Spain: Man gored to death by bull at Spanish festival.

Man gored to death by bull at Spanish festival

A man has been gored to death by a bull during a festival in central Spain, officials said.

The 62-year-old was killed during a bull run in Cuellar on Thursday.

The man suffered “several deadly horn blows” in the chest and neck and could not be saved, town mayor Carlos Fraile told local media.

The victim was only a spectator at the festival but was rammed into a field and gored. Another spectator climbed onto a wall to avoid being gored.

Spain is famous for its summer bull runs and there are many casualties every year. Eight people were gored and 35 injured at the famed San Fermin festival in Pamplona this year.

WAV Comment – Play with fire and you may get burned !

Australia: The Great Barrier Reef is Dying. The Aus Government do not care. Make Them care – Petition.


Reef scientists are begging for climate action.

Hundreds of experts just issued a shocking new report: coral breeding cycles are collapsing, currents are shifting by hundreds of kilometres, and the Reef’s health has been downgraded to “very poor” for the first time ever.1

And the Morrison Government’s response? Hide. Deny. Distract. Like when he tried to get Pacific Island leaders to shut up about climate change.2 Like when he pressured UNESCO to ignore the impact of climate on the Reef.3

Morrison is desperate to bury the story of the climate crisis and keep big coal donors happy.

But the tide is rising. And so must we. The report is so damning, it’s already making headlines across the world.

The scientists said it best: “actions taken now will matter.”

STAND WITH SCIENTISTS: Sign the petition and make their call for action too big to ignore!

This news is so devastating, even Morrison can’t make it go away. After 5 years of comprehensive research, coordinated by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, scientists have found:

  • The waters of the Reef have already warmed by 0.8 degrees

  • The number of new corals plummeted by 89% after the latest round of mass bleaching

  • Not only has the East Australian Current already warmed, it’s moved South by 350 kilometres

  • CO2 pollution has made the ocean more acidic, eroding coral skeletons (oceans are acidifying faster than any time in the past 50 million years)

  • The unprecedented damage to the Reef threatens Traditional Owners’ quality of life, songlines and enduring connection to sea country

Right now, we’re preparing a simple, plain-English summary of the 374-page report to get in front of every MP and press gallery member. With your help, we can build up pressure on MPs from all sides of politics to demand answers when parliament goes back in a week. First, we need hard proof that voters are demanding action in numbers too great to ignore.

Sign now to demand all MPs join you in speaking out about this devastating news.

The Reef is one of the world’s most adored natural wonders. It is the sea country home for more than 70 Traditional Owner groups. It provides meaningful work for 70,000 people.

As well as a stark warning, the scientists also delivered a message — now is the time to step up, not give up:

“It is important not to lose optimism by thinking the job is too big, or to think that a changed Reef is far in the future — actions taken now will matter.”

Will you join the call for every single MP to step up and tell the people what they are doing to save the Reef from the climate crisis?

In the years we’ve defended the Reef together we’ve stopped dredging, overturned plans to expand Abbot Point Port, forced shipping companies to steer clear of some of the most fragile ecosystems, and blocked the construction of the biggest new coal mine on earth.

Together, we are powerful. Today, the Reef needs us more than ever.

For the Reef,

England: London – Today – Joint Protests to Save Whales and Dolphins – Faroe Islands and Taiji.



England – London – Joint Demo Day – Protest against Faroe Islands and Taiji Japan Whale and Dolphin Slaughters.






Breaking: Starving Cattle on the ‘Julia AK’ Have Now Been Fed and Watered.



News from Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre, Spain.


  • Update on starving cattle!

    We are delighted to confirm that the situation has been resolved-the animals have received the food.

  • We are awaiting written confirmation and will let you know the details as soon as possible.

Our post from 29/8:

England: EU – Lands of Confusion.

Full post with pictures and video:

England: Land of Confusion – Lets Hope the EU Sorts Us Out With Their Responses !



Venus is taking a well deserved (my words not hers) holiday, as she informed on 28/8 –

As you are probably aware, live animal exports is one of the main issues that annoys us both, and so we give it a bit more time than some other things. I (Mark) have been involved / associated with live animal investigation work for over 25 years; have been awarded for it in the past – – and am generally deeply bummed off by the suffering that we are still witnessing after all these years.

So, where are we going now with WAV / SAV ?

We will cover many global animal issues as we always have done on this site – nothing changes there. Our dear 751 European Parliament friends (MEP’s) who are supposed to be ‘the heart of democracy in the EU, by representing 500 million citizens, will finally return to work on 2/9/2019.

If only it really was as good as it thinks –

Finland will be the Presidential nation for the last 6 months of 2019.

During Jan – June of 2019 it was held by Romania. Although the President, Romania did not enforce existing EU legislation (Reg 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport) whilst it was in charge ! – remember we covered each day the shipment of 70,000 live sheep from Romania to Iran in temperatures exceeding the maximum allowed by EU Regulations ? – this is why we say above if only it was as good as it thinks; if the President state cannot enforce the rules whilst it is in charge, then who does ?

So, as of next week we (WAV) will be formally writing to the national members of our European Parliament to ask what is being done about Romania ignoring the EU rules on live animals transport why it was the President of the EU ? – we will publish our letter on the site and any excuses; or rather explanations that we get back from our MEPs on the issue.

Further, we will also be following up a lot on the issue of live animal ‘box’ type trailers which are used to transport live animals around the EU. We did a report on the ignorance of the export industry using these trailers several years ago – see it here –

So the EU thinks it is good. We say not that good actually. We will be writing to our MEP’s and asking them some difficult questions; to see how good the system actually is for the EU citizen. We will also ask what is going to be done about the ignorance of the rules for animals; both in the shipment of Romanian sheep to Iran, and also with box trailers.

So, these issue will be priority over the next week or so; we will publish things when they are done and sent.

As very many EU citizens actually think, the EU is really just a ‘land of confusion’ !!

Regards and have a great day;



Australia: The NSW Government Is Implementing New Laws Aimed at JAILING THOSE WHO EXPOSE IT !


Vegan Vitamins and Suppliments Buyer Guide – What You Need To Know.

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Introductory note: On the one hand, many people blow huge amounts of money on useless and overpriced vitamins. But on the other hand, well-chosen supplements offer an inexpensive and affordable way to avoid nutrient deficiencies and to safeguard your health. In creating this page, I’ve spent hours and hours combing to find the products of special interest to vegans. In all cases, I comparison shopped to find the brands that deliver the greatest bang for the buck. These are exactly the products I buy for myself.— Erik Marcus, publisher.

Vegans and omnivores alike should be on guard against nutrient deficiencies. For vegans, a well-planned diet can go a long way toward avoiding the most common pitfalls. That means plenty of vegetables, whole grains, beans, and fruit—plus a small amount of nuts or seeds each day. But even with all this taken care of, some vegans will fall short on a few key nutrients, especially B12, Vitamin D, calcium, iodine, protein, and zinc.

This guide brings together key information about supplements that are of special interest to vegans.


Check it all out at: