Bulgaria: The only solution governments seem to be able to come up with is : KILL! Please sign this petition.

The only solution governments seem to be able to come up with is : KILL!

Please sign this petition.

Zoals gewoonlijk is de enige oplossing die regeringen kunnen bedenken: Afmaken! Teken hier aub.

Please sign and share this petition
From website Animal Rescue Sofia : www.arsofia.org

The minister of agriculture Мiroslav Naidenov announced today that it is being thought about a return to mass euthanasia as a method of dealing with the stray dog population.
The former boss of Ecobalance also blamed NGO’s for the stray dog population.

When the municipalities and the central government aren’t doing their jobs and instead spend years in theft and slacking;

When their despicable slacking is escalating;

When ACTA is quietly being pushed through, the Belene power-plant and gas fracking plans become a topic for the citizens;

When children are dying on the streets of our cities and the government begins to look worse and worse to people;

Then the time has come to KILL THE DOGS!

Then the Bulgarians will not be asking “What did you spend all that money on?” or “Why did you do nothing about the problem for years?” they will repeat “Let’s KILL THE DOGS!” as a mantra and not have a single doubt.
Without any discussion minister Naydenov  decided “Concentration camps will be built for the dogs. There are dogs on the street only because of those crazy NGO’s – it’s their fault!”. “KILL THE DOGS!” – what a great slogan for an uneducated nation. A nation of obedient folk. Deaf and dumb, not asking any questions, as long as they get to KILL THE DOGS!

Spay/Neuter and Return is not working? Oh, so you know better than the World Health Organization? Please, than be so kind to return all the budget you have used so far for those useless municipal companies that spend 400E on mowing a decare of land. And dearest representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, please be so kind and give back those millions you ghave received for the non-existant dog-registry database. And then you may blame us. Then you may yell “KILL THE DOGS!”

Our apoogies, her minister. But you have greatly miscalculated things. The people of Bulgaria are not a bunch of blind idiots. Our nation doesn’t consist only of blood-thirsty journalists.  Bulgarians can think, they can see and they have travelled. We are Europeans. And when you, ladies and gentlemen of the government, are trying to lie to us. When you are washing your hands in the blood of the poor professor Tachkov, then it is NOT TIME TO  KILL THE DOGS!

and state a clear NO to the hault of Spay/Neuter and return.

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