Australia: ABC1’s Four Corners Exposé of the Treatment of Australian Cattle Exported to Indonesia.

WARNING – Graphic footage of animal suffering shown in the video footage.

Dear All

Australia’s ABC1’s Four Corners exposé of the treatment of Australian
cattle exported live to Indonesia showed a damning picture of this trade.
Animals Australia and RSPCA Australia jointly launched a campaign to ban
live animal export.

The Four Corners exposé featured never-before seen footage from Animals
Australia’s recent investigation (with Tracks Investigations)into the live
cattle trade to Indonesia. It also included Four Corners’ own footage,
taken a month later in the same abattoirs and showing similar atrocities
as Animals Australia’s investigators had witnessed.

Please watch the Four Corners exposé of the treatment of Australian cattle
in Indonesia

And join the Ban Live Export campaign

to help us end this trade.


Independents Andrew Wilkie and Nick Xenophon have announced that they will
introduce legislation to both houses of Federal Parliament to ban live
Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig announced the suspension of live cattle
exports to the 11 Indonesian abattoirs investigated by ABC’s Four Corners.

Please sign up.

Doco reveals Australian cattle tortured overseas

By Anne Worthington for Four Corners

Updated Mon May 30, 2011 4:29pm AEST

Animals Australia filmed in 11 randomly chosen abattoirs in Indonesia and provided the footage to Four Corners (ABC TV)

Horrific footage from inside Indonesian abattoirs that use Australian cattle has revealed abuse of the animals is widespread.

Footage to be aired on ABC1’s Four Corners tonight shows animals kicked, thrashed and beaten, their throats hacked at, eyes gouged and tails broken.

According to analysis of the footage by RSPCA chief scientist Bidda Jones, some animals show signs of possible consciousness when they are dismembered.

In March this year, animal welfare campaigners Animals Australia filmed in 11 randomly chosen abattoirs in Indonesia and provided the footage to Four Corners.

More than a month later, a Four Corners team went to Indonesia and filmed in abattoirs where cattle suffered prolonged and painful deaths.

Animals Australia spokeswoman Lyn White brought Egypt’s live export trade to a halt in 2006 after exposing animal cruelty in Cairo.

She says her suspicions were raised after the live export industry released a report in January describing animal welfare in Indonesia as generally good.

“We had assumed that because there were greater level of industry involvement in Indonesia, the treatment of the livestock would have been better,” she said.

“But we couldn’t have been more wrong.”

The abattoirs featured on Four Corners are well-known to the Australian industry, which has installed equipment and provided training in Indonesian abattoirs to help with the handling of Australian cattle since 2000.

The live export industry was shown the vision from four Indonesian abattoirs prior to an interview.

LiveCorp CEO Cameron Hall described the scenes as “graphic and disturbing”, and announced the suspension of the supply of Australian cattle to three of the four abattoirs.

The fourth abattoir, Gondrong in Jakarta, was the scene of sustained suffering by Australian animals.

When asked why Gondrong is continuing to process Australian cattle, Mr Hall says training can address the issues.

A statement released by industry last week said: “A team of Australian cattle experts will fly to Indonesia this weekend to deliver this training to priority facilities, including this facility.”

But Four Corners has revealed the facility has already been visited six times by industry representatives in the past 14 months.

There are 100 abattoirs in Indonesia that slaughter Australian animals. Since the trade began 20 years ago, more than 6.5 million cattle have been shipped to Indonesia for slaughter.

Big bucks and metal boxes

Indonesia isAustralia’s key market for live cattle exports, taking 60 per cent of all cattle, and in 2010, the trade was worth more than $300 million.

The Australian livestock export industry and the Australian Government have invested more than $4 million into improving animal welfare in Indonesia over the past 10 years.

The majority of funding has been invested into Australian-designed metal restraining boxes.

The RSPCA says the boxes are inadequate and stunning the animal prior to slaughter is the only humane option.

There are currently only six Indonesian abattoirs that use stunning.

Last week the industry launched its welfare action plan, which included providing stunning equipment to five additional abattoirs by the end of this year.

The new plan also says from 2015, Australian livestock will only be supplied to facilities who meet the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) standards.

But Indonesia is already a signatory to the OIE.

Animals Australia spokeswoman Glenys Oogjes says Australia has no power to make Indonesia comply with these guidelines.

