Maria Makes a Hit with Regina’s Song – Please Give it Your Support

Famous Uk musician Maria Daines has written a very moving song about Regina; the Spanish rescued dog who was abused and tortured.

Maria says about the song:

Dear all,

had to share this news, Regina’s song is really getting out there & being heard world wide!!! 

We HOPE it will help other animals in Spain in the future, let people know cruelty to animals MUST NOT be tolerated by government and society.

Please share the link with everyone you know.

About the song (and Regina)
Regina was a rescue dog living in Ribercan shelter in the town of Carcaixent Valencia, Spain. On 29th May 2008, thugs broke into the shelter and Regina was sexually abused, tortured and killed during the attack on the premises. Other dogs were frightened away from the shelter when their quarters were badly damaged but Regina was petrified and too timid to fight back.

We hope this song will help to alert people to the distressing problem of animal cruelty in Spain. This crime has not been investigated by the Spanish police or authorities. Laws must be implemented in Spain to protect stray dogs like Regina from criminals who see them as easy targets. Animal abuse leads to human abuse.


The Bright Eyes Society has offered a financial reward to help catch the person or persons responsible for this terrible crime against an innocent creature. Download proceeds from this song will be sent to Bright Eyes to increase the reward and one day may there be for justice for Regina. 


Regina’s song is available to play or download,
download proceeds will be donated to The Bright Eyes Society to increase the reward fund to help gain justice for Regina.


Today’s chart stats below on Soundclick –

Justice For Regina

# 18 in Pop (highest position was 18). Total songs: 88,139

# 2 in Adult Contemporary (highest position was 2). Total songs: 3,136


Many many thanks for all your support and let’s ROCK FOR ANIMALS TO LIVE IN PEACE!!!!!


Love from Maria xxxxxx

A petition for ‘Justice For Regina’ closed with over 10,000 signatures!!




Ever occur to you why some of us can be this much concerned with animals suffering?  Because government is not.  Why not?  Animals don’t vote. 
~Paul Harvey


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