Morocco: Petition to His Majesty Now Closed Due to Lower Than Hoped Support



Past SAV posts relating to our Moroccan animals campaign:



Unfortunately, despite trying to give support to Moroccan animal welfare campaigners by asking His Royal Highness to personally intervene and help animals in his country, we have only just been able to get together 1,000 signatures when we were aiming for a total of at least 5,000.

The petition has been open since September 2009, and in approximately six months 1,000 signatures have been achieved.  At this continued rate it will take some two and a half years to reach even our target total; that is two and a half more years of suffering without intervention and action for the animals of Morocco.

So now it has been decided to close the petition.

Despite the probable wishes of some to now contribute their signature to this campaign, it will not be possible. People have had over six months already to put their name into a box – a matter of a few seconds to undertake. So now we move on, and with the petition closed, we have to act to present what signatures we have to the Royal family of Morocco.

Contact will be made with our Moroccan campaigners to ask and decide on what move is next regarding the petition. We would like to thank everyone who did give their name to the petition. It is disappointing to only have reached one fifth of our aimed target, but maybe lessons can be learned with regard future challenges such as this.

A full copy (electronic) of all the signatures will now be made and forwarded to friends in Morocco. In this format, we hope that a paper printout of all the signatures and comments can then be produced. We then envisage that the paper copy of the petition can then be sent to His majesty asking for him to take action on behalf of Morocco’s animals. We will provide further information on events as things happen.

Special thanks to everyone who did sign and put the petition word round.




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