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Italy: Please Take Action NOW for the ‘Canile’ Dogs – Sample Letter and E mail Addresses Included in Post




Update 01/03/10:

It has been noted that campaigners have been having some problems with regard the one large e mail listing originally provided.

We have been in contact with the originator of this listing and we can confirm that there should not be any problems with the addresses given; all have been checked and are ok.

But there may be a problem if all are copied en masse and sent in just one block.  So what will be seen below now is that the one original block listing has been divided into three blocks.

It is a little more work on your part, but now it is asked if the sample letter can be sent out three times; in accordance with the addresses in each block below.

It is hoped that this will make life easier and that all the mails will be delived without any comeback or failure errors.  If there are still failures, then at least the problem addresses can be traced down to one address or some of those in (any one of) the smaller blocks which make up the three. 

This three block mail route has been checked out as a trial today (01/03) and there have not been any problems.  It is hoped that you do not encounter any.


Please send a copy of the sample letter to all the addresses given in each of the three block listings below. 

It is hoped this will stop any error messages being returned to sender.

Block 1:

presidente@giuseppecastiglione.it, segreteriaMinistroSacconi@lavoro.gov.it, segreteria.martini@sanita.it, segreteria.frattini@esteri.it, r.brunetta@governo.it, stampa.turismo@governo.it, alfano_a@camera.it, martini_f@camera.it, urp@politicheagricole.it, Gabinetto.capo@politicheagricole.gov.it, frattini_f@camera.it, caposegreteria.ministro@interno.it, callcenter@giustizia.it, cdr@esteri.it, gabibbo@mediaset.it, segreteria.berlino@esteri.it, consolare.berlino@esteri.it, segreteria.amburgo@esteri.it, info.colonia@esteri.it, consolato@consonordresda.de, segreteria.dortmund@esteri.it, segreteria.francoforte@esteri.it, segreteria.friburgo@esteri.it, consolato@italia-hannover.de, consolato-onorario-kiel@t-online.de, italconsul.mannheim@t-online.de, italcons.monacobaviera@esteri.it, segreteria.norimberga@esteri.it, consolato@ambitaliavienna.org, coninns@tirol.com, ambasciata.berna@esteri.it, segreteria@italconsbasilea.ch, segretaria@consolato-italia-be.ch, consolato.stoccarda@esteri.it, infowolfsburg@esteri.it, italconsul.losanna@tiscali.ch, consolatosg@bluewin.ch, consolato.lione@esteri.it, consolato.marsiglia@esteri.it, consolato.metz@esteri.it, consulit.nizza@esteri.it, affariconsolari@itwash.org, segreteria.saarbruecken@esteri.it,

Block 2:

roberta.angelilli@europarl.europa.eu, alfredo.antoniozzi@europarl.europa.eu, paolo.bartolozzi@europarl.europa.eu, carlo.casini@europarl.europa.eu, silvia.costa@europarl.europa.eu, francesco.deangelis@europarl.europa.eu, leonardo.domenici@europarl.europa.eu, roberto.gualtieri@europarl.europa.eu, guido.milana@europarl.europa.eu, claudio.morganti@europarl.europa.eu, alfredo.pallone@europarl.europa.eu, niccolo.rinaldi@europarl.europa.eu, potito.salatto@europarl.europa.eu, david.sassoli@europarl.europa.eu, marco.scurria@europarl.europa.eu, antonello.antinoro@europarl.europa.eu, rita.borsellino@europarl.europa.eu, rosario.crocetta@europarl.europa.eu, salvatore.iacolino@europarl.europa.eu, giovanni.lavia@europarl.europa.eu, giommaria.uggias@europarl.europa.eu, pino.arlacchi@europarl.europa.eu, raffaele.baldassarre@europarl.europa.eu, andrea.cozzolino@europarl.europa.eu, luigiciriaco.demita@europarl.europa.eu, vincenzo.iovine@europarl.europa.eu, clemente.mastella@europarl.europa.eu, barbara.matera@europarl.europa.eu, erminia.mazzoni@europarl.europa.eu, aldo.patriciello@europarl.europa.eu, mario.pirillo@europarl.europa.eu, gianni.pittella@europarl.europa.eu, crescenzio.rivellini@europarl.europa.eu, sergio.silvestris@europarl.europa.eu, salvatore.tatarella@europarl.europa.eu, gabriele.albertini@europarl.europa.eu

