Uk / England: SAV Passes 40,400 Visitors Since March 2008.

Here at SAV we feel it is time for a small celebration.

The last few days have seen us pass through the 40,400 visitor number since March 2008.

This 40,000+ is without all the visitors which we have had to the site since it was created back in 2005.

Success is all down to a little work here ‘at home’ in England, and by all of you, our wonderful supporters who are literally located all over the world.

You can see the range of our visitors by looking at the little ‘Clustrmap’ – the global map on the left side of this page.  The red dots show the locations of all our visitors.  If you click on the actual map, it will take you further into the data sheet where you can get a listing of all the visitors and from which country.

We are glad to see that there are so many visitors from Serbia – lots from the government and regional authorities we hope ! – welcome Sirs.

We have now created some 906 individual posts on SAV since its  creation and we are now getting an average of around 145 visitors every day.

SAV is a very small set up, run exclusively as a non profit NGO.  We have no members, take no funds and ask no money for anything from anyone.  But we do ask if you can give your financial support to specific animal causes when it is felt necessary.

SAV was created back in 2005 as the result of an e mail to me, Mark, by Slavica who lives and campaigns in Serbia.  Slavica asked if I could help; with a letter I think it was; and things have never stopped since.  Here we are some five years later; over 70,000 visitors since its creation, and a blog which is still run on a shoestring to say the least !

SAV carries on because there is one thing that unites all of us, and that is that the animals of this world are given a voice in defence of the terrible suffering which many endure every single day – be it in fur farms, intensive food production systems, on the Canadian ice, on the streets, in the labs; on the racetrack; in fact anywhere and everywhere.

There is nothing special about any animal cause; but each cause is so very specially important in its own way; particularly for the suffering animals which it attempts to help.

Thank you for your continued visits and support.  We think and hope that through the site we had made some kind of difference for the animals of the Balkans.  The politicians know who we are now for sure !  They are the only people who can eventually make the changes to give the balkans animals a decent deal for the future; and SAV will continue to push for that fair deal as often as it can.  We will continue to expose the wrongdoings whenever we can; relying on your support and actions to help us get the message across that animal suffering is unnecessary and that the way forward for controlling stray animal numbers in the balkans is through a No Kill sterilisation, vaccination, microchipping and identification process.

We welcome your support and the comments which you feed into the system – please keep on being a voice for the animals.  We do not need to change, but the politicians do ! – the future is in their hands – they are in charge of steering the course; lets hope they go in the right direction.

I will finish with words from a man who ‘knew a thing or two about many things’ – my terminology ! – a vegetarian and a true animal welfare campaigner:

If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.
 -Albert Einstein

Regards and thanks for your support;

Mark – Founder SAV.

My best friend and very special canine advisor – my dog ‘Golda’ – bitch, 7 years.


Uk / Bosnia and Herzegovina: SAV Attempts to Help Uk Newspaper Find Sadistic, Young (Bosnian ?) Puppy Killer Captured on Video.


Today SAV have been trying to help a Uk national newspaper identify a young girl who has been shown on video throwing live young puppies into a river – and certain death.

From the information obtained by the newspaper; ‘The Sun’; it is thought that the video was taken in Bosnia and Herzegovina, although this cannot be absolutely verified.  Further attempts to check this are currently under way.

SAV have posted the video to all contacts in the Balkans with the help of Slavica.

We have also provided the newspaper with much data and many photographs about the terrible situation for stray animals in Serbia and other Balkans states, with the hope that they may do a follow up article.

First and foremost, we need to find out who this girl is; a person who seems to get a sadistic sick pleasure by throwing young animals to their deaths in a fast flowing river.

If any of you can help by distributing the video via this SAV post link then it would be very appreciated.  Any names and details can be left on the ‘Responses’ section at the end of this post.

The video can be seen by clicking on the following link and then scrolling down.

WARNING – contains animal cruelty.

Thanks SAV.

Uk: Sadistic Fox Killer Jailed – If Only Gutless Serbian Officials Did the Same !


.. but Serbia will have to do something before it joins the EU.

Sadistic’ fox killer jailed


A MAN who killed a fox “in a sadistic and prolonged act of cruelty” has been sent to prison for five months and banned from keeping dogs for life.  

William Burrell, 50, of Short Street, Stapenhill, was jailed after being found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a wild animal by confining it to a cage before allowing a dog to attack, and causing or attempting to cause an animal fight.  

