I adopted your dog today

This text is beautiful 😍

I adopted your dog today.
The one you left at the shelter.
The one you’ve had for 10 years.
And that you didn’t want to keep anymore.

I adopted your dog today.
Did you know he had lost weight?
Did you know he is terrified and depressed?
And that he seems to have lost all confidence?

I adopted your dog today.
He had fleas and was suffering from the cold.
Guess you don’t care what condition he’s in?
I was told you abandoned him.

I adopted your dog today.
Have you had a baby, or have you moved?
Have you suddenly developed allergies?
Or was there no reason he couldn’t stay with you?

I adopted your dog today.
He does not play and barely eats.
I think he is very sad and it will take time before he
regain confidence.

I adopted your dog today.
And here he will be loved. He has found his definitive family.
And a warm basket in which to rest.

I adopted your dog today.
And I will give him everything: Patience, love and security.
So that he can forget your cowardice.

By Aurore Claude

And I mean…Never betray your best friend.
Animals are not articles that can be exchanged at any time.
Adopt an animal and make it your partner for life.

Regards, Venus

ALF exempts 400 guineas pigs from laboratory deliveries



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My best regards to all, Venus

Austria: Animal rights activists occupy pig farms-farmer hits an animal rights activist!

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My best regards to all, Venus