Serbia: ‘Klementina’ the Pig At EPAR Shelter Requires Donations to Pay for Her Operation – Can You Help Please ?


Do you all remember Klementina the pig who was saved from slaughter by the EPAR shelter ?




Now we have been informed by EPAR that Klementina will need an operation of her articulation coxae, which is the pelvic and hip joint area.


Before this operation is done, she will need to go to the Belgrade Veterinary Facility for further investigations.


In the meantime, Klementina waits hoping for better times so that she can have her operation.



To date, EPAR have only had enough donations to cover the costs of transporting Klementina to and from the vet.


She is very clever being and very much loved at EPAR shelter.




Please can you help by giving a donation for Klementina if at all possible ? – Any amount helps.

Please use the following for donations:

One of the best and cheapest ways to send money donations internationally is by Western Union. 

Transfer costs vary and are worked out simply depending on the amount of the donation – you only pay more if you donate larger quantities. 

In most countries donations can be done on line, by telephone, or visiting a local agent. 

Please look at the web site for further info:

For direct donations towards Klementina, the following EPAR account in Hungary should be used as a preference to Serbian accounts:


OTP Bank


Klauzal ter,5



Account number : 11775355-37518886


Address : Subotica 24000,Matka Vukovica, 9

IBAN : HU31117753553751888600000000



This way is the best, because in this way  tax for money transfer is  very low and  it is not need to pay tax to serbian authorities who  done nothing for dogs, but ask high tax for donation .


Thank You so very much and

best regards


Slavica Mazak Beslic, President of  Friend-EPAR/OIPA/Alliance for Animal Rights

Subotica, Matka Vukovica 9

Please View New EPAR Shelter videos at:

Thank You – EPAR / SAV 





India: Two Vaccinated Youngsters Requiring Homes – Free Sterilisation Offered When They are Old Enough

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Madhu Goyal <
Dear all,
I received this plea for help just this morning. They are cute, aren’t they?
Cheeky and Cherry are 3 months old, female and of mixed breed.
Their mother is a boxer and father a “street” dog. They do not look much like boxers although they have docked tails, and that’s the reason their owners abandoned them.
They said “they look weird and we cannot sell them”.
Friendicoes is offering free sterilization when they are 7 months old.
Please help us find a home for them if possible.
Thanks and regards,
Madhu Goyal

India: Urgent Appeal to Stop Young St. Bernard Being Put to Sleep –

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Yana Bey <

Here is an urgent case. Pls see what you can do.

This is what I know of the case. A boy called Mayank Nathani –
9911041000 – and his parents got a St Bernard puppy to keep as a pet.
They didn’t know that it is a giant breed. When the dog was full
grown, they found him a problem and didn’t want him. So the boy gave
the dog to a friend of his. That friend has had the dog for 7 or 8
months. Now, the two friends have had a fight and the friend has
threatened to kill the dog. Mayank’s parents are willing to take the dog back but have said they will arrange for him to be put to sleep asap. The family lives in Anand Vihar in Delhi.

The dog is male, now three years old, healthy and sweet-tempered.
There’s nothing wrong with him. The person who has contacted me is
Alka E. Singh – 98103 50900. Since she knows the family, I have told her that our group might need her to stay involved.


Europe (All EU): Please Sign (Before May) For Stray Animals Legislation

euun00012  eu-aw-logo2
Note from SAV on behalf of SARS – ‘Stray Animal Rights Society’.
As you will see in the text below, it is essential that we get as many MEPs to vote in support of this declaration as possible BEFORE the 7th May deadline.

Our previous SAV post:  

gives full e mail contact details for every single MEP within the EU Parliament.  Full national lists are provided which you can simply copy and paste into your mail box.  A sample letter is provided below which can be copied and used as a templet.  Please personalise if you wish to give additonal impact.

Although we think you will sign up immediately, if you do need further justification, please take a look at the photographs of European strays at the end of this post.  These pictures are just a minute selection of the continual abuse and suffering that stray animals suffer.