Burrell was arrested and taken into custody by officers after a one-and-a-half hour sentencing hearing at Burton Magistrates’ Court yesterday. 

At a previous hearing it was said Burrell caged the fox for eight hours before fitting a lead around its neck and ‘slinging’ it in a dog kennel to be mauled to death “like a rag doll.” The fox finally died from a ‘fatal blow’ to the head with a piece of wood. Burrell had claimed he killed the fox instantly with three blows to its skull, before slinging the animal’s dead carcass to a Staffordshire bull terrier kept in a pen at his house. 

John Sutcliffe, prosecuting, said this act of cruelty ‘shows total lack of humanity’.  

He said: “If he is able to do this to an animal who knows what else he is capable of? “Burrell is clearly not capable of keeping animals, and with behaving the way he has, I’m calling for a life-long ban to prevent him from keeping dogs again. 

“He killed the fox in a sadistic and prolonged manner.” Simon Dean, defending, said: “My client accepts what he did was wrong, he’s very sorry, and understands how serious this matter is. 

“He should not have behaved like that. I think unpaid work would be more beneficial as this would be like pay back to the community.” 

However, magistrate Linda Cooper said the offence was so serious jail would be the only option. 

She said: “For the serious offence of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal you will go to prison for five months and for causing an animal to fight you will also serve five months, to run concurrently.  

“Had you pleaded guilty you would have only served three months. 

You carried out a sadistic and prolonged act of cruelty and deliberately put the fox in the pen to fight.” RSPCA Inspector Penny Barker said she was ‘extremely pleased’ with the sentence, as this was the ‘worst and most horrific’ case of animal cruelty she had ever seen in her career. 

She said: “This incident will send out a strong message that this behaviour will not be tolerated and people caught doing such acts will be prosecuted. I hope this warns other people.” Inspector Barker added: “It is not an offence to catch a fox in a humane trap. However, the way in which the animal is disposed of must be humane. The manner in which this fox was killed was both illegal and inhumane, causing barbaric suffering to the animal. 

“The RSPCA recognises the necessity of capturing animals on a limited scale for a variety of reasons. However, there is never any justification for inflicting a cruel and painful death on any animal, regardless of species. 

This fox was killed by being set on by a dog and clearly this is a horrific way to die.” 

North West Hunt Saboteurs Association
PO Box 239
M14 7XB

07960 038230
Blog – 


SAV Comment 






Take note Serbia; Europe and the world is watching you.

The Uk / Europe can set an example – it is now time that you came out of the dark ages and acted in defence of animals. 

If and when you join the EU then things will change. 

We have the evidence: 

Bulgaria: Puppy to be Rehomed Next Day is Stolen From Animal Shelter and Skinned in Revenge Attack Against Proposed Animal Welfare Legislation to be Introduced by the Government.


Please tell the world who sick people are.

Visit the excellent Animal Rescue site and help the dogs at

Puppy skinned alive in rescue shelter

The night before she was due to fly to her new home in Holland, a 3 month old puppy at one of the country’s few humane shelters in Upper Bogrov near Sofia, Bulgaria, was killed in a senseless act…

Spokesman Svetoslav Petrov from ARS  said that there were no traces of blood on the premises so they believe Puppy Jessy was taken off premises and her skin and  head brought back.  He added that a man nicknamed “Chin Lee” has sent a  note to ARS describing to them how it was done to “keep the meat tasty  and tender”.

This was undoubtedly a demonstrative horror action  against the current Animal Rights movement in Bulgaria who are seeking to  persuade the Bulgarian Government to criminalise animal cruelty.

Click the following link to view the full article:

Please help the dogs in the shelter and support them with a donation – to protect the animals against bad people.

3 maanden oude pup levend gevild en daarna onthoofd in asiel in Sofia! klik op onderstaande link of kijk op of
geef de boodschap door en steun de honden en geef een donatie zodat ze geld kunnen uitgeven om de honden in het asiel te beschermen tegen dit soort maniakken!
en zie ook 
3 Monate alte Welpen lebend gehäutet und danach enthauptet im Tierheim in Sofia! Klicken Sie auf den Link unten, oder besuchen Sie 
Bitte sagen Sie Nachricht weiter! und bitte geben Sie eine Spende, damit animal rescue Sofia Geld hat um die Hunde gegen diese Art von Wahnsinnigen zu schützen!
und siehe auch: 


Iran: Authorities Now Issue a Fatwa Against Pets.

