Spain: Matador Killed During Bullfight. Bull Mother Slaughtered to Stop Bloodline !


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Matador Víctor Barrio’s death prompts fresh calls for bullfighting ban

Critics of sport accused of exploiting the first death of a professional torero in the ring in Spain since 1985

Animal rights activists in Spain have renewed calls for a total ban on bullfighting after the death of a young matador in front of a crowd on Saturday.

Víctor Barrio became the first professional torero to die in the ring in Spain since 1985 when the bull, Lorenzo, gored him in the thigh and chest during a fight in the eastern town of Teruel.

The animal’s horn pierced the 29-year-old’s lung and aorta. The matador was pronounced dead late on Saturday. Hundreds of people gathered for the funeral in his hometown of Sepúlveda, in Segovia, on Monday.

His death – and the news that the bull’s mother will be killed to sever the animal’s bloodline – prompted the animal rights party, Pacma, to demand an end to the sport in Spain.

“We reject traditions based in violence, revenge and blood,” it said in a statement. “Bullfighters say the mother of Lorenzo, now known as a ‘killer bull’ after ending the life of Víctor Barrio, will be sent to the slaughterhouse to ‘end the lineage’.”

Pacma said no rite, tradition or custom rooted in a series of deaths and nourished by blood and hatred could be seen as healthy in any society, adding: “We know of only one ethical means to do away with all this: the total abolition of bullfights.”

Over the weekend a 28-year-old Spaniard died during a bull run in the village of Pedreguer, near Valencia. According to the regional government, the man died after a bull’s horn pierced his lung and heart while he tried to help another runner.

There were further injuries on Saturday at the San Fermín festival, in which bulls and runners rush through the cobbled streets of Pamplona.

A 33-year-old Japanese man was gored in the chest, a 24-year-old Spanish man in the arm, and 12 others sustained minor injuries, according to the local government’s website.

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To the Death of Victor Barrio!

The matador Victor Barrio was well prepared for the murder of Lorenzo.
Like every time he has entered the execution site.
His profession was bull killer!

Bullfighter is a profession with a high risk,that is something, wich have to know every torero.
Just like as minesweeper.
The difference: the one saves people from death, the torero tortures animals to death!!

Victor Barrio carried his Shiny Suit, said goodbye to his family and shortly thereafter he entered the place of the murder.
It should be like every time:
Six banderillias stabed deep into the flesh of the animal, then the sword (Estoque) is deeply engraved in the neck, in the gap between the shoulder blades.
This is the “Rejón de muerte”, we know it from the famous picture:
A bull with eyes on the ground, with a bleeding mouth, a torn body, still shrugs his last movements before his agonizing death!

It should not come this way on that day!

The roles were reversed, the bull was the winner, and Victor Barrio died shortly after the stabbing of the horn in his heart.

Actually, a more pleasant death, compared to the agony, the pain, the mortal danger, in which Lorenzo must suffer and all other victims of the Arena.

Queen Letizia and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy send their condolences, our philanthropic society cries for the 29 year old with bitter tears.

If the matador wins, the bullfight is “tradition”.
If the bull wins, the bullfight is a tragedy.

I have no sympathy for people who torture, torment, murder in name of tradition.
I have no sympathy for toreros.

I do not regret the death of Victor Barrio.




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