Malaysia: Nature reserve and 350 elephants in acute danger!

More than 350 pygmy elephants still live on the Kinabatangan River. However, a road construction project threatens their living space.

The bridge had sparked international protests, and even the famous rainforest protector Sir David Attenborough raised the alarm. After Sabah’s government changes, the danger is acute again.


So far, elephant poaching has been almost unknown in the species-rich rainforests of Sabah, where rhinoceros, malay bears and orangutans live.
However, criminals have discovered the Malaysian state for themselves in recent years.
They are now not just about ivory, but also about the skin, nails and other body parts of the animals, with which a lot of money can be earned on the Chinese market.



Between 2010 and autumn 2019 alone, 145 killed elephants were registered by the wildlife authorities in Sabah. The elephants were poisoned, shot, or caught in snares. If this continues, the species will soon be eradicated.

Saba Pygmy elephant baby tries to wake his dead mother


But the bloody craft of the poachers could even be eased if the government pushes the construction of a bridge over the Kinabatangan River.
It is only the first section of a new road through the forest of the Tabin Wildlife Reserve, which was previously difficult to access.
A gateway for poachers, but also for illegal settlers, wood thieves and the palm oil industry.

The walking routes of more than 350 elephants would be cut up and the herds crowded into ever smaller fragments of their original habitat. The animals would increasingly invade villages and plantations and many would be killed when crossing the new streets.

The construction project should officially serve the economic upswing of the region. In addition, some politicians apparently promise personal benefits. In the meantime, it damages the currently developing ecotourism beyond nature.



Please help protect the elephants and other endangered species in Sabah and sign our petition!

And I mean…For once again we have to reanimate our hope and optimism that with this petition some peaceful animals keep what belongs to them and some criminals lose the chance to destroy all life.

We sign, we hope and keep fighting.


My best regards to all, Venus


Sabra Hummus parent company ends animal testing


Hummus does not form a separate category in the vegan food pyramid, but it is hard to imagine everyday life for every gourmet. Unfortunately, our beloved dip has had a cruel connection to animal abuse.

The Strauss Group is the second largest food and beverage company in Israel and the parent company of the Sabra Hummus brand, which is also popular in Germany.
After discussions with PETA USA, the Strauss Group has now published a new company policy that experiments on animals are now a thing of the past.


Hummus fans can therefore be happy!!

The purchase of Sabra-Hummus will no longer help to starve, poison and kill animals.

In the past, experimenters funded by the Strauss Group at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem had conducted various animal experiments.
Mice were fed a low-fat, high-fat or ketogenic diet and had to starve for 12 hours at the end of the trial before being killed and dissected.

Some animals starved the experimenters 20 hours a day for eight weeks.



Instead of animal experiments, animal-free methods could also have been used for the desired findings, and studies with volunteers also make sense here. The tests were only about common, non-toxic food ingredients – various studies carried out in this way have already been published.

PETA appeals to all food and beverage manufacturers who still rely on cruel, archaic animal experiments to follow the pioneering example of the Strauss Group.

There are far better methods out there than these cruel practices.

With the decision against animal testing, the Strauss Group is now part of a growing list of dozens of large food companies that have also ended the horror in the laboratory in cooperation with PETA USA.



PETA USA contacted many of these companies because documents showed that animals were starved, poisoned, mistreated and killed. In such cruel experiments, thousands of animals have suffered and died over the decades. And all that so that companies could advertise with certain marketing terms. The products for which animal experiments were made ranged from pasta and chocolate bars to breakfast cereal or alcohol.


And I mean … The laboratory industry has not let animal testing out in any field. And in the case of foodstuffs in particular, it should be taken for granted that the results are not transferable.

Aspirin was developed 100 years ago, and if it were tested on animals today, it would fail. Because it causes embryonic damage in dogs, cats, monkeys, mice and rats.

The penicillin that saved humanity would not get approval even after animal experiments today, because it is deadly for guinea pigs and other nail animals.

Animal experiments feign security that does not exist.

Most experimenters still adhere to the stupid teaching of the French philosopher René Descartes (1596-1650), who became known with the motto “cogito ergo sum” = I think therefore I am.

He claimed that animals are senseless and insensitive reflex automatons. He explained cries of pain from animals with mechanical processes like the squeaking of a machine!!!

