UK: Very Close To A National (UK) Foie Gras Ban – Please Sign And Support Minister Gove On This. 



 The UK does NOT produce Foie Gras thankfully.  It imports it from mainland Europe.

So, now the UK is getting out of the EU (big sense !) we have the chance to take back control and be a voice in the UK for animal welfare.

We have every chance once again of the UK becoming much better than the EU when it comes to animal welfare.  UK citizens will ensure that.

Minister Michael Gove is very close to enforcing a complete ban on all Foie Gras coming into the UK.

Please watch the video below and see what is involved in Foie Gras production – force feeding which causes the birds liver to swell up to 10 times its normal size.  This liver is then sold on after slaughter to so called Gastronauts who take pride in eating this product which causes so much suffering for animals.

Now Disgusted ? – Please sign the petition after watching the video – and push to make the UK Foie Gras Free !

Petition Link – Please Sign and give support to Minister Gove. 


Above – (Good Man for animal welfare) Minister Gove;

the man trying for the UK Foie Gras Ban.

Please support him – sign the petition.



Live Transport New Video – One SAV Commentator Expresses The Views Of So Many EU Citizens.

Our recent post (and views) on the new video.


The Directorate-General (DG SANTE) has been set up to improve the health and safety of European citizens and to boost consumer confidence.

But only now does DG SANTE remember that there has been a regulation since 1/2005 that clearly states how animal transport should be done?

No! Of course not! – For the EU Commission is much too smart!
Now the anger of the population has become strong fury against the irresponsibility, the inaction, the ignorance of the animal transport authorities.

And soon the EU elections will come.

That is why the Directorate-General has downgraded animal transport to a school subject.

For those who did not know that there has been an EU animal transport regulation since 2005, now they have a chance to know!!

These General Conditions for the Transport of Animals have been in place since Regulation 1/2005 was introduced some 14 years ago:


-The animals must be transportable!

-qualified staff

-Transport as short as possible, without delay

-sufficient floor space and standing height

-Suitability of means of transport

-suitable loading and unloading equipment

 -the needs of the animals must be taken into account

– adequate care of the animals

Non-transportable animals are:

Injured animals and animals with physiological weaknesses or pathological conditions these are particular
-Animals that cannot move painlessly or without assistance or have large open wounds / severe organ prolapse
-Perient animals in advanced gestational age (90% or more)
-Mothers whose birth was less than 7 days ago
– Newborn mammals whose umbilical wound has not yet completely healed.
-All this is well known, at least for those who have made videos that prove anything but compliance with the rules.

And now we come to the central question: why this farce?
Why the degradation of the problem to a shameful principle: “we have done everything to inform the public.”?

DG SANTE has 42 departments, with DG G alone, 8 departments.

All these are paid to tell us that “the egg has a yellow centre”?
What does the Directorate-General think we are, stupid?

For years manure has been documented in animal transports of organizations and activists: surplus driving hours, injured animals while driving, no water, no food, no doctor, no compliance with EU Regulation 1/2005.

So what’s the popeye version of the thing?
But the smart management has thought of all these questions
Theoretically, this farce video is meant for truck drivers.

-Drive smoothly. Oh! I didn`t know it !!

– Start the ventilation system when shutdown. Oh! I didn`t know it !!

-refresh cattle by watering them. Oh! I didn`t know it!

And if all that does not happen, as reality shows, then truck drivers, inspectors, customs officers, personnel are guilty, all who do not yet know the Popeye video.

Not those who do not punish anyone, those who ignore the true ones and the terrible videos, those who hide the sum of money to say

we cannot do anything, we cannot keep the laws, we can only make comic videos“!!

Gentlemen, a shame is the EU Commission, including DG SANTE, all that is a shame!!

Just a few minutes ago, I have the answer to this ridiculous comic video from Animals Angels Blog. Once again.
I do not translate that on purpose.
EU is Germany, there are certainly high-paying translators who need to do it.