Block 3:

sonia.alfano@europarl.europa.eu, magdicristiano.allam@europarl.europa.eu, francesca.balzani@europarl.europa.eu, vito.bonsignore@europarl.europa.eu, mario.borghezio@europarl.europa.eu, sergio.cofferati@europarl.europa.eu, lara.comi@europarl.europa.eu, mario.mauro@europarl.europa.eu, cristiana.muscardini@europarl.europa.eu, pierantonio.panzeri@europarl.europa.eu, fiorello.provera@europarl.europa.eu, licia.ronzulli@europarl.europa.eu, oreste.rossi@europarl.europa.eu, matteo.salvini@europarl.europa.eu, francescoenrico.speroni@europarl.europa.eu, gianluca.susta@europarl.europa.eu, patrizia.toia@europarl.europa.eu, gianni.vattimo@europarl.europa.eu, iva.zanicchi@europarl.europa.eu, sergio.berlato@europarl.europa.eu, luigi.berlinguer@europarl.europa.eu, mara.bizzotto@europarl.europa.eu, antonio.cancian@europarl.europa.eu, salvatore.caronna@europarl.europa.eu, giovanni.collino@europarl.europa.eu, luigi.demagistris@europarl.europa.eu, herbert.dorfmann@europarl.europa.eu, lorenzo.fontana@europarl.europa.eu, elisabetta.gardini@europarl.europa.eu, tiziano.motti@europarl.europa.eu, vittorio.prodi@europarl.europa.eu, amalia.sartori@europarl.europa.eu, giancarlo.scotta@europarl.europa.eu, debora.serracchiani@europarl.europa.eu, paolo.decastro@europarl.europa.eu, carlo.fidanza@europarl.europa.eu

PROTEST  CANILE  PLEASE!  – Sample Letter Below.

SAMPLE LETTER TO COPY AND SEND x3 – each letter copy to all the contacts listed in Blocks 1, 2 or 3 above.

Please feel free to copy and attach a few photographs to your mails also.

 Thanks – SAV.


Dear  Madame or Sir,

You are representing your country and its  interests abroad. I think you might feel concerned about a serious topic which throws a negative light on Italy.

The disastrous situation in regard to abandoned dogs in the so called “canile” makes me and many people around me think twice about going on holiday to Italy, even to buy any Italian products. There is no doubt that the terrible and disgusting so called  “concentration camps” for dogs is bound to profit from thirst for money.

Catching dogs and keeping them in terrible conditions bring millions to some people who pursue this bloody business in collaboration with local politicians.

Why does Italy not spend that money on neutering or sterilization of dogs so as to stop their uncontrolled breeding ?

Any normal human being who has seen the cruelty of Italian dogs in these places can never again feel at comfort while travelling to Italy or buying Italian products.

Who would be able to still enjoy a holiday in Italy or take pleasure on eating Italian dishes and drinking Italian wine while having knowledge of incredible pain and sorrow which dogs in canile must endure?!  The only fault of these dogs is to have been born as dogs in Italy – a country that apparently does not care at all for animals.

 Italy, the land of Christianity, the residence of the Pope, the land of Canile! Canile, where unbearable suffering of dogs feeds the ever growing greed for money.

It is hard to believe that those beautiful Italian people with their beautiful culture, beautiful music and beautiful seaside, who go on Sundays to their beautiful churches and send their prayers to God are treating their dogs in a way that even an animal itself would not do.

More and more people realize what is going on and there will be accountability sooner or later. And there is  no  way  to completely hide this hell no matter how many people are involved.

They keep  the gates of canile shut for visitors, they employ foreigners who fear for their jobs, they drive away animal helpers from abroad.

I myself, am determined not to travel to Italy or to buy anything it comes from Italy until canile is replaced by animal shelters where dogs are treated well. Until then I will certainly do everything I can to let as many people as possible know what is going on in “bella Italia”.

So, if you really want to make a difference, then do it right now!






Best regards

Yours sincerely,

Your Name

Your Nationality 


Help !!






Spain: Please Copy and Send a Letter In Support of Suffering Galgos

Please copy and send the following Sample Letter to all the e mail addresses given:

Send To:   cm@coe.int;

‘CC’ To:  

webmaster.assembly@coe.int;  info@zapateropresidente.comjlrzapatero@presidencia.gob.esinfopsoe@psoe.esportal.presidencia@mpr.esinfopsoe@psoe.es ; portal.presidencia@mpr.es ; buzon.oficial@londres.ofcomes.mcx.esministra@mma.es ; gabinete.prensa@mma.esjuarez@mapausa.org;  detorres@mapausa.org;  cores@mapausa.org;  jmaznar@presidencia.gob.es



To  – See above e mail listings.

D. Miguel Angel Moratinos

Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación

Plaza de la Provincia 1

28012 Madrid

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

Complejo de la Moncloa

 Avda. Puerta de Hierro, s/n.

28071 Madrid

Dear Minister Moratinos,

once again the end of the Spanish hunting season is upon us, and what happens to Galgos who have not “performed” or otherwise fulfilled the expectations of their owners ?

