Australia: Once Again, Animals Australia Proves to the World That PM Gillard Cannot Be Believed in Anything She and Her Government Say.

Once again Animals Australia has been forced to be the watchdog for Australia’s live export trade.

Many Australians are still understandably haunted by the images captured by Animals Australia investigators of Australian cattle being brutalised in Indonesian abattoirs.

Shock and disbelief accompanied the Gillard government’s decision to reopen the trade to Indonesia. Few Australians were comforted by promises of a new system that would ‘assure’ the protection of Australian cattle.

New footage from Indonesia that aired on ABC television has revealed our fears were well-founded. An Indonesian investigator engaged by Animals Australia documented the treatment of cattle in slaughterhouses over three nights and revealed that the brutal treatment of cattle continues unabated.

This industry was given a second chance when it deserved none.

Click here to tell the Australian Government that enough is enough: live animal export must end.

Lyn White
Campaign Director

P.S. Having witnessed first hand the terror experienced by animals exported live from Australia, my solemn promise to them is that their suffering will not be in vain. The biggest threat to this abominable trade is exposure.

Simply by sharing this video and signing this letter, you can help bring us an important step closer to a kinder future, free from live animal export.

Last year the Gillard government gave the live export industry a second chance that it didn’t deserve — and reopened the live cattle trade to Indonesia despite overwhelming calls from the community for the trade to be permanently banned.

We were promised that a new ‘regulatory framework’ would protect Australian cattle from ever again being abused in Indonesian abattoirs, but new footage from Indonesia reveals how hollow that promise was. Knowing that local abattoirs would be warned to be on the lookout for Australian animal cruelty investigators — Animals Australia engaged an Indonesian investigator to visit three abattoirs in Jakarta.

What he documented there over three nights has again shocked and appalled Australians and has conclusively proven that the new ‘system’ will in no way protect Australian cattle from cruelty on a nightly basis. Animals Australia has lodged an official complaint with the Gillard government highlighting that the evidence provided contains 61 different breaches of the basic standards expected from workers in abattoirs — including not checking that cattle were dead before they were being butchered.

This further evidence again conclusively proves that Australia cannot ensure the well-being of exported animals in importing countries — especially where there are no laws to protect them from cruelty. It also reveals once again the immoral nature of Australia’s live exporters who continue to reap profits from animal cruelty.

Australians overwhelmingly want live export to end.

The Gillard government is out of excuses

Since they are unable to guarantee to the Australian community that exported animals will be treated humanely — this trade must end.

No amount of profit, excuses or justification can excuse continued Australian government support of this industry.

Animals Australia Live Export Campaign Links:


SAV Comment

A disgusting trade supported by a disgusting Australian government.

Gillard has failed as always and this new footage from AA once again shows that you cannot believe a word that the animal abusing Australian government say.

It is time they banned live exports for good – then they may get a fraction of respect.

In Europe, this trade is sinking the Australian government to the bottom of the pile.

It is time they did something to surface ! – they are pathetic.

SPAIN: URGENT HELP NEEDED FOR SPANISH ROCÍO – Can You Donate Any Funds at All ? – Full Details Below.

** UPDATE ** – Photographs just in – here they are:

Any donation welcome, no matter what size.  Thanks – SAV.

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DONATION APPEAL – Please give anything that you can.


Dear Diana, I´m going nuts with this situation, we need to get together 700
euros and no-one has any money with this crisis!

The only way to get it together would be to ask people to donate small quantities, like 10 euros, and if we reach enough people may be


In desperate need

Rocío, a young fox terrier cross, was hit by a car near Jaén, Andalusia, and left on the road to die. She was found by a young man who brought her to the local shelter.

Unfortunately she is very hurt, her bones are broken in many places including her jaw and a good surgeon is urgently needed to save her. Naturally this costs a lot of money that this very humble shelter does not have.

They need urgent donations and if we succeed, afterwards a forever home for this angel, who is very sweet and although she must be in a lot of pain does not complain.

She is far too young to die, will you please help her?

700 euros are needed, any donation is welcome at this stage, may be many small donations can reach the goal. The X-rays can be sent to whomever asks for them.*

Bank details:

Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas-Albayyasa-Baeza

(Shelter’s name, they also run the Baeza dog pound as no-kill, they do sterling work with practically no money)

2100 1630 14 0200066256 (Bank la Caixa)
IBAN ES59 2100 1630 1402 0006 6256


As an alternative, money donations can be sent directly by post to the following address:
(but make sure the money is well protected and secured)
María Teresa Cabeza Perez (presidenta)
Plaza de España 1, 1B
23440 Baeza, Jaén

You can write to María Teresa at the shelter but she only speaks Spanish.