And not only to despise EU citizens and to consider them stupid!! 



Any wonder why ? – the UK sees through the farce of EU cow poo; and gave their opinion in a democratic vote.










Decision Day For Bees. Lets Hope The EU Is Better For Them Than They Are For Animals In Transport.

In our opinion, this result will show just how much the EU establishment actually listens to concerns and evidence of citizens, OR how much the big money corps pay to get their way.

On 28 February, the European Parliament is expected to vote on a decisive resolution calling on the European Commission to protect the bees that are so vital to Europe’s food security and ecological balance.


The outcome of this vote could determine the fate of bees in Europe.


The European Commission is considering a groundbreaking Europe-wide ban on bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides — but if the European Parliament takes a stand against it, then chances of the ban going forward are slim.


We have just 7 days left to convince European Parliamentarians to pass this crucial resolution and to increase the pressure, we’re launching a hard-hitting ad campaign in influential Brussels media outlets.


Together, SumOfUs members have been at the forefront of the global battle to protect bees. We helped push the French government to put in place the strongest ban on bee-killing pesticides to date, and we’ve continued to work together to defend it from major corporations like Dow Chemical. Our collective action has convinced major retailers to stop selling of neonics in places like the United States and Australia.


Now, we’re closer than ever to protecting bees in all EU countries — where around 84% of plant species and 76% of food production depends on pollination. With bee colonies in decline by more than 50% in some European member states, we have no time to lose.


The decision to ban dangerous pesticides in Europe is within our grasp. And, this resolution from European Parliamentarians could tip the scales.


“Save the bees” ad campaign to convince MEPs to vote in favour of the resolution to protect bees?


Please click here to donate to this campaign which is now in its vital remaining days:

More information

Urgent action needed to protect EU bee population, urge MEPs
European Parliament. 23 January 2018.




UK; New Video On EU Animal Transport Paints A Great Picture, But The Reality Is … – Now We Wait For Responses To Our Questions.

It’s not even a joke, it’s not even an insult,

it is worse than this.

The worst thing about all is that this is that it is all associated with DG Sante – part of the EU Commission relating to animal welfare. 

So we can only assume this cartoon is funded by the EU ! – the EU wasting EU taxpayers money about enforcing animal transport regulations, when they (EU) create Regulation  1/2005 to ‘protect’ animals in transport, and then they do NOT prosecute hauliers and member states who break this same regulation

DG Sante, or the EU Commission, have now made this cartoon as a smokescreen to cover their inactions and inability to take prosecutions to EU member states who are not enforcing Regulation 1/2005.  A smokescreen which they hope will make the public think that they are taking action.  They have the inability to take action; otherwise they would prosecute under Reg 1/2005 non compliance.


They say about themselves:

Animal Transport Guidelines Project


The European Commission, DG Sante project aims to improve animal welfare around transport. The project will develop and disseminate Guides to Good and Better Practice for animals transported within Europe and to third countries for slaughter, fattening and breeding.


We and many others say –  They could improve welfare during transport by taking prosecuting action against member states who do NOT enforce the 2005 Regulation (1/2005) on the welfare of animals during transport; but as we have seen so many times over so many years, they do not have the guts !

Instead they waste money producing new cartoons which they think will work.

No doubt we will be exposing more breaches of the regulations over the coming months – proving that cartoons just don’t really work !

 Today (21/2) we have also written to the EU Eurogroup for Animals – a partner in this organisation; to ask why they are not prosecuting under Reg 1/2005 rather than producing new cartoons.

We will publish their response if we get one.

We rock the boat; and as a result; the EU ignores us and just wants a boat full of shiny, happy people who do not ‘rock’; but simply play along to their ‘take no action’ policy.  We are really keen to see just how many prosecutions have resulted by the EU Commission with regard the 70% breaches found by welfare groups at the Bulgarian / Turkish border.   We will put money on the table now and say ‘none’.   This is the EU strategy on animal transport – keep your mouth shut and just be the shiny happy people that we want you to be.


