours !


animal aid unlimited new header.animal aid unlimited india

Dear Mark,

In this special newsletter we are sharing not only more amazing rescue stories but also, by popular demand, a video highlighting the very vivid personalities of our tremendously cheerful animal care-givers. What goes into making a rescue center hum with vitality and life? What keeps it happy despite animals who often arrive in desolate condition? It’s not only the animals themselves who brim over with good vibrations! Meet the miracle workers!

Some videos showing the superb work of this wonderful team – SAV.


Dog sobs from the bottom of a well when she sees her rescuers

Watch one of our most beautiful well rescues of a girl who practically calls out the names of her guardian angels. We’ll never know how she survived this fall without any broken bones. She was definitely heart-broken though, and it sure felt wonderful to lift her to safety. 


Who makes the miracles here? Meet the gentle, courageous, devoted care-givers in action!

Many of you have expressed curiosity about Animal Aid’s awesome staff, so we made a very rollicking video to help you grasp what it takes to get animals treated, bedded down, cleaned up, fed, and watered–all 500 of ’em every day. 


Donkey trapped chest-deep in sewer, but hole too small to lift him out

Watch the Rescue Team solve this tough and confounding problem with a little help from their (jackhammer) friends. 


Dog loses leg but finds love

Train travelers arriving in Udaipur heard a dog’s cries within moments of arriving at the train station. Following the plaintive weeping, they found a dog whose leg had been horrifically cut off by a train. They called our Rescue Team and we found, to our amazement, that when we approached she wagged her tail. Watch this incredibly cheerful little angel’s beautiful recovery.  


Make a donation to help these wonderful, dedicated animal saviours  


USA: Hawaii’s Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument Formally Expanded – Great for Wildlife !



loggerhead turtle 2turtle island


Good news.

Today President Obama formally expanded Hawaii’s Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, making it the largest protected area on Earth!

I want to thank every one of you who joined the thousands of people who wrote personal letters and comments to President Obama on this issue.

Turtle Island Restoration Network is proud to have contributed towards this victory.

Read more about the victory here.

Have a great weekend.

Todd Steiner, Executive Director
Turtle Island Restoration Network