Serbia: Please Help With Monthly Costs For Rescued (Ex) Street Animals – Thank You.

Please Help – Any Donation Welcome;

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Thank you Deborah Maxwell for your amazing donation !

  • well on the way to the target now; but not there yet.

  • Also thanks to Debbie Hill for giving.

  • Extra donations still required to reach deadline amount.

  • Please give anything you can. Thanks – SAV.


The Story

33 Dogs & 10 Cats on site and numerous street cats

= 340 Euros Month
Rent for land behind fence = 40 Euros Month

Small Shelter NIS, Serbia otherwise known as SSNS; A private shelter located in Niš, Southern Serbia, Founded in 2006 run by Slađana Stojković ( with the help of Goran and Olja, whom we rent a small piece of land (450 square metre) behind the fenced area, costing 40 Euros a month.

There are currently 33 dogs and 6 cats on-site, costing 330 Euros a month to feed. We try and raise funds for food and vet care monthly through our BUY IT NOW Page, however we struggle to raise the funds we truly need to provide for the dogs and cats, therefore we are so grateful for any direct donations.

Although the majority of the dogs have lived at the Shelter long term over the last year (2016-2017) we have had an influx of abandoned puppies; seven in total which has stretched our funds to the limit. Slađana accommodates as much of the dogs behind the fenced area as she can taking into account the dogs’ individual personalities and has spilt the fenced area into individual areas to accommodate the dogs’ that do not get on so well with others.

The dogs have a dog house to call their own some like to share and some still like their old “dilapidated” homes and refuse to move into new accommodation, certain dogs usually the smaller ones have shelter inside Gorans property. It is regrettable that we do not have the “network” or funds to have our dogs adopted out with Serbia.

Animal welfare not being top of the agenda in the “balkan states”, coupled with the area being very poor makes adoption or fostering near impossible.

Therefore the dogs have a permanent home at the Shelter.

Not an ideal situation however they receive an abundance of love and enjoy daily walks by the river located next to the Shelter and with donations are fed, provided vet care and are as happy as they can be not knowing any other situation.

Our long term dogs receive their re-vaccinations every November by our trusted vet, and our “new arrivals” receive as and when by their “in-take” date, all are micro-chipped, recorded on “passports” required by law and are spayed/neutered.

The Shelter is very primitive, no electricity and water is provided via a pump onsite. We have no proper storage facilities for food therefore food is delivered every couple of days via wheelbarrow to the Shelter as there is no direct road. However as this is a very poor region stockpiling food could attract theft which we discourage.

Slađana is passionate about animal welfare and even if she cannot provide a permanent home at the Shelter, finding an animal in distress will ensure that vet care is provided helping the animal recover with the help of other rescues in the area. Slađana is also involved in feeding numerous street cats providing either breakfast or lunch when donations allow and checking on their welfare. She also gives shelter to an adorable ginger disabled cat who resides in the basement of her property with the consent of her neighbours.

Donation Link –



England: Live Exports Part 2 – Campaigner (Hidden) Information – Now Exposed.

Photo – EoA

This second part on live animal transport is intended primarily to give EU campaigners (and others) an insight into what information is available; with the hope that you can further research and follow up with your own national authorities if you think necessary.  We also outline current work we are undertaking, which is still on going.

So lets get started

– we will try to be as helpful as we can on this.  All information is available via the web; but unless, (like us); you really need to get as much info as possible; this data remains hidden from campaigners and observers who may not know of its existence or the large amount of live animal transport info that exists in the ‘hidden depths’.


To start with, we will give links to videos made by friends at ‘AWF’, ‘TSB’ and ‘Eyes on Animals’ regarding their investigations into live EU animals being exported to Turkey; a non EU ‘Third Nation’.

Many visitors will find the videos extremely disturbing and upsetting.  They are; and for us also.  Unfortunately, they show the real, daily side of what the live animal export trade is about.  It happens everywhere around the globe; this is just one snapshot of what happens in one location every day.  The same can be said for many global locations all the time.  Despite the cruelty which is severe and obvious, this is what makes us, as campaigners, go on investigating.  We have to show the world the immense cruelty of the live trade, with the hope that people will act against it.

Video Links:


In addition, and to supplement the videos relating to exports to Turkey, we also suggest that the excellent investigation report by EoA (NL) on the same subject is also read as further evidence of non compliance tor EU animals being transported by road.   The report can be accessed via the following link:

EU Regulations on the live transport of animals.


