India: The Latest Amazing Animal Rescue Videos From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ – India.



I always enjoy watching the excellent videos from AAU; yes they always start off badly showing animals suffering so much; but you know you are always going to get a wonderful finish (and really happy animals) thanks to the teamwork and dedication of the superb crew at AAU India.

Here are a few more videos of their amazing work.  Please give anything you can to help support their work – Thanks – Mark – SAV.


Dog starving from broken jaw makes an incredible recovery!

She would never have eaten again without surgery after a vehicle hit her and broke several of her teeth and fractured her lower jaw. Locals from the village saw her laying in the same place for more than a day and realised something was wrong. Our rescuers found her curled up in a ball, disoriented and unable to stand. She probably hadn’t eaten or had water in many days. We brought the sad little girl back to Animal Aid where we treated her for dehydration and pain. We then placed a wire in her jaw to heal the fracture. And so began the new adventure of Dory’s life to come. Watch the transformation of a dying dog into a playful angel.

With your help, they can heal. Please donate.


Sweetest street dog beats cancer

Watch Olivia’s amazing transformation! This sweetheart was suffering from a painful and life-threatening condition and needed urgent help. Her head was massively swollen and pus and blood drained from her eye almost continuously. A cytology revealed it to be malignant cancer-a transmissible venereal tumour in the mucous membranes surrounding her eye that was so extensive it had begun to damage her skull as well. Luckily this kind of tumour can be cured with chemotherapy treatment and we immediately began a six-week course. She was quite the fighter and responded amazingly to her treatment. Meet beautiful Olivia today–our street dog cancer survivor.


 Please donate to give street animals a fighting chance.



Dog hiding with terrible wound rescued

Although Jupiter, a street dog, was hiding underneath the stairs of a house of strangers, his trusting response to his rescuers made us wonder if on some level he was just waiting for help. His sorrowful eyes told us everything we needed to know about his pain. We hurried him back to the hospital and onto the treatment table where we discovered that the wound on his neck–probably a dog bite infested with maggots–was actually even bigger than we had suspected. Debriding the wound, flushing, removing maggots and wrapping it snuggly with padded bandages would be the first of many days of treatment. But Jupiter seemed to know he was on the path of healing from the first touch by the rescue team. Meet Jupiter after six weeks of wound care. He’s definitely a new boy–and an angel through and through.

 To turn the hopeless to happy, Please donate.


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Serbia: More Homes For Stray Dogs Needed In -14 Temperatures. Can You Help ?


In parts of Serbia it will be down to -14 degrees at night.

Stray dogs will be really suffering in this cold.

It costs 35 Euros to build and fully fit out a stray dog house with straw.

Please help support this if you can.

See more at –

One more house placed today
Please help us to provide more houses, it’s going to be colder and cold in the next couple of weeks
Many stray dogs have not anywhere to hide.

Placing more houses for strays in Bor Serbia today
Since the temperatures are going to be even lower for the next of couple of weeks,we have to provide more dog houses urgently!
The money raised for vet debt is being used for dog houses, so please I’m begging everyone who might help to provide more houses, don’t hesitate 🙏
It seems as the ice age has back, which means a nightmare for poor doggies outside, so many have no any shelter to hide 😢 😢 😢
Cost of house is around 35 euros per one including straw and transport to place it.





Molim sve gradjane da makar u toku noci otvore vrata svojih zgrada, kuca, lokala i puste pse da se ugreju! Pa zar je toliko tesko biti human da se uopste mora apelovati na ovako nesto u ovim surovo ledenim danima? Pas nikome ne smeta time sto ce provesti par sati na zatvorenom i mozda time sebi spasiti zivot,a vas nikako time ne ugrozava. Pokazite ljudi humanost sada kad je njima najpotrebnija!

I beg all of you to open the doors of their buildings at night, houses, bars, and let the dogs go! Well, is it so hard to be human that you have to get into something like this in these rough ice days? The dog doesn’t mind that he’s gonna spend a few hours indoors and maybe save his own life, and you don’t get it. Show people humanity now that they need it!




Serbia: Please Give To Keep Viktor and Viktoria off the Streets of Serbia.

Latest – Thanks to Thordur  for making a big difference !

We are trying to support a lot of the appeals in a small way with a small but hopefully meaningful donation – but we also rely on other people to give something to make the numbers required up !

‘Youcaring’ is a secure site in Canada – So please give.

