For Jonah: A Narration from Maria



Dear all,


I had to do something for Jonah so I’ve written some words for him and narrated them on the link below. I hope this message reaches those in Turkey who denied this sweet dog a second chance. Feel free to share with friends of animals.


Love from Maria xx





A short tragic life lived in pain

Not pain that leads to something better

To recovery, or a quiet peaceful home

Safe with those you know

Where you are wanted for your happy presence

Treasured for your soft ears

And trusting eyes

Welcomed for your gentle spirit

Called upon when you stray too far

Missed when you are out of sight

Or a little too far from loving arms

Arms that would have cradled you

As you slept, dreaming of love…

Now, dear Jonah, you slumber safe

In the eternal shelter of a million caring hearts

For not all human beings are cruel

The ones who let you down

The callous brutes who could not see

How much you mattered

Those that trespassed through your right to life

Those that dragged barriers across your final hope

Drawing curtains of ignorance around your sorrow

So your suffering might be alone

They, and only they, each and every one that stole your escape

Keeping you far from rescue

They may waken each morning

With the knowledge that they matter least.

For their aging broken souls carry boulders of emptiness

Their shallow agenda will weaken and be rendered useless

Their eyes shall dim with cowardice

And their hollow, worthless shame

Shall become a prison for their lack of dignity.

Yet you, dear creature of another world

Resting soundly now, your body healed of ache and pain

Renewed and repaired, you are at one with the Rainbow

Aloof from this planet where a species of savages roams

You shall be remembered always, far from this dumb world

You will shine brightly as a butterfly in moonlight

You are amongst the friends who gathered you to their hearts

Friends who tried to pull you closer through an unfathomable distance

Friends who wished you an almighty strength

To fight an interminable struggle of indifference

They will never know the power, Jonah

Or the pleasure of man’s beautiful best friend

A friend who would be devoted to their very being

Loyal and enchanting, a comrade in compassionate war

The antidote to human angst and a miracle beyond all reason

Each heart encased in fur shall live amongst the brave forever more.

Those who let you down

And those who were not content with living their own wretched life

Those who blocked your path to recovery simply because they could

Those so ignorant that they possess nothing of any value

Their empathy is shipwrecked somewhere in a shrunken sea

They are already forgotten…

Whilst you remain a rock of hope and a beacon of our need

A symbol of all that we may overcome

You were not ruined, they could not break you

For you are what they can never be.

You live inside those that care for life 

You belong to everyone that ever cared.

And through your suffering this night shall never end

For wherever the voiceless guardians unite

Wherever they stand tall and turn against the cruelty

Wherever a plea is heard

There will be no silence. No apathy

No challenge worthy if not borne of love

Your life and death will never be over.

Your brief moment in this bleak space and time

Will not be in vain.

You are our memory

We promise.



Maria Daines

November 2008





‘Songs for the voiceless, music for the soul’



The Brilliant Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) Sets Out Alone In Defence Of Whales

Please watch some or all of the following footage and then you will understand why we have complete trust, faith, belief and support in Paul and all the Sea Shepherd crew. 


One day in the future, if there are no more whales in the oceans, due to extinction by the hunters, kids of the time will ask their parents why they did little or nothing to stop the slaughter and why they in effect allowed the mass extermination of these beautiful innocents of the oceans. 


Sea Shepherd are fighting to ensure that the day never comes and that the whale killers are put where they belong – in the history books.  Please give them your full support.


Safe sailing all you guys on ‘Operation Musashi’ – KICK THE WHALE HUNTER BUTT and kick it long and hard !!!


You have our full and devoted support – SAV.

View campaign footage at:

In memory of Robert Hunter – a Direct Action Hero.



Paul Watson says:

In March of 1976, he and I stood on the heaving ice floes off the coast of Labrador as a large sealing ship bore down on us.


The ice cracked and split beneath our feet as I said to Bob, “When it splits, I’ll jump to the right and you to the left.” 