EU Policy



Hi all;

We did find time today to write to the Animal Transport Guides Project.  They made contract and said that they have now gotten their new video on animal transport ready.

In their words, the “video is a practical EU video for cattle, based on the guide to Good Practise for the transport of cattle and four dedicated Fact Sheets, which is now available. This video provides practical advise to professionals to ensure that the cattle they  transport, remain in good welfare”.


You can watch the video via the following link:


We are informed thatthis video has been produced in the framework of a dedicated European project funded by the DG SANTE of the European Commission. Coordinated by a large consortium of research institutes from 10 countries and stakeholders organisations, it includes input from EU agri-food, veterinary, road transport and animal welfare stakeholder groups”.   


So it all looks and sounds very good – the video ensures that all is good.


We asked a simple question – that being – why then if everything is so good, are we witnessing so many EU animals suffering in transport on the journey to Turkey ?

Under Regulation 1/2005, the EU regulation allegedly ‘protecting’ animals during transport; all livestock drives have to pass a competence test and be ‘certified’ to ensure the ‘welfare’ of animals they transport   in their vehicles.  Seems they have gone off track when it comes to care for EU animals being transported to Turkey, as the video shows.  So then the EU should be prosecuting those who do not comply – yes ? – not making new cartoons about drivers taking care !


Here is a video and a UK Press article which says otherwise:


So far we have not had a response to our request asking why so many animals are suffering in transport en route to Turkey.

We are also following this issue up independently, and have been in contact over the last few weeks with UK MEP’s who are closely linked to the EU Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.

We basically asked them to try and obtain answers to issues for us, including:

Given the 70% failures detailed in the above welfare groups inspections on the Turkish side of the border; and also as my formal representative within the EU; can you (MEP’s) please inform us of the following:


  • For the year 2017; how many livestock transporters were actually inspected at the (EU) Bulgarian border prior to going into Turkey ?

  • How many livestock transporters were found to be non compliant with EU Reg 1/2005 (animal protection during transport) at this stage of the journey ?

  • What happened to those who were non compliant ? – were they allowed to continue or was their journey stopped ?

  • If there were any non compliances with Reg 1/2005; which I fully expect;  what actions did / are the EU Commission taking on Bulgaria or other EU member states if exporters / hauliers are found to be non compliant with Regulation 1/2005 ?

As this directly involves liaison with the Bulgarian authorities, we have been told by the MEP’s that the responses to our points will not be quick in getting back to us.  We appreciate that and will use any data provided to further question the EU authorities in Brussels who seem to think that by putting out a new video, all should be ok.

As you can see from the above earlier video link; the situation for EU animals being transported to Turkey is dire to say the least.  A simple cartoon video by the ‘Animal Transport Guides’ (as per the new video link given earlier) does not really do anything to settle our serious concerns with EU animals being transported live via Bulgaria to Turkey.


Once we have a reply from the ‘Animal Transport Guides’ , MEP’s, and the Eurogroup for Animals answering our concerns; combined with hopefully a response to our questions asked to the EU Commission via our UK MEP’s, we will then review that data provided and consider what further action is required and how we continue with this campaign to get justice for animals.

At the moment we are now waiting for many people to get back to us.  When and if they do, we will consider our next move.



It’s not even a joke, it’s not even an insult…….

Update 20/2/18 – Here is a response we have had tonight from one contributor to the site:

Hello Mark,

I got the video.

It’s not even a joke, it’s not even an insult:

it’s a lesson for children, a list of regulations that are in the order of 2005 for Animal Transport Regulation.

Do they want to tell us that we do not know the paragraphs?

How it should be, is in regulation 1/2005, and that’s what they do in this video.
You could show the video in a school and say “Children: that’s how it has to be”. That`s all, no more!

