Serbia: Petition – End Zoophilic Tourism In Serbia!


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End zoophilic tourism in Serbia!

Serbia has become the place for the sick to satisfy their disgusting needs for having sex with animals.

Being a country in which zoophilia is not prohibited, there are several places from Norway, UK, Holland and other countries of Europe visit. Belgrade, the capital, is the most visited place by zoophilic who have fun having sex with animals like sheep, donkeys, dogs, geese and cows.

These sick people get what they are want thanks to a country in which the Law does not prohibit these disgusting and degrading acts towards animals. There are even advertisements on the Internet that offer services for 100 euros or more.

Serbia is a country that has wanted to join the European Union for many years, but with these laws it is impossible to achieve.

We do not want a country like Serbia in the EU if it does not amend the Laws and prohibits bestiality.

Let us ask the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, to ban these aberrant acts, to amend the Laws if he wants to be part of the EU, we do not allow these savages to continue to harm animals.











13 Responses

  1. Given that zoophilia: as cruelty , torture and abuse of animals, in Serbia is forbidden,( and if that person falls into the hands of animal protectors,maybe : it can be castrated ) .Police has duty to prevent both: as zoophyllia-cruellty to animals as castration zoophillers-cruelty to zoophyllers.

  2. Stop now

  3. Stop animal killing

  4. Stop animal killing now!!!!!!

  5. The world is allmost dead

  6. Make this cruel practice illegal and punishable by long prison sentence !!! Today defencelles animals , tomorrow will be defencelles child !!!

  7. Sick persons who does this

  8. Stop these sick people

  9. Ziekelijke geesten zijn die mensen.Hele hogen gevangenis straffen en flinke boetes.Zet die zomaar in een cel met grote dieren vrienden dan zullen ze hopelijk hun lesje krijgen

  10. why do these poor animals have to suffer like this? the world is so sick!

  11. STOP the disgusting abuse of animals!!! Alle animals deserve respect and good care!

  12. Filthy basterds, I would like them all be sentenced to death.

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