22nd July – A Message from Slavica

Please take action and forward widely


– NO KILL STERILISATION STRATEGY, withouth killing stray pets

-to forbid religious ritual slaughtering

-to forbid experiments on animals

-to forbid dog-cat breeding  and  trade = abusing animals

-to forbid use animals in circuses and

-to forbid  zoo s  jails

-to forbid hunting



Please urge the President of the DEMOCRACY Party Group in the Serbian Parliament to officially support the “No-kill sterilisation strategy” – Guiding Proposal for a Serbian Animal Protection Code, its principles, objectives and the rules it aims to establish


You can read  detailes  about  No kill sterilisation strategy  on  www.epar.org.yu

If you can, please also send the same message through postal, mail or fax to:


Mr. Boris Tadic



President of Democracy Party  and President of Republic of Serbia  kontakt.predsednik@predsednik.yu

tel / fax 00381 11 36 32 007  and  fax  00 381 11 3030 868

11000 Beograd,

Andricev   venac 1

381 Serbia


On behalf of all animals in Serbia, we thank you for your support and participation, which are truly vital for the success of this campaign to change the future of animals in this country.


To His Excellency the President of the Democracy Party, and President of Republic of Serbia :


Dear Mr. Boris Tadic


Considering that it is the duty of humans to respect animals and to ensure that these benefit from legislation which protects them in an adequate and effective way;

Considering that that duty is increasingly recognised and valued not only within the Serbian society but also across the world, and that it has been driving governments, parliaments and municipalities from several regions of the world to take advanced legislative and practical steps to protect animals;

Considering that, in spite of the latter being also a duty of the Serbian  State, this state has not been matching it, or meeting its responsibilities in this field, in a satisfactory way, thus leaving Serbian`s animals cruelly abandoned and victims of the state’s indifference, which, both by actions and omissions, has been permitting that many and serious harms committed against animals may happen in an environment of almost total impunity;

Considering that the Serbian State, both by not taking proactive, modern, effective and adequate legislative measures, by not even conducting a satisfactory prevention, enforcement and penalization activity regarding the existing animal protection regulations, by not forbidding cruel, unacceptable and absolutely unnecessary practises, and also by involving some of its institutions, among which are the municipalities, in the cruel treatment of animals, has originated serious problems affecting animals in the country; and also


Considering that the majority of the Serbian people – a very significant one, in many aspects, and overwhelming, in so many others – believes that animals in Serbia are, in fact, extremely unprotected and should, in several areas, be urgently and strongly protected by the Serbian State;

I call on the Serbian Parliament and urge the Democracy Party  to:

1. Propose and/or approve, establish and enact a new animal protection law – to be shaped as an Animal Protection Code – that is

 a) wide-ranging, in a way that it establishes animal protection regulations affecting all areas in which these are somehow used and involved,

b) coherent, clear and specific, in a way that its provisions can be understood, respected and enforced in a clear way and without causing any doubts,

 c) strongly restrictive, establishing

i) unequivocally the prohibitions which are due to be defined,

ii) strong penalties to the infringements of the law, and

iii) exclusive legal permissions to hold animals in captivity and/or to inflict pain, suffering and/or death to animals only in the cases in which that is strictly necessary and justified, also rigidly and clearly regulating those permissions, and

d) easy to enforce, in a way that the agencies and officials which are responsible for enforcing the law and making sure it is respected may execute their enforcement work in the most direct, fast and effective manner, so that the infringements may be punished as swiftly and efficiently as possible, also to be accompanied of immediate and precautionary measures to protect the affected animals´ safety and integrity – measures which should be also immediately put to practice by these very agencies and officials;





2. To additionally consider and incorporate in the preparation of this new animal protection law – which is requested to be established and enacted shaped as an Animal Protection Code taking into consideration all the aspects mentioned in the previous point – all the elements which are outlined and advocated in the fair, extensive and comprehensive guiding proposal for a Serbian Animal Protection Code presented in the documents NO KILL sterilisation strategy”, writen by Friend-EPAR/OIPAmember league www.epar.org.yu

  and “Law&order&justice for all” , written by Friend-EPAR/OIPAmember league/alliance for Animal Rights  www.epar.org.yu

  and promoted by this organisation and several other members  and supporters  of Alliance for Animal Rights and Serbian Animals Voice https://serbiananimalsvoice.wordpress.com/

 ,  to accomplish a modern, effective, progressist and fair Animal Protection Code in relation to the needs of the legislative protection of animals in Serbia and to the Serbian State’s duties in this field.


Thanking you in advance for the attention which, I trust, you will give to my request,



Yours, respectfully,

Name: Slavica Mazak Beslic

Friend-EPAR/OIPA/Alliance   for  Animal Rights/SAV/GAARP






Town: Subotica

Country: Serbia

E-mail: epar@yunord.net


Please make as generous a donation as you can TODAY to enable Friend-EPAR/OIPAmember league   to continue and better its work to forward animal protection in this country:


Make a bank transfer to the following account:

otp Bank, Hungary,Szeged

Account number: 11775355-37518886

IBAN: HU31117753553751888600000000



Make a regular donation by cheque or money order and posting it to us at: by postal address:

Friend-EPAR/OIPA member league

Matka Vukovica 9




Friend-EPAR/OIPA/Alliance for Animal Rights  ::

No More Crimes Without Punishment ::

No  More killings healthy pet animals – by false  euthanasia,

   No more: painfull killing on behalf of God


All sentient beings ARE persons-All persons have an EQUAL right to live

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