Turkey: Dog Deaths Continue Nationwide ….

The following are direct repeats of e mails circulating the network at present regarding the situation for animals in Turkey.


SAV have not amended any text – what you see is what was sent.









Posted: 05 Feb 2009 10:08 AM CST


The city of Agri in eastern Turkey – one of the coldest in the entire country. And the strays here are particularly unfortunate. In warmer places, they somehow manage to survive through the winter. In Agri, they freeze to death. Like the one below that froze to death recently…   








Just before she died, she had managed to take some of her puppies away to safety. This one tough wouldn’t leave mummy. It stood by the dead body of its mother for over 2 days until Turkey’s animal rights activists became aware of the situation via journalists. This puppy has now been taken to a municipal shelter in a neighboring city.


Because there is no municipal shelter in the city of Agri itself. Turkish law requires all municipalities to set up shelters for homeless animals – most mayors, however, couldn’t care less. Neither does the mayor of Ekrem Aktas. The stray dogs of Agri are either freezing to death, or being poisoned to death.


Mr. Aktas – nothing lasts forever. You can’t avoid the law until eternity. Like it or not, you will have to eventually comply with the law and set up a shelter for stray animals in Agri. This is our question to him: JUST WHEN THE HELL WILL YOU DO IT?

If you want to ask him the same question, please send your messages to:

Mayor of Agri Ekrem Aktas: agribelediyesi62@mynet.com



Dear Friends,


Here we go again. Now it’s the cities of Izmir and Beykoz. See the email below. Please look up the phone number for the nearest Turkish Consulates and Turkish Embassies (http://www.turkish-media.com/en/us_tr_embassies.htm)   and call them that their government’s reputation is getting worse and worse, despite the fact that Turkish people are great animal loving people.



Dear All,


Unfortunately it is not only İzmir! I am sending you pics of the dogs I have found since 10 days all around Beykoz. Some have been poisonned, others shot down by farmers, or hunters!






As local elections are approaching Beykoz Municipality is working very hard collecting day and night dogs even the protected ones from Beykoz town and drop them in the woods (so that hunters and wood protectors kills them) or in the villages (so that farmers kills them). Recently the actual authorities have sorted that villages population of Beykoz cannot vote for local mayors and this is the reason why they dump all the dogs in these areas.


Today again I have been told of 12 dogs shot down at Ali Bahadır a village from Beykoz!


I believe it is time again to please take out your Beykoz Municipality e-mail adresses from your drawer and start protesting!


I am sure this is not only in Beykoz but all over İstanbul (and of course all over Turkey see İzmir)


But the biggest dog population is of course in İstanbul and the biggest responsible of this mass murder is the candidacy of İstanbul to 2010 Citie of Culture !


Please go on protesting İSTANBUL MAYOR KADİR TOPBAŞ he is the leader of this extermination!!



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  1. What are the most disgusting example of humanity I have ever seen. I hope they all go straight to hell and that’s exactly where they’re going. To not defend and take care of innocent animals that only want to be your friend and companion is disgusting. Turkey will definitely not be on my vacation list

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