An EU ‘Regulation’ – such as 1/2005 on the ‘protection of animals during transport’

A “regulation” is a binding legislative act. It must (supposedly) be applied in its entirety across the entire EU.



The EU animal transport industry from some particular EU member states have routinely been shown to ignore the animal welfare requirements of Regulation 1/2005.  It is the norm that certain EU member states do not bother to apply them; and the EU Commission which is the called / supposed to be the ‘guardian of Treaty enforcement’ does nothing as a follow up, even when presented time and time again with evidence such as the videos and report detailed above.

If you wish to have a look at the full version of EU Regulation 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport, then here below is the link.  Note – The information is provided in several formats and all languages of (EU) member state nations. This may make it easier for EU citizens who do not use English as their prime language.  

The Guidelines Project – 2015 to 2018.

Animal Transport Guidelines Project

The European Commission, DG Sante project aims to improve animal welfare around transport. The project will develop and disseminate Guides to Good and Better Practice for animals transported within Europe and to third countries for slaughter, fattening and breeding. Guides will be developed for cattle, horses, pigs, poultry and sheep transport. The project started in May 2015 and will finish by the end of 2018.

The project is divided into 5 tasks:

  • Task 1: Collection

    Collect and collate appropriate best practices implemented and supported by scientific evidence

  • Task 2 and 3: Development

    Develop practical guidelines with those that will use it

  • Task 4: Dissemination

    Disseminate these guidelines through the networks of the main European stakeholder groups involved

  • Task 5: Verification

    To verify if the new transport guidelines reached the end-users

Web link –


Also; something that is very hidden by the EU from anti export campaigners.   Now we expose very useful information.

Inspection reports from EU countries

Article 27 of Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport requires the Member States to submit an annual report to the Commission of their inspections of the transport of live animals and to provide an analysis of the major deficiencies detected and an action plan to address them.

Annual reports can be seen in the following link.  This site allows access to reports and analysis for the years 2007 through to 2015.  As the Animal Transport Guidelines Project started in 2015 and is due to finish in 2018; we can only assume that this is why there is no information available for years 2016 and 2017.

If you select any year via the following link, you should then click on the year of interest.

Lets say we are interested in 2015.

So the first thing we do is use the following link to access all the years:

Web link –


Next, we then (for example) click on the year of interest; which in our case is 2015.


The year then automatically breaks into 2 sections – namely ‘Report’ and ‘Analysis’.

If you click on the word ‘Report’; you then get automatically directed to pdf for each member state of the EU.

Lets take ‘Bulgaria’ for example; as live EU animals going to Turkey are exported via Bulgaria.

So we click on the link for the pdf file associated for Bulgaria; and we get information as shown in the following link.  This data is usually provided in a tabulated form and shows things like:

  • The animal type when inspected

  • The number of inspections undertaken within Bulgaria

  • The number of animals inspected

  • The number of non compliances with the Regulation (1/2005).

Our example for Bulgaria can be viewed via this link:


Once we have reviewed this and got the information we need, we can then go back to the main year guide:

Web link –

Now we can click on ‘Analysis’ rather than ‘report’ to see what the analysis for Bulgaria shows.

For ease, here is the 2015 ‘Analysis’ link for Bulgaria:

This provides us with information relating to an analysis for the animal transport situation for Bulgaria in 2015.  Lots of useful and very hidden information !


Important – as we have said, this type of information is available using the links provided for EVERY member state of the EU; and for the years for 2007 through 2015.  The information in the reports and analysis may prove to be very useful to many campaign groups involved with fighting the live animal trade in their (EU) country.

SAV Comment

As we said at the start, this information and ways of getting through it are guides which we hope will allow any anti export campaigner within the EU to find out a lot more about the live transport situation in ‘their’ nation, and other EU states for years 2007 through 2015.

I hope this normally hidden data is now exposed for many more campaigners to see and use.  There is nothing secret or hidden about this; it is available on ‘normal’ web sites; you just have to know where to go and how to get the info you want.

I hope and trust this data can be used by many to fight the disgusting trade of our day – live animal exports.

Happy info gathering and happy campaigning !

Regards Mark.

For all animals suffering in unnecessary transport.

On the Hook, not the Hoof.




England: Live Exports Part 1 – Eyes on Animals; Box Trailers, EU Ignorance Etc.


Dear all;

Sorry we have not published much recently, but we have been involved with work on what is one of our biggest ‘hates’ – live animal transport.

