Serbia: Felix Shelter Latest 7/2/18 – Can You Help Samson ?

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Samson is unwell 😞

Samson is a huge FIV+ stray kitty boy which was probably between six and seven years old when we first took him in at the end of 2016.

He’s been having respiratory and eye problems on and off since he arrived at the shelter and has already been under treatment several times, but he’s constantly had copious eye discharge and used to hold his head down and low, like a mole.

We had the impression that something was wrong with his eyelids from the very beginning, but whenever we intended to deal with his problems once and for all, some other kitty needed to be taken to the vet more urgently and we simply couldn’t run into more debts.

However, he began to breathe heavily last week, his nose was stuffed up and his eyes were glued shut with pus, and we clearly saw it was an emergency. Samson was diagnosed with entropion and bronchitis on Sunday; surgical correction of entropion was performed on both of his eyes with temporary eyelid tacking. He couldn’t have permanent entropion surgery yet until he begins to breathe normally, because the vet was worried he wouldn’t survive the general anesthesia.

He is now receiving antibiotic injections and his eyes are being treated locally with eye drops and ointments. As soon as he gets well, he will have bilateral entropion surgery, so he will be able to keep his eyes wide open, like any healthy cat.

Hopefully things will work out and Samson will finally live the life he deserves.

Any kind of help for this beautiful house panther is more than welcome!

There is a donate button on our website:
Felix: 355-1070729-96
Thank you!





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