Yom Kippur: a bloodbath in the name of religion


This week saw the annual event of Kaporos take place in cities around the world. Kaporos is a customary atonement ritual practiced by some Jews on the eve of Yom Kippur.


Each year thousands of chickens are sent onto city streets from factory farms. Many of these individuals are kept confined in small crates without food or water for as long as 4 days before the ceremony.



During the event a chicken around is swung around a person’s head three times while saying a prayer to transfer their sins to the bird, before giving the chicken to a butcher, who then slaughters it.


This event happens on the streets of cities and towns, and it is estimated that up to 50,000 chickens are killed in Brooklyn alone.

Despite claims that the corpses are given to the poor, many are often found in trash bags in the days following the event.


When the chickens who survive the transport arrive at their destination, the ritual participants swing their legs and wings through the air, then cut their throats and place them in traffic cones as they bleed to death.

In the following video you can clearly see how participants of this “festival” tear off the heads of the chickens and then stuff them – still conscious – into garbage bags.




Why should they have to suffer for our sins? No matter the tradition, the custom or the culture, there is no excuse for the treatment and exploitation these individuals face.

Those who wish to celebrate Kaporos in the coming years can still do so, swapping the sentient being for money, as done by many Jews who disagree with the practice.


Anonymous for the Voiceless

My comment: Here I also see another illogical and immoral business with God, namely: I sacrifice the innocent so that my guilt will be forgiven!

Well-known deal at all geographic locations! On this basis has always and every religion worked.

Without blind,  stupid and fanatical God’s servants no religion would have survived!

Innocents in the name of God are always tortured, murdered and massacred by people who preach love to God and their fellow human beings.

“You can only have peace if you give it”, Ebner-Eschenbach has said.
That is the reason, why any religion will have never peace.

My best regards to all, Venus



sunday`s joke



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France: finish medieval bear shows!

❌Urgend: We urgently need your support to enforce a ban on the cruel medieval bear shows in #France!


Like many other bears in France, 🐻Valentin has to serve torture shows all over the country.



He and many others of his kind must spend hours performing silly tricks in front of gaping spectators, like running on a ball or jumping over hurdles.



Together with Aves France and Fondation Brigitte Bardot, we are campaigning for a legal ban on these medieval bear shows. Help us, sign our petition:



➡️ http://bit.ly/TraurigsteBärenFrance
#saddestbears #saddestbearsFrance
📸 © AVES France | FOUR PAWS / Fondation Brigitte Bardot


My comment:This is a kind of fascism, as well as any enslavement and exploitation of defenseless animals.

And this kind of fascism is even celebrated in public … in the markets … at events and folk festivals and nobody is indignant, who stands by it … on the contrary! it is still clapping and laughing ..

What a primitive idiot must be one, to have fun and enjoyment in the middle of a civilized country, France, when a bear is treated in chains like a piece of shit by a tormentor….



My best regards to all, Venus


Germany and the death lab LPT in Hamburg


The monkeys run backwards in a circle in their small cells. One always makes a somersault. Others run from left to right, from right to left.

The animals are housed in bare cages, in which a monkey does not even have a cubic meter of space.

This is much less than the law requires when animals stay in cells for longer periods of time.

That’s in Germany, not in China!



The images are from inside the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology, LPT for short.
It is considered one of the larger private laboratories in the country and employs 175 people. In the rooms tests for the approval of drugs are carried out.

The photos were submitted by the animal rights organizations SOKO Tierschutz and Cruelty Free International to the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and the “ARD Fakt magazine”.


An animal rights activist has been working as a caregiver in the lab for several months and has recorded scenes showing that some of the monkeys are housed in tiny cages. They show dogs that bleed heavily, captive monkeys who seem to be resisting fixation, and cats whose blood is taken by force.

The pictures also show how roughly employees deal with animals.

“This leads to such absurd situations that a pharmaceutical company from South Korea causes monkeys in Lower Saxony to be tormented, or dogs from the USA are taken to Hamburg for a laboratory to suffer a cruel death from severe bleeding for medication” so Mülln from “SOKO Tierschutz”

The federal government is under pressure. Since the summer of 2018, a so-called infringement procedure against Germany is ongoing.

