‘Benkovac’ Croatian Shelter – Latest News – 21st May 08

Below is the fastest way to help the dogs and Mr. Ozakovic, so that he can buy dog food and take it to Benkovac shelter as soon as possible.  Then, with food, Mr. Ozakovic must be allowed into the shelter, or legal action can be taken under law. 
Donation information is:
 OTP Bank , IBAN SWIFT bic

This is Account for help  animals in Benkovac


OTP banka d.d. – CROATIEN

KONTO : 2407000-3240098117


IBAN: HR2524070003200386660 

Thank You


 New photographs on 23rd May are:




First photo – The Mayor;



Other photographs – the suffering his decisions have caused, including puppies being eaten by other starving dogs.
Is this the action of EU member states of the future ?
Mr. Mayor – your actions will keep Croatia OUT OF THE EU !!
The Law of Veterinary of the Republic of Croatia has now been checked.
SAV contacts now have a copy of the legislation.
In agreement with the Law of Veterinary of the Republic of Croatia:-
anti-rabies vaccinations must be provided for FREE – the same  as in Serbia – but, it is alleged that vets are asking for money to provide this.
Other people in Croatia have informed that vets everywhere are asking them for additional money to vaccinate, even though the vets receive money from the republics tax payers budget to pay for the vaccinations in the first place ! – and as such, the vaccinations should be provided free by the vets from the republics budget.

The situation in Croatia for anti-rabies vaccination should be the same as in Serbia – free  – and in agreement with the Law of Veterinary, because activists insisted on the implementation of this law.

Microchipping of stray dogs  must be provided from the municipality budget – also the same as in Serbia, because ‘communities’ are ‘owners’ of stray dogs – not any one specific person, not any specific organisation, but the communities – and that means all the citizens of the community – they are all owners of the stray dogs, and as such, the municipality budget must provide for their welfare.


Please see other news items on Benkovac for contact e mail information.
Dear all; please read the following which has just arrived, and also view more photographs at the tierhilfe-benkovac link given in the following text.
regards – SAV team.
Dear Friends, An Austrian association Tierhilfe-Sueden (they are focused on animal rescue in the Balkans/ Southeastern Europe                        

has been helping the shelter “Benkovac” in Croatia by supplying food and medicine, though the current situation is quite awful.
Here you can read the short report in English and view some images that are not pleasant at all.                        

Here are the descriptions of the pictures: dogs are eating their new born puppies, most of them are severely injured, for some of them it was too late, and dogs have started to eat each other.

If you would like to help, please contact them

Thank you for your attention and help.





Dear friends ,


This is our LETTER OF THANKS to  good people who send help to these poor dogs at shelter Benkovac who are victims of greed, pitiless humans , as  they always are.
Our friends just wrote that they send help to dogs at  dog shelter Benkovac , in form of dogfood and medicaments.  We hope this help  will arrived to  these poor dogs and  doesn`t be abuse from humans-shinters  of that dogcatchers firm.
We please, Mr Ozakovic and other good people for monitoring situation in  dog shelter Benkovac, Croatia .
Are these poor dogs ALONE ?
Who care 24h to them ?
They may not  be alone ! It is danger for  them be alone !

Dragi prijatelji, evo  nasi prijatelji javljaju da stize pomoc u hrani i lekovima psima u Benkovcu, nadamo se da ce  biti namenski upotrebljeni , a ne pokradena i prodata od strane sintera ove sinterske firme , sto smo vec imali prilike videti .
Molimo gospodina Ozakovica i  sve druge  dobre ljude koji su u  mogucnosti da nas izvestavaju  o stanju u azilu u Benkovcu.
Ko pazi i brine o ovim jadnim psima 24h.Da li su oni SAMI ?
To je opasno za njih !
ovo je i nase PISMO ZAHVALA svim dobrim ljudima  koji sada i ubuduce  budu slali pomoc ovim jadnim zrtvama ljudske bezosecajnosti, pohlepe, nemara.

Thank You .



















Slavica Mazak Beslic
Friend- EPAR/OIPA/Alliance for Animal Rights/SAV
Liebe Tierfreunde !
Von Frau Stanger kam ein dramatischer Hilferuf aus Kroatien… BITTE HELFEN SIE UNS DEN TIEREN IM TIERHEIM “BENKOVAC” ZU HELFEN !!! Wir kaufen Futter und Medikamente…
Noch mehr Fotos und aktueller Bericht auf unserer Homepage www.tierhilfe-sueden-austria.at / AKTUELLES
Bitte protestieren Sie auch – Adressen ebenfalls auf unserer HP.
Sylvana Stierschneider

Date: Sun, 18 May 2008 16:31:20 +0200
Subject: RE: Picutres from the benkovac shelter last days( see the date inthe picture!!

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