Bob looked straight ahead and calmly said, “I’m not going anywhere.”

And he meant it. And because he stayed, I stayed, we brought that seal killing ship to a dead stop.

SSCS Web Site :

Sea Shepherd Crew Heading South to Defend the Whales


Both Photos: SSCS

Sea Shepherd Crew Heading
South to Defend the Whales 

by Captain Paul Watson


The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship Steve Irwin departed the Port of Brisbane today with an international volunteer crew of 48.









The crew includes 33 men and 15 women. 14 of the crew are from Australia and 4 from New Zealand with the rest of the crew hailing from Japan, Canada, Great Britain, the USA, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, Hungary, and Bermuda. 8 of the crew are representing Animal Planet for the documenting of the 2nd season of the series Whale Wars. The other 40 crewmembers make up the crew for Operation Musashi. 23 of the crew are returning veterans and for the remaining 25, this is their first time on a Sea Shepherd campaign.

Included in the crew that departed from Brisbane is Daryl Hanna, a longtime dedicated environmental activist and actor whose films include Blade Runner, Kill Bill, Roxanne and Splash.

The Steve Irwin will make a brief stop for fuel before proceeding to the Ross Sea to intercept the Japanese whaling fleet.

The Japanese whaling fleet is targeting 935 threatened Piked whales plus 50 endangered Fin whales in an established Whale Sanctuary in violation of a global moratorium on commercial whaling.

“Our objective is to sink the Japanese whaling fleet – economically.” Said Captain Paul Watson.

Sea Shepherd has given the name of Operation Musashi to this year’s campaign in reference to the legendary samurai ronin and master strategist Miyomoto Musashi who is to Japan what Ned Kelly, Robin Hood and Jesse James are to Australia, England and the United States.  

Musashi wrote of the “two-fold way of pen and sword” and that means that confrontation plus communication is the strategy to be followed this year. Sea Shepherd will physically block the Japanese harpoons and we will be producing a dramatic television series to communicate the problem and our solution to the world.

All Sea Shepherd tactics are designed not cause bodily injury. Last year, the whalers accused Sea Shepherd crew of throwing “acid” on them. While technically rotten butter is butyric acid, it is less acidic than beer or orange juice. But it does stink very bad and thus interferes with their work.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society expects the Japanese to be more aggressive this year. They are losing money and their image as whale butchers is becoming a growing embarrassment. Last year the whalers threw concussion grenades and fired live shots at the crew of the Steve Irwin. We expect they will be more hostile facing another year of losses.
The Sea Shepherd crew are also concerned over Greenpeace allegations that Sea Shepherd is a violent organization. “This kind of irresponsible rhetoric could get us killed,” said Steve Irwin 2nd Officer Peter Hammarstedt of Sweden. “If Greenpeace continue to make these unsubstantiated accusations, it could serve to justify violence by the whalers against us. We would like to request that they cease and desist from making remarks that may possibly endanger our lives.”


The whales do not have time to wait until awareness is changed in Japan. The killing must be ended now and the key to success is to interfere with profits. Sea Shepherd intends to make sure that the financial losses of the Japanese fleet exceed their profits. This is the only language that the whalers understand.


Captain Paul Watson expects to intercept the Japanese whaling fleet in the Ross Sea area around sometime during the last 10 days of December.

“Hopefully we will arrive in time to give the gift of life to the whales this Christmas and hopefully we will see 2009 as the last year that these outlaw whalers continue to slaughter these intelligent, defenseless and gentle sentient creatures.”