Germany has to improve the anchoring of animal welfare in the law, so the accusation from Brussels.
20 points are on the list of deficiencies. It is objected, among other things, that the expertise of researchers sharing in animal experiments need not be proven.


For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/10/12/germany-and-the-death-lab-lpt-in-hamburg/

My comment: As soon as undercover investigations reveal an illegal barbarity and animal cruelty in the name of the research, then the authority determines.
Until then, the authorities have tolerated it hand in hand with the lab.

The veterinarians know that, but nobody wants to know anything about it, until a search forces everyone to confess that  all they cooperated in such crimes, even though they knew it.

According to the Federal Government, 2.8 million animals were used in animal experiments in 2017.

80 percent of them were rodents, such as mice or rats. Also listed in the balance sheet are 3,500 monkeys and half-monkeys. The numbers from 2018 are not yet available.

Surely the statistics would look different if this corrupt coalition government had implemented the EU’s intrinsic standards in dealing with animal experiments.

The deadline for this was 2012 (!!!)
On the one hand, the rules should limit the experiments with animals to the essentials and on the other hand promote alternative research methods.

Germany is practically the EU, and if the EU Commission since 2012 demands that Germany finally fulfills its obligations in animal testing lines, then even the stupidest can understand who has the power here.

Added to this is the ridiculous infringement procedure, which runs for over a year.
Here Brussels can count on success only by a miracle.

My best regards to all, Venus

Habeas Corpus for Sandra, she comes free!


An orangutan female must be moved from the former Buenos Aires Zoo to an apes rescue center in the United States. The court awarded the animal the rights of a “non-human person”, the release is mandatory.


At the request of the Argentine judiciary, orangutan lady Sandra moves to the United States.
A court in Buenos Aires awarded the animal the rights of a “non-human person”, so their release is mandatory. The animal was already taken to Dallas by direct flight – but not as a passenger, but in the cargo hold.

Born in Rostock, Germany

Sandra had made it famous. She was born in 1986 in the Rostock Zoo and brought to Argentina in 1994. Animal rights activists fought for their release in 2014 because the monkey lady suffered an “unjustified imprisonment” at the zoo in Buenos Aires.


Although it is not biologically identical with humans, it would be psychologically just like people under captivity. Orangutan Lady Sandra was the first “animal” to be awarded the “habeas corpus right”.

In freedom, she would be happier, argued the animal rights activists – and got right. The judgment allowed the monkey with the rights of a “nonhuman person” to become known worldwide from one day to the next.


After Sandra was awarded human rights in 2014, she was a headline worth all the media, but what became of her, unfortunately, only very few interested. It had been promised to take her to a protected area in Brazil, where the 33-year-old orangutan lady born in a German zoo was to spend her old age.



But although the “case” Sandra became known worldwide, no one was interested in her fate, let alone her release.
Many came to the zoo to see her, but she lived in a small enclosure, chewed on a blade of grass given to her, and waited for her end.

She did not move much afterwards, she did not feel well at the Buenos Aires Zoo. This was eventually converted by the authorities into an eco-park.

Fortunate for Sandra: Experts from the University of Buenos Aires then explained that the changed living conditions posed a threat to the orangutan lady and that she needed to be housed in a more spacious enclosure.
Again, the judges have agreed in this case, too.


Since the 53-pound monkey lady is unable to adapt to life in the wild, she should live in the future in the outdoor enclosure of the Center for Great Apes in Florida. There are already 21 other orangutans and 31 chimpanzees.

Before entering Florida, however, Sandra still has to endure a 40-day quarantine at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas.

My comment: The fact that they want to finally release the lady after a total of 33 years of imprisonment into freedom is the only right step and hopefully others will follow this example.

On the other hand, after such a long time “Guantanamo” will not be easy for Sandra to get along with freedom and a totally foreign environment.

Animals indeed have abilities that we humans do not have, or have never had, and they always find a way to live with one another, but 33 years in prison have certainly ruined her adaptability and natural behavior.

After all, it’s worth a try, and we wish Sandra all the best.

My best regards to all, Venus


Martin Balluch on the World Dog Day



Martin Balluch* writes for international dog day:

“When I came out of the prison cell in early September 2008, in which I had to innocently sit for 105 days, I decided to free another innocent being from a cell. I wanted to (again) for the third time a dog from a shelter with me.