But they have the impudence to show this video as if reality were like that, and expect that we believe that everything is actually going as it says in this.

A purposeful insolence

I would answer them:

Gentlemen, we don`t need comics, we need real videos. We have them. You don`t, you just show the scheme, we know that too!

And if they think us stupid, if they want to cash in on their own inability and responsibility to the animals with stupid animal transport instructions, then we have an additional problem here: that they want to sell us stupid.

But I think the answer to this video is very simple:

please do not fool us. We know how the regulation is.

The video does not prove compliance with this rule.
It’s not like that and we proved it.

Your video did not prove it!






Become A ‘Daily Clicker’ – And Help Animals, Children, The Oceans, Violence Against Women Etc.

We have covered this many times before; but we are going there again as we feel you, individuals, with just a few simple clicks each day that take literally seconds, can make such a worthwhile contribution to many animal and other causes.

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So get clicking now, and every day.

It quick, easy and free; all it takes is a few minutes from your day – not much to ask.

Thanks – SAV.

Happy Meal ? – A Report From Venus On The Dark Side Of MaccyMeat In Germany.

Dear Mark,
I recently got an undercover video from the well-known organization Soko, which do undercover investigators in Germany.
It’s about the OSI- slaughterhouse in Tauberbischofsheim that the McDonalds delivers with meat.

Especially those who still eat meat from this shop should watch the video.

But I think even of all meat eaters would turn their stomachs when they see the pictures!.
I have translated much of the documentation from German to English.

Maybe it makes sense to spread the video in the US

In the links that follows, you can see the undercover recording, as well as the interview with Friedrich Mülln, the head of the organisation, on television.

 SAV Comment – Unlike attempts in the USA, Europe does not have an ‘ag gag’ system where guys who obtain this kind of undercover footage get imprisoned rather than the animal abusers whop do the deeds in the first place !

A must see for all Happy Mc Americans

And here is the Translation

If we are already slaughtering animals for our food, then at least so that they do not suffer. Every meat eater would sign this sentence. And the laws also dictate how the animals should be treated in the slaughterhouse in order to spare them unnecessary suffering.

If cattle are hung on the hooks for insufficient numbness, this is not intended.

Also not that the animals are maltreated with electric drivers on sensitive parts of the body or exposed to special violence.

But such events have documented activists of Soko animal protection in an OSI slaughterhouse in Tauberbischofsheim.

OSI is an international meat supplier, from which McDonald’s exclusively sources the burger patties for German branches.

In order to get to the pictures, cameras were hidden and if possible Minijobber undercover in slaughterhouses introduced.

The photos of the animal rights activists show how employees of the slaughterhouse repeatedly violate the animal welfare slaughter ordinance and torture the cattle before the slaughter.

“Worse pictures can not be imagined. In my view, slaughtering should be stopped there immediately and staff should be exchanged, “states Dr. Kai Braunmiller, Chairman of the Federal Association of Meat Hygiene, Animal Welfare and Consumer Protection, the recordings.

Animal rights activist Friedrich Mülln denounces the conditions in German slaughterhouses as a whole:

“This is the fourth detection of Soko animal welfare within a year.” The conditions are catastrophic. “Slaughterhouses in Germany are a lawless area and a total failure of the entire system,” said the organisation founder from Soko Animal Protection. It is true that again and again violations of the Animal Welfare Battle Ordinance become known, most recently the animal rights activists uncovered abuses in a slaughterhouse in Düren, from which McDonald’s also took meat.

The operator of OSI, Erik Schöttl, did not want to say anything concrete about the recordings.

According to the veterinary office, the immediate closure of the abattoir Tauberbischofsheim has been ordered. Apart from animals already delivered at the slaughterhouse, no animals may be accepted and slaughtered there anymore, wrote the district office Main-Tauber-Kreis. This rule applies until the operator submits an appropriate catalog of measures and the implementation is checked by the veterinary office.

