USA: ** Latest UPDATE ** on Sardis, Burke County, Georgia.

SAV have now had an update to the initial post which presented in early January about possible animal poisoning in the United States.

The link to the original post is as follows:


Samantha has now supplied us with the following update:

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Just wanted to let you know that the toxicology report on the two dead cats and the little brown dog you posted on you’re site have come in,  The cans of food found a few feet from the bodies HAVE along with the little brown dog, tested POSITIVE for Aldicarb (TEMIC) a lethal pesticide used by farmers. 





I am waiting on the cans of food to come back from the lab now and have a Police Dept. not local who have ard going to test for fingerprints.  Since Temic is very lethal my hope is that prints will be present.  Hopefully when it was purchased and opened to put the poison in the cans, gloves were not worn as I am sure they probably were when it was added to the food.  I am attaching the reports from the State Diagnostic Lab. 

Note that the little brown dog which you have a picture of on you’re site was victim to this poison.  The cats thrw up before they died and none was found in stomach content as were in the little brown dog we will call “Angel Boy”.  Also there is another can that was found and picked up by county law enforcement that to my understandinng has not even been sent in for testing.  City of Sardis, If you will read in the third attachment thought it a waste of taxpayers money to send a food sample found in a local residents yard where his dog was found dead and suspected of poisoning as well. 

Also find attached a copy of the article in the Newspaper of the “Dog Catcher”.



Note he says how gently the trap door falls.  I personally tripped one of these traps last year and believe you me I would not put my hand under the opening of one of these as it would have cut my fingers off.  They may have modified it some since “the heats on”. 

Also note the city employee states the number of animals he has trapped in the past three years (being six) 

I personally have pictures from May of 2008 of three that were miraculously rescued and transfered to a wonderful rescue in Florida after the pictures I took of them and story hit the internet and rescue community.  The adult male GS was in this trap in the hot sun for three days and I personally went an fed and watered him daily until I found rescue for him.  I am attaching pictures of this dog and his two kids (they were put in the shack/shelter while he remained in the trap those three days. 








Pictures are from April 2008 (See above photographs). 

This dog was left in this trap for 3 days in the hot sun with no food or water and his two pups were in this shelter told to me by Dept. of Agriculture inspector not to be able to house animals here. 

The report makes false statements to me being “irrate” and using “profane languge”.  These are untrue statements – Unbelievable!



India: Home Required for Little Cleo



From: Mandakini Gupta
Date: Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 3:09 PM
Subject: Cleo pictures

Please help me find a good home for her … she is 2 months old and getting vaccinated tomorrow.


Thanks a lot!! 





Lebanon: 24/02/09 – Mark Your Calendar for SPAY DAY INTERNATIONAL !

SAV Comment:  Lets give support to our friends and very long term forward-looking campaigners at Animals Lebanon in working to reduce the stray animal population numbers with long term, positive and Humane action !

Please look at the following pyramids to see the direct effects OF NOT STERILISING YOUR ANIMAL.

Balkans Governments, please note !!



We ask why Governments simply cannot understand that No Kill Humane Sterilisation is the only Effective and Permanent way to REDUCE STRAY and ROAMING ANIMAL NUMBERS Forever !!

Go No Kill Sterilisation, Vaccination and Microchipping !!

SAV Team.


Visit and Support our friends at Animals Lebanon:


This February, be part of Spay Day International with Animals Lebanon as we join forces with animal activists worldwide to save lives through spaying and neutering!

Every year, millions of homeless cats and dogs are needlessly euthanized.  In the case of Lebanon, they are often shot, poisoned, or suffer from poor health, injuries, and a constant threat to their lives as they struggle to survive on the streets.

Spay/neuter is the only permanent, 100 percent effective method of birth control for dogs and cats and a proven way to reduce the vast numbers of animals who are born only to die prematurely and without a family who loves them.

Started by the Humane Society of the US and the Humane Society International, Spay Day has become an annual event to inspire people all around the world to spend one day performing spay/neuter operations and the awareness activities around it. It has proven to be a wonderful initiative, spreading a message of hope, action, and results.

This year, the worldwide date for Spay Day is Tuesday, February 24th, but the whole month of February will be full of spay/neuter events!

Animals Lebanon Takes Action for Spay Day

For the entire month of February, Animals Lebanon will be working enthusiastically to promote spaying/neutering as the solution to end our dilemma of homeless animals.

We are offering our TNR vouchers for half price – absolutely anyone can spay/neuter a homeless cat for only $20 and a homeless dog for $40, and Animals Lebanon will cover the difference.  Working with the Lebanese Veterinary Association, we have vets throughout Lebanon taking part in our TNR voucher program.  This is a great chance to help the homeless animals of Lebanon.  Feeding these cats and dogs is great but can add to the overpopulation problem if not combined with TNR.

Be a leader in your community! Take part in this positive worldwide action by picking up your Animals Lebanon TNR voucher from our website, calling us, or emailing us.

And if you are outside of Lebanon and still want to help then you can still purchase vouchers and we will do all the work for you.

