Serbia: News From Felix Shelter – March 2013. Situation Is Desperate – Celebrity Help Needed To Support Costs.

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We have helped Danica and Felix to get some additional funding support for emergency work to be undertaken on the shelter.  This is obviously far from enough.

There must be some people somewhere in our supporter global network who know others who can help out here with a bigger set of donations; be they celebrities, tv and media persons (Oprah ?), sports personalities or even very rich ‘animal welfare’ organisations.

As you can see from the photos above and below, the situation has reached crisis pointOne cheque from just one celebrity would probably cover all the costs needed to get Felix shelter sorted and running properly again.

Is anyone reading this prepared to make contact with celebrities and others to try and get Felix shelter some help ?

Or are we going to see the place fall down, despite all our efforts, and all the cats made homeless once again ?

Over to you – please do what you can to try and support this very worthwhile cause.

Thank You.

Serious problems with a damaged shelter

We’ve been repairing the shelter since last spring, but in spite of our best efforts the repairs are far from being finished. Instead of replacing the entire roof of the main building (which would have been a very costly, but only permanent solution), we managed to install additional supports and strengthen the roof as much as we could. Had this winter been as snowy as the last one, the roof would’ve surely collapsed under the snow load. It must be replaced this year at any cost, as it can’t possibly endure another winter. Moreover, we didn’t even touch the roof of the auxiliary rooms in the backyard. The entire structure is worn out and some of the roof rafters and beams are cracked and half-rotten. The old roof tiles, partially covered in moss, are moving and sagging and with the melting snow and heavy rains, water has started making it’s way in. What would have happened had the precipitation been more abundant, I dare not imagine.

As to the auxiliary rooms themselves, they have originally been made of bricks and rammed earth. If we want to fix them permanently, special nets should be adhered to the inner walls and Bavalit applied afterwards. Bavalit is a kind of mortar, a mixture of hydraulic binders, mineral aggregates and additives. Then the new insulation layer can be added to the ceiling and we would have a nice and safe indoor enclosure. The only cat room in the front yard is in the worst shape, with a huge bump in the ceiling caused by moisture, and a number of cracks in the walls. If enough of the ceiling gets wet, it will become too heavy to support itself and will collapse on my unsuspecting cats! We have to fix it ASAP!

The outdoor enclosure is another matter. The perimeter of the whole yard and the roof should be enclosed with some fencing with a stronger, but finer mesh. The existing fence is too weak and is actually chain-link fencing with links that are too large to prevent little kittens and skinnier adults from escaping through the wire. Although there wasn’t as much snow this winter, the wire mesh dangerously sagged at one point, as it was already droopy after it barely help up through the last year’s winter. Another heavy snow load would have knocked it down. We’ve been lucky so far, but who can guarantee we will be equally lucky next winter? I won’t even mention that paved paths through the yard should also be made…

Another big problem is the outdoor fence. The posts had already started to deteriorate and crumble. They became wobbly last year, and this year’s snow and ice further degraded them and caused extensive additional damage. Not only that, the gates can’t close properly. These rotten posts will fall apart and cause the whole fence to fall down any day now. It’s not an exaggeration, it’s an inevitable reality and a dire emergency!

Please, help us! We’re overwhelmed and doing everything we can, but we just can’t do it without your help! The need is great, but no amount is too small. Thank you in advance for anything you may be able to provide!

PayPal button is on our blog:

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Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96


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Please give a donation if you are able – anything will help, no matter what the size.

Thank You – SAV.












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