To give a donation please go to


Keep Viktor and Viktoria off the Streets of Serbia  

We were rescued as tiny puppies from the streets of Serbia.

Since then, 4 years have passed.  In the meantime, many have come and gone, all of our friends around us are getting their Forever Families, and we are still waiting. Why? We don’t know. We are siblings and are waiting to be adopted together, but many only want one of us.

We tried that, but separation from each other was unbearable. We are hopeful, that there is that one person in this whole wide world that would take us together to be part of a big family. Until then, we are in desperate need of your support.   

Help us stay fed, warm, and healthy. Every penny you donate helps, and we are happy to receive it. We will be forever grateful.

You can follow us on and stay up to date on what is happening around us. Maybe you will fall in love with us and make us part of your family. 

Greetings, Viktor and Viktoria     


To give a donation please go to




Serbia: Felix Shelter Latest 7/2/18 – Can You Help Samson ?

Website –

Samson is unwell 😞

Samson is a huge FIV+ stray kitty boy which was probably between six and seven years old when we first took him in at the end of 2016.

He’s been having respiratory and eye problems on and off since he arrived at the shelter and has already been under treatment several times, but he’s constantly had copious eye discharge and used to hold his head down and low, like a mole.

We had the impression that something was wrong with his eyelids from the very beginning, but whenever we intended to deal with his problems once and for all, some other kitty needed to be taken to the vet more urgently and we simply couldn’t run into more debts.

However, he began to breathe heavily last week, his nose was stuffed up and his eyes were glued shut with pus, and we clearly saw it was an emergency. Samson was diagnosed with entropion and bronchitis on Sunday; surgical correction of entropion was performed on both of his eyes with temporary eyelid tacking. He couldn’t have permanent entropion surgery yet until he begins to breathe normally, because the vet was worried he wouldn’t survive the general anesthesia.

He is now receiving antibiotic injections and his eyes are being treated locally with eye drops and ointments. As soon as he gets well, he will have bilateral entropion surgery, so he will be able to keep his eyes wide open, like any healthy cat.

Hopefully things will work out and Samson will finally live the life he deserves.

Any kind of help for this beautiful house panther is more than welcome!

There is a donate button on our website:
Felix: 355-1070729-96
Thank you!





Serbia: Rescued Female Street Puppies Looking For A Forever Home – Can You Help ?


Kirsten Felbert

PIROT – Serbia.
2 female puppies looking for homes.

Please Share.
+- 4 months.

Rescued from the streets,
contact Milos 069 4228677

PIROT – Hitno
2 zenke traze dom
+- 4 meseca, pronadjene na ulici
Milos 0694228677


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Ukraine: An Insight Into Animal Welfare Issues Being Undertaken.


We are getting more visitors to the site from the Ukraine – so we welcome them all.

The following are a few links specifically aimed at animal welfare issues in the Ukraine.  Please browse the links and take a positive look at all the work being undertaken to help animals and their welfare.

We are sure our visitor friends will be familiar with most of these; but they may also help them and other visitors to the site to find out more about the work being done in the Ukraine.


We will give links to sites and a very short copy of some of the words being used by the site(s).

If this kind of thing proves popular with visitors, we may cover animal welfare issues in other nations in a similar vain.

Our ‘Clustrmap’ (global visitor map on the left side) can be used by us to select which nations to cover.  SAV. 


For the past 20 years, Naturewatch Foundation has been actively developing projects in Ukraine, working with municipalities to implement humane and sustainable stray dog population management schemes, following the recommendations of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OiE).
Our aims are: ……………………………………..

For the first time in Ukrainian history, the situation with animals in Ukraine was marked by not only negative news but there were also positive changes.

The most remarkable advancement was noticed in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, where the City Authorities shifted their policies towards humane ways of reduction stray animal population. Here the municipal services not only neuter and actively rehome stray dogs but also provide them vaccination and treatment. More than 3000 stray animals were neutered this year with the help of Kiev administration and European animal welfare organizations. Kiev Center for the Protection of Animals started implementing the regulations proposed by Naturewatch and thus using the European model of caring for animals.

Evpatoria / Vienna, 5 April 2013 FOUR PAWS continues its successful animal welfare initiative in Ukraine: Following the agreement between FOUR PAWS and the City Hall of Evpatoria, a new stray animal care project was launched in the Ukrainian town on 26 March 2013, bringing hope and salvation to many thousands of stray animals.—ukraine.html

For the last 15 years, Naturewatch Foundation has been actively developing projects throughout Eastern Europe, working with municipalities and state veterinary services to implement humane and sustainable stray dog population management schemes, following the recommendations of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OiE).