We welcome volunteers to humanely trap and transport animals, help distribute flyers, and much more – it’s your chance to participate!  Volunteers should call 70 223 808, email, or by checking our website for further details. 

Find Animals Lebanon throughout February in Downtown and Hamra handing out flyers and brochures about spay/neuter. Look for the person in a big grey dog costume – that’ll be us.

Please check our wish list here to see what you can donate.  We are always in need of clean blankets, beds for cats and dogs, pet food, and gift cards to local stores.

This February join us in making a difference by participating with Animals Lebanon in Spay Day and be part of the movement to alleviate the hardships and suffering of homeless animals.

Every action counts!

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Serbia: 1000 Hunters Target and Kill 3 Wolves

News from Slavica in Serbia – 28/01/2009.


In this text in Serbian  is the latest news about hunter`s killing 3 wolves.


There were 1000  hunters in this action against 3  poor wolves.


Hunters surrounded and killed 3 wolves. 


This happend today in Kursumlija, and these hunters will tomorrow go against wild pigs. This is horrible.


There are  90 000 hunters in Serbia.

You can send a comment on the above link by clicking on ‘Posalji komentar’.


Russia: The Plight of Moscow’s Stray Dogs

Please access the following link for photographs and videos:

“Who gave the command to capture 35,000 stray dogs and send them to just four unfinished shelters?”

Inna Alekseevna Unanyan is the chairman of Interregional Council of Stray Animal Custodians.


The situation with stray animals in Moscow is tragic, and not just for the animals, but for people as well. People believed the authorities when they issued a resolution on humane regulation of animal numbers in 2002. They promised not to kill the dogs. We activists got involved in the programme. We sterilised, fostered and made the dogs better – all by ourselves. We waited for the government to fulfill its promises.
Finally, a year ago, the government decided to build 15 shelters. But for now only four of the shelters have been built, and even those are unfinished. They don’t have water or electricity; they’ve had no funding since last June. But the government still brings dogs there from all around Moscow. It’s not only that the dogs don’t receive professional care, they do not receive any medical treatment or even food! They are kept in cages and never let out to run. Sometimes they don’t even get any water. Dogs die in these shelters.

It’s a betrayal, betrayal of people who believed the government’s promises and for the past six years looked after the stray animals themselves. And now, the government’s ordered for all of the dogs to be captured. Right in front of people who have fostered the animals, they are grabbed and taken to shelters, where they die.
Moreover, among these 15 shelters there are some with a planned capacity for between 4,000 and 6,500 dogs. It’s sheer madness. Many people, including some prominent Moscow artists, have protested against that. We explained that such a crowding is cruel, that shelters shouldn’t accommodate more than 300 dogs.
We ask, who gives these orders?

Who gave the command to capture 35,000 stray dogs in the streets of Moscow and send them to just four unfinished shelters?

Several NGOs filed a lawsuit against Kozhuhovo shelter which accommodes 700 dogs which are underfed and kept in cages 24 hours a day. Some dogs there have died, the others are kept alive only because of volunteers. Some dogs just disappear from the shelters.

Our organisation registered a number of cases when dogs in Moscow were shot. We even have bullets, extracted from wounded dogs in vets’ clinics. We tell the government about these cases, but the government does nothing about it.”

The situation with stray animals in Moscow is tragic, and not just for the animals, but for people as well.

People believed the authorities when they issued a resolution on humane regulation of animal numbers in 2002. They promised not to kill the dogs.

Petitions to sign please :





Serbia / Austria: Do You remember ‘Lola’ in December ?

We now have some great news from Jelena.

You may remember the pictures and the appeal that was put out last December for Lola, a beautiful dog who was in very geat need of urgent medical attention – see the link below.

Despite not having the funds, Jelena immediately had Lola treated; you can see the story via the following link:

Well now, as a great end to the story, Lola has been found a loving home in Austria.  Here are some pictures of Lola with her new family:







That is a great end to a story.  We know that Lola will be very happy with her new family and a great life in Austria.


Result !!!


For Jelena’s shelter information, please access the following SAV links:

and then please give anything you can afford.

Information about donating can be found at the bottom of the following link:

Thank You 



India (Mumbai): Beautiful Pups Who Need a New Home

Dear dog-lover,
All the pups in these photos live in Sangeeta Apartments, Juhu, Mumbai. The brown one on the bed is Picolo, the male of the litter. He recently got adopted by June Basar and now lives in her apartment. June would have loved to keep them all but can’t keep more than one due to space constraints.


Picolo (the male dog)

She is looking after the two sisters, has had them dewormed and bathes them. They live under a car in the building compound, a risky life at best. Their mother was lame and malnourished and has recently disappeared (perhaps poisoned). There was a fourth pup who has also vanished.


Picolo’s sister (with White paws)



Please circulate this message to all the dog lovers you know and do your best to get them adopted.

The perfect owners are out there somewhere. It’s just a question of reaching out and finding them.

For more information, email June on or call her on 09820501101.

Thanks and best wishes,

Rajashree Khalap