Lapland: the Husky Business is about to end

The effects of Corona do not stop at sled dogs

Risk areas, quarantine regulations, closed borders: The Corona crisis hits the tourism industry very hard.

In addition to the obvious fellow sufferers such as restaurants, hotels, or transport companies, there are also some victims (!!!) of the crisis that no one has on their radar.

These include, for example, the providers of sled dog rides in Lapland (!!!)- and their animals. The situation on-site is so bad that some dogs even have to be euthanized or shot – because they can no longer be cared for.

The boom in dog sledding tours through Lapland

The boom in dog sledding has been great in recent years.
You can hardly imagine anything more beautiful: Just escape everyday life around the Christmas holidays and enjoy the snow-covered valleys and forests of Lapland.

And all on a sled, pulled by cute huskies and best of all with Santa Claus as a “musher” – the one who steers the sled.

Not all sled dogs are fine

Because this type of tour is becoming more and more popular, a real industry has sprung up around sledding.
According to “YLE”, the public broadcaster in Finland, around 5,000 to 7,000 dogs are used each season.

But according to a report by “CNN”, the boom became a problem even before Corona – not only in Finland but in all of Scandinavia.

The local providers were no longer able to meet the demand – more and more providers, including from abroad, pushed onto the market.

And with the price war, the exploitation of animals began more and more. Often flown in from southern Europe, many dogs struggle with health problems and poor holding conditions.

While the local dog farmers would have to adhere to strict requirements and the dogs could lead a good life there, seasonal suppliers could be less monitored by the authorities, according to the report.

“Sometimes the dogs are even put to sleep out of desperation and shot” (!!!)

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And I mean...In Finnish Lapland, there are an estimated 65 to 70 dog sledding companies with 5,000 to 7,000 dogs who are mainly used for sled safaris.
The turnover of dog sled companies is around ten million per year.
The dog begins to work around the age of one year and its services often last up to ten years.

For years the husky owners have exploited their animals to entertain “nature lovers” with Santa Claus on husky paws.

Now they moan, the money stays away!
Every small company puts something aside for the bad times.
But in bad times, exploiters have no mercy on their slaves.

Now they are killing their most loyal servants, they were just a means of transport.

And the owners play the victims of the Corona, of course!

What an outrageous, exploitative gang are these dog sledding businessmen!

Please clarify all of your friends, acquaintances, relatives about this business.

No tours with huskies, nowhere in the world.

My best regards to all, Venus

To Animal Rights Day: your freedom is our fight

Today, December 10th is International Animal Rights Day.

In 1998, animal rights group Uncaged launched International Animal Rights Day to call for the recognition of a Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, specifically choosing December 10th to coincide with Human Rights Day and draw attention to speciesism.

Giving the basic respect due to all sentient beings takes nothing away from the struggle for human rights.

Everyone, human and non-human alike, deserves fundamental rights to life, freedom, and bodily integrity.

Oppression of animals is no more justifiable than the oppression of humans, and the ‘humans first’ ideology is human supremacism.
Humans are responsible for needlessly enslaving, torturing, and murdering these non-human animals by the trillion every year in the meat, dairy, and egg industries.

The United Nations claims to lead global efforts to achieve peace, dignity, and equality, yet they ignore these industries.
Seventy-two years after the United Nations ratified the Declaration of Human Rights, it’s long overdue that non-human animals get the least they deserve.

End human supremacism.
Non-human animals will have their own day.

Anonymous for the Voiceless

And my Comment: Every year over 60 billion animals are killed for human consumption – without counting fish – mostly after a horrific life and mostly in a cruel way!
Anyone who has a glimmer of compassion must feel sick to see what is happening every second.

Even today, 22 years after the introduction of Animal Rights Day, catastrophic conditions in animal holdings, slaughterhouses, animal transports, and much more are documented and revealed again and again.

Even if small successes can be celebrated, there are always setbacks and the daily confrontation with the bitter fact that animals are nowhere in the world considered living beings.

But like humans, animals have rights that cannot be put into perspective or negotiated!

Why should one be allowed to torture someone because they belong to a different species?
The same pain is equally bad, regardless of whether it is experienced by whites, blacks, men, women, children, the disabled, or animals.

Species exploitation and discrimination are just as wrong as racism and sexism.

Remembrance days such as Animal Rights Day on December 10th remind us that work and struggle are more necessary and important today than ever.

Animals cannot go to court themselves and stand up for their rights, so they need us.

We will not betray them and will continue to fight for the abolition of their slavery

My best regards to all, Venus