New South Wales wants to criminalize undercover activists

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Slavery is still here

“Slavery is still here for those who can’t speak ‘Human’.” (Glass Walls)

Human rights are universal, individual, egalitarian rights to which every human being is equally entitled “because of his humanity”.
Chief among these are the right to life and the right to physical and mental integrity. But also the right to freedom, protection from discrimination, torture and much more.

Practically all countries in the world recognize human rights in principle!
Human rights violations are punished in most countries, sometimes with severe penalties.

Human rights do not have to be demanded. They exist!

Although animal rights and human rights are often mentioned in the same breath, it comes from animal rights activists and almost never from human rights activists.

Speaking of animals: There are no animal rights anywhere in the world. Not a single animal, from the clam to the chimpanzee, has a single right.

An animal protection law (even the very best) grants no rights to animals, it only restricts man’s powers of disposal.
“Human rights” result solely from belonging to the human species – that is how it is justified.

No matter how this human being is constituted, he has this right per se. Because he is a human being.

So it is de facto only a self-imposed special right of the dominant species due to a gigantic discrimination of all other species that are denied this right.

Hence such pictures; these are the consequences of the lawlessness with which we treat other animals under the recognized rights of the human species.

We are for the basic rights of all animals because they are capable of suffering. Nobody may be disadvantaged or preferred because of their species affiliation.

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Lidl GB gets the label “cruelty free”


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Germany: the city of Rodgau bans all animals in the circus – thank you!

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In memory of Jill Phipps

5th January 1964 -1st February 1995

January 15th would have been Jill’s birthday, and February 1st will be the 27th anniversary of her murder while trying to save animals.

She died fighting for the rights of the oppressed. If you’ve not watched the film about her life do take a look-

A brief history

On that day there were only 33 protestors, yet there were 100 police officers.

Jill had no intention of deliberately putting herself in danger, she and the others had assumed that the police and the lorry driver would have a little more respect for human life than they had for animals lives.

This was not the case, the police were determined to keep the vehicles moving.

They had instructed the driver Stephen Yates only minutes before to keep going and not to stop, he only did so after Jill had been fatally injured beneath the wheels.

The cattle truck belonged a company called Phoenix Aviation and had already begun flying calves from Coventry Airport to Amsterdam in November 1994.  

The owner, Christopher Barrett-Jolley, was a known gunrunner who had flown arms to vulnerable developing countries including South Yemen and Sierra Leone, and was later jailed for smuggling 270 kg of cocaine into Southend.

He was a man completely without scruples who would seize any opportunity to make money regardless of the suffering and loss of life it caused.

​After Jills’ death, the veal flights continued for just 3 more months.
In the following weeks the tragedy became a huge focus of media attention.

Furthermore it acted as a catalyst throughout the country to further motivate and unite people to end this brutal trade wherever it was happening.

27 years after her tragic death, the struggle to end live animal exports continues and we are determined that she will never be forgotten.

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The time of the “good fascists”

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