Iran issues fatwa against pets

Iranian authorities have banned all advertisements for pets, pet food and other pet products.

Daily Telegraph. 26 August 2010.
Iran issues fatwa against pets.

Iranian authorities have banned all advertisements for pets, pet food and other pet products. The decision by Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance comes after the fatwa was issued by powerful cleric Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi.  

While keeping dogs as pets has become increasingly fashionable in Iran in recent years, the fatwa cited Islamic tradition, which dictates that dogs are unclean.

In June, Ayatollah Shirazi declared dogs unclean, saying that dog owners were “blindly imitating the West” and that their devotion to the animals would result in “evil outcomes”.  “Many people in the West love their dogs more than their wives and children,” he said.  

The ban on pet advertising is the latest attempt by Iran’s culture ministry to undermine “decadent” Western culture.  In July, Tehran produced a catalogue of haircuts meeting government approval. The list banned ponytails, mullets and elaborate spikes.

Jamaica: Can You Donate to Help ‘The Animal House’ in Their Time of Need ?


Very urgent update– please help if you can- the animals need YOUR help asap as things are getting desperate now 

Donations can be made via Paypal on their website or by cheque sent to The Animal House Jamaica, P. O. Box 775, Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Please see update below from ‘Animal House Jamaica’, please, please help the animals in their hour of need!

Thank you

SWAP team UK


Hi Helen:

We are getting so close to the line now that I am not sleeping at nights. It is pretty draining when you have 163 animals that you are responsible for and no money in the kitty:)

All will be well again once our fundraisers kick in (November and December) but we definitely need help now.

As always, thanks for your help.

One love,



Very urgent appeal for the english run ‘Animal House Jamaica’, the animals need your help asap!- please support this special appeal

Calling on all earth angels yet again- help needed for animals at ‘Animal House Jamaica’. See their good work here- 

Donations needed now to help these poor animals. Please visit the website link above and scroll down to the bottom of the webpage to make your kind donation. 

‘Animal House Jamaica’ are amazing and have apparently survived five hurricanes in only four years, and without running water for the past year and managed to save, sterilize and re-home hundreds of animals that would otherwise have died along the road side or in the bush, alone, in pain, and forgotten. They have also been able to offer a happy home to the animals that for one reason or another are not adoptable and will be with them for life.

Please see the very urgent appeal below from one of our international supporters. Please help them in their hour of need by reading the special appeal below.

All enquiries and more info to Maureen Sheridan (Executive Director) at

Thank you for your support

SWAP team UK

(online campaigners for a better world for all sentient beings)

Every life counts from around the world

—– Original Message —–

From: the animal house jamaica

Dear Helen

Here is our appeal and thank you again for being so willing to help.


“Can you help our animals?

For the first time this year we need your help. For the first time in months, donations have dropped dramatically, and we find ourselves very close to the edge in terms of being able to feed and care for our 163 in-house cats, dogs, one pig (Daisy) and one horse (Baby Girl).

Running an animal sanctuary in the third world is an immense challenge. Keeping it going – in the aftermath of five hurricanes in only four years, and without running water for the past year – leaves me searching for a word that adequately describes the difficulties, but there isn’t one. Suffice it to say it hasn’t been easy.

However, despite the seemingly unending obstacles that we have faced over the past seven years, we have – somehow and with a lot of faith – managed to save, sterilize and re-home hundreds of animals that would otherwise have died along the road side or in the bush, alone, in pain, and forgotten. And we have also been able to offer a happy home to the animals that for one reason or another are not adoptable and will be with us for life.

Financially, up until now, 2010 has been a good year thus far. Our international support base is definitely growing and we are very grateful for that. And, if the past two years are any indicator, our present need for funds will be temporary. Within a couple of months we believe we will be fine again – especially so with two fundraisers planned for October and November, but, we do need your help now.

English-founded and run, The Animal House Jamaica is a registered charity in Jamaica (and has been since May 2003), and a 501(c)(3) in the United States (since November 2008, EIN 98-0550628).

Please help if you can. Our animals are so deserving.

One love from Jamaica.