“The OIE guidelines are minimal standards for developing countries that allow practices that are illegal in Australia to take place,” she said.

Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig said in budget estimates last week that he had been concerned about the live animal trade for some time and criticised the industry for being too slow in addressing welfare concerns.

But in April, during a speech to the Northern Territory Cattleman’s Association in Darwin, he reiterated the Australian Government’s continued support of the live export trade.

“The live animal export sector is the backbone of many rural and regional communities across Australia, including northern Australia, as it provides a valuable market option for producers,” he said.

Watch the full report on Four Corners tonight at 8.30pm on ABC1.

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Quickly get this urgent link out if you can… we have until the morning
only (10am Romanian time) for people to email those that didn’t vote at all
(x 5) and those that abstained (x 5).   The names for these 10 ministers and
contact details are on the following link.

I just spoke to Carmen Arsene and she is almost certain they will decide
finally once and for all at this 10am Chamber meeting.  Carmen is the
leading activist figure in this campaign so we must assume she knows the

I am encouraging people to email these 10 people stating their business name
or professional qualifications if they have any (or just making them up if
not) as the politicians take more notice of professional people and those
emailing via companies than they do animal-lovers.

Quick Petitions – Please Sign.

Quick Petitions – Please Sign.

Fight against palm oil and save Orangutans.

Petition created by: Wetlands International

The Tripa peat swamp forest in Aceh, Indonesia is rapidly being converted into one big palm oil plantation. Its related land clearing and burning are further reducing the forest that is home to the critically endangered Sumatran Orangutan. Support our fight against palm oil: sign the petition or visit!

259 have signed so far – help us get to 500.


Take Action to close Guzoo and re-home its animals!

“Since it opened its gates in 1990, the Guzoo Animal Farm, a private zoo approximately 100 kilometres northeast of Calgary, has been subject to numerous complaints. Despite the issues put foreword, the Alberta Sustainable Resource Department has continued to renew its temporary operating licence. These renewals always come with specific conditions calling for improvements in cages, water, shelter and mental stimulation for the animals. The conditions are often the ones previously set, yet not met, in a previous licensing period.

In a report by wildlife rehabilitator Clio Smeeton and conservation biologist Sian Waters it was said that the Guzoo ‘compares unfavourably to some zoos in the developing world who possess far less resources and have far more serious problems to overcome. It would appear that the Province of Alberta takes less interest in their zoos than many governments in the developing world do in theirs. Many animals at GuZoo are still not having even their basic needs met.’

Furthermore, the Guzoo’s policies show a potential hazard to the public. Lack of hygiene, such as leaving feces or dead animal carcasses (food for carnivores) in cages for several days, causes a contamination concern for human visitors. The Guzoo also allows and encourages visitors to interact with potentially dangerous animals, such as lions, tigers, bears, and lynxes.

With this petition, we ask the Alberta Government to revoke the Guzoo’s temporary operating licence.


 Ban Mink Farming in Denmark where 14 million animals are killed.

Uk (England): 26/05/11 – Scenes From The London Demo For Romanian Dogs.

Thursday 26th May 2011.

A typical rainy day in London town, but the demo was a real hit in support of the Romanian dogs.  Here are some pictures from the day.


Some of our previous links are below.  To see all, go to ‘Search’ window top right and simply type in ‘Romania’.  Then right click or hit the ‘search’ button at the end.


Romania: Sample Letter to Send to Authorities Regarding Proposed Mass Slaughter of Dogs in Brasov.

Proposed mass slaughter of dogs in Brasov

This is a sample letter to write to the Romanian Embassy/consulate in your country, pls google for emailaddress.

Please also send to the following:

BrasovEmail Contacts:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,,,,,



Reference: Proposed mass slaughter of dogs in Brasov

To whom it may concern

Please note I have chosen to send you this generic correspondence as it wholly echoes my opinion and beliefs in this matter and is to be treated in the same regard as if I had written the entirety of this correspondence personally.

It has been learnt today through the international network that inBrasovit is being planned to kill/massacre all strays within that area.

May I remind you that if this mass slaughter goes ahead that the government workers who represent the Romanian Government in that area are in direct violation of European Animal Welfare laws, and by breeching such agreements the Romanian Government themselves are acting criminally, and the European citizens will be petitioning the European parliament demanding for a review of Romania’s status within the EU and an investigation into monies received by your government by that parliament.

