July 7th – Confirmation : Pravilinik 29/94 has been used as an ILLEGAL JUSTIFICATION for the Killing of Thousands of Animals over the Years

On the 3rd July, Mr. Patrick Seku as the President of APS Respectons visited the Subotica city pound and also the EPAR No Kill dog shelter.   Mr. Seku works in collaboration with big welfare organisations (such as the Foundation Brigitte Bardot) and many national newspapers.


Mr. Seku will produce a report on what was seen at the city pound, and this report will be sent to both the EU Eurogroup for Animal Welfare (Mr. Neil Parish) and to the International Courts for Animal Rights at Foundation Franz Weber in Switzerland.


Mr. Seku will be returning to Subotica within a few months as a follow up to this first visit.


During this first visit, it was proposed that a Commission was established to be a voice for the dogs which are currently being killed every day.  The commission which is proposed will have three (3) members and will be comprised of:


One representative from the local authorities

One veterinarian

One representative for the protection of animals in Subotica.


Only if there are agreements from all three parties involved will it be possible for a dog to be destroyed.  If any of the three members of the commission do not agree to the killing of a dog, then it will not happen.


A new Mayor for Subotica City will be arriving around the 15th – 20th August.  Between September and November the local authorities and the Mayor of Subotica will have to produce a city budget.  It is aimed that the new budget must make adequate provisions for good animal care in the city, include a very high level of animal sterilisation and veterinary intervention procedures, as well as improvements to the shelters including the building of new boxes and adequate supplies of food for the animals.  A No Kill, Sterilisation policy has to be adopted by the city of subotica in its new budget, as we have always asked for.



This legislation for several years has been declared by the authorities as the documentation which allows the animals to be killed by the local authorities right across Serbia.  Now there is written proof from Mr. Marinkovic that this has never been the case; and in fact, it would appear that Pravilinik 29/94 has been used as illegal justification for the killing of very many animals over the years !


Mr. Marinkovic has now been informed that he has to personally inform every one of the 24 veterinary regions in Serbia and inform them that Pravilinik 29/94 is illegal and cannot be used as justification for killing animals.  He has also been informed that this needs to be stated officially on the Ministry web sites.


Many senior officials at the Ministry have used Pravilinik 29/94 as justification for killing animals in the past.  Now that this has been declared illegal then it may be necessary for legal actions to be taken against those who have allowed this in the past. Serbian legislation declares that all local authorities must provide the financing that is necessary for the animals at the shelters, including good veterinary treatment, food and adequate accommodation.  In addition, by adopting a No Kill policy the authorities will quickly move in supporting the reduction of stray animal numbers on the streets.  It is understood that there are adequate finances available in all municipal budgets within Serbia to cover these requirements.  Now these requirements must be converted into financial support by the authorities and the animals given the legal protection they are entitled to.