Circus Roncalli: 360° Holografie instead of animal cruelty


Come in, walk in – come and marvel!


On the stage of the Circus Roncalli elephants with long tusks rise again on a pedestal and bow.
But after the show, the animals do not have to be in a tight cage and across the highway to the next town.

Because: they are not real, but created holographically. For its new, animal-free concept, the circus of animal welfare organizations such as Peta is classified as “exemplary”.

Roncalli has banished wildlife from his program since 1991, and last year circus director Bernhard Paul said goodbye to the last animal actors – the horses. At least from the real ones: instead, horses made of stardust run through the ring as holograms; more than a million gold particles are animated according to Roncalli press spokesman Markus Strobl.


The times have changed. Many of these circuses have long since canceled their sails, and the whole “circus” concept has also seemed a little out of time. Those who still travel the country with their programs face a sharp headwind. This often has to do exactly with the circus animals, because PETA and other organizations, but also more and more individuals refuse the conditions under which the animals have to live.

The circus director from Roncalli Bernhard Paul is aware that this innovation has also “hit the nerve of the times”. But that was not the reason for it: “That was a lonely decision of mine, in which many have said: ‘But this will be difficult without animals`.

“It was not. It was right. We notice what’s going on in other circuses that work with animals. ”


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And I say…Thank you, Roncalli!
Now I can go to the circus again.
No animals are abused and “broken” for the amusement of stupid circus visitors.
I hope that other circuses will take Roncalli as a role model and make the same decision.

My best regards, Venus


Canada: stopps the captivity of whales and dolphins!

It is a great success for marine mammals suffering from marine zoos: Canada has banned the confinement and breeding of orcas, whales and dolphins in captivity.

For the first time in history, the Canadian parliament voted in favor of an animal welfare law.


Zoos and aquariums that violate the ban must expect a fine of up to $ 200,000.

Independent Senator and former Judge Murray Sinclair, who led the bill through Parliament, comments on the ban as follows:

“This bill is simple and clear. It is based on the assumption that it is very cruel animal cruelty to keep these beautiful animals in just those enclosures in which they were previously held”.


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And I mean...It is important to pass on such information. Many people still ignore the conditions in which animals live in water parks.
They think that dolphins and whales naturally cooperate with the stupid acrobatic number and that they do it because they just are more intelligent than other mammals!!

They are forced to perform meaningless tricks and have to play the ever-smiling clowns  for stupid visitors. They are often separated from family members because they are traded between zoos and carried around.

Today we know that …

Orcas and dolphins live in large, complex, social groups and they can swim in freedom up to 100 km and dive several hundred meters in the open ocean every day. In captivity, these animals can only swim in endless circles in bare, narrow concrete basins and are denied the opportunity to live almost any natural behavior.

They are held in narrow, flat and monotonous pools where they can only stereotypically make their rounds . In addition, the artificially treated water leads to skin rashes and eye inflammation.

A single dolphin can bring up to one million dollars a year to its owner – which is quite realistic, if hundreds of brainless visitors are routed through the swimming programs every day and paid between 100 and 200 dollars per capita.


The marketing of dolphins as clowns, petting animals and acrobats generates billions in sales worldwide each year.

My best regards, Venus


Hunting stand destroyed in upstate New York!



Jun 09, 2019

Received anonymously:

A hunting tower was downed on the night of 06/01 in upstate NY.

We hate this speciesist civilization and want to see the end of the murder and oppression of wildlife.

We also want to see the end of the murder and oppression of wildlife , and we fight for this.

Best regards, Venus


Fuck (Fair) Oaks Farms and Coca – Cola


Fair Oaks Farms is one of the largest dairies in the US producing Fairlife milk products manufactured, marketed and distributed by Coca-Cola Corporation.

Now that a Nestlé dairy company has been charged with animal abuse in the US, it’s time for Coca Cola.

ARM founder Richard “Kudo” Couto argued that the undercover videos should show what really happened at Fair Oaks Farms, a mega-farm one hour north of Lafayette that attracts 500,000 visitors a year and is touted as an “agricultural” tourism window becomes animal husbandry. An undercover investigator working for ARM found a job in the farm and filmed the cruelty. Couto said he has never seen such brutal and constant abuse of animals, of all those Fair Oaks Farms had contact with.

As with the Nestlè dairy, the animals are beaten, kicked and tortured. And the fact that things are even worse is shown by the following footage.


After these excellent undercover investigations on the Internet have caused massive protests around the world the Founder of Fair Oaks Farms Dr. Mike McCloskey Fair Oaks Farms founder Mike McCloskey has accepted responsibility for what was shown in the video, saying… there was a breakdown in training and oversight of what he called a handful of bad employees.

In a series of statements, McCloskey said four of the five people shown in ARM’s initial video were Fair Oaks Farms employees who were fired once the abuse was pointed out to management, either months ago or once the video was released.

But ARM said that is not enough and that the abuse is not only widespread among the four employees.

“The beating was perpetrated by all employees. Calves were thrown, shoved, kicked and even force-fed. Many of the calves died as a result of abuse and poor conditions. From everyone we worked with and with whom we had contact. From the managers, the supervisor, the foreman, the brutality was just about everywhere, “said ARM founder Richard Couto.

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My comment: As soon as courageous activists inform the public about these crimes, the MAIN leader for this Dachau appears and apologizes.

He reduces the level of crime to four people, who earn a maximum of 10 dollars per hour, work under miserable conditions and try to massacre as many animals as possible so they do not lose their miserable job.

And the worst of all: manager Mike McCloskey wants to reassure us that once the four “sinners” are removed from the farm, everything will be back in harmony and animal welfare.