Maureen Sheridan

Executive Director




Macedonia: March for the Pound Vardariste Dogs Organised by “Anima Mundi” – Please Give Your Support by Taking Action – Contact Details Below

We, animal protection association from Macedonia, “Anima Mundi” address You again as the horror in Skopje continues and the mass catching and killing of stray dogs is relentless as ever in the only shelter which exists in Macedonia (the Pound Vardariste),

which has undertaken to operate under a program which prescribes a CNR strategy.
We enclose photographs and video materials of the protest we organized last munth against the killing of stray dogs “Walk for Life” (route: Assembly of the City of Skopje-Government of RM-Parliament of RM). Although the protest was supported by all Macedonian association for protection of animals, as well as the citizens and the media, all of which together EXPRESSED THEIR DISSATISFACTION WITH THE INHUMANITY, THE BRUTAL APPROACH TO DEALING WITH THE PROBLEM I.E. THE MASS KILLING, THERE HAVE BEEN NO IMPROVEMENTS.
WE ENCLOSE PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE MARCH, AS WELL AS NEWSPAPER ARTICLES, WHICH WILL GIVE YOU A BETTER INSIGHT IN THE SITUATION WE REACT AGAINST (we also have information that alive or semi-conscious dogs are discarded in waste pits).
We remind
1. Although all Macedonian associations have been continually reacting (the official rate of killing is over 60% -unofficially much higher, as huge numbers of caught dogs disappear) nothing has been done so far;

2. There is no record kept of killed dogs and, more importantly, we do not know what they are killed with-the City and the competent institutions hide information and have never responded to our request to present the documents for supply of substances for humane euthanasia (a request they are obliged to respond to by law);

3. There is practically no disinfection-
We need Your help and more stern reactions to

the Mayor: ,

the Veterinary Directorate: and

the Public Enterprise “Komunalna Higiena”: ,


2. Other wery importent thing. We point out that we have support from most of the media, as the situation is obvious, as well as from other Mayors willing to allow implementation of the humane strategy CNR in their municipalities, but financially unable to do so. Please inform us whether any assistance can be offered to us regarding the matter i.e. how can we establish a cooperation with You as supporters of the CNR strategy, what are the preconditions which we need to observe in order to receive Your assistance (in terms of expertise, medical assistance for spaying/neutering, finances, etc.), so we can eventually start with the implementation of a humane solution to the problem.

Your sincerely,

Animal potection activists from the organization “Anima Mundi”


Stole Velkoski


SAV Comment:

Our animal friends at “Anima Mundi” have kindly sent us loads of photographs of their excerllent demonstration for the Pound Vardariste (Skopje) dogs.  We congratulate them on such an effective demonstration which obviously has the support of the vast majority of citizens as well as that of many Mayors willing to allow implementation of the humane strategy CNR in their municipalities.

What a terrible pity that the Skopje mayor does not understand the damage he alone is causing to his nation and their ability to become members of the EU.  The following photograph is that of the mayor:

Please send your individual message of protest to the mayor and the other authorities using the e mail addresses provided above.

Below are the rest of the demonstration photographs provided by  “Anima Mundi“.  Please take heart from the efforts and work of our animal friends in Macedonia and give them your support by sending a letter of complaint to the mayor and authorities as detailed.

If you are an EU citizen; please go one step further and provide the details to your MEP, asking that the EU take very serious account of the abuse and suffering inflicted on animals in macedonia as a direct result of the wishes of the Mayor of Skopje.  His actions alone are not acceptable and until he changes his attitude and ways to the welfare of animals in macedonia, you will continue to fight to keep such animal abusers as the mayor out of EU membership.








Thanks – SAV.

Mr. Mayor – you have BIG blood on your hands;

Free poster to print and display:


a target of dog catchers are puppies which cannot be subject to the CRN program (under which the Pound Vardariste officially operates) and almost all puppies are killed or die of distemper and parvovirosis, without any attempt being made for their treatment;

4. The dog catchers are people with criminal history, barbarian and ruthless in their behavior, incompetent to appropriately catch and take care of the animals under any circumstances, which is supported by the reactions of many citizens who have witnessed their operation and many of whom have initiated private charges against the dog catchers; 

 5. Volunteers are still not allowed in the Pound, despite the continuous offer of support on our part;

6.  The Pound is open to the public only 6 hours a week, taking photographs of the dogs kept inside is strictly prohibited, and the overall situation is getting worse with each day;

7. The Mayor approved new employments of dog catchers, despite our strong opposition, and extended the Pound for 200% (while the number of veterinarians remained the same!)-it is evident that the intention is to speed up the elimination process, rather them to implement the CNR strategy. We are convinced that there are currently no conditions for human treatment, which is surely not even intended, supported by the fact that they refuse any cooperation with the NGO sector for protection of animals despite our open offer of assistance!!

We ask again for Your support and pressure.