We have been linking and talking with Lesley this week – she is the Founder and director of the wonderful investigation organisation  ’Eyes on Animals’ who  are based across the cold, North Sea in from us, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Here is the main link to their (EoA) website –

To get a feel for the investigative work they do, you can access some of their special reports here:

The importance of access during long distance transport is so very important and something we have been reporting on regarding live exports from the UK for many years.  Access (during transport) cannot be provided by some of the trailers currently used by Dutch hauliers shipping live animals from England.  

We call them ’sealed box wagons’, and that is basically what they are; sealed boxes, providing no driver access to animals (either for authority inspection needs or say, emergency medical treatment  for one / several animals).  Further, these trailers provide no indication on the exterior that live animals are being carried – this is against EU Regulation 1/2005.   We feel that this should be essential; and requirements for this signage are specifically detailed in EU Regulation1/2005 (for animals in transport). 

As with so many things, the EU, thorough its member states authorities, does not bother to enforce.  It is our argument that should a sealed box wagon overturn on the highway for example, it is essential that local emergency services are provided with information (carried clearly on the trailer – stickers, warning plates, whatever) that live animals ARE being carried; and that it essential for them (emergency services) to immediately open rear doors to provide immediate access and fresh air to the animals inside.  As a sealed trailer, as can be seen in the photos below, it can easily be confused with a refrigerated trailer carrying say, ice cream or chilled meat, which does NOT requires access to fresh air in the event of an incident.

Here are some photos of a Dutch operated ‘sealed box’ type wagon operated by a Dutch haulier which was photographed in England.

Above – Can you identify that this trailer is full of live sheep ?


Above – a similar trailer loaded onto the animal export vessel ‘Joline’


Above  – UK authorities inspect the trailer prior to ship loading; but even with no waning signs  on the trailer, non compliant with EU Reg 1/2005, they still do nothing !


Above – the trailer photographed in the port; clearly showing no driver access doors to the animals; or signage stating that live animals are being carried – against EU Regulation 1/2005.

Above photos by Val Cameron 

Can you tell from the above photos that live animals are inside being transported ?   – we cannot – hence our and Lesley’s reports that it is essential that large, clear, multi language labels are fitted in several locations on the trailer. 

We pointed this failure of hauliers out in a report to the EU several years ago.  Unfortunately, but not unexpected; our raising of concerns involving animals in transport was just ignored.


Here is a link to Lesley’s  excellent report on the importance of access during the live transport of animals.


Here below is a link to a report produced when Mark was the EU Correspondent for ‘KAALE’ (Kent Action Against Live Exports).   In this, report you can clearly see examples given of signage that was suggested to EU authorities as ‘standard’ for all sealed box trailers being used in the EU. 

As expected, the EU never took our suggestions on – our evidence was completely ignored.  In addition, we fully exposed the procedures used (by hauliers) to get around compliance with inspections by national authorities in the exit harbour – showing an inadequate sign (to be more compliant with the EU Regs) in the port when inspected; but covered whilst on the road using a cover plate to omit the fact that live animals are in transport. 

Again, as mentioned above, our evidence and clear photographs showing the ‘fixes’ made by the hauliers was completely ignored by the EU authorities. 

And despite all this, the EU still questions why the UK voted to leave the EU ? – we would like our suggestions to even be considered; not just completely ignored.  Then we may have voted to remain in the EU.


Front Page


We will publish this information now (19/1) and then produce an additional post in the next few days on  our other current work re live exports, especially to Turkey, a non EU nation, or ‘Third Country’.

We think you may find some of the info in our future post of interest; even if only live transport within the EU is ‘your thing’.

Regards Mark.





Penny Finally Drops With Junker ? – All His Threats Are Failing.

Above – (UK) Minister Gove – UK Government


Below – What the EU Does For Live Animals Exported To Turkey


‘Brexit is CATASTROPHIC!’ Juncker finally admits British ‘never felt comfortable in EU’

Reproduced from


JEAN-CLAUDE JUNCKER made another plea to the British people to reconsider leaving the European Union after a chorus of fresh calls for a second Brexit referendum.

The President of the European Commission said the European Union’s hands were “outstretched” to welcome Britain back into the bloc. 

Speaking in European Parliament, he said: “When it comes to Brexit I am sure that there will be no winners from this situation.

“This is a lose-lose situation, it’s a lose-lose situation both for the British and for the members of the European Union.

“I continue to feel that the exit of Great Britain is a catastrophe. 

“It is a defeat that we all have to deal with the consequences of but the causes of the British decision run much deeper.

“As Mrs May has said the British have never felt entirely comfortable with the European Union so the guilt lies upon many shoulders. 

