Recent WAV Articles For You To Read / Actions To Do.

Here are a selection of articles until now only published on the WAV site.  Now you can select and read them here.


Norway: After The Faroes Slaughter; Norway Now Murders 575 Whales ! – World Animals Voice

UK: OPINION: Why The CO2 Shortages Make It The Best Time To Go Vegan. – World Animals Voice

Netherlands: Dutch Farmers Face Calls To Reduce Livestock By 30% To Help Protect The Planet. – World Animals Voice

USA: Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos. – World Animals Voice

UK: British Government refuses to halt post-Brexit Faroes trade deal despite whale and dolphin massacres. – World Animals Voice

UK: 1 In 5 Kids In The UK Are Vegan Or Want To Be, Survey Finds. – World Animals Voice

USA: ‘Smoke cows’: Could more US wildfires mean less milk from Oregon’s huge dairy herd? – World Animals Voice

EU Organic Day: what it could mean for animal welfare. – World Animals Voice

Australia: Koala Population Falls By 30% In 3 Years ! – World Animals Voice

Russia forest fire damage worst since records began, says Greenpeace. – World Animals Voice

Sustainable Food Systems: the intersection of trade and animal welfare. – World Animals Voice

Denmark: Large eggs push small hens to the breaking point – 85% of laying hens in Danish production have fractures of the sternum due to intensive breeding. – World Animals Voice

UN; Cop In or Cop Out ? – Moby, Joaquin Phoenix, Billie Eilish and other ‘meat free’ celebs urge world leaders at climate talks to curb animal farming. – World Animals Voice

India: The Latest From Erika, Jim and All the Crew At ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ – Amazing Rescues and Treatment 21/9/21. – World Animals Voice

Agri News 21/9/21. – World Animals Voice

Brazil: 2021 – 2 Confirmed Cases of BSE. – World Animals Voice

England: Brown Dog – How the Cruel Death of a Little Stray Dog Led to Riots in 1900s Britain. – World Animals Voice

Australia: Boe’s Story – Boar Semen Collection. A Very Concerning Video. – World Animals Voice

50 NGOs call on the European Commission to end the promotion of meat and dairy. – World Animals Voice

European Commission to ban beef, soy and palm oil imports linked to deforestation. – World Animals Voice

England: Foxy Photos. – World Animals Voice

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