Italy: Magpie liberated, traps destroyed by ALF

North American Animal Liberation Press Office: Received anonymously:


ENG: The ALF destroys a larsen trap and releases a magpie in Italy.
A second trap was also destroyed and it will not be the last because we are everywhere. We have run out of patience, the traps are just the begining.

SPA: EL Frente de Liberación Animal destruye una trampa larsen y libera una urraca en Italia.
Otra jaula fue destruida, y no será la última, porque estamos en todas partes. La paciencia tiene un límite, las jaulas son solo el aperitivo.

ITA: ALF distrutta gabbia larsen e liberata gazza.
Un’ altra gabbia distrutta, e non sarà l’ ultima, perchè siamo ovunque. La pazienza ha un limite, le gabbie sono solo l’ antipasto.

Thank you ALF!
The hunters must slowly realize that the days of their hideous atrocities are numbered

My best regards to all, Venus

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