Hawaii becomes first US state to ban fishing for shark 💖🦈

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England: Remembering Jill and The Tragic Event of 1/2/1995.

You can read lots here about Jill and her death at Coventry airport whilst trying to stop the export of live calves.  Visit the links at:

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Jill was killed on 1/2/1995.  The link given above will provide a lot of different information on her life, her death trying to protect animals; and the people involved in it; including (her death), Christopher Barrett-Jolley, was a known gun runner who had flown arms to vulnerable developing countries including South Yemen and Sierra Leone.  He was behind the calf shipments from Coventry, and was later jailed for 20 years for attempting to smuggle 270 kg of cocaine into Southend airport, Essex, England.

England: There Is More To The Jill Story When You Have the Facts. – World Animals Voice

We will never forget the actions of Jill; and this is a simple tribute to an animal advocate who was murdered, literally, by a system that at the time viewed animal rights activists as the ‘bad’ ones; rather than looking more into the past actions of the ‘other side’ who were involved in the abuses.

Thank you Jill for your actions – you will never be forgotten.

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Denmark: Good News – Danish retail chain commits to huge boost in animal welfare.

31 January 2022

Dyrenes Beskyttelse

The Danish retail chain REMA 1000 will significantly increase sales of pork and poultry raised at the highest level of animal welfare. This is happening through a new partnership with Animal Protection Denmark, in which REMA 1000 is the first retail chain in Denmark to enter a total phasing out of fast-growing poultry.

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Sam Rowley’s mice: “Behavior of mice determined by our everyday life”

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EU Pigs To Far East – Far East Pigs To the EU. Environment Friendly ? – No; Such Are ‘Economic Partnership Agreements’ !


29/1: A Message From Venus and Mark To All Our Site Visitors.

Venus and Mark; the co founders of WAV, would like to thank some of you for the comments you leave in the way of replies on the site. We read them all and they are all to be viewed under ‘Recent Comments’ on the left hand side on the site.

We are both of the same feeling on most animal issues; we provide input individually but consult when necessary, and the following has been released with approval from us both.

WAV is an information site run by us, animal advocates.

We run this animal rights blog independently, do not act as representatives any organization or political party (from any country) and we finance our work ourselves – independently; free from outside sources.

Where possible on our posts, we always publish the original source of our data, as well as providing links directly to animal advocate organisations if we feel it will be beneficial for further progress.

Many WAV visitors often make contact, asking how they can support us.

We do not ask for your money or your financial membership; we have no membership – instead we ask that you invest your donations (if you are able) directly to the animal organisations that we give information on; but just as important, if not more important, is something that everyone can do as supporters, and that is:

Sign the petitions,

Share the videos of the atrocities we provide; films in the slaughterhouse, animal farms, labs, bear bile farms, dairy systems, fur farms, trophy hunting to name but a few; in addition to everyone giving up the support of these businesses which are directly associated with meat, dairy and the use of any animal products.

Plant based is the way forward and we promote that.

These are the minimums that we owe the animals, and with your support, can make such a difference, whilst at the same time have a very positive effect by delivering a severe blow to those who exploit and torture animals.

Thank you for your interests in supporting WAV (and SAV) either financially or in other ways; but rest assured, it is not necessary.  If you can do the above, it is more than we ask in the way of full support.

It is the positive changes that drive us, and we are witnessing this each and every day from the feedback we get from all corners of the world.

Visitor Traffic for Worldanimalsvoice.com (clustrmaps.com) – this is the only inspiration we need to be a world animals voice.

Our best regards and thanks to you all for your actions and support;

Venus and Mark.


Blow Fixx, hangers, injections: This is how cows are manipulated during milking

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