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A message sent from Hilke van Hove:

Pls advertise my Gadimai support group ANIMALRIGHTSBOOK.NING.COM  on your page, my name on ARB is Vahana Hilke, also on facebook.

I’ve supported over the last month since I found out and doing my utmost to support Lucia de Vries, co director of Animals –  see her blogspot

This surely cannot happen again.

I’ve set up a support group for Lucia with her permission, to start acting now, so that it doens’t happen again, action will be taken, also anti chinese actions under way. My support group is on ANIMALRIGHTSBOOK.NING.COM under Gadima, my name is Vahana Hilke.

I started it yesterday, and it is already on care2, facebook, hyves and twitter. Just waiting for updates from Lucia to add more info.


Turkey: The ‘Man’ In the Video – a True Coward

Jenny says it all – SAV.

Keep Turkey OUT OF THE EU.


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*** WARNING *** 

**Graphic video ** – pause the video if you feel it is too difficult to watch.  

Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2009 4:45 AM

Subject: Would you want to watch this video or view these pictures?


Are their any words that can describe the act of this “man”, this coward? How about any words to support this senseless, indescribable, and foolish to the core, custom??? Tradition???? Religious act?????!!!!!!!!

Do you see the way he was approaching the animal? So he was afraid of being hurt? So he was trying to keep a safe distance from a cow, who, was gentle in nature, had no mean of defense, had a robe tied around his neck, was stabbed in many areas by him, and was dying, slowly, as these cowardly sick bastards have intended?

Can you explain this barbaric and cowardly act?

The cow has died in vain, in agony, without a choice, and without committing an evil act that has brought on such horrific treatment.

But the man, the pitiful man, had a choice. He probably has celebrated afterward, and was probably regarded as a hero among those equally ignorant and heartless people. Sadly, he will continue to live his pitiful life, without ever realizing that there was anything wrong in his senseless act, without ever realizing how cowardly his action was, and he will probably pass on his “heroic” acts to his children, as if it was something to be proud of.

I pity this “man”. There is nothing more pitiful than being so purely ignorant!

He would continue to hurt, but only those that he can, those who are gentle, without a voice, and without any mean of defense.  A true coward.

A religious sacrifice? To sacrifice an animal for God?

Why would a all mighty God want that?

An important “religious sacrifice festival”? Sounds like an oxymoron?

Am I wrong with the belief that religions are intended to teach us and to guide us to be better individuals?

No, God of any religion could not have wanted this. This ritual, like many senseless religious rituals of different religions, were created by humans, at some point, for various reasons, many of which for the wrong reasons, but people followed, blindly, without ever questioning. May be they were afraid to question, that somehow they thought they would offend God?!

I believe that most of us have the intelligence, the wisdom, and most importantly, the heart, to make the right choice and to practice what are truly consistence with the intended teachings of a religion.

May you all have a safe and peaceful holiday season!


“The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Albert Einstein

“Why should man expect his prayer for mercy to be heard by What is above him when he shows no mercy to what is under him?”  ~Pierre Troubetzkoy
“If a group of beings from another planet were to land on Earth – beings who considered themselves as superior to you as you feel yourself to be to other animals – would you concede them the rights over you that you assume over other animals?”  ~Attributed to George Bernard Shaw

“Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.”
— Thomas Edison


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Uk (England): Live Animals Attempted to be Exported From the Uk as ‘Boxed Meat’

Uk animal welfare campaigners have finally witnessed great results in their attempts to stop LIVE ANIMAL EXPORTS from leaving Uk shores.

The year 2009 has seen very little in live exports taking place; after years of campaigners gradually closing down Eastern and Southern English ports by way of some excellent campaigns.  2009 has been the first year in over 20 when several months at a time have passed without any live animals being exported from the Uk to mainland Europe for either immediate slaughter or further fattening.

Whenever there has been news of pending new ferry services to carry live animals from English ports, campaigners across the entire country have rallied together and formed a united front of opposition.  In just the last couple of months, campaigns against the live animal trade has seen the ports of Felixstowe and Portsmouth targetted with demonstrations, supoported by meetings with officials and demonstartions often attended by supportive Members of Parliament (MP).

As a last and desperate attempt to continue getting live animals to Europe, hauliers and exporters have even attempted to take live animals out of English ports such as Dover  and Ramsgate  by trying to declare the consignment as ‘boxed meat’.

Fortunately, alert ferry workers and port officials were able to detect these illegal shipments; primarilty by the smell the was coming from the vehicles !

When they have been detected, trucks have been prevented from continuing their journey and all animals handed over to the Uk Ministry Deafra and its sub department ‘Animal Health’.

It is thought that recent attempts have been made in order to try and smuggle live sheep to Europe in preparation for the Al Adha Eid festival taking place over the weekend of 28 / 29 November.