You can help to end this suffering by signing the petition – please do so.

Thank You.



Sign our online petition
I vote »Yes« for stray animals!

Dear animal lover,

In Europe stray dogs and cats suffer tremendous torments each day — they are hunted and maltreated, beaten up and poisoned; they are caught and kept in so-called »animal shelters« that provide no escape: in these camps thousands of stray animals are penned up to meet a cruel death.

EU parliamentarians Alain Hutchinson, David Hammerstein und Neil Parish have written a declaration on the welfare of pets and stray animals (PDF).

The declaration claims hard punishment for abandoning and maltreating pets and stray animals.

EU Member States are requested to commit themselves to regulate the overpopulation of stray animals and to lay sterilization and vaccination down in law and to implement them accordingly.

A vote on this declaration will be held in EU parliament shortly — the time limit to sign this declaration is May 7th, 2009.

It is crucial that a majority of the EU parliamentarians’ votes are obtained for this declaration.


Please support us by asking EU parliamentarians to sign this petition:

Sample Letter:

Dear Member of the EU Parliament,

With my signature I express my support of the written declaration on the welfare of pets and stray animals pursuant to Rule 116 of the Rules of Procedure by Alain Hutchinson, David Hammerstein and Neil Parish on the welfare of pets and stray animals in all EU Member States, EU accession countries and other European countries.
I ask you insistently to sign this declaration in order to support the animal protection law as proposed.

I consider this declaration not only as an act of humanity but as a necessary action in a modern and forward-looking Europe. Knowing which parties and parliamentarians plead for animal protection issues considerably influences my electoral behaviour.

Thank you very much indeed!



Sign the online petition at

Please forward this petition to friends and colleagues via eMail!
Thank You for your support! is an online platform of Ärzte für Tiere e.V.
Holsteiner Straße 21 | D-90427 Nürnberg | Telefon: +49 [0]911 / 7806746 | eMail:



Dead and dying strays at the OVCA pound, Belgrade



‘Shinters’ catch a stray using a wire noose



Neck injuries which the noose causes



OVCA Belgrade



… and this ….



… and this.


Please visit our SAV post on OVCA Belgrade including full undercover reports:



Starving strays eat the body of a dead companion within a city pound







Thank You.



Despite the existence of animal protection laws stray animals have become a questionable source of income in many European countries: their capture, custody and killing offer good business opportunities by involving public money originally designated to improve the stray animals situation.

Canada: Good Canadian Citizens Take to the Streets to Protest About the Seal Hunt


Good Canadian citizens take to the streets to protest about the seal hunt.


Please see:


On March 27th more than 70 anti-seal hunt  protestors came and went during a brisk lunchtime demonstration outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery to protest the annual seal hunt off the coasts of Labrador and Newfoundland. 




The aim of the demonstration was also to raise vital awareness of the campaign to passersby, and to educate and raise further awareness of the dastardly way in which our government operates with absolutely no concern for any living sentient beings other than the human species.

As always, the CVFAF’s goal is to educate and inform the public.

Thanks to Earle for the info and pictures.

Thanks also to the good, compassionate people of Canada – your voices have been heard and the photos seen in Europe.

Keep up the campaign !


All Photos – thanks to CVFAF.

See more by visiting the above link.

India: Some Great News But More Help Required to Find New Homes


Thanks to the dedicated work of our great friend and campaigner Rishi; several of the dogs we have shown in the past have now been found loving, new homes.  Below is a group of beautiful ‘new arrivals’ which we all ask for your help in getting the same results.


Please pass on the info far and wide to everyone that you know.


Lets get re-homing !



Hi all,




Attached are the images of ‘Buddy’ – a male, 2-month old White Spitz, who was abandoned by his owners on the streets. He was rescued by an animal lover 2 days ago and was put under the care of our organization. Buddy is extremely playful and completely healthy….and we are now in search of a loving home to give him a new life.


