Serbia: Possibly Some Brighter Light in the Tunnel ?

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A pair of new laws aimed at improving the life of animals in
Serbia brings the country closer to EU standards

The legislation has been hailed by animal rights activists.

Some activists are working to add a provision on the
well-being of animals to the country’s constitution and are
gathering signatures to support the initiative.

Danica Drobac, of the animal rights NGO European Initiative
17, said Serbia was among the last countries in the Balkans
to adopt the Animal Wellbeing Law, only doing so last
summer. The Veterinary Medicine Law was passed in 2005 and
the new Criminal Law in 2006.

“These laws have brought positive changes to the animals’
benefit and have raised the level of awareness of animals
and their treatment
. For example, the Criminal Law defines
not only the killing but also the abuse of an animal as a
crime and foresees the penalty of prison,” Drobac told
Southeast European Times.

She adds, “The Animal Wellbeing Law [though] imperfect,
introduces practically revolutionary changes regarding the
treatment of animals.

The [Wellbeing] law orders all local governments to build shelters for abandoned cats and dogs, which will undoubtedly result in the end of the horrific
torture of innocent homeless animals in rural regions.”

Bringing Serbian legislation in line with EU regulations on
animals rights, she said, added greatly to the changes.

Another animal rights organisation, Orca, also welcomed the
new laws. The group’s president, Elvir Burazerovic, said the
measures are pro-active in defending animals.

Amendments and addendums to the criminal law have increased
prison sentences for the abuse and murder of animals from
six months to one year
, while [organising animal fights is
now] a crime that carries the sentence of between three
months and three years
” Burazerovic told Southeast European

The law on raising awareness of animal rights went into
effect in September, 2009 and has been implemented in
Serbia’s school system.

“This provision will allow education about the wellbeing of
animals to be included at all levels of education
,” said
Burazerovic. “More important than legal norms is to make
animal owners more responsible, so as to prevent cases of
people being bored of a dog after a bit of fun and play and
throwing it out onto the street.”

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From one activist in Serbia, the following response:

Unfortunatelly , there is nothing better and nothing new for poor serbian animals, even the situation is worse, and rolling public money in these all is bigger , but not for animals but for humans advantage .

There are present here laws – and some of them even from 2.11.2005.,but authorities : local and republic authorities don`t implement valid laws.

The fate of stray dogs and cats, and all rest animals in Serbia is HORRIBLE . Corruption and exploitation animals by using them for advantage of vets and dogcatchers firms- now for bigger public money – is in opposite to laws and serbian Constitution, unlawful and go unpunishment ,because republic inspections and public attorneys all over Serbia don`t do their own job – because high level of corruption ,or because some other reasons.

No one city in Serbia and Belgrade too, doesn`t implement laws.  Shinters teams work all over Serbia.  The killings and throwings out to the streets without food and water , poisoning slaughtering, shoting by hunters – all these go all over Serbia – no one of responsible authorities of shinters teams was not punishment although Article 269, paragraph 2 of Serbian Criminal Code is very clear , proof are very clear , names of acters are welknown – nobody implement laws, nobody is jailed or punish by laws.

Nice sentences in media, good articles of some laws – but at the same horrible fate of animals – these all is too big hypocrisy . Why they use future like gramatical form in their sentences in media – these laws are here from 2.11.2005.; 1.1.2006.; 10.6.2009.  Everybody who say that it is here better for animals – said LIE , and what is their reason for giving false information to the public – you must ask them .