Justice for dog mercilessly dragged behind car leaving mile long trail of blood. Petition to Sign.

Justice for dog mercilessly dragged behind car leaving mile long trail of blood.


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EU: Dead animals from the USA for the auto industry



With great fanfare, the EU and the US settle their controvercy over beef exports.

The Trade Committee of the European Parliament has cleared the way for additional beef imports from the United States.
Members voted 26 to 7 votes in favor of the agreement on Monday, which is expected to apply from 2020.
The message was clear, said committee chairman Bernd Lange:

“We would like to de-escalate the trade tensions with the US.”

The EU Commission had already announced in mid-June that parts of the global import quota of 45,000 tonnes of non-hormone-treated beef per annum will be reserved for US providers in the future.




New EU Ambassador to Washington, Stavros Lambrinidis, assessed US-EU trade relations as the “strongest and largest relations in the world”.

US beef exports to the EU will rise 46 percent in the first year, 90 percent over seven years, Trump said. That’s an increase of $ 270 million. Certainly not bad, a game changer for the American beef industry is not.


The US government has already had to launch two rescue packages to help the farmers out of a state of emergency. The mood on the farms is getting worse. The good news for the farmers now gives reason to celebrate.

The rest is shared by exporters such as Australia, Argentina and Uruguay. Technically, such a split violates World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, but the other three nations have announced they will not appeal.

This gave Europeans the opportunity to show “goodwill” towards the United States!!



“This WTO-compliant agreement respects our high standards of ecology and food safety as well as our economic interests, meaning that tariffs on EU exports are prevented,” said the German Federal Government’s coordinator for transatlantic cooperation, Peter Beyer.


My comment: The German auto industry / the German labor market has prevailed once more. Fearing further customs duties, EU is kneeling in front of Trump!

I do not know if everyone has understood that the substance of the criminal deal is based on Peter Beyer’s statement: “This WTO-compliant agreement respects our high standards of ecology and food safety as well as our economic interests, meaning that tariffs on EU exports are prevente,”!

That means: Dead animals from the USA against cars from the EU.

Was not it weeks ago that the EU wants to declare the climate emergency, or did we misunderstand it?

Already in June 28, 1919, EU has signed the Free Trade Agreement (Mercosur) with the South American bovine barons. The corrupt commissioners cheered:

“EU is likely to face a huge boom, soon will drop inches in the amount of more than 4 billion euros, which opens up enormous opportunities for us.”

With clear words: with low inche, can be cars, car parts, machinery, chemicals … imported from the EU to South America.
For this they provide us with the necessary soya for our livestock, which comes from the primeval forests that have been burned for this purpose.

So … cattle breeding, car industry and meat operation, as well as their transport, complement each other perfectly for climate protection, according to the EU conception?
Or did we get it wrong again?

We feign peace and sell weapons.
We pretend for climate protection and we cover the entire globe (to save the German car industry) with beef.

How many lies, corruption and crime for people and the environment do we want, the EU citizens still tolerate?

When will we finally abolish this criminal dirt club?

My best regards to all, Venus

Romanian Activists Take to the Streets to Speak Out for the 14,000+ Sheep Which Drowned at Midia. Well Done Them !



Caring Romanian activists take to the streets in defence of the 14,000+ sheep that recently drowned at Midia.

fracht gekentert

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We fully support the efforts of our Romanian campaigner friends in being a voice for the innocents. – Thank You – WAV / SAV.




Coming soon the Christmas…


But this does not prevent us from holding them in concentration camps in millions, slaughtering them brutally and offering their bodies as a highlight on the feast of love!



Best regards to all, Venus


Happy Birthday Captain Watson



Happy Birthday to our founder and hero, the legendary Captain Paul Watson!
Thank you for starting a global movement that we are honored to be a part of.



The crews of The M/V Sharpie, The M/V Farley Mowat, The RV Martin Sheen, The M/V John Paul DeJoria, The M/V White Holly, and The MV Brigitte Bardot wish you the very happiest of birthdays!



And we wish you the very happiest of birthdays to, Paul Watson!
We wholeheartedly wish to keep you healthy and active for a long time, and we are sure that the sea creatures also want the same.

All the best
from the Team World Animals Voice and its readers


Germany: the pastime of the German Navy



As part of a NATO maneuver, the German Navy blew up 39 World War II mines in the Fehmarnbelt Marine Protected Area (Germany) in late summer. It was reported that 18 dead harbor porpoises were subsequently found over a period of several weeks.



