25th June – Latest News from Veterinary Medicine Faculty in Belgrade


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Disturbing Photographs of Animal Conditions at Belgrade Veterinary University


Latest news from ‘Help Animals’ on 23rd June :-




Citizens of Belgrade have informed us that the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Belgrade has been carrying out experiments on three German Shepherd dogs which the Faculty obtained from the Serbian police or military. These dogs have protected and served the Republic of Serbia until recently. We have only recently been informed of this situation and one of the dogs has been euthanized in the meantime.

As citizens informed us, the euthanized dog had been subjected to abdominal experiments, ie. a gastric ulcer has been artificially caused by acetic acid.

Today, on 22.06.2008 at 4 pm, we photographed the dogs and decided to take possession of them. Our activists rescued the animals. We are asking all of you to support us in this activity, since the state will most probably prosecute us for taking the dogs out.

Citizens of Belgrade have also informed us that the dogs were in the good condition when obtained from military or police, and that they were too old for the purpose they served before.

The dogs have been taken to the shelter for abandoned animals “Help Animals”. We will keep inform you on their state of health.

At the same place on the Veterinary facility they are some more dogs. They are prepared for brutal experiments to. Please help them to make them free and save them from the certain death!!!

Thank You – Help Animals



Disturbing Photographs of Animal Conditions at Belgrade Veterinary University

Disturbing pictures have arrived showing the terrible conditions animals are kept in at Belgrade Veterinary University.  Dirty cages, hungry and thirsty animals.



What is their future ? – what are they being used for at the veterinary University ?


We ask the authorities and the University to come forward and explain themselves now.


APS Help Animals have several witnesses who have stated that when they arrived at the facility, the animals were in excellent condition; as they had previously been working for the Police or the Army.  It is understood that since their arrival, one animal has been destroyed because of its condition.


The President of Help Animals, Mrs. Zlata Korjenic has contacted EPAR by phone and together they will collect the documentation and proof necessary to bring criminal charges against everybody who is involved in this ‘crime’ against previously healthy animals.


Is not the job of a veterinarian to give help to and improve the health of an animal ? – it would appear that the thoughts at Belgrade may be different !


Please view the photographs and decide for yourself – and leave comments please.

Contact the following at the University:


Rector of  Belgrade University : Mr. Branko Kovacevic




11000 Belgrade, Studentski Trg 1, Serbia


Fax.   00 381 11 32 07 481   and  00 381 11  26 38 912


Tel   00 381 11  32 07  400


Thank You – SAV.



Photographs of the EPAR Shelter from Slavica

Here are some photographs of the EPAR shelter which have been provided by Slavica.


Updates to buildings have been going on for 2 months now and are not yet finished.  You can see that there is always the addional need for funds to be donated in order that the facility can be updated and repaired.


Donations are always welcome, no matter how small, but as a caution you have to consider the additional cost of transactions.  There may be a more cost-effective way to give your donation; therfore it is suggested that you E mail Slavica beforehand and decide the best way to make your payment;

Thank You.


Slavica can be e mailed at  epar@yunord.net


Also, check out the header “Donations” on the following site for additional information.






















Appeal to Help Sivkica and Bucka

The photograph below shows little Sivkica.  Jelena is now raising funds to send Sivkica to a new home in Canada.

Please go to the information about Jelenas shelter and the success stories in Canada at:


For donations in the Uk, you can go directly to

http://www.harboroughonline.co.uk/pp/gold/viewgold.asp?ID=4845  and send donations to Jean.



This beautiful little lady is called Bucka.


Jelena found her as a puppy last year, and after having her vaccinations she went to the shelter, but became ill again as the cold was affecting her.

She almost died, dispite the therapies she was getting for over a month for pneumonia.

Jelena has decided to try to send Bucka to Canada.  As can be seen, she is beautiful and doesnt have any behavioural problems, she just loves everyone, including people and animals, she loves cats, kittens, rabbits.  She is already neutered!

Any donations either directly to Jelena or via Jean in the Uk would be very, very welcome, thank you.  (Donation information can be found on the above links).

We need to work together and raise £300 in the next couple of months because the Canadian Ambassador’s wife, currently resident in Serbia, is to return to Canada in August this year (08). Elizabeth has done an amazing job in bringing in dogs from the streets and shelters of Serbia and getting them over to Canada.

‘Coco’ arriving at Toronto airport to start her new life in Canada. 

Campaign Against Circus Corrona-Moscow – Serbia/Belgrade 2008.

video updates: new:

1. animals in corona circus:

2. protest in the media

3. video: activists on protest

4. protest against circus:


On 6/17/08, JeZa JeZa <jeza.jeza@gmail.com> wrote:

 Campaign against circus Corrona-Moscow/

Serbia/ Belgrade 2008.

