Learn something new every day

Preparing a woodpecker for winter.

First he finds a dead tree and starts making holes for the acorns. Each hole is made very thoughtfully, because if the hole is large, other birds can easily steal the acorn.
If the hole is narrow, the nut can break and deteriorate.

By the end of summer, the woodpecker’s “jewelry” work ends, by this time the acorns ripen and take their places in the tree.

The trunk of a large tree can hold about 50,000 acorns, allowing the bird a satisfying winter.


I don’t know about you friends, but I had no idea about it.
And now I am very happy with the thought that the many nuts that I cleared off the road and put in the forest might have contributed to the construction of a woodpecker

You learn something different every day…

My best regards to all, Venus

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