the animal feed industry

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“All over the world, animals are abused in the animal feed industry
Here we see young calves in the dairy industry in America
Kidnapped by their mother immediately after calving
And were thrown into drinking a cheap substitute in the bitter cold of a blizzard.

Many of the calves do not survive the cold nights
And their death counts as rubble, like a damaged shoe thrown in the trash
And farmers receive compensation from agricultural insurance”

Text: Glass Walls

And I mean…Treating baby animals under the age of five weeks this way is a perversion.
To conceal the perversion of enslaving other animals, we must become accustomed to cruelty.
The system of the criminal meat industry takes care of that.

This system has corrupted human consciousness, we are used to cruelty.
This cruelty has become part of our everyday life and is perceived by us as a universal necessity

That is why such systems are kept alive

regards to all, Venus

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