New Photographs from NOA of Bosnian Horses

Photos just received from our activist friends at NOA in Banja Luka. You can clearly see
the horses and the conditions they are in.

Also in the photographs are activist from NOA.

SAV would like to thank our friends at NOA for making the difference and saving horses lives.

See also our

EMERGENCY APPEAL – 90 horses Dying of Starvation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lipizzaner Horses at Vucijak Farm in Bosnia and Herzegovina are being kept in
appalling conditions, suffering from starvation and fatigue. The horses
are dying. These horses need our help urgently. Three foals have already
died due to starvation and conditions at the farm  more are expected to
die in the days to come.

Why is this happening?

After war broke out in Yugoslavia in 1992, Vucijak farm has
not received the support of the state. It was once a European breeding
centre for the famous Lippizaner horse, and has been selectively
breeding these animals since WWII, but now it lies in all but ruins, the
horses undernourished and dying, and the buildings collapsing around
them. The farm is owned by City Hall Prnjavor and Government of
Republika Srpska, both of whom are acting as though there is more than
enough time to sort out the problems on this farm. Funds that have been
raised in the past by NGOs and other welfare groups have disappeared
into the administration, and no spending on welfare has been observed.

Add to this the fact that farm employees have not been paid for many
months at a time, and are currently on strike. They have not allowed
volunteer workers into the farm to look after the horses as they see the
horses plight as a lever for their own failing livelihoods. This means
that in addittion to the pitifully meagre budget available for the care
of these horses, they must undergo an even greater hardship while being
used as pawns in this administrative farce. Thankfully, volunteers will
be allowed back onto the farm as of next week.

NOA, a Bosnian animal welfare organisation and member of WSPA
have negotiated an agreement with the authorities to allow their
volunteer taskforce onto the farm. They also have a policy of
transparency about spending. They will therefore ensure that any
donations made to help these horses will go directly to rehabiltating
the animals, and thereafter, the farm. They will provide interested
parties who donate funds with expenses reports of the whole project on
request (once it is finished)

NOA would like to help organise VUCIJAK farm in cooperation
with other interested parties into a farm that is organized and run in
the way that a farm such as Djakovo farm (see link below) operates.

Donate Funds – Bank information for donations to be made to are as follows:

This has to be done via your bank please refere to




Donate Supplies – See list below if you can
donate any of the supplies listed below, please email:


Fedin Gunic –






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