Today, we know that there is no direct relationship between animal testing and saving a human being.

Animal experiments are false science and senseless cruelty.

My best regards to all, Venus

The unworthy role of the media



The famous Italian philosopher Umberto Ecco says: “If you have the media on your side, you don’t need tanks”.
The United States will not invade China in the near future, but they can do so with Iran.

And this is where the dirty game of the mass media finds its function: They tell us to care about China, but not about with the impending Third World War, which the USA and its accomplices want to start in the Arab world !!

China tortures dogs? Dogs eat? This is “sick” and “perverse” and “not normal”. We only eat the right animals: cattle, chickens, pigs …

China lets pigs fly from high towers?? This happens because China does not have our Animal Welfare Act, which after the recent undercover investigation in Europe has shown that it does not work at all.

China is a budding world power, and as such, Trump is expected to be concerned.
However, the United States has had the best experience of dealing with potential competitive competitors for years.

The politicians of this country know how to manufacture consent and how to unleash the full force of the mass media against the designated enemy.

In our times, there is a great deal of interest in animal welfare and, above all, in climate protection, and it grows more every day.

That is why the media focus their propaganda on China’s nonexistent animal welfare law, on dogs and cats eating, on pigs flying off skyscrapers, on lung viruses that are said to be an extremely dangerous plague, on the ban on freedom of expression in the country internally and much more more that currently occupies ALL media and Facebook pages.

For us and for this blog, it is very important not only to report the truth about the daily violation of animal rights, but to maintain political correctness and neutrality in the reports.

For us there are no first and second categories of countries that are portrayed as unjust or biased as sinners just because they are small, poor countries or – conversely – because they have long since bought their superiority in the media landscape.

Before we start reporting, we take into account the conditions that exist in a country.
Of course, this “understanding” is not a relief from guilt when crimes against animals take place.

Like recently in the Sudan Zoo, for example, where lions die of hunger and need. We actually find that terrible.
However, Sudan has a primary existential problem for its population, which other countries, that do the same, do not have.

So it is shameful to condemn Sudan in all blogs because it tortures the animals in the zoo when the Germans collect 1.4 million donations for the new home of the primates in the Krefeld zoo, where 30 monkeys were burned alive on January 1st.

We consider it as a moral trap to post reports of cruelty to animals, which serve a political purpose and not the enlightenment or the information on a logical and objective basis.
And we will not go with the flow of media propaganda, but we will continue to work to reveal this propaganda because we believe that animal welfare is only done right if you have the right political education .

We consider half-truths, or mixtures of lies and half-knowledge, to be dangerous and we will avoid them.


My best regards to all, Venus


These children are a source of inspiration.



Teach your children the right thing!

The sooner our youth learns to perceive brutality against animals as reprehensible, the more they take care that playing and dealing with animals does not turn into torture, the sooner they will understand in adults what is right and what is wrong for animals.

“The child will first show mercy or cruelty to the animal, and then, when grown up, will be merciful and helpful, or relentless and selfish to others.”
“Friedrich Froebel”


Bild könnte enthalten: 1 Person

My best regards to all, Venus


Jallikattu: cruel popular sport



In early 2019, observers attended seven jallikattu events in the following locations: Alanganallur, Avaniapuram, and Palamedu in Madurai district; Keelapanaiyur and Viralimalai in Pudukkottai district; Ulagampatti in Dindigul district; and Alagumalai in Tiruppur district.

The eyewitnesses confirmed that bulls are poked and jabbed with sticks and sickles, hit, jumped on, tackled, bitten, and otherwise mistreated.

Exhausted and dehydrated animals were forced to participate in jallikattu after standing in queues overnight – for as long as 16 hours – without adequate shelter or sufficient water or feed. They were yanked roughly by nose ropes, causing their nostrils to bleed, and many collapsed from exhaustion and dehydration after the events.



The mental and physical torture bulls are subjected to are in apparent direct violation of many regulations.

Nobody wants to kill the bull here, as is the case with the Spanish Corrida. Nevertheless, the animals suffer a lot. In order to make the bulls aggressive, they are sometimes given alcohol or rubbed with chilli in the eyes. Bulls have even been tortured with electric shocks to the testicles.