“Friend” is a non-profitable charity organization and rehabilitation center for the homeless animals in Dnepropetrovsk City – Ukraine. We cannot help all street animals but we hope that with the help of sterilization program, volunteers and support locally and internationally the situation in the city and in Ukraine slowly will get better…


In recent years there have been several cases involving Member State export credit agencies providing export credit guarantees for exports to Ukraine of farm animal housing equipment that does not meet EU standards. Under the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, Ukraine has to approximate its animal welfare legislation to that of the EU. Animal products from Ukraine, e.g. poultry meat and egg products, are beginning to enter the EU market.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has pledged to help a shelter called Pif in the devastated city of Donetsk. They are a large-scale shelter taking in dogs from many areas impacted by the war. Most recently, they took in 19 dogs from Kramatorsk as citizens fled.

The only animal rescue shelter in war-torn Gorlovka, Ukraine had been struggling to maintain operations and basic safety in the face of shelling that destroyed a wall and injured a dog, violent encounters with soldiers, and a devastating fire that damaged the facility and led to a dog’s death.

Thanks to the purchase of land and a building made possible by funds provided by an IFAW donor, we have found an alternative location for the nearly 300 resident dogs. Recently, they were transported two-by-two for safety reasons from the old location to the new one. There are still a lot of repairs and some construction work to be done, but for the time being the dogs are in a much safer environment than before.

The Animal Protection UA is a humane society founded on the belief that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans and must be protected under the law.


To provide aid for some of the hundreds of thousands of unwanted animals given to shelters in the Ukraine every year through donations, petitions, and store purchases.

Analysis of differences in farm animal welfare legislation between Ukraine and European Union

Law No. 2120-VIII on strengthening liability for cruelty toward animals has entered into force in Ukraine August 4, after being published in the official newspaper of the Verkhovna Rada, “Holos Ukrainy.”

Free and happy for the first time in his life: Bear raised from a cub to be used for dog baiting is released after 16 years in a Ukrainian cage

Civility of a country is determined by its attitude towards children, elderly people and animals. One cannot but agree with this statement. Unfortunately, when it comes to animals, Ukraine is far from being an example to follow. Thus, nowadays there is an urgent need to improve legislation on the proper pet care, identification and registration of animals.

Kyiv Society for the Protection of Animals

Kyiv Society for the Protection of Animals (KSPA, or KCSPA) – is a nonprofit, non-government organization that specializes in the protection of animals, mainly targeting the city of Kyiv. Maksym Ryl’skiy, a distinguished poet, took part in its founding in 1960. The activity of the Society is regulated by the Statute and directed by the President. The Society advocates humanism towards all living creatures and takes a firm, uncompromising stand against the problem of homeless animals. We do not accept half measures of the authorized State institutions and their individual officials; we insist on an exhaustive and final solution to the problem of stray animals through modern and humane means. The Society is not supported by any government subsidies*); it is financed solely by membership fees and voluntary donations of citizens.

KSPA is a member of the Ukrainian Association for Protection of Animals (AZOU)

FOUR PAWS plans to neuter, vaccinate 2,000 stray dogs in Ukraine


FOUR PAWS extends its cooperation in animal welfare with the Ukrainian government

Kiev/Zhytomyr, 1 February 2017 – FOUR PAWS and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine agreed to implement a program for the protection and welfare of stray animals. The respective agreement was signed by both parties on Tuesday, January 31 in Kiev.






Serbia – Lets find Sima a forever home !

Danijela Stojanovic

7 hrs

Krajnje je vreme da Sima nadje dom!
Temperamentan, razigran, dobar sa ljudima i drugim psima ali ne bas i sa macama.
Ima oko 18 meseci, bacen kao malo stene na ulicu i od tada u pansionu. Kastriran, vakcinisan, cipovan i sve ostalo sto treba uradjeno. Dajte da Sima zapocne Novu godinu u novom domu!

Lets find Sima a home !

He is about 18 months old, castrated, vaccinated and completely ready for adoption.

Medium sized, weight about 20 kilogram.
Very playful, good with people, other dogs but not so much with cats.

Can you help with a forever home ?

Check out the following for further details