Commentary from Anthony Marr

Everyone knows that this voyage is dangerous, perhaps, after last year’s shooting, more so than ever before. Therefore, all on the Steve Irwin are heroes knowingly sailing into harm’s way for the good of those who cannot even say thanks in a way we can understand.
Being the pragmatist that I am, I would now suggest forming a contingency plan that can be swung into action immediately and with full force in the event that Japanese violence results in injury or, the Whale God forbids, death, on the part of Sea Shepherd. I wouldn’t say so had the Captain himself not been hit by a Japanese bullet, and indeed could have been killed had he not been wearing a kevlar vest. Since the Japanese sniper was probably not aware of our Captain wearing a vest, and the bullet did impact on his chest, this act was one of attempted murder.
Such a contingency plan should aim for using such an incident to deal an immediate fatal blow not only to the Japanese whaling industry, but to the reputation and the soul of Japan. Forming such a contingency plan can safeguard us from knee-jerk reactions and falling into a state of disarray. And the existence of the plan should remind Japan and its whalers that any such murderous act will be an act of industrial and spiritual suicide on their part.

This in a sense is a sad statement, because their firing a bullet at a Sea Shepherd member is morally no better and no worse than their firing a harpoon into the defenseless body of a whale, or cutting the throat of a helpless dolphin.

May the Earth Force be with you!




Posted by Anthony Marr on Dec 3, 2008 6:48 PM

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)


Serbia: New Pictures and News from EPAR Shelter, Subotica

Slavica from EPAR Shelter, Subotica, Serbia, has now kindly sent an update on the current situation at the EPAR shelter.


Above is the EPAR shelter on a warm, summers day.



Friend – EPAR for Esteem and Protection of Animal Rights.

OIPA Member League.



Please pay as per instructions given below:


59: Beneficiary customer:  CS73265100000002328536  DRUŠTVO PRIJATELJA ŽIVOTINJA PRIJATELJ  Matka Vukovića 9



57A: Account wth institution:  RZBJCSBG  RAIFFEISENBANK AD BEOGRAD

59: Beneficiary customer:  CS73265100000002328536  DRUŠTVO PRIJATELJA ŽIVOTINJA PRIJATELJ  Matka Vukovića, 9


Issues below are covered in no specific order of importance, but we hope you will find all the super pictures and information of interest.

EPAR have recently purchased a truck which is being used daily for a wide variety of tasks including – collecting and delivering straw bales, carrying food for the dogs, carrying of general things required for the shelter such as wood and fencing etc.


Here are three photographs of the truck in service:






Here are some photographs of some of the dogs inside some of the EPAR shelters –



Dry and warm



You remember Amaryla and Boki. (below) – He is sterilized, like all male dogs at the EPAR shelter.





Here some dog food is arriving by the truck now purchased and owned by EPAR .


There is always enough food provided for the dogs, especially when it is cold and metabolisms need to be kept high and functioning well.  You can see the food available and placed on the ground at the front of the shelter.



Here is a picture of the shelter facility where all the dry dog food is stored.



Many of the dogs love cakes and bread, and so there is always some around – Slavica is sure that many of the dogs could be vegans without much trouble !!




Here is one of the five places where straw bales are stored ready for winter. 


EPAR has over 1,800 straw bales stored ready for this winter which will be used for providing additional warmth for the dogs in the shelters – please see the ‘Dry and warm’ pictures above.



Now everyone waits for the cold of winter, but they are also prepared to save and help the dogs over the winter period.


Here are some pictures of sweet ‘Api’.





Api was very ill when she arrived at the EPAR shelter, who was pregnant on arrival and who was in a coma for over two weeks before she improved. She is such a sweet little female and very popular at the shelter.

Api now spends her time with male dog ‘Gugi’, male dog ‘Bobi’ and another female, ‘Fibi’. 

Both Gugi and Bobi have been sterilised, like all male dogs at EPAR shelter.


FINALLY,  Please look at the smiling faces of all the lucky dogs at the EPAR shelter using the following youtube link: we hope you will enjoy seeing the smiling faces of some of the residents under the care of EPAR shelter.


… and PLEASE try and give a donation to keep them smiling this Christmas and winter.

The upkeep of the shelter, food and straw and veterinary bills always need to be paid for, regardless of the time of year.  Please give what you can at this special time.



Thank You – Slavica and SAV.