USA: Trump Moves Ahead With His Wall; and Damn The People and Wildlife Who Are Affected.



Hi Mark;

Donald Trump is pushing ahead with his cruel border wall.

Not only will it perpetuate human suffering and harm border communities but it will become an impenetrable barrier for wildlife, forever walling off Mexican gray wolves, ocelots and jaguars from their families on the other side.

It’s a perfect emblem of Trump’s America — divisive, ugly, harmful to people and wildlife, and ruinous for our stunning landscapes.

With your contribution to the Trump Resistance Fund today, we’ll fight to stop the wall and protect our magnificent borderlands and migrating wildlife. The United States-Mexico border region is a breathtaking mix of lush deserts and wild landscapes including national wildlife refuges, monuments and national forests.

It’s the only place in the world where jaguars and black bears live side by side. More than 100 animal species will be threatened by Trump’s border wall, including ocelots, Sonoran pronghorn and coatimundi — a raccoon-like omnivore.

Imagine what the wall will do. The two male jaguars currently roaming the Southwest will probably never be able to find a mate because all other jaguars in Mexico will be blocked from moving north and re-establishing populations. Mexican gray wolves in Arizona will be cut off from the vital habitats they need to grow their genetically impoverished numbers. The dwindling population of less than 50 ocelots in Texas will be cut off forever, doomed to gradual inbreeding and extinction.

Fight the wall with a donation to the Trump Resistance Fund today.

We’re in for a massive fight. Trump knows that the wall is a centerpiece of his appeal to his extremist supporters, and he’ll use the full power of the federal government to try and ram it through regardless of the harm it would do to border communities and wildlife. We need to stop him before the fragile environments of the borderlands are destroyed forever. The Center is hiring 10 new lawyers and investigators to stop the worst of Trump’s plans, including the border wall.

We also need to mobilize out in the streets and will be hiring more activists. But we need you by our side to make this happen.

Please make a gift to the Trump Resistance Fund today.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling

Executive Director

Center for Biological Diversity @KieranSuckling

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