India: Investigation Reveals Chicks Suffocated, Burned, Ground Up Or Drowned.




The latest breaking eyewitness investigation, released by PETA India and Anonymous for Animal Rights, of major chicken farms that raise and slaughter chickens for their eggs and meat, found widespread, rampant cruelty to chicks. 

As you can see in this shocking video footage, it is clear that the egg and meat industries are focused on maximising profits at the chicks’ expense and that they consider living, feeling, thinking birds to be mere commodities. From problems in incubators that cause organ deformities to invasive methods of sex determination and using burning-hot blades to de beak them, the lives of newly hatched chicks are filled with agony and end in a premature death – suffocated, burned, ground up alive, or drowned. These sensitive baby birds are treated like trash – literally. Some are even tossed, live, into waste bins to die. 

Baby chicks need your help.

The best thing that you can do for baby chicks is to refuse to eat eggs and chicken meat. By reducing that demand, we can spare them this horrific suffering.

Together, we can make a difference for these tiny suffering animals. All you have to do is take action by going vegan today



Urge Zulily to stop selling clothing made from Angora – Watch the video and then sign the petition.


We just learned that Zulily sells clothing and accessories made of angora wool.

Rabbits on angora farms scream in pain and terror as their fur is ripped out.

Others are sheared while their feet are tightly tethered, and they’re inevitably wounded by the sharp cutting tools as they struggle to escape.

They endure these barbaric procedures every three months.

Please help save them from this abuse by joining us in urging Zulily to stop selling clothing, accessories, and other products made from angora wool.


UK / NL: We Never Shoot Them – Only With A Camera ! – Watch The Amazing Starlings ‘Murmuration’.



uk  netherlands



Enjoy watching these – known in the UK as ‘starlings murmuration’; a beautiful dance by starling birds which happens at twilight each night.


Tens and tens of thousands of birds are often involved and people are amazed and dumbfounded how all the birds know exactly in which direction to turn at any specific second.



It is not really known why the term ‘murmuration’ is used or even where it came from – but it is something that can be traced back hundreds of years regarding the bird displays.


Here in the UK it is often descibed as the best free dance routine anyone can see.  Special observation places are stationed and set up around the UK for people to venture out at dusk and witness this amazing display.


Here are a couple of videos from the UK, and one from the Netherlands.


Enjoy this amazing display put on by the birds for free for observers every evening !




Nature at its best !!









Update of new footage from Israel – watch the amazing display !




SaveKoreanDogs need your partnership to save the Korean dogs.



SaveKoreanDogs need your partnership to save the Korean dogs.

SaveKoreanDogs need your generosity to continue their important work of closing down dog farms and caring for the dogs rescued from South Korea’s dog meat industry. Donations have been very low and they are having difficulty paying for the running costs of their 3 shelters – home to 400 dogs rescued from the dog farms they managed to close down. They have just had a successful press conference which was the culmination of a campaign they have been working on over the past few months, which urged the Korean Government to pass the proposed amendment by the National Assemblyman Changwon Pyo for stronger Animal Protection Law. They are planning to launch another press campaign, in around October this year, to put pressure on the new Government, following the election of South Korea’s new President.



SaveKoreanDogs has many plans for 2017, which include:

An education program for senior citizens, to teach them about companion animals;

Hiring of additional staff to manage the shelters and provide better care for the dogs in their sanctuaries;

Hiring undercover agents to crack down dog farms and slaughterhouses;

Working on the Government level to bring about legislation that protects companion animals and to end the dog meat trade.

All of these plans cannot be realized and the good works accomplished without your generous support. So please donate whatever you can afford today – however small. Every penny makes a difference and saves the lives of these animals. Thank you for caring!

 SaveKoreanDogs is a registered nonprofit charity in South Korea.



Speak out against the Notorious Gimpo’s “Dog Valley”!

“We found dog valley in Gimpo yesterday. Has an awful feeling being in the saddle of a mountain with about 10 dog farms all in the same small area, most with tall steel fences so you cannot see in, and everyone watching you as you drive in and out.  Very odd feeling.” – A source in Korea.

Gimpo, Korea is one of the worst violators of animal protection laws in South Korea with countless dog farms terrorizing and brutalizing the helpless dogs while their government has turned a blind eye. We currently have two Sister City Campaigns targeting Gimpo. Please click below to take action on these campaigns TODAY! Updated Sister City Campaign – Gimpo, South Korea Sister City Campaign – Gimpo, South Korea – Liberty County, Georgia

Call for Action >>

Sign Petitions >>




England: New Report On Live Animal Transport Shows The EU and UK Authorities Are Failing In Their Obligations To ‘Protect’ Animals During Transport.

euun0001  u-flag


Please find above a link to a new report by CIWF that shows that there is very little enforcement of EU Regulation 1/2005 on the so called ‘protection of animals during transport’ by UK and thus EU authorities (UK is currently a member state of the EU – so it all fails !).

It’s powerful stuff, copy send it and invite publication anywhere you think it will do good.  We are starting with Mr Van Goethem at the EU; as we have said so many times; the EU talk of regulations; but in reality, such as with EU animal exports to Turkey; the likes of Mr Van Goethem show no inclination to do anything about animal suffering which is recorded and documented by welfare groups who are on the road; and not stuck in cosy EU offices like Mr Van Goethem.

This report makes it clear that UK authorities are not doing enough to enforce the regulation; as with the EU authorities who just don’t give a damn about any of it; which begs the question ‘why do they exist ?’ – could we not direct our EU financial contributions into an effective force rather than to departments who have people like Mr Van Goethem – those who do nothing.