You can write to me at or ring me on 0033 555476873 for further information.*
Kind Regards,
Iris Gallegos






Germany: German Pavilion at Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair

Photos by Furisred :



 German Department of Trade and Industry with its own
Pavillon at Hong Kong Fur & Fashion Fair 2012

German PETA campaign page:

Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair 2012
Welcome to the German Pavilion at Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair

25 – 28 February 2012
Hong Kong, P. R. China

Welcome to the presentation of the Federal Republic of Germany!

The German exhibitors, the German Fur Association of Wholesalers and Traders
and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology welcome you to the
official presentation at Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair 2012.

The fur trade has always been international in its business activities.
Since important sales markets have moved to the east, the member companies
of the German Fur Association of Wholesalers and Traders have intensified
their endeavours on those markets that are particularly receptive to fur.

In this respect Hong Kong plays an outstanding role. This is partly due to
the importance of Hong Kong as such but also to the function of its
established ‘Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair’ that becomes more
and more important for the international fur trade.

Get in contact with German companies!

German products and services are setting international highest level
standards in quality and reliability!

Get in contact and meet your German partners at Hong Kong International Fur
& Fashion Fair 2012.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

19 German Exhibitors:






USA: It Is ‘Turkeys Pecking Each Other and Themselves’ – and if you dont believe me, then you ARE A TERRORIST !

Video link:

“The bloody pictures of the so called abused Butterball Turkeys were most likely caused by the Turkeys pecking on each other and themselves.  This shows how little you and other “animal rights activists” know about turkey farming”

Rep Mike Noel


Watch the undercover video obtained by the so-called animal ‘terrorists’ and judge for yourself: 

No wonder they are trying to hide it !

Video link:


Date:   27.02.2012 12:22
Aw: Re: (US – Utah) House passes bill to stop ‘animal-rights terrorists’ shooting video on farms

Mr. Noel,

I have not very often received a reply from a politician that can match yourself in sheer unsolicited aggression, ignorance, stupidity, complete and utter lack of any and all manners and decency.

Interesting indeed.

As concerns Butterball – you know nothing. And you are proud of it.

Typical Cowboy attitude.

Read below, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO try and understand. It is hard, I know .. but make an effort.


What, Mr. Noel, exactly, is meant with these words? Believe me, I have no interest whatsoever ever in coming even remotely near your *property*. There is not enough disinfectant in the world to wash that stain off again. God ..

Throw away your Iphone, my dear man. If you know nothing better to do with it than utter such complete nonsense.
I can’t believe people like you are actually elected representatives, ha ha.

Expert statements on Butterball Animal Abuse:

Lesley Rogers, PhD

Over the past forty years, Dr. Rogers has made outstanding contributions in the fields of animal neuroscience and behavior. Dr. Rogers founded the Research Centre for Neuroscience and Animal Behaviour at the University of New England, where she also chaired a number of committees. Dr. Rogers has served as the president of the Australian Society for the Study of Animal Behaviour and as the president of the International Society for Comparative Psychology. She is currently a professor emeritus of Neuroscience and Animal Behaviour at the University of New England and a member of the editorial boards of six international journals. Dr. Rogers states:

[The video] shows shocking brutality. The birds are lifted by their wings, pulled by the neck, thrown, kicked and dragged. All of these are cruel practices inflicting pain and injury. The footage on injuries shows gross external, and most likely internal, wounds. Many of the wounded birds have flies crawling on them, which indicates that they have not been treated. Other footage shows birds with advanced eye infections that also have not been treated. The injured birds are without doubt in great pain.

Then comes extraordinary cruel killing by battering the birds with a rod. Some are left to die slowly. Those who remain conscious endure extreme suffering that is both inhumane and totally without any justification. It seems to me that the workers who inflict this pain have themselves become brutalized. This is clearly a facility in which animal welfare is not only ignored but also the workers go out of their way to be mercilessly cruel.



From:     Mike Noel <>
To:      DH
Date:   27.02.2012 08:08
Re: (US – Utah) House passes bill to stop ‘animal-rights terrorists’ shooting video on farms

Mr Hartig

The bloody pictures of the so called abused Butterball Turkeys were most likely caused by the Turkeys pecking on each other and themselvesThis shows how little you and other “animal rights activists” know about turkey farming, or anything to do with agriculture. 