The well-known animal rights activist and politician Maneka Gandhi said: “The bulls are kept in dark rooms for weeks, they are given alcohol to drink and beaten. When released into an arena, dozens of drunken young men throw themselves at them and try to tear their horns away. Bulls are killed. People die”!



In 2014 the Jallikattu were banned by the Indian Supreme Court, at the request of animal rights activists. Two years ago, the state government reintroduced the tradition after thousands of people protested!! Things have changed, because under the pressure of the Tamil people from the same court it was canceled.

In January 2018, the AWBI issued guidelines for the conduct of jallikattu events and shared them with Tamil Nadu officials, advising them to share the guidelines in turn with authorities throughout the state.

Rules listed under the Tamil Nadu PCA (Conduct of Jallikattu) Rules, 2017, and the AWBI’s 2018 guidelines are brazenly violated.

Exacerbating the problem is the fact that none of the regulations hold jallikattu organisers or bull abusers suitably accountable or liable for punishment. This loophole in the legislation gives them a free pass to continue abusing bulls and putting humans in harm’s way.

The documented findings and evidence of abuse prove that no amount of regulation can prevent cruelty to bulls during jallikattu events.



The mental and physical torture bulls are subjected to are in apparent direct violation of many regulations.

Documented photographs by PETA India from Avaniapuram, Palamedu, Alanganallur, Thirunallur and Maravapatti show how brutal it was. The video shows how bulls are pulled by ropes in their noses until they bleed.

The organizers beat the animals, bite them and break their bones. And that’s just the part that happens outside the arena.



It’s not hard to see that bulls used for jallikattu don’t race for fun. The spectacle relies on physical and psychological abuse to instigate bulls – who are naturally nervous prey animals and not anatomically suited to running – to spar or race.

All one has to do is look at photographs or videos from jallikattu events to understand how vicious the practice is. Shouting mobs of participants beat, bite, and whip bulls so that the animals sprint to escape the violence – and spectators often hit them as they flee, too.

An explanation is given for this! – Indian bullfighting today also reflects the contrast between powerful landowners who breed the bulls and send them into battle, and poor peasant boys who, in this way, protest as fighters against the traditional social order.

At Jallikattu, bulls are let into an arena where people pounce on them to hold on and sit on them. It was only five years ago that the highest court in India banned this practice because it violated the Animal Welfare Act.
But in 2017, the state of Tamil Nadu decided to allow Jallikattu again, so it took place in several locations again in January.


Since the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Tamil Nadu Amendment) Act  2017 was passed, at least 43 humans (including 11 spectators), 14 bulls, and one cow have been killed during these events.

Deliberately tormenting bulls – who are nervous prey animals – is inhumane. During jallikattu events, participants poke and jab bulls with sticks and sickles and stab, hit, bite, jump on, and tackle them. Many bulls sustain broken bones and severe injuries, collapse from exhaustion and dehydration, and even die.


The Supreme Court recognises that using them for spectacles like jallikattu and races – forcing bulls to run for their lives by frightening and hurting them – is inherently cruel, and it rightfully upheld a ban on their use in performances in 2014.


Yet the torture and abuse continue to this day, despite a public outcry, animal protection laws, and the threat to both animal and human safety.

Now help us stop the cruelty to animals at Jallikattu. Sign the PETA India petition and tell everyone!


My Comment: I purposely posted the video (above) from the San Fermin bull rush in Pamplona. Because I immediately thought of this bull rush when I saw the video from India.

Terrifyingly similar! obviously globalization also exists in cruelty to animals.

It is not a tradition! it is the other word for cruel mass entertainment as we know it in many countries.

Anyone who tortures or murders animals in the name of tradition still lives on the trees, and this means at least half of the world’s population.

My best regards to all, Venus


Romania: Lack of Home Meat Processing Plants; and the Live Export Business; Are Killing Romanian Sheep Farmers.

fracht gekentert


‘A whole sheep for £18’: how live exports are hurting farmers in Romania


Country’s lack of meat processing facilities means livestock must be shipped to international markets – at a high cost to both shepherds and welfare

Gheorghe Dănulețiu, also known as Ghiță Ciobanul (Ghiță the shepherd), has more than 500,000 followers on Facebook after he featured in an advertising campaign that went viral, but he leads the modest life of a traditional shepherd.