My wish soon became known in all animal shelters in Austria and a call from the animal paradise Schabenreith reported a dog, which would absolutely fit in with me.

Actually, it was love at first sight! After a short time we were inseparable!



We are already together for over 11 years. And what we did not experience anything! Never have I been so close to another being because we spend the day and night together.

Even for my many lectures and presentations gets Kuksi – that’s his name! – a special permit for entry, whether in the Ministry, in the Natural History Museum or in the Casino Linz, just to name a few examples.

We grew old together. He unfortunately much faster than me. One eye he has lost, but – in good times as well as bad – we will of course continue to help each other. In loud demos, he remains at home now, but we still go great hikes together, over 10 hours and more a day!

He has not lost his great love for nature and the wilderness, is happy as a puppy about the first snow and every new day, whether rain or shine, the main thing somewhere outside.

I want to take this as an example, to be able to enjoy nature, even if the signs of old age become more and more.

I’m looking forward to more wonderful years with you, old friend, my dear Kuksi!”



Dear Martin,
We wish that to you and Kuksi with all our heart.
We think that only someone who has loved an animal knows all the facets of love!



*Dr. Dr. Martin Balluch is a well-known (and not only in his country) Austrian animal rights activist. He studied mathematics, physics and astronomy at the University of Vienna. He holds a doctorate in physics and philosophy, and from 1990 to 1997 he worked as a university assistant alongside Stephen Hawking in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) at the University of Cambridge.

Since 2002 he is the chairman of the VGT (Association against animal factories).

In the federal elections in Austria in September 2019 he had stood as an independent candidate for election, but unfortunately the required quota of 4% was not reached (https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/09/24/austria-give-your-vote-for-martin-balluch-for-the-animals/).


My best regards to all, Venus


Toro jubilo: nothing else than medieval barbarism!


Every year in November, Medinaceli is in a festive mood, celebrating the “Cuerpos Santos” church festival, when a bull must be cruelly tortured. “Toro de Jubilo” in Medicaneli!

Spaniards call it tradition, which is nothing but a brutal murder in the name of the church.



The “Toro Júbilo” is the most famous festival of Medinaceli. Five campfires are lit in the square of the play, five symbolic campfires, components of the “Sacred Body”: Paulilo, Arcadio, Pascasio, Probo and Eutiquiano. The origin is attributed to the Celtic Iberians.



They put burning bad-luck torches to the horns of the bulls and let them run in panic in the arena: Participants of the traditional festival ‘Toro Jubilo’ roar with criminal energy and let themselves be magnificently entertained by the cruel action, like every mentally weak and primitive proletarian.

For centuries, bulls have been tormented in Medinaceli, Spain, with no chance of ending.



This medieval torture is to attach to the bull a kind of metal frame on the horns, to which in turn balls are fixed, consisting of tar and sulfur.

These are lit, after rubbing the bull’s back with clay to “protect” it against the falling sparks !!

The bull is let go and is thus driven through the streets. These balls burn for hours and the strong heat melts the soft and sensitive part of the inside of the horn, causing the bull unimaginable pain.



How strong the pain must be, one can only guess at the terrible and desperate cries of the bull. The tar melts slowly and begins to drip, causing deep burning in the animal.

The burning liquid penetrates his eyes and scorches them.



Not infrequently the bulls throw themselves blind against pain and despair violently against walls, whereby they hurt themselves so much that they often kill themselves.

When the party is over, the bull is executed, with the famous dagger blow, known from the bullfights. Days later, his body is served at a feast in the village.


PETA has launched a petition, PACMA party has been trying for years to end this massacre, which is Spain’s shame.

Please sign and share the petition: https://www.peta.de/feuerstier


My comment: In less than a month, this bunch of mentally ill idiots will again massacre innocent, defenseless animals to death, in the name of a barbaric tradition for which not even the stupidest of God’s believers have understanding.

If one can enjoy with enthusiasm and sadistic fanaticism how innocent and totally defenseless animals suffer and are tortured to death like this, he is nothing more than a miserable monster and  does not deserve anything like own human rights.

For me, it is a mystery how one came up with the idea of calling the human species the “coronation of creation”.

My best regards to all, Venus