England: Time Out – ‘The Cure’ – Enjoy.

Today for me has just been a time to enjoy some ‘Cure’ – one of the best bands to come out of England for years.

I want to share a few tracks with you – Enjoy – Mark.


‘Citizens; not Subjects’






USA: Activists Facing YEARS In Prison For Showing Turkey Farm Abuse.


England: 5 People To Be Charged With Hunt Fox Cub Suffering.



The League Against Cruel Sports has reacted to the announcement by West Mercia Police that five people are to be charged with animal cruelty offences after footage appeared to show live fox cubs being taken into a kennel of hunting hounds in Herefordshire.

It follows the animal welfare charity releasing footage in June 2016 of two fox cubs being taken into the kennels separately before two dead bodies are then filmed being dumped into a wheelie bin.

The scenes were filmed by the Hunt Investigation Team, supported by the League Against Cruel Sports, which is campaigning to strengthen the Hunting Act.

Martin Sims, Director of Investigations at the League Against Cruel Sports, said:

“We welcome the announcement by police that five people will face multiple charges of animal cruelty.

“It’s taken two years to get to this point but we hope justice will now be done – in a modern compassionate society, animals should be protected from cruelty and suffering.

“The fear is that if the charges are proven, it provides evidence of fox hunts training hounds to kill and that fox hunting is still widespread across the British countryside.

“The most recent polling indicates that 85 per cent of the British public oppose fox hunting so I hope they back our calls to strengthen the Hunting Act.”


The League is encouraging members of the public to sign their petition titled ‘stop the killing of animals by hunts in the UK’. Full details can be found here.

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Notes to Editors

·         Link to the footage put out in 2016: https://www.league.org.uk/News/fox-cubs-thrown-alive-to-hunting-hounds

·         For more information or interview requests please contact the League Against Cruel Sports Press Office on 01483 524250 (24hrs) or email pressoffice@league.org.uk

·         The League Against Cruel Sports is Britain’s leading charity that works to stop animals being persecuted, abused and killed for sport. The League was instrumental in helping bring about the landmark Hunting Act. We carry out investigations to expose law-breaking and cruelty to animals and campaign for stronger animal protection laws and penalties. We work to change attitudes and behaviour through education and manage sanctuaries to protect wildlife. Find out more about our work at www.league.org.uk. Registered charity in England and Wales (no.1095234) and Scotland (no.SC045533).


England: A Forest – Acoustic and Studio. Enjoy !


Canada: Seal Murder Has Ended; Figures Down On Last Year.

The harp seal slaughter in Canada has ended, with 59,076 seal pups “landed.”

This official number does not include the seals who were “struck and lost” – in other words, seals who were shot but only injured and slipped away, only to die later. The total number of seals killed by sealers this year could be about 65,000, if about 10% were “struck and lost.”

Looking on the bright side, the death toll is much less than last year, when almost 81,000 seal pups were “landed” and also higher than the year before, when the official number was 66,800.

Update on Our Truth About Sealing Campaign

Although surveys of Canadians have found that the majority oppose the seal “hunt” – when the questions are asked the “right” way, in reality, many Canadians hesitate to speak out against the commercial seal slaughter because they are under the false impression that sealing is necessary – for the financial welfare of the fishermen/sealers, to control the seal population, or for the survival or welfare of the Inuit.

Our ongoing Truth About Sealing campaign, which includes ads on Canadian TV and Facebook, has already reached hundreds of thousands of Canadians. On TV, we have aired our “Nothing to Be Proud of” commercial on both broadcast and cable (“specialty”) channels, with over half a million impressions.

On Facebook, our ad that addresses the propaganda conflating Inuit sealing (in which mostly adult ringed seals are killed for food and clothing used in the communities) and the east coast commercial seal “hunt” has been shown over 445,000 times, reaching over 345,000 Canadian Facebook users. Our “Nothing to Be Proud of” commercial has been shown on Facebook over 70,000 times, to over 50,000 Canadians.

All this advertising has generated awareness and debate. We have received hundreds of comments on Facebook, including comments by people who were misinformed and believed false propaganda of the government and sealing industry. This enabled us to educate these people, along with many others, and correct their misconceptions. This is what it will take to finally end the seal “hunt” in Canada.