Looking after 1,500 sheep in western Romania, Dănulețiu’s life changes with the seasons. During lambing in spring, he barely sleeps four hours a night while in winter he leads his sheep in a three- to four-week journey from the mountains down to graze in the valleys.

Even when the temperature drops below -30C(-22F), Dănulețiu sleeps next to his animals, wrapped in his sheepskin under the starry sky and ready to protect his flock in case of a wolf attack.

“I inherited this [role] from my father – who had a few hundred sheep – but I also love it, I love animals,” Dănulețiu says.

However, like all Romanian shepherds with small and medium-sized flocks, Dănulețiu is struggling in a market dominated by a few live animal exporters, big farmers and hypermarkets.

“The sheep trade has become a mockery,” he says. “We sell a sheep for 100 Romanian leu (about £18). I can’t afford to pay good salaries and I can’t find workers any more – young people see that it’s all going downhill. I have the impression that this is political, that they’re trying to destroy the sector.”

Meat production: someone else always dies



I rarely eat meat …
I only eat organic meat …
I only eat meat from animals I know …
I only eat meat from the farmers in the village …
I only eat local meat …

Endless excuses. In the end, someone else always dies.



There will never be animal welfare in factory farming! The meat eaters should finally stop soothing their consciences with this illusion!

The extent of animal suffering on Earth has reached dimensions that are hard to grasp. More than 150 billion animals are slaughtered every year.

The industry that benefits from the exploitation and abuse of animals is hiding behind a wall of secrecy.
The less the meat consumer knows about it, the easier it is to make him a collaborator.

“I worked in the industry, could write a book about it! If you say something, you will be violently silenced and threatened with dismissal”, says a slaughterhouse worker!


With meat production of around 8 million tons, Germany is the largest meat producer in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. Pork is produced the most!

Every day, 48,000 pigs end up in the dumpster with full consciousness; they are waste and are not used.
This meat is promoted with tax money!



The number one largest meat producer in the world is China with an incredible production of almost 80 million tons of meat. China is also the largest pork consumer in the world, with an average consumption of 32 kilograms of pork per person.

The USA has almost twice as much meat production as Brazil and is the second largest meat producer in the world – at around 40 million tons. Pork and chicken dominate the market here, which can also be easily seen in the per capita consumption. The USA has an average consumption of 45 kilos of chicken per person.

Now we come to the top 3. With a production of around 23 million tons, Brazil is not only the third largest meat producer in the world, but also the largest meat producer in South America. Similar to Argentina, Brazil is not only known regionally, but even internationally for its beef. After Argentina and Uruguay, Brazil therefore has the third highest per capita consumption of beef.



Worldwide, 21 million male calves are murdered annually. They are seen as “waste products” of the dairy industry. It is well known that millions of day-old chicks are killed as “surplus laying hen production”.

Less known is that there is a similar problem in dairy farming.

Like male entry chicks, male calves are killed immediately after birth.
New figures show that around 95,000 male calves are disposed in Germany every year.


This year: Europe citizens’ initiative “end the cage age” reached 1.2 million signatures.
We are still waiting for the 1.2 million EU citizens to meet their request.

The German Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner wants to extend the crate for pigs for another 17 years!!
Although 1.2 million EU citizens want the opposite.



Those who started the initiative “end the cage age” are gone.
They did their duty, so to speak, and now they are taking care of the good relationships with the new EU Commission boss (and old well-known rivets as Ex-defense minister of Germany) Ursula von der Leyen.

The fatal paradox in the animal rights movement is that we are unable to define and fight our enemies.

And that is because we do not see this struggle as a continuation of the struggle for human rights, that is, as a political struggle against slavery.


We are at war and unfortunately the opponents win.

It must be admitted that one of the greatest gains of the capitalist system is the deformation of this society to cowardly, discouraged, obedient servants!

We are systematically educated every day to be apolitical.
And even worse, we, the animal rights activists are played against each other by the system, with the aim: Divide et impera, divide and conquer!

It is time to leave sentimentalities and system conforming actions aside and focus on the collective and good planed fight for animal rights.

This is our mission, we owe it to the animals because they only have us.


My best regards to all, Venus