England / Germany: Important Information – Please Read.

Dear friends,

It is always difficult to say goodbye to a blog that you associate with a lot of commitment and hard work.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)  https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/  has been a very informative source of news and information as long as active animal rights activists like our unforgettable Slavica Mazak Beslic could provide the necessary know-how and information ‘from the ground up’. 

We were a great and effective team – Slavica provided the news (from Serbia) and we then created posts on the site for the world to read and view.  We also took our campaigns to the heart of the EU in Brussels, and opened and banged on as many doors as we could.

Our dear friend Slavica tragically passed in 2020, and both of us, have tried to keep the SAV blog going by reproducing the (non Serbian animal) news that also appeared on our primary World Animals Voice (WAV) blog  World Animals Voice – Animal news from around the world. .

After much deliberation, we realized that this global approach is no longer the original purpose of the founding of SAV, so we have decided not to write special postings for SAV and instead offer simple links to current WAV topics.

SAV Facebook (20+) Serbian Animals Voice | Facebook was also created by us back around 2005 as a ‘talking shop’ for animal rescuers and wonderful ‘animal people’ throughout Serbia. 

Now, with more than 1,300 members from the animal community, it still maintains that ‘animal protection’ policy on the whole, but we have also noticed recently that it is now being hijacked by others who are interested in anything but animals and their welfare. 

This attitude goes against all the principles that SAV Facebook for Serbian animals was founded for all those years ago.

So, with immediate effect, we are thus withdrawing our involvement for SAV Facebook; and will have no further involvement with any control / input into the site.  It is sad when a few non animal people are spoiling things for the vast majority of brilliant animal welfare people in the Balkans by their actions.

World Animals Voice (WAV) World Animals Voice – Animal news from around the world. will very much continue to be the prime site for the posting of information, actions, and discussion topics involving animals the world over. 

Many of you; our friends and supporters, have been involved with us on this long and traumatic journey to date; we have always welcomed your support and kind comments, and we trust that you will stay with us on this new journey we are taking now down a different path.

SAV will remain as a site and will NOT be closed down.  It has over 16 years worth of very informative archive material associated with the fight for justice for stray animals in the Balkans states. 

All of this information will be retained and is available to anyone who wishes to visit for information and view photographs and / or videos.  Simply go to Serbian Animals Voice (SAV) | a voice for the voiceless and select from the ‘Categories’ on the right side, or from the ‘Archive’ on the left.

Finally; we wish all of our animal friends who we have worked with in the Balkans over the years all the very best with their continuing work for animals in need. You are all fantastic people and have our utmost respect for what you do; many of you have become our personal campaigner friends; and we wish you all every success with your future endeavours to put the wrongs right. 

Animal people around the world must unite and continue to work together in order to achieve success.  We, through World Animals Voice, will continue with our work and our long term goal of giving voices to our voiceless animals friends.

We hope that you will remain loyal to us and continue to support us in our work, even after this new order.

best regards to you all,

Mark and Venus.

slavicaAbove – Slavica – a wonderful person and campaigner friend.


Dr. Medicine Slavica Mazak Bešlić – A Dear Animal Campaigner Friend Lost Today. – World Animals Voice

for Slavica Mazac-Bešlić – World Animals Voice



Below – The fight for Serbian strays.

This dog has been sterilised and wears a red ear tag to prove it and make this clear. Balaclava clad Shinters (dog catchers) take no notice of this tag, and dart him with drugs which are now taking effect. They wait as you can see, on the street, to take him and then kill him.

How do you fight actions like this ? –

you try, and try, and try …… and keep on..

Thanks to Maria and Paul for making Serbia No. 1 in their song ‘Unite’:


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