Those interested, contact at these numbers…





Kindly forward this mail to as many possible.


Thanks n Regards

Manta Sidhu






Dear All,


Thanks to your messages, we found homes for 2 of the puppies. We are now looking for good homes for the two remaining girls. Please share this with your facebook group. Thank you. They are 4 months, have got their shots.

The person to contact is Mrignaina 9810250738.


Karishma Handa







From: Harshal Shah <>

Hi there,

We are desperately searching for a loving home for one stray puppy. We found 2 of them abandoned on our street about a month ago and have nurtured them into healthy, friendly, playful pups. They currently play on our terrace and love going for runs in Nehru Park. They are inquisitive and people-friendly.


We cannot manage to look after both of them and would love to see one of them go to a good home. Attached are a few photos of them – we are not sure of the breed, but it seems there is a bit of German Shepherd in them, given the shape of their ears and snouts and their colouring.


If you know anyone who is looking for a puppy (they are VERY child-friendly and love teasing Labradors) then please call either (0) 997 111 0984 or (0) 98 11 940 846

Thanks in advance,


Dear friends,


I’m happy to report that Leo has found a new home. I am grateful to all of you for your support.


Now we need to find Joey a new home. He is an eight-year-old Springer spaniel whose present owners want to put him up for adoption. He originally belonged to their daughter who passed him on to her elderly parents. Now the parents, who don’t keep well themselves, are finding it difficult to care for Joey, especially because he has a persistent skin problem which, however, is entirely manageable with medication.




Joey is a gentle and obedient dog and it’s really sad that he’s being passed around like this. Please help if you can.






Madhu Goyal




Europe (EU): Your Support Needed – European Import Ban on Seal Products Now a Step Closer

  eu-aw-logo1 canada1 euun00011


YOU can make a difference – ** URGENT ACTION REQUIRED **


A vote, by all MEPs in the full European Parliament, is due to take place in April or May this year. 


Respect for Animals   unkg00016

is encouraging people to sign a petition in support of a full ban at:


It literally takes seconds to do – SAV ask everyone to please sign this petition on line and get the EU to impose the the ban on the import and trade in seal products across Europe.  Make a huge difference for seals and for the future.



The following is a direct copy of information on the Uk organisation ‘Respect for Animals’ web site –


European Import Ban on Seal Products Now a Step Closer


As harp seal pups are being born on the ice floes off Canada’s east coast, and seal hunters are preparing for another commercial-scale slaughter at the end of this month, Respect for Animals welcomes the vote which paves the way for a full Parliamentary vote on the seal trade issue in the very near future.


The committee rejected a report by Liberal Democrat MEP, Diana Wallis (Yorkshire & the Humber). Wallis’ report proposed certification and labelling of seal products, an option branded “unenforceable” by other MEPs, many of whom have called for an unconditional ban on the trade in all seal products.


Nicki Brooks, director of Respect for Animals, said today: “The vote today has shown that Parliamentarians have listened to the concerns of the citizens of Europe, the majority of whom want to see a full, unconditional ban on the trade in all seal products.


“The annual commercial kill that takes place in Canada, every March, is the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet – over one million seal pups have been clubbed or shot to death over the last four years alone. Legislation stopping the trade across Europe will close down markets for the pelts of these seal pups.”


Research by veterinarians has shown that the commercial slaughter of seal pups is inherently inhumane. 


In 2006, a record 425 MEPs voted for an end to commercial seal slaughter; in July 2008, the European Commission issued a proposal to bring an end to the import and trade in seal products across Europe. 


A vote, by all MEPs in the full Parliament, is due to take place in April or May this year. 


Respect for Animals is encouraging people to sign a petition in support of a full ban at:


Further information on the campaign can be found at:


Respect for Animals, who have been a world leading organisation in their campaigns against the fur trade,  and


also do a great range of merchandise; please visit them at




In Memory of Robert Hunter – Seal Activist