Serbia: New Epar Shelter Videos for You to View

There are two great new videos to watch about the Epar shelter:-

One of the videos is the story of little ‘Api’, the dog who survived death and who is now looking for a permanenet, loving home.  Api’s story can be read on SAV using the following link, or you go to the youtube links below to read about Api and to see the range of activities going on daily at the Epar shelter.

Enjoy the videos !

The live footage wghich you see of Api with pups is that used by the con man who came into the shelter and tried to set up images to make it look very bad.  Api was shown as having no blankets or straw on which to lay as can be seen.  It was an attempt to pretend that the shelter was bad; but as you can see, the Epar shelter is excellent !

We must stress that this was an attempt by persons to give the shelter a bad name, and this has now become a police investigation.

You can see real pictures of the Epar shelter by visiting the link:

and you can see that ALL animals have straw and hay in their houses, and have plenty of food available for them all the time.

The attempt to show Epar shelter as a bad place for animals has not worked, and we hope very soon the police will be able to take this case to a result.