Serbia: Pictures of Some Dogs Rescued By Slavica.

Slavica has sent through some pictures of dogs who are staying with her.



Look at Mondy, he is ok, was born 1996.- we found him behind the highway .

Now he had  lipoma –  subcutaneouse benign tumour .


Look at Bisa , female , we found her before 10 years when she was 
shot by hunters. Now she had an operation – like Mondy : benign tumour



Bubica, female, was operated, breast tumour – not cancer.



Stafi was rescued from Novi Sad city pound  , he was on death row .


This is Stafi in his room.





Uk: Three New Uk Arrivals From Romania Looking For Forever Homes. Please Crosspost.

Dear Friends,

Three new arrivals to introduce to you! 

These will be our last Rommie rescues coming here to the UK for at least 6-months so if anyone is looking to adopt or knows of a good home waiting please get in touch.  If you could kindly crosspost and share with your friends/family too we’d be grateful



Balanica is approx. 2 years old, a medium sized girl.  Balanica is still quite shy but once she knows you she starts to relax.  In fact in just 2-weeks she’s grown in confidence a lot.  Balanica loves to play with other dogs, she would benefit most in a home with another dog/s.  She’s fairly low energy, happy to play and then have an afternoon snooze.  We’re not sure how she is with cats as yet as not sure she’s encountered any in the garden.  Balanica has so much potential, she’s a really lovely girl and in the right home will simply blossom!  She has been spayed, fully vaccinated and microchipped.  She is being fostered in the North London area.





Mugurel is approx. 2 years old, extremely handsome, beautiful colour. A bit shy at the beginning but he comes round really quick and then he’s one of the most affectionate dog I’ve seen, wanting lots of cuddles. He is a fairly playful dog and really enjoys canine company.  He’s not extremely energetic, he does like to sit and sleep on his own sometimes.  He doesn’t seem to like cats too much though!  He would be happy to be rehomed on his own or with other dogs. Seems to be protective of his foster place (in the best possible way) so he is good as guard dog as well. Mugurel has been spayed, fully vaccinated and microchipped. He is being fostered in the North London area.




Aesop is a lively 18-month old very handsome boy!  He’s totally lovable and will take all the cuddles he can get!  Aesop is very people/dog friendly and completely ignores the cats in his foster home.  He loves to play with other dogs and so we’d really want to rehome him where he would have others to play with.  He’s not high-energy as such, he just likes a real good play then to settle down for a snooze.  Aesop has been spayed, fully vaccinated and microchipped.  He is being fostered in the North London area.


Chrissy xx

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