All attempts to export animals recently have failed, and now things have moved on with Trading Standards from the English county of Kent    now launching investigations into the consignments.  Trading Standards  have the power to prosecute those involved through the judicial system, and welfare campaigners are eagerly awaiting the investigation report being produced by TS officials.

As the haulier involved with this illegal shipping of live animals is Dutch and operates from the Netherlands, Uk anit-export groups such as Kent Against Live Exports (KALE) have been working with Dutch animal transport investigators at ‘Eyes on Animals’ to ensure that good information flow of news is maintained and that national pressure can be put on both Uk and Dutch government authorities associated with animal transport regulations.

KALE are now awaiting the investigation report by Kent Trading Standards prior to deciding what further action needs to be undertaken.

KALE EU Correspondent and ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ founder Mark Johnson who has worked on live animal export investigations for 20 years now, has stated that

“KALE and ‘Eyes on Animals’ will do whatever it possibly can to get those involved with these illegal shipments known to the public as well as cross-Channel ferry operators.  KALE has experience of taking over 18 fromal complaints to the EU Legal Affairs team based in Brussels during the last two years, and we have no hesitation to take this case to EU legal affairs also if the Uk and Dutch competent authorities do not act over this, what is effectively animal smuggling”. 

“Transporting live animals across european borders without having Uk pre-shipment health checks on the animals is a massive biosecurity issue for every european country that these animals could potentially (and secretly) be shipped through”.

“If animals were carrying any disease and were also being transported whilst being declared as ‘boxed meat’, then livestock throughout France, Belgium and the Netherlands could be infected as a result”.

This is an issue which goes way beyond the illegal shipment of live animals. 

The following are articles from Kent newspapers relating to the illegal shipments:

To visit the ‘Eyes on Animals’ web site, please click on

To see a 30 minute video relating to the work of Lesley and Tatjana at ‘Eyes on Animals’ which was specially made for dutch television, please click on

Note – the video is in Dutch, but very easy to follow.  It shows the situation of and conditions for livestock being transported by road across Europe.

To visit the Kent Against Live Exports web site, please click on   – for news of past actions and reports please visit

Below are a selection of pictures from the demonstrations organised at Portsmouth harbour by organisations including KALE,  CIWF   and SARC, the Southern (England) Animal Rights Coalition  

Mark Johnson says – “Whilst we currently have no live animals being exported from Uk shores, these recent attempts to smuggle live sheep to mainland Europe have made us very aware that we must never take anything for granted, especially in the live animal export business.  20 years as an anti-export campaigner and investigator has shown me that those involved in this trade will do anything they can to make money, even if it involves a lot of animal suffering.  These recent attempts have now turned another corner in the history of live animal exports, and I, KALE, Eyes on Animals and CIWF will do whatever we can to ensure that Uk live exports remain where they belong; only in history books”.

Further links to PAST live animal export protests in the Uk:


Australian Live Export Links:


Photo – Animals Angels







Nepal: **WARNING** – More Images of the Animal Killing Frenzy

















China: Pet lovers save 800 cats from dinner table in N China’s Tianjin

Pet lovers save 800 cats from dinner table in N China’s Tianjin

BEIJING, Nov. 25 (Xinhua) — More than 800 cats, locked up in rows of iron cages in a store in northern China’s Tianjin municipality, would have been transported to Guangzhou, Guangdong province, and slaughtered had it not been for about 30 residents who rallied for nearly 24 hours, negotiating with the trader and police, to free the animals Tuesday.

Pet lovers and animal welfare volunteers started pouring into a neighborhood in Hongqiao district of the municipality, 120 km from Beijing, minutes after photographs of the caged cats were flashed on the Internet on Monday night, according to Wednesday’s China Daily.

The trader said the cats, which he bought for 10 yuan apiece, were to be sent to Guangzhou, slaughtered and served as food at restaurants in South China.

Li Na, a saleswoman by profession, who was present at the spot, said the cats were either picked up from the streets or stolen from their owners.

Li was among dozens of local residents who spent the night outside the “flower and birds store” to ensure the cats were not sneaked away behind their backs. Residents said the store, which has a license to sell flowers, birds, fish and worms, had been trading cats for the last six months.

Qin Xiaona, chief of the Beijing-based Capital Animal Welfare Association, who rushed to Tianjin as word spread, alleged it was obvious most of the cats were stolen.

“The police told us that the trader bought the cats. But the trader was unable to provide receipts to prove any of the 800 purchases,” Qin said. Qin said the cats were suffocating in the cages and many of them would have died on the way to Guangzhou.

It took Li, Qin and their likes 24 hours to convince the trader to free the cats after intervention from the police last night. Police have given the volunteers a room in a nearby school to house the cats, many of which are in need of urgent medical care, Qin said.

“Even though I was happy when the trader agreed to release the cats, I was simply disgusted when he asked for money in return for the animals’ lives,” Li said.

