England: Over 176,000 EU Citizens Sign To Stop Live Exports.



Update from Pru at Compassion In World Farming (CIWF) regarding the Euro tour of the stop live animal exports tour – remember our post from October:


Over 176,000 Euro citizens signed to stop the trade. The EU has got to listen !

We worked with Pru re the recent live sheep exported from Serbia to Israel – see our post and all the links / photos at:


serb sheep 5


Dear Mark,

I recently returned from Brussels, where I presented the European Commission with our #CowOnTour petition, signed by 176,062 European citizens. Our simple, united message: Stop live farm animal exports.

 Today, I want to share with you the story of #CowOnTour – and urgently call on you to use your voice once again to speak up for Europe’s exported farm animals.

Following the recent tragic events in Paris, to avoid extra pressure on the security services we cancelled our final #CowOnTour event in Brussels. However, thanks to your support, we were still able to secure a face-to-face meeting with the European Commission. They have promised us an official response to the petition, and we will share this with you when we receive it.

We also had an urgent second request for the Commission: Until a live export ban is in place, they must push EU countries not to approve road shipments to Turkey. This trade route is of particular concern because animals can be held at the border for days on end, crammed on trucks in hot, filthy conditions, without adequate rest or water. This is not only cruel, but clearly breaches EU law.

At least 12 member states have been approving exports to Turkey despite knowing that the delays make the journeys illegal.

Yet the Commission appears reluctant to intervene. If they won’t act, we will. Our cow may no longer be on tour – but let’s show those member states that Europe’s citizens are still on the case!

THANK YOU to everyone who backed the #CowOnTour, and for your ongoing support for the campaign to stop live exports from the EU. Together, we can end this cruelty.

 Pru Elliott

Campaign Officer

PS Check out the full story of Compassion’s #CowOnTour here – an epic journey for one animal, supported by more than 176,000 European citizens.