Thanks to Alex, James and Lynette for A Great Vegan Food Link – Try Some !

Vegan Faces

We have had a really nice e mail from (Mum) Lynette telling us that the family have enjoyed and tried a few of the Vegan dishes that we have covered on the site. 


Lynette says to us:

“My family is making an attempt to go vegan, and we thought your page was really cool. My son’s have been spending quite a bit of their computer time looking at vegan recipes and tips for people trying to adapt- they mentioned how much they enjoyed your page, and I thought you’d like to hear!”


We sure do – that is what the site needs, some positive feedback about some of our posts.


Both Alex and James (Lynette’s boys) have teamed up and sent us another great link which we have said we will share on the site; form them to us to you ! – It is about some really cool vegan recipes that Alex and James have found and are currently checking out.


The site is


Here you can see and make a whole range of great vegan food – the soup list looks really great – we need to try those.


Lynette and the boys tried the Banana Berry Breakfast smoothie at the weekend and the reports back are that “it was great” !


So thanks Alex and James for sending us some more great cruelty free grub; as you can see here we have made a post of your info for the world to see – check it out to see where your info is going at


The link is really cool – thanks boys and mum; we are sure that with all this great vegan food we can convert a lot more people.  There is a great deal of good feedback on Veganism from all over the world – it is ‘the’ business to be involved with at the moment.


Thanks to you all and stick with it !

Regards Mark.







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