Sealers are Desperate

As the demand for seal pelts declines, Canada’s sealers are getting desperate. Some are calling for a cull, against the advice of DFO’s own scientists. At this point, Canada’s DFO has not indicated any movement in this direction. We will monitor this situation vigilantly.

In addition to calling for a cull, the Canadian Sealers’ Association has asked the government to allow new sealing licenses to be issued. They are concerned that sealing may die out as sealers get old and retire. We are urging the government not to allow new licenses to be issued; and you can help by sending an email to Canadian officials.

Thank you for caring and taking action.

For the seals,

Diana Marmorstein, Ph.D.


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South Africe: Exposed – The Terrible Suffering of Goats.

As first reported by The Washington Post, a disturbing PETA Asia investigation—the first of its kind—reveals that workers dragged, roughly handled, threw around, mutilated, and even cut the throats of fully conscious goats, some of whom cried out, in South Africa, the world’s top mohair producer. This groundbreaking footage highlights just some of the abuse documented on all 12 of the angora goat farms the eyewitness visited.

After talks with PETA, Arcadia Group has stopped placing orders for mohair products across its eight brands, which include Topshop. Gap Inc. has also agreed to stop placing orders containing mohair, including for its Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta brands. And Inditex, one of the world’s largest clothing retailers and owner of Zara, will ban mohair from its seven apparel brands by 2020. The H&M group—including its eight brands—has decided that it will no longer source mohair, effective immediately. After hearing from thousands of compassionate shoppers like you, Anthropologie announced that as of March 2019, it “will not buy or produce products containing mohair.” And Express, Inc., announced that it has “[no current or] future plans to include mohair in our assortment.”

Shearing is extremely stressful to goats, who are prey animals and therefore terrified of being pinned down, vulnerable, and completely defenseless. Goat kids, who were being shorn for the first time, cried out in fear.

Some shearers lifted the goats up off the floor by the tail, likely breaking it at the spine. When one goat struggled, the shearer sat on her. After shearing, workers threw the animals across the wooden floor and hauled them around by their legs.


The coats of some of the goats were matted with feces. To clean off the mohair before shearing, one farmer dumped rams into tanks of cleaning solution and shoved their heads underwater, which he admitted would poison them if they swallowed it.

Shearers are paid by volume, not by the hour, which motivates them to work quickly and carelessly, leaving the goats cut up and bleeding from the face and ears. They cut off swaths of skin and, according to farmers, even teats. As workers crudely stitched them up right on the filthy shearing floor, they were given no pain relief whatsoever.

Many goats were subjected to mutilation of their ears with pliers that punched sharp needles through them, causing them intense pain and, as one farmer described it, to “scream terribly.” Another farmer said his goats “shout and roll around” when castrated without anesthetics because “it’s bloody painful.”

Still another farmer said, “We … just cut … off” a goat’s ear if it is believed to be cancerous. Yet another used a knife to cut into a goat’s torso—apparently without any pain relief—to try to drain what she called an “abscess.”




India: Some More Great Ending Videos From Animal Aid Unlimited.

The great thing about AAU videos is that they always start really badly, with suffering animals – but they always finish with those same saved animals looking so great and enjoying life.  Enjoy these stories from AAU.


10 amazing animal rescues!

Oh, to see them in terror, confusion, exhausted from trying to climb out, pull away from the bars, escape the plastic, swim up the walls…these rescues from nearly-fatal situations will fill your heart with unforgettable relief. What would have happened if we HADN’T come to their rescue? The 10 animals you’re about to meet make it crystal clear. If we hadn’t come, these angels would have died where they were. But because of your love and generous help, we saved them.

The rescues start from your heart. Please donate.


Dog’s leg split open from accident

Adrenalin alone must have helped her make it to the field next to the highway where she had been hit by a car. Our ambulance rushed her back to Animal Aid where we brought her in to surgery to try to save her leg. Our surgeon discovered that even though four major muscle groups were torn apart, no major artery or vein had been cut. This was a miracle because otherwise she would surely have bled to death before our rescue team even reached her. Hold on to your heart with this one because Selene’s injury is hard to see. But even though you KNOW she’ll be happy in the end, you’ve just got to see this for yourself.

Behind her surgery and recovery is your loving support. Donate today.