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Here are a selection of posts that have been published on our site ‘World Animals Voice’ – you can keep up to date with new, daily global animal news by visiting  World Animals Voice – Animal news from around the world.  This is an alternative site to ‘Serbian Animals Voice’, and we suggest WAV should really be used for the latest information.

For subscribers of ‘Balkans Animals Suffering’, this site is no longer updated,  Again, we suggest you visit WAV at the above link and register to get every daily update we publish sent directly to you.

Here are some WAV posts from recent times so that you can see what issues we cover:  This is a random selection, but is far from all.  You can select what you want to read, as the subject is given in the link heading:

Spain: ‘They had a date to kill the cow. So I stole her’: how vegan activists are saving Spain’s farm animals. – World Animals Voice

England: Actors Ricky Gervais and Peter Egan Call For A Ban On All Animal Experiments and A Breeding Centre To Close. – World Animals Voice

England: This Little Piggy Came From ? – Why The UK Needs VERY Clear Food Labelling. – World Animals Voice

Starling Murmurations. – World Animals Voice

England: 24/7/21 – Vegan Bites. – World Animals Voice

Setting The Record Straight on the Dolphin “Smile”. Also The ‘Taiji Dolphin Hunt’ (Japan). – World Animals Voice

Lebanon: After 10 Years, Bears Homer and Ulysses Rescued from Zoo! – World Animals Voice

Far East: The World Has Changed, but Live-Animal Markets Haven’t. Demand The WHO Acts Immediately. – World Animals Voice

EU: NGOs call (on EU) to stop the imports of cruelly produced horsemeat. – World Animals Voice

Sweden: New Swedish report shows extensive spread of SARS-CoV-2 within and between mink farms. – World Animals Voice

Turkey: Drought Caused By Climate Change Kills Thousands Of Baby Flamingos. – World Animals Voice

Denmark: New Footage Emerges Of 2021 Pilot Whale Murders. 175 Whales Killed This Year; Nothing Changes ! – World Animals Voice

England: Badger Homes and Winter Wonderland – 2 Videos To Watch About the Best In Animal People. – World Animals Voice

UK: 20/7/21 – Update On Horse Slaughter – Programme Shown On BBC TV. Watch On iplayer, But May Only Be For UK Viewers. ? Try Links At End. – World Animals Voice

Beyond Meat Launches Online Store To Make Plant-Based Meat More Accessible In China. Great, But What About Wet Markets Still Operating in Their Hundreds ? – World Animals Voice

SINGAPORE TO BAN THE SALE AND SLAUGHTER OF TURTLES AND FROGS IN WET MARKETS. News From Animal Equality – Breaking 20/7/21 – World Animals Voice

The science of plant-based meat. – World Animals Voice

UK: 19/7/21: Horse Slaughter – Exclusive Tonight: Animal Aid’s Undercover Investigation on BBC One’s Panorama. – World Animals Voice

Wildlife Trade Is ‘Key Risk Factor’ Behind Global Spread Of Disease, Study Finds. – World Animals Voice

Amazon Rainforest Now Emits More CO2 Than It Absorbs For The First Time. – World Animals Voice

In memory of Slavica Mazac-Bešlić – World Animals Voice

England: Shut Down Hewitt Slaughterhouse – Planned Events and Actions (If You Cannot Attend, Send A Letter) – Link Provided. – World Animals Voice

England: Hewitt Slaughterhouse Abuses. WAV Now Write To Government Minister Responsible and Also To Food Standards Agency Re Veterinarian. – World Animals Voice

England: WAV Follow Up With Letter To Relevant Authorities Re English Slaughterhouse Abuses Filmed On CCTV. – World Animals Voice

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