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March Winds Blow Kisses to the Dogs of Romania


Yet again, our spectacular monthly supporters have enabled us to provide aid to three dog rescue centers in Romania. You’re providing food for more than 2,000 dogs here!

We thought you might enjoy seeing how that aid impacts a single dog.

This is Sienna who was found in a grocery store parking lot. She was hungry and shivering and was spotted by our beloved rescue partner Norica Prigoana who runs a very special rescue center in Gherla.

Norica took Sienna home for a warm bath to raise her body temperature, and after several good meals and time under the blankets, Sienna began to come around.

Every month Harmony Fund sends aid to sponsor the rescue, veterinary care and sheltering of street dogs in Romania who are injured or simply hungry & alone. The caregivers of these animals are some of the most selfless and devoted rescuers on the planet.


New Bosnian Dog Sanctuary – Love Abounds!


It’s a bit hard to get a photo of the stray dogs of Travnik standing up. Every time Bosnian rescuer Anela Elkazevic approaches, they simply fall over as the excitement of receiving affection washes over them. It’s hard to believe that gentle souls (like this one being warmed in blankets) are among the dogs under threat from a new task force of dog catchers. But many of the dogs can stop running soon. The fence is going up around the new sanctuary at this very moment and dogs will start pouring in next week.

HarBos2 land

This gorgeous piece of land, pure wilderness, will become a haven for the dogs. We’ll start with fencing and then housing will be erected for a caretaker and for the dogs.  Volunteers from Germany will be helping to organize spay/neuter for the incoming dogs and to also help host an adoption program.

“You are amazing!” Anela wrote a few days ago when we sent funds to commence work. “Thank you very much!! Now we can start. This is a dream come true!”

Anela says the homeless dogs chase after her car to follow her home after she feeds them. She thinks of how many have chased after the cars of the families who left them. Soon, very soon, they’ll all be home and the only running they’ll do is to chase each other through those gorgeous, great big fields.

Delivery of 7,000+ meals to Turkish Street Cats 

HarTurk cats

We’d love to take you all on a balloon ride over the streets of Avsallar, Turkey. This is something you simply must lay eyes on to appreciate. Volunteers here walk the streets for six to eight hours each day, feeding the hungry street animals. The sacks of food are wheeled along in carts and so many of the cats and dogs come running when they see the “chuck wagon” approaching. In a community where animals are chased and poisoned and stoned, we bring them love and good food. The lucky ones are adopted internationally. All of this is made possible by our monthly supporters.

Want to Volunteer in Turkey?
We’re in the middle of another round of spay/neuter here and always on the hunt for volunteers to come and spend a week and lend a hand feeding animals in the street. If you are interested, please email

European Games Campaign Making Headway?

Those of you who follow us on Facebook may know that we’ve been hosting the international protest against the round-up of dogs in advance of the upcoming European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan.  After watching undercover video and hearing reports from local residents that dogs were being rounded up to cleanse the streets, we went to work to force the European Games leadership to be held accountable for the welfare of dogs in host cities like Baku.

Here’s what we now know:

More than 20,000 people have signed our petition.

2 million people have experienced the campaign through social media.

This week, the state veterinary staff was seen administering rabies prevention to street dogs – instead of grabbing them and driving away.

The Communications Director for the European Games has been fired.

And we’ve been sponsoring the rescue of dogs through Baku Animal Rescue

It’s very difficult to penetrate such multi-million dollar events, but it’s possible that this time, we are being heard.

Food Delivery for Shelter in Donetsk, Ukraine


“At this time, we are only surviving because of your support.”  Those are the profound words uttered by Viktoria Vasilyeva who runs the PIF shelter in Eastern Ukraine.

“The situation with food for the dogs is desperate and we’re sending SOS signal wherever we can,” shelter worker Vita explains. “We’re collecting money to buy it in Russia because it’s possible to transport it to Donetsk as humanitarian aid in the end of March. We’re currently monitoring dog food prices on the Russian market because in Donetsk and other Ukrainian cities they are sky-high.”


In a thousand full moons, we couldn’t begin to express the depth of our gratitude for all of you who have donated to help. Please accept our apologies for asking for continued support for the animals here ,but the need is ongoing and substantial. We do need help.

Joyful Recovery as Paralyzed Street Dog Can Walk Once More


Frank was hit by a car a few weeks ago in Bosnia. Luckily a girl found him and started calling for help. She knocked on the door of her teacher, asking what to do.

“I got a call from my friend saying her student had found a dog in the middle of the road and he can’t move,” Suzana Demiraca told us. “I took him in. People helped locally to get the X-rays, food and diapers. He was very emaciated, dirty, scared, shocked and old (missing incisors). Radiographs showed a hip dysplasia on one leg and a broken femur on the other. So we took him to the surgery on a debt, because we couldn’t waste time, and risk leaving him paralyzed for the rest of his life. A week after the surgery I started massaging his legs, and after a few days of doing that we started doing some exercises. And then after two weeks, when the vet came to do a check-up Frank stood up!”

Suzana wrote us asking for help to pay for Frank’s veterinary debt and we were happy to help. After all, what greater joy than helping a dog to walk again. Frank is now walking fairly well and will be adopted by a woman in Italy who will bring him to physical therapy to continue his special care.

A TREMENDOUS THANK YOU to all of you who support the Harmony Fund and touch the lives of thousands of animals like Frank each and every month.

Please Consider Sharing & Donating

Though it’s always very uncomfortable to ask, we’d be so grateful for a donation from anyone who feels compelled to help us continue to save lives in the month ahead. And, if you perhaps might consider sharing this email with other animal lovers, we’d be more grateful than words can say.

Click Here to Make a Donation for the Animals 

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