This year, we are facing the same problems with local circus :Corona/Moscow.

This Circus abuses Animals and operates in Serbia for the past several years…
we got really tired of them.

Reasons for protest we mentioned numerous times on Serbian TV stations and in newspapers, but still one municipality gave “permit” to the circus to be their  “guest”.


After numerous complaints sent to Zemun multiplicity, complaints to the veterinary inspections and other relevant institutions-


Street protest was next:


PROTEST AGAINST CIRCUS MOSCOW WAS HELD IN FRONT OF THE CIRCUS TENT- CIRCUS OWNER MARIJA was very rude to our activists even showed her “f” finger to one of the activist who took photos of animals under circus tent.. Again tons of lies were served from the circus clan “animals are not abused, we love our animals, we use only domesticated animals”.

(on the protest day- most of the animals were hidden away, but activists managed to shoot some videos and photos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsxM8h3JkVM, http://picasaweb.google.com/nephillia/CircusCorona2008


Our photos and videos clearly show that Tigers, Lamas, Panthers.. and other wild animals were in caged around the circus tent.

One of the AR Independent Activists -Olivera talked to the circus kids- (those kids  “work” in circus) after they took several leaflets which activist were handing out  and they wanted to tear them and throw them on grass.. After the short conversation with them/ Olivera managed to get them promote our poster , and made them gather leaflets they had previously throw on grass.

(Animals live in faeces and urine), circus leave unhealthy grass as area is soaked with faeces..)

Over all impression on protest- is good, activists left protest with grudge in their chests- because Animals were left in cages—

We will come back and will proceed protesting against this horrible circus..  We are not stopping and are calling and writing to the relevant institutions until this circus is banned for good.




more info on past circus actions in year 2008. > *CIRCUS- in Serbia /sezone 2008. – (May) 


Protest 2008. /photos:


in the media:





Protest/B92, Protest/Blic


Additional Info:  Cirkus info: sezone 2007. >> Protest against circus with animal acts- Jun 03. 2007. Belgrade – , Protest- protiv uportebe zivotinja u Cirkusima ,Beograd 2007.,Cirkus u Beogradu 2007.





THANK you ALL!!!

~*JeZa* ~AA/AR~>koordinator Vegan Svetske Mreže-za Srbiju=
~4 the Animals, 4 the Value Of the Beating Heart!~
*****There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.
(Wiesel, Elie-writer, Nobel laureate)
member of Alliance 4 Serbian Animals

~”NOW, what I want is, Facts. Teach these boys and girls nothing but Facts. Facts alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else, and root out everything else. You can only form the minds of reasoning animals upon Facts: nothing else will ever be of any service to them. This is the principle on which I bring up my own children, and this is the principle on which I bring up these children. Stick to Facts, sir!”
~~~Hard Times~~~











Activists Barred from Access to Sombor City Pound – and Taking Photographs

Slavica says:

This is the door to death.

Activists of APS ZOV /Alliance for Animal Rights :  Snezana Tadic , Mileva
Kapusta, Miroslav Pujic  have attempted to visit the dogs at the city pound Sombor;
but the door was closed and a sign has been put up, banning the taking of photographs (see pictures below).
They have information that dogs  will be killed at the end of this week, despite our requests to rescue and take the dogs. 
Vet inspector said  that  vet Dubravka Dusanic will decide which dogs will be killed; tthose classed as aggressive , or ill, although she has declared all animals before which have been killed as being ill,  and that is not true.

Vet inspector Miladin Mikovic is person who can on behalf of Sanja Celebicanin and STOP THIS KILLING.
His mobile  phone number is 00 381 63 573 282,
his Fax  00381 25 432 450.



Animals on City Dump – Pozega, Croatia

Animals are hungry  an  thristy  on  city dump where they  wait  for execution

Croatia, Pozega


Honored Sirs/Ladies, authorities of Croatia


 This is place on city dump in Pozega, Croatia , where these  shinters and vets  kill dogs,  after they keeps  these  poor animals without water and food – they  have buy food ,but  gave not  food to dogs because workes –shinters  have rob  dogfood for their own pockets  and of course, nearly is  hole mass grave for dead bodies  of  these poor victims.

Please  help these poor victims.

Thank You for Your time and attention.



Slavica Mazak Beslic

EPAR/OIPA/Alliance for Animal Rights/SAV/GAARP




 3.izdanje Večernji list – Slavonija i Baranja / naklada: 300000 / periodika: dan, 1 / 11.6.2008 / strana: 5

Životinje su gladne i žedne na smetlištu u Alilovcima