McDonald’s then announced to clarify the grievances actively and adjust the meat reference through the relevant slaughterhouse. “From our point of view, the slaughterhouse shots we have received contain serious miscarriages in the slaughterhouse, which is unacceptable to us, and we have had the meat from that slaughterhouse temporarily closed until further notice,” the company explained Company written.


To what extent this will bring about an improvement in the future, is questionable – the recordings with the serious violations of the animal welfare battle ordinance were also created under the supervision of officially appointed veterinarians. This is also shown by the pictures of the animal rights activists.

Anyway and until further notice the State Administration of Baden-Wuerttemberg and after the inspection of the Veterinary Office has closed the slaughterhouse.

The head of the organization SOKO and activist Friedrich Mülln gave an interview on February 14, on television: He said: “The McDonalds should not be really surprised!

After my many years of experience in undercover investigations in German slaughterhouses, I have to say one thing: “in Germany there is a total failure in the matter of ‘slaughterhouse’!!

Within five years, it’s the fourth scandal. No! that’s no exception, it’s the rule. If any people from Eastern Bloc are hauled here to work in the slaughterhouses and live below subsistence level, then one becomes dull from the first day. Those people are not to blame, the system and the consumers who power this system are to blame.

The tape is running, the tape never stops, you are controlled, and only counts what is cheap.

Basically, consumers make power this system to these crimes.

We can not wait for the agency or higher authorities to make any changes”, so Freidrich Mülln from Soko Organisation.


Best regards to you and all




UK: Government Opposition Party Sets Out New Animal Welfare Policy. The Political Battle Is On, And Animals Will Win Regardless.


SAV Comment:  The ‘Animal Welfare’ Battle Is Now On !


Finally, both the major political parties in the UK – Conservative and Labour; are finally starting to recognise that animal welfare is a big vote winner with the British public.

In fairness, Labour have always been the better welfare party – and the Tories very pro hunt and as we are witnessing at the moment, supportive of a badger cull.  The new leader of the Labour Party – Mr Corbyn, has been a vegetarian for many years; and from what we see and know, has always been a very supportive man when it comes to animal welfare.

Now we have the two biggest political parties in the UK fighting it out for support at the next general election.  And finally both of them are realising that with the British public, good animal welfare policies are a big vote winner.

As we have always said on this site, once the UK breaks free from the shackles of the EU – called ‘Brexit’; the UK will once again be able to make and enforce its own laws; free from the useless EU which has lots of rules, but as we have shown with live exports to Turkey for example, it never enforces or prosecutes when failings happen.  Ok, so now the Uk gets bout of the EU and takes back control; which for animals and their welfare can mean only one thing = an all round ‘win – win’ situation which can then be used by the UK when setting up new trade deals with other nations.  High UK animal welfare standards can be expected from other nations who wish to do trade deals, and so from this we hope that there will be an international ‘up’ in the standards of animal welfare.

 At long last, politics is realising that there are a lot of votes in good animal welfare.  Something which many UK campaigners have been saying for oh so many years.


United campaigners get better animal welfare !


Labour government would label meat from animals which haven’t been stunned

Plan to let shoppers know if animals have been stunned is part of wide-ranging plan to improve animal welfare

Shoppers would gain the right to know whether meat has come from animals killed using Halal or Kosher methods under a Labour government, as part of a major package of measures to promote animal welfare.

All meat would be labelled to reveal whether the animal was stunned or not, as well as which country it came from and how it was produced.

Kosher meat produced in line with Jewish traditions, and some Halal meat produced according to Islamic traditions, comes from animals which are not stunned before they are slaughtered.

But some vets and animal welfare groups say this causes unnecessary suffering. Current UK law requires all other meat to be stunned before slaughter.

The labelling plan is just part of major package of laws to protect animal welfare, to be announced by Labour today.