“Mr Tusk said that our hands remain outstretched.

“The British people, the British government may wish to find a different way out of the Brexit situation, we’re very much willing to deal with them. 

“We are not throwing the British out, we would like the British to stay and if they so wish they should be allowed to do so.”

Mr Juncker also addressed outrage by Brexiteer’s over the EU’s attempts to bring Britain back into the fold on Tuesday. 

He said: “I did note that in London, there was a rather irritated response to this proposal.

“Note that even if the British leave, according to Article 50, then Article 94 would allow them to exit again.

“I would be happy to facilitate that so I certainly wouldn’t want to push anyone into a corner.” 


SAV Comment – No Thanks – Penny Dropping with you now is it ? – should have listened to the people of the UK and the rest of the EU years ago.  Here is just  one reason why !





Pound euro exchange rate update:

Pound will ROCKET this year with Brexit clarity


Reproduced from


THE POUND is “very, very” undervalued and could make some major gains against the dollar this year as more clarity about Brexit emerges.

The pound could rocket in 2018 as Brexit uncertainty clears up, Peter Kinsella, senior FX and rates strategist at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia said. 

Speaking to CNBC about which currency would make the biggest gains against the dollar in 2018, he said: “It’s a toss up between sterling and the euro.

“I think sterling’s very undervalued, I’ve thought that for quite some time.

“The initial optics when we get to the beginning of Brexit negotiations in March will probably be poor for sterling.

“Because I think what you’ll find is the European Union negotiators as they said, slaughter a few unicorns, and I think that was the term they used.”

Kinsella said this might have a negative impact on the pound in the short term but that clarity around Brexit will push sterling up by the end of the year. 

He said: “I think short-term that will be poor for sterling but over the medium term, sterling is very very undervalued.

“If we get some kind of a trade deal I think that will be good news for sterling.”

In a note on Monday, ING FX strategist, Viraj Patel, who sees sterling above $1.50 this year, said: “Judging by GBP’s rally since late November, which has continued in the first few weeks of the new year, a reassessment of the Brexit political games looks to be underway.

“But we feel there is more upside to come – especially if a transition deal were to be signed, sealed and delivered in 1Q18.”

The pound rose 0.4 percent against the euro to 1.1289 at 12:57 in London. 

Sterling was little changed against the dollar at 1.3786 at 12:57 in London. 

17/1/18: Lots Of Actions – Please Support, Thank You.

We are today putting lots of issues under just one post – this saves time for us as we are trying to get our live export report completed.

Please take action as indicated – Thanks; SAV.


Sign: Ban Gruesome Festival Where Horses Are Gutted By Bulls for Entertainment

Every two weeks in the Mexican state of Yucatan, a gruesome festival known as Torneo de Lazo takes place, in which innocent horses are mauled by bulls. “Cowboys” ride the terrified horses around while bulls trained to attack charge at them and rip up their flesh with their horns. The bulls suffer too as the “cowboys” try to lasso them down.

Petition Link –


Stop Barbaric Annual Slaughter of Pilot Whales


SAV comment – we were on the streets campaigning about this back in the 90’s.

Go to ‘About Us’    – then scroll down immediately below the photos of Joanne; there you will see the article ‘Superstore protestors seek end of slaughter’.  Below this is a photograph showing the reality of what this slaughter is about.  Please support.


Migrating pilot whales who are unfortunate enough to swim past the Faroe Islands are pushed to shore by fishermen, where they are then speared and slaughtered. Oftentimes their meat is left on the bloody shore to rot. Sign the petition to stop this barbaric whale slaughter.

Petition Link –



Goldie the wolf; and her family of beautiful cubs have been sentenced to death.


Petition Link –


Goldie the wolf is a mother of four beautiful cubs. And she has been sentenced to death.

Urge the local council, the Stadtrat Goldenstedt, to allow Goldie and her family to live!

Goldie is an amazing and beautiful creature who has lived in the area near Goldenstedt, Germany for years. Two years ago, she met her partner after he traveled more than 400 km from an area near Poland to establish a family with her. Last year, they had four beautiful cubs and started a pack. But now Goldie and her family are in danger.

The city council of Goldenstedt has unanimously adopted a resolution to immediately kill the entire pack. Why? Because locals want to protect their cattle and can’t be bothered to simply make their fences and livestock pens wolf-resistant.

That’s not a good enough reason for the town to go on a killing rampage. These elegant animals deserve to live. Don’t let the Stadtrat Goldenstedt slaughter Goldie and her pack. Sign the petition now!