Please share this post and report to whoever yopu consider may find it useful.

Until the EU takes REAL action rather than just spouting its utterly useless mouth off about ‘EU Regulations’, we will continue to show them up for what they are – a waste !

It could be argued one of the reasons why today, 1/2/17, the UK parliament will be voting to start the implementation of triggering Article 50 to LEAVE the EU.  A nation of people fed up with EU weasel words which mean nothing in reality.

Here for example is what we mean – watch the videos of evidence and then question why the EU and Mr Van Goethem say that they cannot do anything.  They are a disgrace !

We have sent the above to Mr Van Goethem at the EU – here is confirmation that it has been rec’d:

Your message

   To: VAN GOETHEM Bernard (SANTE)

Subject: More Evidence for you to do yet more ‘nothing’ about !!
Sent: 01 February 2017 13:13:58 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

 was read on 01 February 2017 14:14:00 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris.



Indoneasia: Bears in Hellhole Zoo Filmed Begging for Food, Eating Feces.




Bears in Hellhole Zoo Filmed Begging for Food, Eating Feces

Written by Danny Prater | January 19, 2017




Indonesia’s Bandung Zoo is again under fire after shocking video footage allegedly captured inside the facility surfaced showing underweight captive sun bears—their ribs protruding—begging tourists for food. Monitored for months, hungry bears forced to live in the same exhibit have even been filmed eating their own feces, possibly because of a lack of proper sustenance.


Bandung Zoo has a long, sordid history of animal abuse, and hundreds of the animals it imprisons are known to suffer from physical and mental health problems. Last year, Yani, a neglected Sumatran elephant, died at the zoo after she was left lying on the hard ground without veterinary care for more than a week.


The Indonesian government must stop turning a blind eye and shut down this hellhole. PETA urges everyone who opposes cruelty to stay well away from facilities that rob animals of meaningful lives and lock them up, condemning them to despair for the sake of an archaic and inhumane form of entertainment.

Take a Stand for Exploited Animals

Whether you’re at home or on a trip to the other side of the world, it’s important—and possible—to make compassionate, conscientious choices to prevent animal suffering. Did you know that an estimated half-million exotic animals are enslaved worldwide in the tourism industry? From selfies with tigers to elephant rides, these activities may be hurting living beings more than you know. If you’re planning a vacation to Indonesia (or any other country), make sure that the activities you participate in don’t involve captive wild animals.

Vote with your feet. Stay away from all tawdry, run-down roadside attractions that profit from the misery of animals. Just like the underweight sun bears seen in the video above, bears kept right here in the United States are locked in barren concrete pits and forced to beg tourists for food.


Take Action: Help Close ‘Zoo of Death’ in Indonesia





India:    Some more superb animal rescues by the team at Animal Aid Unlimited.




 Some more superb animal rescues by the team at Animal Aid Unlimited:

We are thrilled to share these new inspirations with you. Thank you for the strength you give us. We feel so lucky to have YOU on our Rescue Team.



A dog turned rock-solid in a tar drum 

The metal drum of tar had almost become a tomb for a beautiful street dog. Encased by tar as hard as rock, she couldn’t move a muscle except to blink, and her eyes were filled with terror. She was so firmly stuck in the drum that after removing the top with a metal cutter, we had to bring the entire drum in the ambulance back to Animal Aid’s shelter. Her raging thirst made us realize she must have been stuck for several days, head first in the drum with the heat of the sun excruciating as the black drum became hotter and hotter. We named her Asha, which means hope in Hindi. Watch the girl who wouldn’t give up despite terrible odds…

Watch Asha’s rescue and incredible relief.


Please give a donation to support the rescue teams if you are able:




Newborn calf still wet with afterbirth rescued–Meet this little sweetheart named Dil…

Only minutes old and still wet with afterbirth, we were called to rescue a newborn male calf who had been dumped on the road to die by a dairy farmer. The farmer had dumped him because he wanted to make sure not a rupee’s worth of the mother’s milk would be “wasted” on her baby. Male calves born into dairy farms around the world are separated from their mothers just like this.

The little boy was terrified and curled up in a ball when we found him. We scooped him up and rushed him back to Animal Aid’s shelter and immediately started bottle feeding him the milk he so desperately needed. We named this precious angel Dil which means “heart” in Hindi, and his nature truly is full of love. The depth of sorrow you are going to feel when you see him so alone and fragile on the side of the road, might just be out-done by the joy of seeing Dil growing up. Watch his first time coming out of the baby pen and meeting the Big Boys of our sanctuary. Dil can’t quite believe his eyes–or his feet. They truly do seem to have wings. Not surprising–he is an angel.

Someone dumped a newborn angel. But he has a home now! Meet Animal Aid’s newest baby.



10 animal rescues that will restore your faith in humanity

“I’m not alone!” It’s not just what the desperate animal feels, but what the rescuers feel too when so many wonderful people rush in to help. These 10 thrilling rescues capture the beautiful and repeated moments when the best of a community rises up and shines like a galaxy of goodness — for no reason other than to respond to the cries of someone vulnerable, someone frightened, someone trapped in horror. Humanity CAN be good. We can be GREAT. Just watch!

Watch 10 rescues of animals who had given up hope.



Please give a donation to support the rescue teams if you are able:


With our deepest thanks for your generous help,

Erika, Claire and Jim,

Animal Aid Unlimited’s Founding Family