Other proposed policies include:

·         Enshrining the principle of animal sentience in law, to ensure it prevents practices that expose animals to cruel and degrading treatment.Conservative MPs were widely criticised on social media last year when they voted against a proposal to add a statement that animals are sentient to Brexit legislation.

·         Strengthening the Hunting Act to close loopholes that allow illegal hunting

·         Consulting landlords on giving tenants the default right to keep pets unless there is evidence the animal is causing a nuisance

·         Establishing an independent zoo inspectorate to draw up revised standards of animal welfare


·         A total ban on imports of Foie Gras, which is produced by force-feeding geese or ducks


·         Ending the badger cull. This involves killing badgers in an attempt to reduce the spread of TB to cattle, but there is disagreement about how effective it is

·         Requiring motorists to report accidents where an animal has been injured


·         Banning live exports of animals for slaughter or fattening and introducing mandatory CCTV in all slaughterhouses


·         Designing post-Brexit farm subsidies to move away from intensive factory farming and bad environmental practices

·         Prohibiting the third party sale of puppies and tackling puppy smuggling by reintroducing rabies testing before entry into the UK

·         Working with organisations like the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals to help pet-owners on low income get veterinary treatment

·         A comprehensive review of animal testing with a view to improving practice, limiting animal suffering and increasing transparency

·         Introducing a ‘blue belt’ to protect and enhance the marine environment around the UK and our overseas territories

Ian Lavery, Labour MP for Wansbeck and Labour Party Chair, said: “There is an awful lot there

“For many years, political parties left the issue of animal welfare behind.

But it’s a top priority for the public.

 “It’s good to see that the Labour Party understands how critical the issue of animal welfare is in today’s society.

“This plan proves once again that the Labour Party are on the front foot. We are listening to what people say and are planning to do something radical to improve animal welfare.”


Sue Hayman MP, Labour’s Shadow Environment Secretary, said: “Our vision is one where no animal is made to suffer unnecessary pain and we continue to drive up standards and practice in line with the most recent advances and understanding.”

Conservatives aid Labour were “playing catch-up” because the Government was already improving animal welfare, including by introducing tougher sentences for people who abuse animals, introducing mandatory CCTV into slaughterhouses, proposing a ban on ivory sales and banning microbeads to protect marine life.

“From introducing mandatory CCTV into slaughter houses to increasing the maximum sentence for animal cruelty ten-fold, the Conservatives will continue taking the action needed to ensure animals receive the proper protection they deserve.”



And from International (UK based) Compassion In World Farming (CIWF):

Dear Mark,

Today could mark the start of a seismic shift in the outlook for farm animals in the UK.

The Labour Party has just set out plans that would transform how animals are treated. If implemented, these proposals would signal the end of a host of factory farming practices. We have already heard encouraging comments from the Conservatives, and hope they will soon set out their own far-reaching policies in detail too.

Labour’s draft Animal Welfare Plan contains ground-breaking positions that reflect many of Compassion’s campaigns. The party is proposing:


Ending the use of cages on British farms

Banning live exports for slaughter or fattening

Mandatory labelling of meat, including country of origin, method of production and method of slaughter (stun or non-stun)

Ending the routine preventative use of antibiotics on farms

Phasing out farrowing crates for sows

Banning imports of foie gras

Subsidising farmers to move away from factory farming post-Brexit

This announcement follows immense pressure from Compassion in World Farming supporters, our lobbying team, and other campaigners. We called for a step-change in the future of our food system. Now, one of Britain’s biggest political parties has listened – and we hope to soon see similar moves by other parties too.

This isn’t the end of the story. Today’s announcement is the start of a consultation process, and we need your help to show the plans have massive public support. In addition to signing the letter to Labour, please complete their online consultation form to make sure your thoughts are heard. You can also read the full Animal Welfare Plan via the consultation page.When compassionate people stand together to fight factory farming… when we are relentless in challenging those in power to do the right thing… change is possible.

Thank you for all you do for farm animals,