I wouldn’t put it past you or others to have staged the whole thing . 


Rep Mike Noel

And please, Mario Savio, a low life sixties agitator who thought advancing
mankind meant carrying the F word around on a sign?  Give me a break.

Sent from my iPhone
On Feb 25, 2012, at 12:06 PM, DH wrote:

Rep. Mr. Jack R. Draxler
Rep. Michael E. Noel
Rep. John G. Mathis
State of Utah
House of Representatives


the activists you are targeting are as little “terrorists” as advocates of Human Rights are. Human Rights, such an achievement the United States is proud of ..

Can’t see why, if advocates of animal welfare and animal rights are condemned by your government and yourself as criminals – as indeed Human Rights advocates are, to this day, in backward countries like China.

Where mass animal abuse is legalized, as it is in so-called modern agriculture, in the fur industry, vivisection etc. the only way of fighting this indeed CRIMINAL industry and those who protect it with laws that should never have been passed in the first place is by undercover investigations.

And let me be clear, Mr. Draxler (“”I think it’s an invasion of privacy,” said Rep. Jack Draxler, R-North Logan.), there is NOTHING PRIVATE about these atrocities so commonly and unthinkingly perpetrated on US farms, in US slaughterhouses, labs, etc.

Someone who produces child pornography in his home could, I suppose, equally claim his privacy had been unjustly invaded by law enforcement attempting to ruin his *business*.

Naturally you would say, and rightly so, that there is, and must not be, ever anything *private* about such criminal, abusive, behaviour toward utterly helpless beings.

As indeed is the case with animals in agriculture (among other *industries*), so wholly unprotected from wanton cruelty/death in the name  of profit maximisation/indifference or simply joy in causing suffering.

One example among far too many:

I will leave you with this to ponder – said by countrymen of yours who obviously were a lot further advanced in their views and ethics than you are.
“A universe is, indeed, to be pitied whose dominating inhabitants are so unconscious and so ethically embryonic that they make life a commodity, mercy a disease, and systematic massacre a pastime and a profession.”
Professor J. Howard

“The moderates in our movement have precious little basis for reprehending those who raid laboratories or engage in ‘ecotage’. To paraphrase Seneca – ‘Extremism in the cause of compassion is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit … of justice is no virtue.'”
Robert A. Hansen

Thank you.
DH – Germany

There comes a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part, you can’t even passively take part, and you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, the people who own it, that unless you’re free the machine will be prevented from working at all.

Mario Savio, Free Speech Movement of 1964

The greatest right in the world is the right to be wrong. If the Government or majorities think an individual is right, no one will interfere with him; but when agitators talk against the things considered holy, or when radicals criticise, or satirize the political gods, or question the justice of our laws and institutions, or pacifists talk against war, how the old inquisition awakens, and ostracism, the excommunication of the church, the prison, the wheel, the torture-chamber, the mob, are called to suppress the free expression of thought.

Harry Weinberger, ?The First Casualties in War,? letter to the editor,
“The Evening Post, New York City”, April 10, 1917

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the Field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere — so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive — that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom, 1913

House passes bill to stop ‘animal-rights terrorists’ shooting video on farms
By Dennis Romboy, Deseret News
Published: Friday, Feb. 24 2012 5:19 p.m. MST


State lawmakers took aim at what one representative calls ‘animal-rights terrorists’ who shoot videos or photos on farmers Property without permission to create propaganda to destroy the agriculture industry.

“This is not about animals. This is a group of people who want to put us out of business. Make no mistake about it,” said Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab, a rancher and farmer.


Noel said ranchers are good people who care for their animals and “we certainly don’t want some jack wagon coming in and taking pictures of them.”

The Utah House on Friday overwhelmingly approved HB187, sponsored by Rep. John Mathis, R-Vernal, after some spirited debate.

 The bill now moves to the Senate. Democrats opposed to the measure called it too broad.
“My concern is that this bill simply goes too far,” said Rep. Brian King, D-Salt Lake.

The bill would make it a class A misdemeanor to hide a recording device on
a farm and class B misdemeanor shoot video or photos after being asked not to or record while trespassing.

Mathis said animal rights groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals raise millions of dollars for “slick ads and propaganda” but spend little on animal welfare. He called them “animal-rights terrorists” during a legislative committee meeting.

