Swiss meat – the subtle difference?

These recordings all come from the turkey farm in Canton Aargau, Switzerland, which was shown in the Rundschau on June 24th, 2020.

The pictures were taken on two different dates in the same week in which the Swiss television and radio were present.
Unfortunately, these bad pictures were not published during the broadcast.

This is what turkey farming really looks like in Switzerland!

These are some of the unpublished videos of the turkey farm in the canton of Aargau, which was not shown in the Rundschau of 24.06.2020.

We would be very grateful if this video could be shared as often as possible so that many people can see the whole truth.

Under this link,- -you will find the complete investigation video from 4 different turkey farms in 3 cantons which shows that this is not an isolated case but the cruel standard in Swiss farms!



Text in the video:
1) Two nights later, the chicks were no longer in the “lounge”. We found them like disposable items in a chest between spray cans and tractors.

2) This individual was also no longer there two nights later.

3) This turkey was disposed of in a plastic bag in the shed outside the farm.
His head was already covered with maggots.

All of them were free-range companies with a label. Labels must be abolished.

Labels are only good for your conscience, but not for animal welfare

Typical Swiss chicken concentration camp with so-called floor-keeping

So…Swiss meat – the subtle difference?
We say: Swiss meat – no difference


And I mean…By the way: Germany is the most important turkey supplier for Switzerland.

(Some information on general poultry farming in Switzerland according to Four Paws Organisation):

-“In Switzerland, over 7 million chickens are slaughtered for chicken meat every year.
Most of these chickens live in what is known as conventional husbandry. In concrete terms, this means in Switzerland: Floor keeping in a hall with little litter and no access.

These animals never feel the natural ground beneath their feet and cannot breathe fresh air. In addition, they are crammed into the smallest of spaces, according to the motto: Always more, always faster, always cheaper.

In Switzerland, around 15 adult animals can be kept with a final fattening weight of 2 kg per square meter. There is hardly more space than an A4 sheet of space for a single chicken.

In conventional fattening, a broiler chicken reaches its slaughter weight of 2 kg in a record time of 35 days (weight gain of 60 g per day).

Some of the animals are even slaughtered early after 22 days and processed into “dung scratches”.

The mass production and high-performance breeding of broiler chickens have serious health consequences: Many of the animals suffer sudden cardiac death or cardiopulmonary failure (“ascites”) and suffer from joint damage.

Due to the rapid and violent weight gain, the animals can hardly stand upright and walk towards the end of the fattening period – they only eat and lie around.
The damp, fecal-contaminated litter often causes skin damage and inflammation and diarrheal diseases (“coccidiosis”) are not uncommon-”

Apart from the fact that factory farming is perverse, cruel, and absolutely unethical, it creates new diseases (mutated bacteria because the animals get antibiotics, etc. to eat, making the pathogens immune to them) and the drinking water is polluted.

“Eating meat is my human right, is a principle of life, is species-appropriate “.
That is the most widespread fascist ideology of the human species

Nobody has to eat meat.

Veganism is a very promising way to soon be able to feed 10 billion people adequately without completely destroying the earth.
But education is often uncomfortable. That doesn’t fit into the comfortable consumer life.

My best regards to all, Venus


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