He Yong, a representative of the International Fund of Animal Welfare, said the incident was only the “tip of an iceberg”.

China has no laws prohibiting the trading of cats, resulting in large-scale theft of the animals, which reportedly get eaten.

“The chain of the cat trade is really long,” He said.

Nepal: Photographs of the Gadhimai Slaughter – 250,000 Animals






Dutch video link:

SAV post last week: 



Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2009 08:11:52 -0800
Manoj Gautam, Representative of Roots and Shoots Nepal : ‘I am in
total shock after watching the killing of the buffaloes. I have no
words to describe the scene. Thousands of buffaloes were standing in
an enclosure when butchers holding swords started hacking randomly at
the animals. No one was holding the buffaloes – many tried to escape.
Baby buffaloes were bleating and searching for their mothers. Soon
they were walking around in a pool of blood. They were hunted down by
the men. Needless to say, not a single animal survived the blood bath.
In fact, some animals had already died before the sacrifice from the
transport and the lack of food and water. They were left in the same
spot with the living ones. It was a scene I will never be able to
forget. Now I just want to go home and wait for the courage to
continue our campaign.’

Krishna Singh, Programme Manager Animal Nepal: ‘I visited Gadhimai
before the killing started and what I saw made me very sad. There was
a baby goat that died from a lack of food and water. It just lied
there – no one seem to notice it. The baby buffaloes came up to me,
and wanted to be petted. They were scared and needed some comfort.’

Bibi Funyal, photographer: ‘I was assigned to film the festival. At
first I seemed okay but when the killing started I suddenly found my
knees shaking. In the beginning the butchers were able to cut the
heads of the buffaloes in one stroke. Later they seemed to get into a
frenzy and did not kill properly. I would take them a long time to
severe the heads. The buffaloes were mooing – it was a terrible sound.
The babies were searching for their mothers, not understanding what
was going. At some point a baby buffalo came up to me and it touched
my tripod. That was when I felt I would be passing out if I continued
filming. When I left the place I had to step over thousands of bodies
and heads and wade through animal blood. It was something I will never
do again, even if they offer me an award.’

Lucia de Vries, Director Animal Nepal, international campaigner: ‘Now
that I observed the festival I am convinced that these killings are
among the worst forms of animal cruelty in the world
. I pray that when
the images come out the international community will agree that we
have to stop this. To kill thousands of buffaloes without any
humanity, by starving them for 2/3 days, by not tethering them, by
carrying out the beheading publicly by butchers in a frenzy, and by
mixing the dead with the living, is something unimaginable and totally
I have a sense of failure and feel we have let these
beautiful, loyal creatures down entirely. I appeal to all concerned
citizens to do whatever is in their ability to stop the killings at

Birgunj, November 24, 2009

Statements by Gadhimai Campaigners and Other Observers

Pramada Shah, President of Animal Welfare Network Nepal: ‘After being
at Gadhimai I now have an even stronger determination to continue the
campaign as long as it takes for them to stop. No other country would
allow such a massacre.
I feel the government should have taken a
stronger stand or at least appealed to the people to worship in a non
violent manner. They used the lame excuse that this is an ancient
culture that should run its course.
I don’t blame the innocent
devotees but rather the organizers and the educated who do not seem to
care. We intend to work in coordination with the Indian groups to
raise awareness among the visitors, of whom 60-80 percent are Indian.
We also want to work with the local communities with the hope that the
next Gadhimai will be a different one.’

Lucia de Vries
Freelance Journalist
Nepal – Netherlands










India: Kittens Desperate for Good Homes

I was rescued from under a truck at kalkshetra.
I am looking for a loving home to take me in.

This adorable little kitten, has the most beautiful green eyes, he is very clean and makes sure he remains so.

He loves to curl up in the funniest positions and fall asleep. The most curious little creature i know and loves to camouflage himself between the plants..

And most importantly he loves being cuddled!

Contact me at:
Gayatri Shantaram


hi friends,

I had sent email about 6 kittens who need homes urgently. they are still there for adoption.

2 female kittens with taher, around 4 months old. he has to give them away as his mother is not too happy with them. thankfully, he is not willing to just leave them anywhere and has agreed to keep till we get a good home, but that cant be for too long.

4 more kittens with sherina at andheri. they are 2 months old have to be given away since she is shifting in a new house and cant keep them with her. if not adopted soon, these will have to be sent at a shelter.

the owners do care for the kittens and have tried to get them adopted, but have not succeeded, so they need help. please pass on the email and pics to everyone who mayb interested in adopting a furry little friend for life.

anyone interested can call me on- 9820338515. would prefer to give tahers kittens in pair since they have been staying together til now and it will be very cruel to get them adopted separately. same with sherinas kittens. if anyone can adopt in pairs, then it will be great, but even single adoption will do since they are 4 in nos. attached are pics of all the kittens.