United States Diplomat Adds Support for National ‘No Kill’ Programme Throughout Serbia

SAV are very pleased to announce that professional, additional support has now been provided for the implementation of a national No Kill, Sterlisation, Microchipping and Identification (Database) programme within Serbia.


A letter has been produced by Mrs. Susan Rockwell Johnson, former Supervisor of Brcko District, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and now a Senior US diplomat currently working the State Department in Washington, United States. 


Diplomat Mrs. Johnson was paramount in the establishment of the excellent and superbly run Arka BaZIL ‘No Kill’ shelter within Bosnia and Herzegovina; photographs of which can be viewed at




Please refer to another past SAV article on Brcko District, at




The letter from Mrs. Johnson to both Mr.Sasha Dragin (Minister of Agriculture, Serbia) and to Mr.Zoran Micovic (Director of Veterinary Department of Serbia) will provide a very welcome support to both the EPAR (Serbia) and SAV calls for a ‘No Kill’ programme as detailed in the SAV letter earlier this week; information of which can be viewed at




Sections of Mrs. Johnsons letter to Mr.Sasha Dragin and to Mr.Zoran Micovic include:


For the attention of:


Mr.Sasha Dragin – Minister of Agriculture, Serbia;

Mr.Zoran Micovic -Director of Veterinary Department of Serbia;


 “I hope that Serb officials such as yourselves will recognize that mass extermination efforts are misguided and counterproductive. The only effective approach is a sterilization and no kill policy, combined with measures to teach and enforce responsible dog ownership.  Once it is clear to citizens that if they do not control reproduction and population they will have to pay for the care and feeding of the offspring, the incentives for responsible dog ownership and sterilization, they will have strong incentives to cooperate”.


“Animal overpopulation problem in Serbia and everywhere, including in the United States, is one very much more one of uneducated and irresponsible ownership rather than the fault of the animal(s).  This is the problem that needs to be addressed, and rapidly, by the authorities and government on a nationwide basis – a NO KILL MASS STERILISATION and MICROCHIPPING policy which in a relatively short period of time will result in a reduction of animal numbers in the towns and villages and cities across the whole of Serbia.


I urge you and appeal to you to make Serbia a model for the Balkans and beyond.  Officials such as you have the authority and responsibility to resolve these issues successfully and in a civilized manner that supports responsible dog ownership and local government and rejects mindless and brutal killing as a solution.  It takes courage and determination, which are both qualities that I am sure that you have. Please do it now!”




Susan R. Johnson, former Supervisor of Brcko District, Bosnia and Herzegovina.



EPAR and SAV would like to thank Mrs. Johnson for her expert experience of stray animal management gained in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and for her support in the call for the establishment of a national ‘No Kill’ programme throughout Serbia.


As with the SAV letter sent to Mr.Sasha Dragin and to Mr.Zoran Micovic, it has been asked that all correspondence be returned to Dr. Slavica Mazak Beslic at EPAR, who has been tirelessly campaigning for many years for a long term, animal friendly solution to the problem of stray animals within Serbia.


We will provide updates if any correspondence is received in return from either Mr.Sasha Dragin and / or Mr.Zoran Micovic.