You simply cannot sweep away these proposed actions as you have tried with the slaughter of 220 dogs in anotherRomaniaProvinceearlier this week on 11th May. To mass slaughter on this scale is not only putting your own Government and country under scrutiny but also the veterinary services in your country.

Under no circumstances is this horrific proposal to go ahead, the European and International community is already rising up against you, these types of actions will only weaken your position within the European and International community and media, and in-turn the parliaments and Governments that represent the communities within them. 

You are forcing your hand to an extent where the people who these governments and parliaments represent will demand you be removed as an EU member and along with this the Billions of Euros your country claims and is given each year by those same Governments.


Your name, town, country


Botosani shelter, 230 dogs were killed, all EU Animal welfare Authorities have been alerted and actions are taken

China: Activists Save 430 Stolen Dogs on Truck to Restaurants.

Activists Save 430 Stolen Dogs on Truck to Restaurants in China

Chinese animal activists blocked a toll station in Beijing, China, to save 430 dogs that were being transported from Henan Province to restaurants in other parts of the country. 

According to the China Daily, about 10 dogs in the truck were already dead and another 100 were dehydrated and showing signs of infectious diseases. The dogs apparently had been trapped in the truck for two days with no food or water. Many wore tags that showed they were people’s pets and had probably been stolen.

A motorist saw the truckload of dogs and positioned his car in front of the vehicle to stop it, according to the report. He then alerted animal activists by microblog, and more than 200 people swamped the checkpoint to demand release of the animals.

It took over 15 hours of negotiations before the transport company agreed to sell the dogs to the activists for 11,500 yuan, which is about $1,770 dollars.

“It is clear that people in Henan have been stealing pets and selling them to restaurants,” said Wang Qi of China Small Animal Protection Association, who added that the dogs included Golden Retrievers and Huskies with bells and nametags still on their necks. 

Some of the animals were healthy enough to be taken to the China Small Animal Protection Association and will be made available for adoption after 30 days; however, the remainder went to animal hospitals across the capital, according to China Daily

AnimalEquality, International Organization for the Abolition of Animal Slavery, posted the story on April 18, 2011. Laura Gough, London Coordinator for AnimalEquality, wrote,

 “We thought it was interesting to publish it and relate the way we treat some animals in our daily life and discriminate against others. This way people can realize that our way of seeing animals and the way we discriminate against them is cultural. We promote veganism, and try to make people aware of speciesism.”

Humane Society International, writes, “The rescue operation will have a long-standing impact on China’s animal-protection movement. 

”The operation once again highlighted the pressing issue of dog eating and its adverse impact on human health. More than half of the dogs rescued were seriously ill. Are they food or are they health hazards? The operation is forcing the Chinese authorities to rethink their passive position on dog eating and long-distance live transport.”

“When the caring volunteers have to say goodbye, the eyes of the dogs seem to ask ‘When are you coming back?’” said Professor Lu Di, director and founder of China Small Animal Protection Association. “These dogs are so forgiving.

They embrace us humans and never hold our wrongdoings against us.

London Calling !! – Demo For the Romanian Dogs – Thursday 26th May – Reminder.


London Calling !!!

—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: RE: London Protest : Thursday May 26th
From:    “Romania Animal Aid” <>
Date:    Mon, May 9, 2011 5:52 pm


Dear Team,

On Thursday 26th May we plan to hold a protest in London close to the
Romanian Embassy and also walk along to the Romanian Consulate Office both
of which are in Kensington.

The website put together quickly specifically for this event is below.

Primarily we are protesting about the proposed law change in Romania which
would see the systematic and on-going slaughter of street/shelter dogs in
the most barbaric fashion but generally we will be protesting about the
long-standing lack of even basic animal welfare practices within the

If you could share the news of this protest amongst your UK supporters and
join us on the day we would be extremely grateful.  We have informed the
police and they have worked with us on a meeting place, a route etc.  We
have also been granted permission to deliver by hand any petitions
directly to the Embassy.  We need people to stand with us on the day to
send a message LOUD AND CLEAR to those in power within this country that
they must take their legal responsibilities seriously regarding animal
protection now that they are part of the EU.

Warmest regards
Chrissy Phillips
07971 860405