They are disposed of by hanging them on trees (or whatever other means comes to hand), so their feet barely touch the ground to perish, slowly suffocating for many hours, even days.

There is a term in Spain apparently for this: “piano playing”, “piano players” – after the way the animals struggle desperately to free themselves – usually in vain …

I can assure you – have seen these horrendous pictures of hung Galgos for many years now. And I am sick of it to a point that defies description.

WHY do authorities still turn a blind eye to these atrocities, when organisations in and outside of Spain have highlighted this for many years and demanded that it be stopped ???

Is this yet another of Spain’s hallowed traditions that the populace is loath to let go, like the bull fights ? A manly ritual designed to bolster the feeling of dominance over defenceless animals in a society that still has need of such archaic “traditions” ??

Spain in the 21st century ???

I demand of you, and your govermment, Sir, that immediate steps be taken to once and for all commit this impossible outrage against all that God ever demanded of us in terms of compassion to ALL HIS CREATURES to history !!!

There is NO excuse for it, never was. Spain has much to lose from tolerating such behaviour from people that do definitely NOT represent anything a country like yours should be proud of.


ADD Your name and nationality 


For more information and GRAPHIC pictures,

visit:  http://www.sosgalgos.com/UK/uk-stop.htm

Photograph shown on this post is from same site.



‘Nikki’ Petition – Come on Folks, This is Important ! – Get the Signatures Added !!

Please sign this petition, the signatures that are on this petition will be used as evidence which will be provided to both the Ministry and to the courts. 

Evidence is currently being gathered / prepared and this petition is an essential part of it; especially when signed by people from overseas – ie. non Serbian.

It takes seconds but will make a great difference; we should have a much bigger total by now than what there is.


Thanks – SAV.


Petition Link:  




Previous SAV Post:


EU 24/02/10: Romania to Discuss the Need for Neutering of Dogs and Animal Cruelties in Romania – Watch it Live Today





Today, 24/02/10, at about 6:30 PM (Brussels’ time),

the Romanian European Deputy, Mr. Corneliu Vadim Tudor (president of PRM party), will have a speech in European Parliament with regards at animal cruelties in Romania and the necessity of neutering the dogs in view of their reduction.

You can see the live transmission on Internet:


Once in the site, convert to the language of your choice.

Uk: 24/02/10 – Army Bomb Sniffer Dog ‘Treo’ Awarded Animal ‘Victoria Cross’




Link and short video about Treo: 


Sniffer dog ‘Treo’ to be honoured

An army search dog who saved lives in Afghanistan is to be honoured with the animal version of the Victoria Cross.

Black Labrador Treo, eight, will be awarded the Dickin Medal at the event at the Imperial War Museum in London.

Sgt Dave Heyhoe says he and Treo understand each other

The now retired dog, from 104 Military Working Dog Support Unit, North Luffenham barracks in Rutland, twice found hidden bombs in Helmand province.

Treo will be the 63rd animal to receive the medal created by veterinary charity the PDSA to honour gallantry in war.

The medal, which is the highest accolade a military animal can be awarded, is due to be presented by Princess Alexandra.

A total of

26 other dogs,

32 World War II messenger pigeons,

three horses and

one cat

 have won the award which was introduced by PDSA founder Maria Dickin in 1943.

 Important job

Handler Sgt Dave Heyhoe will join his dog at the ceremony on Wednesday.

The pair have worked together for five years and Treo has now become a family pet.

Sgt Heyhoe said: “We started our time together in Northern Ireland, then moved to North Luffenham, where we then went out to Afghanistan in 2008.”

Treo was one of 25 dogs in the country supporting British troops on patrol.

His work involved searching for arms and explosives.

Sgt Heyhoe said: “It’s very important. We are part and parcel of the search element.  We’re not the ultimate answer but we are an aid to search.”

Treo was working as a forward detection dog in Sangin when in August and September 2008 he found two hidden “daisy chain” bombs made out of multiple explosives wired together.

His handler said Treo’s detective work saved the lives of many soldiers.

Sgt Heyhoe added the pair had a “rapport” and understood each other.

“Everyone will say that he is just a military working dog – yes, he is, but he is also a very good friend of mine.  We look after each other.”

He said the award was for every dog and handler working in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Maj Chris Ham, officer commanding the Canine Division at the Defence Animal Centre in Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, said dogs played an important role in missions overseas.

He said: “It’s being recognised more and more in this day and age that the key capability the armed explosives dog does have lies particularly in finding improvised explosive devices.”

Story from BBC NEWS:
http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/1/hi/uk/8533382.stmPublished: 2010/02/24 03:16:28 GMT