Romania: This Existing EU Member State is Now Trying to Legalise Mass Killing Campaigns of Strays Again. – Sign the Petition and Give Your Objection to This





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The petition text is in Romanian – translation below.

As many of you have heard – Romania, despite adopting laws to the contrary, is now trying to legalise mass killing campaigns of Strays again.

This mail goes to the prefect Mihai Atansoaei, to all 33 Romanian EU-representatives, to the 6 mayors of Bucharest and to different Roumanian media.

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Dear Sir or Madam,

with big dismay this news from Romania walks around in Europe.

During an interview was suggested by Mr. Mihai Atanasoaei, prefect of Bucharest that the only way to handle with the street animal problem, would be to kill again.
Large parts of your population feel disturbed by the street dogs.
It is scandalous to even consider, to legalize slaughtering again completely instead of seeking for other alternatives.
I point out to you the fact that, partly extremely brutal slaughtering methods are carried out since decades in South and East Europe without solving this problem.

One single bitch can generate in 5 years approx. 2700 descendants!
Hence, the only logical solution is the realisation of a consequently castration programme.

At the same time has to be considered that the protection of animals can create also an economically positive aspect.
The occupation “animal keeper” would create jobs at animal homes and contribute to the reduction of unemployment.
As a teaching field a clarification with a deferential and responsible contact with other living beings would take place which also contains the creation of new jobs.

Unfortunately, Great Britain with his killing methods is stated as an example for imitation, but one forget quite obviously that the UK has no problems with street animals in such magnitudes.

I would like to point out Hungary to you, because the situation there corresponds to the Romanian.

  • Hungary began in autumn, 2009 a state castration programme
  • Hungary will introduce “protection of animals” as a school subject
  • Hungary will built up “animal care” as an official occupational picture

The authorities in Hungary are certainly willing to stand aside to a neighbouring country in an advisory capacity.

Moreover, numerous animal welfare organisations in Romania and other EU countries are active and willing to perform assistance if your country would admit it.
Long-term seen the problem of the stray animals would be solved and Romania would be able to pursue good and responsible animal welfare.
I expect from politicians of a member state of the EU the readiness to inform themselves about this subject instead of falling back into old practise which did not prove itself.
In the name of humanity and the respect compared with other living beings I ask you to refrain from the planned law changes and to consider alternatives which are worthy to an EU member country in 2010.
Homicides are not!

Yours faithfully

Turkey: A Message from Lale – Please Read and Reconsider What is Said in Your Comments

We have had this message from Lale regarding the Turkish situation.

Out thoughts and best wishes go out to all our animal protector friends in Turkey.

Yes, very much agree with what is said; the EU is far from perfect, and that is why we are always pushing for an EU Written declaration for the protection of stray and pet animals.  To achieve this would be a massive victory.  To date, attempts have failed as some EU nations (maybe with stray problems) do not want to support the introduction of legislation to protect stray animals.

We are watching events and will let everyone know of things if and when they happen

Thanks for the message Lale .



Lare says;

Please do not tar all of us with the same brush!!!

I am Turkish, I am also part of a rather large animal activist group called Let’s Adopt, which you can check out on facebook.

We try to do what we can, but as we don’t really have the support of the authorities, in fact, as, most of the time, we are working against the authorities such as the various town councils, it is a losing battle. Our biggest hope is to have the law against animal cruelty changed, so that a violation, which is now considered a misdemeanor and only punishable with a fine, will be considered a crime. That might at least reduce the number of violations.

On the other hand, Please do not think that this is a problem that is observed only in Turkey. Many countries, among them EU members such as Greece and Rumania, have the same problems. Some countries have overcome their stray animal problems through mass slaughters.

I, and many others like me, are doing our best to change things, but change doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, we have started reaping the benefits of our endeavors, albeit in a small way: During the recent inclement weather, both the governar and the mayor of Istanbul spoke on TV, asking the population to put out food for stray animals. TV channels are giving news items about the groups that are trying to help strays. Things are looking up.

I would say, by the time people start realizing that there are not bad nations, but uninformed, ignorant people, Turkey will have overcome this problem.

Keep well, all of you, and live with love,