And not only that: indirectly, he promises that the incident is the absolute exception, it is not in the spirit of Farma ideology to operate with such abominations, it will be taken measure! This has always been the familiar coverup strategy of the Milk and Meat Mafia.


If we ALL do not stop breastfeeding and stealing foreign milk as if we were still newborn, these crimes will be practiced as an everyday business in dairy industry and meat industry.
We order, others torture, slaughter, murder.

We must never forget that, and we can finally fight these crimes against our animal companions with our own responsibility and political actions.


My best regards to all, Venus


Arguments against carnism


Image: Pawel Kuczynski

When discussing vegetarianism with meat eaters, you will probably find that the focus of the argument is often on empty and false claims, such as, “As long as the animals do not suffer, I will continue to eat meat, done!”

That sounds like, “As long as 2 + 2 = 347, I stick to my opinion, Basta!”

Hard to say something appropriate and to stay inwardly relaxed.

When I heard this phrase, I replied, “Watch a carnage in a video or the life of the animals in a farm, how miserable these animals are to spend their lives!”
Then came the answer:  ” One does not have to know everything, for that we have a division of work in our society! “

This level of discussion can easily lead to discouragement among vegetarians. To preserve patience in such conversations, it is sometimes helpful to have some counter arguments at hand.

The millennia-old tradition of eating meat has produced some very interesting, sometimes outrageous and illogical arguments. Although some of the pro-meat theses quoted here are downright idiotic, the meat eaters using such arguments are also doing it very seriously!!

Argument 1: “Plants are also living things that can suffer, so you should then not eat them”

Answer: To equate plant suffering with animal suffering is pure nonsense and is certainly perceived as exaggerated, even by the one who says so.

Plants have neither pain receptors nor nerves.
Both are necessary to create the message “Aua”. The nerves send the pain stimuli to the brain, which are processed here first.
So … because they still lack pain receptors and a brain, the pain impulses can not be sensed.


Argument 2: Classification, “animals have no soul”

Answer: Of course, for centuries, the church has been diligently working on racism and discrimination, officially appointing the human species with God’s blessing the prevalent animal species.

“Animals have no soul, animals have only instincts and are therefore subordinate to humans. Animals are there to serve mankind with their flesh and goods “is the title of the church association.

It’s actually not hard to recognize the soul of an animal. However, meat eaters have made these creatures their slaves and victims, and the sight of the animal souls in his eyes could lead them to a serious remorse.



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The massive exploitation of animals for the production of food, in laboratories for senseless experiments, in the entertainment industry but also in a private attitude is therefore in no way justifiable. Honestly, it’s a daily murder and no argument can justify this murder.

There is no “humane” way to use animals. Where the goals of humans conflict with the needs of animals, the animals are the losers.

My best regards to all, Venus


Spain: murder spectacle for primitives



How primitive and anti-social can people be in the middle of Europe?


Watch the video at the FB page of Pacma:

Toledo: This is not a bullfight in the conventional sense of bullfighting murder we know.
It is a premeditated murder of a small calf between 1 and 2 years old who has not yet been weaned by his mother.

Therefore, the calf can not yet coordinate his legs well and also has no big horns to defend himself.
The murderers themselves prepare the murder weapons, the banderillas.

If he can not anymore, the animal is stuck in the corner, several “helpers” grab him and nail him until the baby is paralyzed and bleeding.

With less than two years the animal suffers a slow and agonizing death.

PACMA is the only party that advocates such a ban on Festego but also massacres all fiestas

Source: #StopBecerradas

And I mean…If one himself inspire and enjoy how innocent and utterly defenseless animals suffer and are tortured to death, this one is no more than a miserable monster and has in no way deserved to have something like own human rights.

Every year Spain holds its hand and begs like a small child to other European countries, so that this “culture” of the brainless can continue to exist.

If torture, mistreatment and exploitation of innocent defenseless beings is “culture” for Spain, then the country is at the back end of education in Europe, because traditions from the Middle Ages are perceived with enthusiasm that only scare and disgust every educated person.

Except for a few mentally-deprived Germans and a few brain-sick Europeans, this form of “culture” really does not even appeal to the stupidest of the stupid.

We can be sure there are far more civilized animal lovers and animal rights activists (= antitaurinos) than people like this disgusting bunch of proletarians, who put an end to this primitive blood fiesta. Time is ticking for the animals and I know it will end.



My best regards to all, Venus


The cages of shame must go


In hardly any other animal is the double morality in dealing with animals as clear as in rabbits.
On the one hand, dwarf rabbits are loved and cared for as pets. On the other hand, tens of millions of fattening rabbits throughout Europe have to spend their short lives until the time of slaughter in too narrow wire mesh cages.
The rabbits live like chickens in laying batteries. Even today!

The german Penny supermarket chain  advertises rabbit meat. And in a perverted way – because Penny calls this



How the  “BEST MOMENTS” in the slaughterhouse look like, we show in this video – it is indeed from the US, but slaughter, as we already know, are all the same! Cage farming is a reality for European fattening and breeding rabbits – therefore rabbit meat can be offered so cheaply.


The problem for the surveillance authorities is that there are no legally binding minimum requirements for keeping, transporting and slaughtering rabbits, – neither at national nor at European level.

In this regard, the rabbits are without rights and the farm owners are unscrupulous.

In such cage batteries, which have been banned in Germany since the beginning of the year (from 2011 in the EU) for laying hens, there is no regulation of the rabbit fattening.


The petition endthecageage has already over 1 million votes. If you have not signed yet, you should do it now, it will soon go to the EU Commission!


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My best regards to all, Venus