As part of a NATO maneuver, the German Navy blew up 39 World War II mines in the Fehmarnbelt Marine Protected Area (Germany) in late summer. It was reported that 18 dead harbor porpoises were subsequently found over a period of several weeks. According to the current state, among other things at the University of Hannover, the exact cause of death of strictly protected animals is determined.

A connection between this maneuver and the death of such a considerable number of mammals is very close, because the animals have very sensitive sensory organs, which they need for foraging.

The Fehmarnbelt is an ecological link between Beltsee and Mecklenburg Bay and a marine reserve designated as a Fauna-Flora-Habitat by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.



The number of porpoises in this area is a maximum of 500 individuals. In addition, there is a high number of females with their calves in this population, as the Fehmarnbelt region is considered as a reproduction zone and the porpoises breed in the summer.

In addition to the 18 animals that were presumably the victims of the mine blasting, according to “Spiegel” Magazine alone, one of the mines ripped a five meter wide and 1.5 meter deep crater into the seabed, destroying all marine life within a radius of 30 meters.

Sea Shepherd Germany condemns the irresponsible action of the ministry and the German Navy and calls for a complete education and promotion of alternatives to mine blasting in the sea.

The endangered porpoises are protected under EU law and Member States are obliged to take measures to ensure this protection in their natural habitats.

This incident, too, shows once again how political instruments and official bodies fail in part and that the existing nature conservation law is disregarded.

“Sea Shepherd Germany’s first own campaign was the Baltic Sea campaign to protect harbor porpoises. This topic is therefore very important to us. As in the past, we will actively work to ensure that protected areas do not exist only on paper.

The response of the media to mine clearance and its consequences shows that the public is becoming more and more aware of the problem on our own doorstep and that we are on the right track with our commitment to protecting harbor porpoises in the Baltic Sea.

The porpoises need every conceivable help, be it through general education or local presence. And we will continue to do our part in the future, “ said Manuel Abraas, director of Sea Shepherd Germany.



My comment: If 18 human animals had died in a mine explosion, the media today would have declared the third world war!

Media and Navy sells horror scenarios … “if toxins had leaked out or a boat was sunk with people,” and by imagining a likely disaster, a crime against 18 nonhuman animals can be justified. And even on a protected area!

They are only whales, right? no matter if pregnant women were among them.

Some useful idiots in the country are enthusiastic about the protection of our navy and even publicly thank them for obstructing a probable disaster, in a place that most only know about Atlas, and in all these years have never presented a real danger.

Each scenario is always sold by perpetrators.  And so the veterans of the Navy protect themselves from the danger of being considered an underemployed, bored troupe, that blows up seabeds and animals to protect them and us from dangers “made by navy”.


My best regards to all, Venus


environmental crime



Sea Shepherd Germany

On 28.11.2019, a sperm whale stranded and died on the beach of Seilebost on the Scottish island of Harris.



The male cub unfortunately could not be saved. At the weekend, the dead whale was examined, with a frightening result: According to the Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme report, this included a range of plastics such as fishing nets, rope bundles, plastic cups, bags, gloves, harnesses and tubes.


Opening the stomach showing some of the material balled up inside


The whole material was like a huge bullet in the animals’ stomach and part of the mourning. The general condition of the sperm whale was not that bad.

And although this stomach content certainly caused problems, it could not be proven that the garbage was responsible for beaching; The gastrointestinal tract was not clogged with garbage.


All this plastic rope and debris was in the stomach


What in the end has always caused the death of the sperm whale, so these pictures and test results again clearly show what people are doing to the oceans and the animals with their littering.



Stomach, containing ropes and other marine debris. The multiple small black ‘beaks’ are from squid, sperm whales usual prey.


Section of net recovered from stomach


100 kg plastic garbage in the stomach, of all kinds and origin, which no living thing deserves.


And I mean…There is the # COP25 in Madrid, where delegations from 196 countries arrived by plane and participate in the UN Climate Change Conference 2019.

Since 1992 this circus takes place annually – and in the end it is called bla – bla – bla! We talked about the climate, it was a nice company and good food.

Meanwhile, rainforests are being flared, jungles are being turned into palm oil deserts, natural disasters are taking place everywhere, and while the well-paid idiots are enjoying their expensive meat menus of murdered animals fed with soy from poor countries in the Third World, the Planet clock beats five past twelve!

This is how it is done year after year – and while the ice thaws in the Arctic, Greenland becomes green again, these delegates and their companies are happy that the ice releases the raw material that the industry needs!

We are experiencing the dictatorship of criminal oligarchs.


My best regards to all, Venus