Thank you,

SIGN: Justice for Puppy Wrapped in Plastic and Thrown into Dumpster

In a heart breaking case of cruelty, an 8-week-old pit bull puppy was found wrapped up in a plastic bag, thrown out like garbage and left to die behind a CVS store in Surprise, Arizona.

Petition Link –



UK – One Step Closer to a live export ban – once UK leaves the EU

Dear Mark Johnson,

Parliament is going to debate the petition you signed – “End the export of live farm animals after Brexit.”.

The debate is scheduled for 26 February 2018.

Once the debate has happened, we’ll email you a video and transcript.

The Petitions team
UK Government and Parliament




Take action: Oil and sea turtles do not mix


Help us protect sea turtles from the Trump administration’s short-sighted plan to expand offshore oil and gas drilling.

We still remember the horrible Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • 134 million gallons of oil spilled in the ocean.

  • As many as 320,000 sea turtles impacted including the critically endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtle.

Click here to take 3 simple actions to oppose this drilling expansion and to protect sea turtles and other marine wildlife.


As you may know, the Trump Administration has recently proposed further opening federal waters to oil and gas drilling. An expansion of oil drilling in our oceans will be a severe blow to decades-long efforts to protect endangered and threatened sea turtles and other marine wildlife.

We have 60 days to comment on this disastrous proposal.

Please take action today and help us protect America’s sea turtles.

Thank you!

Peter Fugazzotto, Strategic Programs Director
Turtle Island Restoration Network

PS – Your actions matter. Together we can fight for healthy oceans and the sea turtles. #ProtectSeaTurtles


UK- Take Action Against UK Supermarket Plastic

Hi there,

I’ve just signed a petition calling on UK supermarkets to go plastic-free, and it would mean a lot to me if you’d add your name too!

From turtles entangled in six pack rings to whales with stomachs full of plastic bags, the effects of plastic pollution can be devastating.

UK supermarket Iceland has just announced its own-brand packaging is going plastic-free.

By ditching plastic packaging, supermarkets have the power to lead the way in dramatically reducing the amount of single-use plastic produced.

Please join me in calling on UK supermarkets to ditch throwaway plastic packaging.

Sign the petition >>

Thank you!


Norway: Government Now Votes To Ban Fur Farming.


Norway set to ban fur farming 


Dear friend

It’s fantastic news.

In what is another blow for the morally bankrupt fur industry, we can confirm that fur farming is expected to be banned by the new government in Norway. The new three party coalition government has agreed to ban fur farming by 2025.

The three parties had been locked in negotiations since January 2nd  and are now able to form a government. “Regjeringsplattformen” is an agreement on governing principles between the three parties and a fur farming ban is officially a part of the agreement.

There are 201 fur farms in Norway.  In 2017 there were 773,000 mink killed on Norwegian fur farms, as well as 140,000 foxes.

The inherent cruelty of the fur industry has been a major issue in Norway in recent years. In late 2016, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) announced that their inspectors had been shocked by high level of violations and injuries on Norwegian fur farms during recent inspections. On one farm, caged mink were found with such large open sores that they had to be put to death at the scene.  Other chronic animal suffering recorded included one mink who had crawled into a plastic pipe and all but skinned itself alive in its efforts to free itself.

Norway can now set an example to the other Scandinavian governments  in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.  Denmark kills at least 17 million mink every year on factory farms, only surpassed by China. Finland is one of the world’s largest producers of fox fur and Finnish fur farmers have been globally shamed followed the recent exposure of obesity in factory farmed foxes. This is done to generate a larger pelt and to boost profits for the fur trade.

Following a campaign by Respect for Animals, fur farming was banned in the UK in 2000 on the grounds of public morality. Fur factory farming has recently been banned in Holland, Germany, Croatia and Czech Republic.

The fur industry is spending huge amounts of money on self-promotion in a desperate bid to salvage its terrible reputation, but momentum is truly with the anti-fur movement as more and more countries ban fur farming and more and more retailers go officially fur free.

We need to press home our advantage and make the most of our momentum. Please help us if you can.




  • Order a campaign pack to help kick fur off the streets. Just send an email to and we’ll get a campaign pack to you.

  • DONATE and help us make fur history- once and for all. 







For The Animals, An Eternal Treblinka.

When it comes to animals, all men are Nazis.

For them it’s an Eternal Treblinka.





When it comes to animals, all men are Nazis.

For them it’s an Eternal Treblinka.