“I think it’s time someone stands up,” said Mathis, a veterinarian and part-time farmer.

Rep. Patrice Arent, D-Millcreek, wondered if a child taking pictures on a field trip to a farm could be prosecuted under the proposed law.
Supporters of the bill said they couldn’t see that happening.

Rep. David Litvack, D-Salt Lake, said the measure is not just about outside groups. A farmworker may record behaviour that should be brought to authorities. “There is no whistleblower protection,” he said.

At an earlier hearing on the bill, PETA spokeswoman Lindsay Rajt said undercover photography is needed to bring public attention to animal abuse on factory farms.

Such investigations have led to criminal prosecutions in some states, she said.

“I think it’s an invasion of privacy,” said Rep. Jack Draxler, R-North








Serbia: The Felix Kitties Have Got a Website ! – Please Visit and Take A Look !

The Felix kitties have got a website !

We have received a message from our friend Danica, President of Felix cat shelter in Serbia; and we are happy to announce that Felix kitties have got a website!

Please, take a look and learn everything about this wonderful shelter and its cats. 

The new site can be found by clicking on the following link:

World Wide Legal Action 4 Animal Rights past links: PAST NEWS:

Our past SAV links:

The new Felix shelter site can be found by clicking on the following link:







Spain: ** WARNING **’Animal Equality’ (Uk and Spain) Expose MORE THAN GRAPHIC PIG ABUSE at Mucian Farm.

Animal Equality reveals the hidden sadism and brutality on a pig farm in Murcia (Spain).

These new and shocking images show the exploitation endured by animals in the meat industry.

Subject: Pigs brutally stabbed with swords on Spanish pig farm/MORE MEAT PRODUCTION EXPOSURE


– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Hi all,

this morning our organization (in Spain and in UK) has just released a
shocking video with images filmed at a pig farm in El Escobar, located in
Fuente Alamo in the Spanish region of Murcia. The video shows some of the
most brutal scenes of violence against animals at farms that our
Investigation Team has ever witnessed.

Animal Equality in Spain has pressed charges against the farm owner and

Marco Verduga Vinicio, one of the farm workers who has handed over the
footage, has revealed that the animals are bred for the food company El
Pozo (the second largest pig meat producers in Spain).
To spread the word over in UK we found out that ElPozo also sells its
products to the leading supermarket Morrisons.

Thanks to Marco Verduga Vinicio, Animal Equality has found that these
events occur frequently on the farm El Escobar owned by Francisco Vera
Sanchez, and that the farm managers are aware of this. In fact it is they
who request these actions, have been filmed engaging in them, and have
established these methods as the norm for killing animals at the farm.

The footage that we obtained are the following:

• Workers hitting pigs on their heads with iron bars, jumping on top of
them, kicking them, and posing in front of a camera with the pigs

• Workers attacking and killing pigs with meter-in-length swords

• The hitting of a pregnant pig with a bar before cutting her abdomen and
uterus with a knife whilst she’s still conscious, then pulling of piglets
out of her uterus and killing her because she isn’t fit for the

• This pig, tied and immobilised, unsuccessfully tries to escape while the
workers for several minutes pulls out the piglets. They remove her
intestines, liver and other internal organs while she suffers terribly.
The animal is left in agony with internal organs spread over the ground
until she dies several minutes later



Photo gallery:


Further news about the issue and future campaigns.

All the best,

Matteo Cupi


Other AE Links:

AE Website –

Harling Farm Exposed!

Animal Equality has carried out a ground-breaking two-month undercover investigation on a ‘Quality Assured’ (Red Tractor) farm in Norfolk – Harling Farm, belonging to A. J. Edwards & Son. Harling Farm is typical of a farm in Britain.

Over 200 hours of footage and recorded conversations, and more than 300 photos provide a shocking insight into the British pig industry and demonstrate that regardless of whether a farm is labelled as ‘Quality Assured’ there exists pain, suffering and exploitation on a huge scale.




New SAV Banners To Print and Display.

We would like to thank Paola for producing the following new SAV banners for us. 


Please access, print and display as you wish.

Read more about Paola Ghidotti and all of her work on our site at:

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the new group; “Care for Chinese animals”
Paola’s group for animals in China;
at which groupss are invited to share information and links; to start petitions etc.
In this blog which is good news for animal welfare, Paola posts positive results to keep everyone updated about current animal issues.  Please add the sites to your favourites, and visit regularly.